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Asking permission 🌿❤️ Ask permission. One thing this world needs is more people asking permission, less assuming, less entitlement, more honoring, more requesting without expectation or attachment. Asking permission means we see that it is a privilege to be alive, not a right , it is a blessing to be here, not a punishment. The more we ask permission of others the more grateful we become to have any experience with them. Ask permission more. Be invited in. Respect others experience, others time, others space, and others bodies. May I share space with you ... May I give you feedback... May I offer you advice.. May I ask you something... May I dance with you... May I sit with you... May I enter... When in doubt, take a deep breath and ask permission. #❤️notes #permission #spirituality #divineliving #sacredliving #codesofanextlevelhumanity #flow #yoga #destiny #invitation #heartandsoulmedicine #connection #peace

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The definition of success is different for everyone. On the tip of the iceberg, things may seem perfect, maybe even effortless. We don’t always see the obstacles or struggles others have endured to reach their level of success. If you’re dealing with pressure to meet certain standards of perfection, remember that the road to success may be full of potholes, flat tires and accidents. Perfection does not exist (regardless of what’s on social media) but you can continue to strive to be the best version of YOU. Keep pushing through all of the mess to find your silver lining 🏆 🎨: @sylviaduckworth

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I have a REAL admiration for this woman right here ! I love Her powerful dance , Her bright personality and i m happy To call Her Sis!!🥰🥰🥰 When you dance with family is always a BLAST.🤩🤩🤩🤩🎉🎉🎉 #tbt our first team teach AFRO/DANCEHALL !!! . ._________________________ .choreo by @vkthedancer and me 👸🏽 .🎵 @donnyduardo "savage" .📽@philippetp .studio @amotiondance_canada . .__________________________ #afro #dancehall #afrodancehall #afrobeats #dancehallvibe #dancehallcanada #dancehallclass #afrofusion #afroclass #afrovibe #sistas #amotion #amdc #blast #dance #makeitgoviral #dancers #linkup #connection #womanity #familyaffair #blessings #teamteach #powerful #savage #madness #dancehallmadness

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Só porque não tinha outra foto😊 . . . . #tumblr #tumblrboy #tumblrpic #connection #likeforlikes #life

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@okta_ny #posteventsyndrome #okta #oktavirus #세계한인무역협회 #차세대 . . . 지난 7년간 나 뿐만아니라 여러 선배님들과 후배님들이 "함께" 만들어온 월드옥타 차세대 뉴욕지회. 나에겐 옥타가 내가 "나"이게끔 도와준 그런 공동체이다. 행사를 준비하고 진행하면서 힘들고 지치고 때론 나도 폭발하지만 (그때 내 옆에 계셨던 분들껜 죄송합니다🤣) 그러면서 또 서로 안아주고 토닥여주고 힘이되는 한마디들로 인해 우린 더 "훈련"하고 좀 더 멋있는 리더들이 되리라 믿어 의심치 않는다... . . . #youngleaders #connection #education #inspiration #friendsforlife #loveandhate #together #achievement Music: Outside Musician: @iksonofficial

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👨🏻‍⚕️🐊 #Repost @deenamargolin ・・・ Sending all the warrior mommas some serious love + support // it ain’t always 🌈 and 🦋, and in those really, REALLY hard moments, remember that the hearts of all mommas are with you // let the judgments of others come and go... because no one else lives your life - you know your truth // children meltdown when they’re over-tired or just unable to cope in the moment - it’s a natural part of childhood // the meltdown will pass! forget the people that don’t get it! stay strong! we’re all w. you!! 🧠💕 • • • #mom #mommy #momma #warrior #strong #truth #authentic #brave #love #support #connection #relationshipgoals #mindful #dad #parents #parenting #mindfulparenting #ipnb #courage #heart #anxiety #depression #heal #health #wellness

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hilaryrusso. Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 78. But, it’s been a lo

