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darren.creates. Reflection | The same life that breathes through every living thing br

Reflection | The same life that breathes through every living thing breathes through you. I didn’t quite plan the reflection aspect of this painting, it was more to do with the minds permanently cast shadow but the spine of my journal had other plans. I haven’t been focusing on large pieces because I’m not there yet - I’m still figuring things out and I like to journal that process, sometimes with words or sometimes with painting. Paying attention to your body and your inner being and letting go of negative thoughts is something I always thought was impossible - how do I simply choose not to feel something? But it’s about acknowledgement, realising that you have negative thoughts and that they don’t have any function in your present moment. Identifying with the part of you that recognises those thoughts instead of identifying with that self that believes you are those thoughts. My paintings always reflect my place and atmosphere, and I reflect the same energy through life. And I do find my own paintings beautiful - I’m allowed to. If I love where I’m at emotionally, how can I not love my art?

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rosie.colours. i haven’t been in my studio for MONTHS. i don’t know why? i felt like

i haven’t been in my studio for MONTHS. i don’t know why? i felt like like everywhere else was calling me.. the ocean, the sunshine, adventure. but today i FELT IT and my god. i missed the smell of paint! would you believe it? one whiff and all the amazing energy came rushing back. thank you all for your ongoing amazing support even though i’ve been radio silent for so long! i love you all!! 💙💙💙 #acrylicpour #fluidart #fluidpour #dirtypour #acrylicpainting #painting #artistsofinstagram #abstractart #paintpouring #acrylicpour #colorfulcreationsgallery #abstractpainting #fluidartwork #art #colourful #fluidartshare #instaart #inspiration #artwork #followme #shoutoutmyart #intuitiveartgallery #fluidartshare #instadaily #instagood #newartist #artmywall

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DREAMSCAPE 🌛⭐🌌 💗 . Hands down, this is one of my favorites. . This 8 x 8 is available for sale. 😃 . If no one scoops it up then I will save it and mount it on wood panel and resin it once I start getting into that. . @legionpaper @ranger_ink @copic_official

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If l could throw painted balloons at walls , l so would ! . Could it be classed as therapy ? 😉🤣 . . . #inkHQ #alcoholink #alcoholinkartist

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thetopaztwins. This wasn’t supposed to be anything specific. In fact, my two year old

This wasn’t supposed to be anything specific. In fact, my two year old picked the colors and applied them to the yupo, I only applied the alcohol solution to move the colors a bit... but somebody please tell me they see the water buffalo with its tongue out in the first picture!!?? 😂😂😂 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #welcomearts #abstractart #aicommunity #aiartcomm #fluidart #fluidartfinds #fluidartshare #emergingartist #canyoufindit #artventure #inkart #modernart #alcoholinkartist #pinatainks #timholtz #rangerink #modernwatercolor #colorfulcreationsgallery #resinart #yupoart #yupo #yupopaper #intuitiveartgallery #artdetail #fluidartworld #thinkart #janelovesdesign #artcollective #alcoholink #alcoholinkart

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unveiledfreedom. « L’Esprit contre la chair»
5x7 pouces. @jacquardproducts & @doitonyup

« L’Esprit contre la chair» 5x7 pouces. @jacquardproducts & @doitonyupo (non disponible) • • Je ne sais pas pour vous, mais il arrive des temps où notre chair, tout comme le printemps, a se désir autonome de vouloir se lever et dicter notre journée, de ces moments où elle nous encourage à abandonner. Non tenons bon. L’Esprit, en renouvelant nos pensées, nous permet de l’assujettir. Le combat est sérieux. Le combat se teint sans cesse en nous et commence sérieusement dans nos pensées.

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Cotton Candy . Birch frame, wide, white mount, hell yeah! . I’m slowly coming round to having no negative space . And on that note, if anyone tells you have enough art supplies and don’t need anymore, stop talking to them. You don’t need that negativity in your life either 😉🤣 . Speaking of which, l’ve now hoarded up enough supplies, snuck in of course whilst hubby was away, to start experimenting again 😉Thanks has to go in here to my partner in crime Vikki @vikki_malmberg_art and Tam @arttree_creations . . . #inkHQ #alcoholink #alcoholinkartist

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unveiledfreedom. Certains artistes aiment le désordre, d’autres aiment l’organisation,

Certains artistes aiment le désordre, d’autres aiment l’organisation, surtout lorsque nous parlons de couleurs. @jenn.robertson.art m’a donné une magnifique idée 💡: organiser des échantillons de couleurs dans un cartable (classeur pour la 🇫🇷) de carte de soccer. Quelle merveille. Merci beaucoup !

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DESIGN PROCESS - DAY 20 of #marchmeetthemaker . What better way to show the process than a video of me painting? 😄 . I'm personally in love with this painting 😍 I can't wait to photograph it and show it to you guys. 💗💗💗

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HaPpy Spring Break guys! Just wanted to thank you all for all the encouragement and support of my creative side. Hoping this week everyone can carve out some time to slow down and enjoy kids and family and hobbies. We all need a good rest every now and then. . . . . #abstractart #atxart #colorfulcreationsgallery #instaart #painting #art #texasart #oceanart #modernart #contemporaryart #paintpassion #artsy #laart #nycart #hgtv #interiordesign #color #abstractartorg #artgallery #artshow #followyourpassion #atx #austin #austin360 #austinchronicle #creativelife #originalart #flaming_abstracts #abstractexpressionism

