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thickskinnedchameleon. this morning i woke up a 28 year old. i’m fucking thrilled

this morning i woke up a 28 year old. i’m fucking thrilled

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ronnylleung. 包袱上,總有一個結,

包袱上,總有一個結, 疲累,休假想看看展覽, 或逛個街,中途亦會感到睡意來, 找間咖啡店坐一坐,睡一個午覺。

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niklaus0105. ◾️


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Afternoon strolls through my new neighborhood 😌 #visitscotland

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The Antarctic Landscape: Part II Scale is deceiving in Antarctica. The monochrome palette makes it difficult to distinguish the different layers in the environment. At Port Lockroy you have the foreground of bare rock covered in penguin guano, and the background is towering glaciers. The sky is cloudy but it masks the layer past the background. Up above the clouds are these thousands of metre high peaks. I loved shooting their interaction with the voluptuous cloud. #Antarctica | #AntarcticPeninsula @antarcticheritage

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iamalexanderlee. Post #140
Colours, Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden 🇬🇧
Thriving for some g

Post #140 Colours, Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden 🇬🇧 Thriving for some good food at Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden. Beautiful colours out there peeps! 📷: HUAWEI P30Pro | 40MP LEICA Lens Camera | . . . #travel #business #worklife #photography #phonephotography #huawei #p30pro #rewritetherules #leica #CapturedonHuawei #london #nealsyard #coventgarden #vscox #vscocam #architecture #createtheextraordinary #kestrelflyer #airmauritius360 #wanderlust

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mom sucks at taking photos so here’s all I got from San Francisco. Btw SF Vlog is now up on my YT channel 💖

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greenery.soul. #inspire_greenerysoul :: geometry

#inspire_greenerysoul :: geometry

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ce sont les petites choses qui comptent 🥰

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Juilletistes #mon41

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stillgonemag. Photo by @darkkhour #stillgonemag

Photo by @darkkhour #stillgonemag

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niklaus0105. ◾️


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niklaus0105. ◾️


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Who doesn’t love a fresh BATCH of cookies? 🍪 I love chocolate chip cookies but without the chocolate chips. 🍪 So, when the new cookie shop, @crumblcookies opened up in our neighborhood, we had to check it out. What a cute little shop and we even share the same brand colors. 🍪 It’s a BATCH made in heaven. 😂 Pun intended. I'm in a season of hustle💥 right now. I’ve got some big goals 💯 but reaching them requires my hustle to be on point and 💪🏼 strong. Not only do I have a lot of work to do, but it's a lot of different types of work. I don't know about you but having my heart ♥️ and my head 🧠 in so many places is exciting but it also stresses 😳 me out a little. Back to those 🍪🍪🍪... As I waited for my cookies to be boxed up, I was memorized by all the baking sheets full of cookies. Little rows of the same kind of cookie on each sheet. And, that’s when the light bulb went off and I did a silent happy dance 💃🏻 in my head. When you bake cookies, you bake them in batches. That’s exactly how I want you to think about your to do list. Rather than going from task to task throughout the day, you’ll group like tasks together and then tackle them during the same block of time. Imagine if the cookie shop baked 12 different types of cookies in one batch. Not so efficient. So, think like a baker and batch your tasks. When you do, you’ll stay focused, save energy, and ditch the stress that’s caused by multi-tasking. . Now, if you need me, or have questions, you can always leave a comment, but for now, you can find me enjoying a delicious lemon glazed delight. . What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

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