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💥 SOFT AND CHEESEY MEATBALL SANDWICH 💥 . Are you a meatball lover? I think I would put myself in that category 🙈 so when @sugo_uk at @vinegaryardldn invited me to try their sandwiches, and they said meatball was their fave... I was practically already drooling at the idea of it.. and actually drooling once I had this in my hands 🤤 . The meatballs were so soft, and moist, and perfectly paired with this crunchy on the outside and super soft on the inside bread pocket, soaked in juicy tomato sauce and fresh Parmesan cheese 🤩 . Now that’s not all, I also indulged in some actually incredible and perfectly size (I find a lot of arancini too big and not mixed well on the inside) arancini! Filled with truffle 🤫 They were freshly fried and melty on the inside, I was a very happy gal 🤗 . Seriously go try this spot, I texted my best friend who lives near London Bridge and without her even knowing I was going to try Sugo, she said their meatball sandwich was a MUST HAVE 💁🏼‍♀️ extra points!

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fresh pasta is a foodie's way of showing their love 🥰🍝

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a brunch spot is a place of worship | 📸 @lianadelrey

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internationalcuisine. I am totally into the poke bowl for summer meals. So easy to throw tog

I am totally into the poke bowl for summer meals. So easy to throw together and absolutely scrumptious. I also am loving the seasoned shredded beets as a topping. What are you favorite poke toppings? #pokebowl #summersalad #summermeals #culturetripfood #seriouseats #internationalcuisine #bhgfood #foodiefeature #eattheworld #huffpostfood #foodandtravel #IGfoodies #cuisine_captures #commontable #bonappetitmag #eatdelicious #foodphotooftheday #foodstories #appetitejournal #cookmagazine #onmyplate #todayfood #foodilicious #feedfeed #eeeeeats

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Homemade chicken vermicelli noodle salad with peanut sauce - definitely tastes better all mixed together 😋➡️👀 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ So simple to throw together and actually pretty good for you too (especially after a weekend of indulging) - win win 😝

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#Repost @myfamilysfooddiary • • • • • Driving back from the snow and seeing all of the summer fruits posted by accounts in the Northern hemisphere (tagged) made me think of my halloumi and watermelon jenga tower 😍 I'm honestly salivating just looking at this 🤤 really miss the warmer days but there is something special about colder nights. Especially when you get to enjoy them all cuddled up with a glass of wine or burning marshmallows in the fireplace. www.myfamilysfooddiary.com/watermelon-and-halloumi-jenga/ - - - - #cyprus #cypriot #cypriotfood #mygcyprus #heartcyprus #insightcyprus #visitcyprus #yourcyprus #ohitscyprus #cypruspassion #enjoycyprus #aboutcyprus #cyprusisland #lovecyprus #culturetripfood #watermelon #patiha #halloumi #blessedbethefruit #fruitspiration

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Last week I attended a Gourmet Vegan masterclass courtesy of @lovepopupslondon with renowned plant-based chef @chefantonpetrov at @madeinhackney situated underneath the @foodforalluk health food shop in Stoke Newington. . All ticket sales from the @madeinhackney masterclass programme are used to fund their free and pay-by-donation programme of healthy cooking classes for low income and marginalised community groups. So by attending a masterclass can one not only enjoyed a wonderful day of learning, but also contribute essential funds to continue their work with vulnerable community groups. We learnt to make the following delectable dishes. . 💫Smoked Tomato Risotto | Lemon Mayonnaise, Radicchio, Fennel and Samphire Salad and Dukkah. . 💫Celeriac Ravioli | Thyme Pesto, Dressed Broad Bean Salad and Lovage Cream . 💫Peaches in Elderflower | Pistachio Cream, Vanilla Pannacotta. . I am trying to expand my knowledge of vegan food and cooking in general and this masterclass was enormously useful. We discovered some vegan cupboard essentials which frankly should be in every kitchen. Chef Anton was a great chef and teacher, explaining every ingredient and process in minute detail. Having eaten out a lot in restaurants that present perfectly plated food, it was reassuring to learn how to create restaurant quality presentations at home. {invite}

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Cheers to summer! How about a flight to the Caribbean for just €14,50? @bootoebarbbq’s rum flight to the islands makes it deliciously possible. @storiesbydeepa dropped by to give this new Caribbean BBQ restaurant in Westerpark a try... starting with the cocktails of course. Swipe through to see your summer getaway in a glass (or plastic bag). Full review soon on the blog! #instagrambloggers #bootoe #caribbeanbbq #rumtasting #cachaca #cocktails #amsterdam

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Slowing down and taking time to smell the palm trees 🌴 📸 @nancyliuchin

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kubriela. I love this red ❤

I love this red ❤

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You're so SWEET! 💛😋NUTELLA tastes so perfect inside a fried panzerotto! Do you agree?