Today is my dad’s birthday. He would have been 78. But, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to tell him face to face. His journey took him on a different path at the young age of 61. The last time I spoke to him is a call I’ll never forget. Mostly because it was a call I almost didn’t take. I almost didn’t make the time. . . I was hosting a telethon 1000 miles away. I was on break for a few minutes when my phone rang. A colleague yelled to me off set, “It’s your dad… do you want your phone”? At first, I said, “No. I’ll call him back later”. But then… something made me change my mind. And in an instant I yelled, “Wait! I’ll take it”. . . That was the last time I spoke to my dad. He told me about his plans for the evening and asked me how my day was going. A few dad jokes got tossed in there and laughter followed. But, as always, the last words we spoke to each other: “I love you”. . . Pick up the phone. Visit. Listen. Hug. Laugh. Love. Whatever you do…take the time. It moves quickly enough without our help. And, before we know it, another second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade has passed. . . HIListically Speaking, we may not be able to control the clock, but what we do with those seconds is another story. . . #HIListicallySpeaking #healthcoach #healer #havening #holistichealing #holistic #wellness #raisethevibration #vibratehigher #love #listen #laugh #share #volunteer #kindness #compassion #connection #family #friends #time #loss #death #happybirthday #daddysgirl #timemanagement #Iloveyou

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manelleconnelly. ♈ Happy Aries Moon! ♈ Under the influence of an air sign it's super im

♈ Happy Aries Moon! ♈ Under the influence of an air sign it's super important to GROUND yourself to avoid feeling spaced out, overwhelmed by decisions or taking on too much. Follow the instructions below to re-connect to Mother Earth & Source Energy. 👇🏼 1. Imagine yourself standing on Mother Earth with your feet firmly planted into the ground. 2. Take a deep inhale breath, from your belly, and witness golden beam of energy move up from the centre of the earth into your feet. (Keep breathing in and out whilst you witness this happening) 3. Keep watching this energy move up your body, aligning all of your chakras and switching them on as the golden light moves through them. Witness them spinning, alive & energised! 4. On a deep exhale breath, imagine a pearly iridescent white light come down from the heavens in a straight line down into your crown chakra moving into every chakra and down to your feet. Watch it come up again to meet the golden light in your heart centre. 5. You are now grounded to earth and connected to Source energy. 6. Place both of your hands together into prayer position, and move them to your heart centre thumbs touching your chest. Bow your head in gratitude for your grounding practice. Love&Light, Manelle xo 💖💗 #makemanifestation #manifestationswiththemoon #meditation #motherearth #earth #ground #energy #source #connection #cosmic #visualisation #ego #airsign #aries #ariesmoon #yourarenotalone #egotricks

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シアトル到着した〜✨   肌寒い〜💦     大阪出るときは ムシムシ〜💦 スリーブレスのシャツ 寒い〜💦   ジャンパー忘れたので スウェット購入😂✨    ブラブラ散歩💕    どのレストランも並んでる😅        今度はシアトルで  ゆっくりしたいなぁ〜💕 . . . #関空 #シアトル #乗り継ぎ #時差 #時差投稿 #時差スタグラム #叔母 #お見舞い #看病 #kansai #delta #osaka #seattle #losangeles #tucson #arizona #connection  

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Throwback to a Fave Busking Memory!! Captured. So excited to be part of the MUNY PROGRAM this year. (Musicians under New York). Had to audition and everything y’all. Come find me busking in the city somewhere in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for locations😘🎶

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uncoverinspiration. You all know that I have been totally fizzing and absolutely pumped ab

You all know that I have been totally fizzing and absolutely pumped about all the exciting things in my business right now! 😆 Well one of the awesome things that I’m rolling out is a ‘pumped up’ version of my one on one, 3month coaching program. 🙌🏼 BUT I’m going to be honest.....this also means my pricing is going to be increasing as of next month! THE EXCITING thing about this is, if you have been sitting on the fence about whether coaching is for you... NOW IS YOUR TIME to jump on board and secure your spot at the cheaper rate! I love getting deep, I love making connection and I love a wholehearted conversation. If you love these things too AND are READY for ACTION & CHANGE contact me today for your FREE 30min session to see how I can serve you! 💜💜💜 #areyouready #coachingworks #love #compassion #connection #letmeserveyou #createthelifeyoulove

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iamgrowingagain. Nothing has to change in your environment or in the circumstances that

Nothing has to change in your environment or in the circumstances that surround you for you to begin to deliberately allow your own connection to the Stream of Well-Being.... You are in the perfect place, right now, to begin. - - - - #abrahamhicks #estherhicks #wellbeing #connection #universe #now #perfectplace #deliberatecreator #environment #circumstances #lawofattraction #createyourownreality #iamgrowingagain ... - - - - www.IamGrowingAgain.com

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michael_m_browne. Sending U ❤💚💜💙💛 from outer space, I hope you'll send a message bac

