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fit4performingarts. Already 1 year of fit4performingarts Angélique Keller😀!!I am so excit

Already 1 year of fit4performingarts Angélique Keller😀!!I am so excited about the orojects achieved for the dancers‘ health and wellbeing within the last year. More are to come this year. I will keep you updated. Thank you so much for all your support in the last few months😘Yvonne, Katja, Iris, Chris and all the others interested in healthy dancers. Your support matters a lot to me. #fit4performingarts

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dancer_fitness.com_. ▪️Row
▪️Leg pulse ▪️VMO leg lifts
▪️Knee drive
▪️Passe Extend
▪️Hip li

▪️Row ▪️Leg pulse ▪️VMO leg lifts ▪️Knee drive ▪️Passe Extend ▪️Hip lift drill ▪️Clam Shells 🔎Search more videos and full training plans like this one at www.dancer-fitness.com 📍Unlimited access for just $9.99 a month. 🙌 New content added weekly!

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karensudds. Pumped to be presenting my research based on the work of @strengthmoti

Pumped to be presenting my research based on the work of @strengthmotionmind (11+Dance) at the 29th Annual IADMS Conference in Montreal #iadms #research #dance #dancemedicine #dancescience #neuromusculartraining #dancestrength #danceyyc #yycdance #themovementadvantage @wlvuni @myucalgary

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Work It - Jump Challenge⠀ We are putting a lot of emphasis on jumping this month! That’s because jumping is so important in performance. You want to get high, make it look effortless, and not become exhausted from it. So you need to train it! To learn more about our upcoming Jump Better Challenge, stay tuned here or check out DPTFit.com/Jumps. More details coming very soon! ⠀ •⠀ For this workout try 15 mins straight, slow/sustainable pace, of 20 reps each, and see how many rounds you can do. Repeat this every now and then and see if you get more rounds in the 15 min session to show improvement!⠀ •⠀ Banded Fwd/Bwd Jumps: We are focusing on leg control and consistency in movement here. Don’t let your knees cave inward.⠀ •⠀ Plank Tuck Jumps: Focus on your lower back staying straight and butt not going up/down too much each movement.⠀ •⠀ Sumo Squat Jump w/ Weight: Grab a weighted medicine ball (10-20 lbs), or whatever you can handle (dumbbell, water jug, etc.) and take a wide stance. Jump for moderate distance, focusing on form. Can go in a straight line or turn around like me depending on available space.⠀ •⠀ Work It Wednesday will feature a new workout to improve your performance & help prevent injuries! Let us know what you think below!⠀ •⠀ #BeyondCrunchesandPliés⠀ •⠀ #DPTFit #WorkItWednesday #DPTFitAMRAP #DPTFitHips #DPTFitJumps #DPTFitCore #dancefitness #dancecardio #dancerstrong #dancerlife #instagramfordancers #workout #gymnastlife #training #getfit #dancersareathletes #physicaltherapy #dancemedicine #dancetraining #sportsrehab #sportsmedicine #injuryprevention #conditioningtraining #strengthandconditioning #legsworkout #buttworkout #circuittraining

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tamed_ev. CAS is about to #start! 
Don’t miss the unique program about Dance Sci

CAS is about to #start! Don’t miss the unique program about Dance Science! Improve your teaching, your own dance practice and performance! Get great skills in scientific research and learn a lot about health, the human body and the way you should use it! #dontmissthis because #dancescience is the #answer to many questions in the #danceworld. Start: July 2019 more Information: www.mas.tamed.eu —————————————— Ein Weiterbildungsangebot von tamed - Organisation für Tanzmedizin in Kooperation der Universität Bern. Die eigene Praxis verbessern, das Unterrichten aus neuen Blickwinkeln bereichern, den Tänzerkörper verstehen und wissenschaftliches Neuland betreten; all das ist Dance Science. . . . . . . . . . #tanzmedizin #dancescience #tänzer #tänzergesundheit #europedancers #danceteacher #dancemedicine #tanzpädagogik #tanzen #gesundheit #gesundestanzen #tamedev #healthydancer #health #performance #danceteacher #tanzlehrer #fitness #germandancer #performanceart #medicine

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mnwisedpt. I've recently had a few people ask about my history and how I came to