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I’m back! Longest period of time without posting (except for stories), it felt good! 🙂 I wanted to enjoy my time with boyfriend and in-laws (it has been a tough beginning of the year for them all 💔), we walked a lot, ate delicious food, drank beer, saw beautiful spots of the island (Ortigia), listened to The Lion King’s soundtrack and cried while going to the sea (me😆), talked, laughed… must say, I needed this break. Here’s an apricot crumble in honor of the amazing apricots (and fruit in general) I ate in Syracuse. You NEED to visit it!;) How’s this Monday going for you?:) P.S. recipe by @naturalmentebuono . 📸 ISO 80 | f/10 | 1.6 sec - shot with @sigmaphoto 105 mm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #foodphotographer #thekitchn #feedfeed #fromscratch #thebakefeed #homemadefood #foodfluffer #bakeandshare #thecookfeed #thatauthenticfeeling #culturetripfood #f52grams #droolclub #nytcooking #cookinglight #foodblogfeed #bakeandshare #marthabakes #theartofslowliving #gloobyfood #hautecuisines #tastingtable #joyofhomemade #thenewhealthy #lr_taste #italianfoodphotographer #italianfoodphotography #fotografofood

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muktasdiaries. Our little one loves dosas these days so we make sure we have dosa bat

Our little one loves dosas these days so we make sure we have dosa batter ready every few days. I make Ragi (finger millet) batter often and everytime it has turned out really well. Today, I added grated cucumber and finely chopped steamed broccoli to the batter and made some mini paniyarams for the little one (the husband is looking over and saying you like little things so you make them. That is quite true 😁). One of my friends makes mini paniyarams when I visit her and I end up eating more than the kids do 😝. A dosa or a snack like this paniyaram, with some fruits, is typically what my 3 year old eats when she's back from school or as a snack in the evening. The chutney is just fresh coconut and peanuts ground together with a little bit of salt. The procedure for the Ragi batter is in my story highlights ☺️ ________________________________________________ This is my contribution for the lovely contest by Nidhi @platterjoy - a virtual birthday party to celebrate her son's birthday. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Rudra. Hope you have a wonderful one. #happy3rdbirthdayrudra. Aavia (my 3 year old) welcomes you to age 3. It's an exciting age (maybe not for your Mummy 😜) #paniyaram #toddlermeals @muktasdiaries

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Noodle Feast with this Shrimp Broth Ramen House brought by @paradisegrpsg . 🍜🦐🍜🦐🍜 . Le Shrimp Ramen has opened their new branches at @thestarvista and @changiairport Terminal 3. . Had a taste of their Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen which had a variety of fresh big prawns, handmade ebiko prawn paste, and prawn dumplings in one huge bowl. 🤩🤩🤩 It's one of the best and unique ramen I had in SG. Aside from this, they also have tossed ramen and Tonkotsu Broth ramen. . Lastly, pair it with some side dishes such as the Chilled Silken Tofu, Twister Prawn Rolls, karaage Chicken, and some Lava Eggs for a monster meal 🤣. . Thank you @sugarylink for hosting and @kenpgl for extending the invite 😃

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A photo really can be worth 1000 words. Maybe even more. And, it can certainly be more valuable than words. Especially in today’s online world where if you aren’t able to capture someone’s attention within a few seconds, they’ve moved on. • • This is one of my very favorite shots that I took when I was staying at Park Lane Guest House and taking some photos for them. This one photo conveys the beautiful Travis Heights neighborhood of Austin, the guest house itself and how it’s surrounded by green and trees and overgrowth in the most beautiful way, how the owner of the guest house prepares customized breakfasts for her visitors, and the fact that she is a coffee connoisseur who serves some of the best the city has to offer. • • If you are interested in creating beautiful imagery that perfectly conveys your brand or business, look no further, I'd love to help. I can create stunning, true to brand imagery for you that catches eyes. I also have several custom designed pricing packages to choose from, including a monthly VIP client retainer program, that you won’t have to take out a second mortgage to afford. Please send me an email at allisondavidphotography@gmail.com and check out my website in the bio link to find out more! ❤️🙏🏻💃🏼 @parklaneguesthouse #culturetripfood #blessedbethefruit #fruitspiration #lr_taste #forkyeah #realsimple #mycommontable #buzzfood #gameoftones #girlboss #communityovercompetition #creativityfound #hereismyfood #tastingtable #dfwfoodphotographer #dallasfoodphotographer #epicurious #lifeandthyme #lowergreenville #happynow #seekinspirecreate #bishopartsdistrict #theartoffoodphotography #nothingisordinary #workyourcraft #lowergreenville #bishopartsdistrict