Sending U ❤💚💜💙💛 from outer space, I hope you'll send a message back 🎶🎶🎶 "Space Glory" original composition by Michael Browne 🚀🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌 #Musician #MusicArtist #outerspace #MusicIsLife #MusicIsMyLife #MusicLover #MusicProducer #originalsong #originalmusic #originalcomposition #logic #logicprox #connection #originalbeats #composer

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All rivers flow towards the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power. It's only when I let go of what I think I am that I can love you for what you truly are. #one #love #connection #humility #spirituality #spirit #wisdom #taoism #freedom #explore #nature #rivers #itsactuallyaresovoir

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mysticalsav. 👁🔺❤🎨 ~ Beyond all that we know, all of our relationships to others

👁🔺❤🎨 ~ Beyond all that we know, all of our relationships to others and all that is real in the world there is a deep unconscious part of us which is consistently seeking to be known. Every interaction that brings up emotions, every conflict, every trauma is a voice of our unconscious attempting to surface into our awareness. Every desire, every need and dream, an aspect of ourselves we are seeking to integrate. Our emotions are the energetic flow of this human experience as it moves through our consciousness. The nuances of emotional vibrations from hope to pain that flood our bodies, and override all logic and reason as they do so, are the very essence of what we are here to know and yet our world has created judgment on some of these emotions and not allowed them to flow freely through us. Before we have developed cognitive awareness to understand our reality our emotions are our only way of interacting and we do not have the capacity to override, soothe or control the way we feel. We rely on our caregivers to support us while the intensity we feel moves through us. Our minds do not know what is happening or why, we cannot be objective about our experience. So when the less desired emotions arose in our young bodies many were not offered the support, comfort and safety needed to release them, and more often than not given the opposite of what was needed. The result is that the emotions were never processed and released, instead they became crystallized in the form of judgments encapsulating the pain that was felt.´They became crystallized beliefs about ourselves and others and our life. What we see instead is the reflection of the belief that surrounds that pain we once felt, that feeling that was never processed and released. We go to great lengths to never feel that pain again and yet by doing so we can never be free of it, and worst of all, never know our inner truth and who we naturally are. If we cannot connect with these parts of ourselves we also fail to know what we are beyond them. We are now being invited into the darkest areas of our psyche, the places we have not been able to look at and the feelings we have not been able to feel. (Continued🔻)

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Your life is often a result of your actions. Your actions are often a result of your thoughts. Change your thoughts, change your life.✨✨ #Reflect // 📷: @justindkauffman#SoulRiseTribe #StandUp #ShineLove #GiveBack

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💋New Workshop at Liberate!💋August 18th!💋 Discover your unique EROTIC WIRING! Deepen intimacy and connection, spice up your sex life, create more passion, attraction, and pleasure in the bedroom! Learn exactly how your body is wired to receive sexual pleasure! During this 3 hour workshop, you'll learn the 5 different Erotic BlueprintTM types, the specific turn-on’s and challenges for each type, and how to give and receive pleasure according to your Blueprint. This class will include both an educational component, and a live demo teaching you how to somatically test ON THE BODY for what turns you on. You will learn how to do this at home with your partner or with yourself so you can tap into the wisdom of your own body. Learn how to please your partner in a way they’ve never experienced before and how to communicate to your partner or future partner what turns you on and how to touch you. This class is amazing for singles and couples. Sex Coach, @kat_trimarco will be teaching you tools to deepen intimacy, pleasure, connection, and add adventure into the bedroom. Learn what your body needs and desires for turn on, deepening your connection and understanding of your sexuality. You'll learn to: ❤️Experience the something more to sex 💋Connect with yourself and/or your partner sexually & intimately ❤️Feel comfortable and confident in your body and your sexuality 💋Deepen intimacy and connection ❤️Know specifically what you require to be turned on (physically and psychologically) 💋Have the tools and confidence to clearly communicate what you desire sexually with your partner (or future partner) ❤️Experience more turn-on and pleasure IMPORTANT NOTES: 💋This class is open to both singles and couples of all sexual orientations. You can come with your partner, with a friend, or by yourself. All sexual orientations are welcomed and encouraged. These teachings are valuable for everyone! ❤️There will be no hands on touching for the participants of the workshop 💋18 plus event ❤️While there is a live demo, there is no nudity at this workshop! 💋Link to REGISTER: http://bit.ly/liberatehollywood

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