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D R E A M 🌜⭐🌌 . This painting was exactly what I needed to refresh me. . Swipe 👉 to see the gold shine in the sun. . Today is Day 19 of #marchmeetthemaker . The theme is "collaboration". . All my fellow artists in this field create beautiful pieces with their own unique touch. I would be super excited to collaborate with any artist and very curious to see how we can combine our similarities and differences all in one magical painting. 😄

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Cotton Candy . Yes you’ve seen this before! This numb nuts managed to delete last nights post 🤦‍♀️ . I promise l did appreciate every comment and like while it lasted . Love you guys!! . . . #inkHQ #alcoholink #alcoholinkartist

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darren.creates. Body and mind

Body and mind

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MISTAKE OR LESSON? - Day 18 of #marchmeetthemaker . Are there any mistakes in art? . Sure, there are. Especially if you are the artist. The rest of the world might not see those mistakes. It's up to you as the artist to decide how you want to deal with the mistake(s). . On Saturday this piece almost broke me. I almost let it break me. It sounds dramatic, but that's kind of what happened. (*BTW: A huge thank you to everyone who reached out to me yesterday and today! I feel a lot better now❤️❤️❤️*) . As the artist we need to keep it together and stay in control. Alcohol ink has a mind of its own. It doesn't like to be controlled, but you get the hang of it eventually the more you practice. . But on Saturday I let it control me. It started out as an abstract piece but I hated all of it. I re-did it probably 10 times before I finally decided to turn it into a beautiful night sky. But I was already frustrated enough by that point and instead of stopping I kept going for another 20 or so times letting my determination get the best of me. The result? A mountain of frustration and other negative emotions were sent straight into the piece making each attempt worse than the one before. 4 or 5 hours of frustration, wasted time and ink. . The Lesson? Stop when the frustration and negativity starts. Take a break. Don't let the art or task control you. Then come back with a clear mind and a positive attitude and try again. Learn from the experiments that lead to the mistakes and then begin new experiments to see how you can fix them. . This piece is not 100% what I had wanted or imagined it to be, but I love what I created anyway! Especially after all that hell! . Swipe 👉 to also see some of the gold shining (it's pretty subtle), and a picture of the back of the painting showing how dirty it is after a million attempts. 😅 . Note: the green is really bright in the picture but it's more of a muted forest green in person.

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Cotton Candy . How to brighten a room, right?! . . . #inkHQ #alcoholink #alcoholinkartist

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crafttimecoffeetime. Another 'flower' to match the other 🌺

Another 'flower' to match the other 🌺

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crafttimecoffeetime. I love when my 'flowers' come out beautifully 😊 did everyone have a g

I love when my 'flowers' come out beautifully 😊 did everyone have a good St. Patrick's Day?

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darren.creates. Liberation


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Sometimes it’s just easy, especially when I’m working on something for myself ... my own space. Maybe it’s selfish, but these are the moments I cherish most, where there is no fear of messing up or pleasing someone else. It’s a good Sunday morning. . . . . #abstractart #atxart #colorfulcreationsgallery #instaart #painting #cherrystreetart #texasart #tulsaart #modernart #contemporaryart #paintpassion #artsy #laart #nycart #hgtv #interiordesign #color #abstractartorg #artgallery #artshow #followyourpassion #atx #tulsatime #austin360 #austinchronicle #creativelife #originalart #flaming_abstracts #abstractexpressionism

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Sunday Funday, right?! . l experimented with inking directly onto yupo with a balloon, adding blending solution to dried inks and different colours! . Hope you had, or are having a great fun day too?! . . . #inkHQ #alcoholink #alcoholinkartist

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WORKSPACE - Day 16 of #marchmeetthemaker . I have a huge desk that I use for everything, including all things art related. . But I normally use a big tray to confine most of my art projects. It's super nice because it limits the mess and I can always pick up my tray and transport it somewhere else if I ever need to move it off of my desk. That way I keep my desk relatively organized by always keeping my art supplies and any current projects on the tray and not scattered around on my desk. . And if I ever need to work big or cut paper I can easily shuffle the things on my desk and just use the desktop instead of the tray. . It works for me and my current lifestyle, but I do dream of one day having an art room that is intelligently designed to keep all my art supplies organized in specific locations.

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Indigo Bubbles . Love the Honeycomb and Gold details! . With a white mount (it’s so not a mat, coz that’s what you put your cuppa on, right?!) anyway ... and a black frame, this art is so starting to give me all the feels!😉😂💛 . . . #inkHQ #alcoholink #alcoholinkartist

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MOTIVATION & GOALS - Day 15 of #marchmeetthemaker . MOTIVATION With other types of mediums I always found myself struggling with motivation. But with alcohol ink I never struggle with motivation. In fact, I'm ALWAYS motivated! Part of it is a combination of the fast pace of working with these inks and the unpredictability. I'm always on my toes and I never know what's going to happen. . GOALS I have TONS of goals for this year and the next! The first major goal is to start mounting my paintings on to wood panels. I might begin doing this next week! The second major goal is to coat my artwork in resin. Also, so many people have been asking me for more videos and are literally begging me for a YouTube channel. So that's something I am now seriously considering... . After that I have smaller goals, yet big ideas for future projects. These ideas include: - A Christmas/holiday line of art. - A constellation series - More landscapes, including beach landscapes - Flowers! Sea creatures! Oh my! - Collages - Fan art (Harry Potter, anyone?) . I'm so excited for the future! I have so many ideas running through my head at all times and that's part of what keeps me motivated. 😃

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