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Yellow polo all day long when you have @all_day_polobun . Parking always suck big time but yeah... You get your polo alright. Bonus is... Milk tea is a charm and I'm a sucker for that. #foodeverywhere #hkvibes #hkfoodpic #hkfoodlover #sycookiesxdamansarauptown

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hiteasingaporeph. Infusing our cold brewed tea with yakult creates a whole new level of

Infusing our cold brewed tea with yakult creates a whole new level of refreshing taste! Have you tried our Yakult Jasmine drinks already? #ModernizingTea

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My last meal on earth, if I’m given the choice, will be pizza. It’s my ultimate comfort food and my serious guilty pleasure. This weekend, while exploring Canary Wharf with @marriottcanarywharf , I was introduced to @radioalicepizzeria for the first time. To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. I decided to take a risk and order their collaboration with @bubbledogsuk , which was more or less a buffalo wing pizza, and I fell in love, hook, line and frank’s hot sauce sinker ;) So if you’re looking for comfort food this Monday, to get you through, may I recommend a pop into this latest opening?! My mouth is watering just remembering it... #destinationcanarywharf #marriottcanarywharf #londonpizza

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Still recovering from my weekend sugar high 🍭🍬 Christmas in July is happening right now at @sheratongrandsydney 🎄 Their have the cutest Christmas treats which comes in a high tea stand on weekdays and buffet style on weekends. I'd pick buffet because I love my unlimited desserts 😇

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myfamilysfooddiary. Fasolada! Braised beans simply with carrot and celery. I don't usually

Fasolada! Braised beans simply with carrot and celery. I don't usually have potatoes in the pantry unless I get them for a specific reason. So I made this dish without adding any. Ingredients 500g white beans (soaked overnight) 1 brown onion, chopped 2 garlic cloves, minced 2 carrots, chopped 1 cup celery, chopped 2 tsp ground cumin 2 tbs tomato paste 1 cup passata hot water Salt/pepper chopped parsley Method Bring the soaked beans to a boil, then reduce to a med heat for at least 30 min until they have slightly softened. During the boiling a white foam will form which should be discarded with a slotted spoon. After the 30min strain the beans and set aside. Use the same pot to saute the onion and garlic, then add the celery and carrot. Add the cumin and tomato paste, stirring until fragrant. Then pour in the passata and return the beans back in the pot. The amount of water you add should be just above the beans once you stir it all. Then bring to a boil and simmer for a further 25-30min or until the sauce reduces. Season with salt/pepper and stir through the parsley if you want. ** note brands may vary so you may need more time to soften the beans. Just add more water if they are not cooked enough and continue to simmer. Happy cooking! - - - - #fasolada #φασολαδα #cypriotfood #greekfood #braisedbeans #redbeans #lifeandthyme # #eeeeeats #eatclean #dairyfree #eatwell #healthydiet #plantbased #vegan #veganfood #plantpowered #KSgram #cypriotfoodie #mygcyprus #heartcyprus #insightcyprus #visitcyprus #cyprusalive #findingcyprus #yourcyprus #cypruspassion #enjoycyprus #aboutcyprus #lovecyprus #culturetripfood

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What is your favorite Korean dessert? 📸: @weontheworld

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foleysdublin. Today's specials; .
🔹Cauliflower & leek soup served with mini bread l

Today's specials; . 🔹Cauliflower & leek soup served with mini bread loaf . 🔹Salmon fish cakes served with lemon mayonnaise and a spinach & tomato salad . 🔹Grilled chicken fillet on ciabatta bread with chicken liver mousse & red onion marmalade . 🔹Beef & Guinness pie served with chunky chips . . #foleysbar #foleysbar #gastrobar #lunch #specials #yum #foodie #dublinfoodie #barfood #dublin #foodie #dublinfoodie #bordbia #irishfoodbloggers #dublinfoods #healthydinner #yummydublin #dublinfoodguide #lovindublin #dineindublin #dublinfoodie #dublinfood #irishfoodie #irishfood #dublinlunch #onthetable #handsinframe #dublinerfoodie #culturetripfood #topdublinresto #irishfood #dublinlunch #healthylunch

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