I've recently had a few people ask about my history and how I came to be a PT. It's a long and hard story for me, but I'm willing to share bits and pieces. I started out as a classically trained ballet dancer. These are photos from 2003, when I was Dew Drop Fairy in The Nutcracker. I was lucky to have such a beautiful person teach me dance and, more than that, teach me the love for it. Unfortunately, just a few months after these pictures, I injured my foot. And, worse than that, my beloved teacher was battling cancer. The following Nutcracker would be my last. My injury developed further and my teacher was slowly losing her battle. The studio and company became more and more intense. Choosing to take my final bow as Snow Queen in 2004 was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Dance was my EVERYTHING, but the pain (physical, mental, and emotional) was too much. I struggled for years with my foot injury. I went through MD after MD who just didn't care, most of whom believed I was making it up. When I finally convinced one to send me to PT, I found hope. I learned from my PT just how amazing and resilient the body can be, and I loved how I could be responsible for my own recovery. Above all, I was believed...my PT listened to me and believed I could get better. Unfortunately, the MD refused to renew my prescription for PT after 6 weeks, so I had to forge ahead on my own...and I did. I returned to dance. I learned to live with and overcome the pain. I performed in musicals and plays. I worked odd jobs and went to college full time. And I found my calling. I worked in rehab research for 3 years and discovered the human body is capable of amazing things, if only we believe it. And that's my job now...healing through movement, education, and compassion. #tututuesday #bestjobintheworld #movementexpert #physicaltherapist #performingartsphysicaltherapist #passion #overcomepain #formerdancer #dancerforlife #dancemedicine #movementismedicine #painstory #myrehabjourney

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dancedpt. I am passionate about dancer health and wellness and believe strongly

I am passionate about dancer health and wellness and believe strongly in cross-training to reduce the risk of injury. I encourage dancers of all ages, studio owners, and dance educators to incorporate The Ellové Technique into your lives. I’m on the side helping design the therapeutic exercises and let me just say from personal experience: this is hard, fun, safe and effective! @theellovetechnique #dancemedicine #crosstrainingfordancers #healthydancers #strongdancers #injurypreventionfordancers #crosstrainingfordancers #healthydancerslastlonger #dancerwellness

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dancer_fitness.com_. Hi Friends! I get asked a lot about my favorite protein powders (Vega

Hi Friends! I get asked a lot about my favorite protein powders (Vega Vanilla, Iso-100 Chocolate and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides) . . . But I don't want to gloss over the fact that getting your protein from whole foods is the BEST way to increase muscle growth and strength. . . . If you're not sure where to start. pick something from this list that you recognize and throw it in a smoothie with 1 cup of almond milk, half a banana and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries. . . . I encourage you to try more things as you get more adventurous!

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So excited to be presenting at the @_iadms_ annual conference in #Montreal this October 😁. I attended my first conference in Canberra (Australia 🇦🇺) in 2007 and was hooked! Since then I have had the privilege of attending and/or presenting at subsequent events all over the world; including places like Singapore 🇸🇬 Finland 🇫🇮 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Switzerland 🇨🇭and the US 🇺🇸. It is so exciting that #iadms is finally coming to Canada 🇨🇦 and I get to present in my home country 😍. I can’t wait to be a part of it!!! — Who’s joining me in Montreal this fall??? 🙋‍♀️ — #iadms2019 #iadmsmontreal #dancemedicineconference #dancemedicine #cirquedusoleil #lesgrandballetscanadiens #healthydancercanada

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Hip strength, core stabilization, foot articulation and dance specific movement patterns all in one. @oregon.ballet.theatre #dancemedicine #prepointe #ballerinaworkout #crosstrainingfordancers #bosutraining #développé #enveloppé #physicaltherapy

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niatechnique. 💚💚💚


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balletsportscienceph. Dance training the Smart Way. 
In the image above is consist of 3 cate

Dance training the Smart Way. In the image above is consist of 3 category. Science, Training, Dance. If you want to plan a good training system all 3 Category must work with each other. The Science training where Sports Scientist applies theories and principles to create the best plan for the dancer to achieve their goal. Having a plan makes everything easier and safer. It's not just about training as hard as you can every day. You have to train smart if you really want to improve and be pain free. The best time to plan your training system is during the off season. When the time to perform has come, the time to prepare has passed. Picture taken from "dance medicine" book -liane simmel #balletsportscience #balletstrengthmanila #balletstrengthening #danceconditioning #healthydancer #dancemedicine #dancersareathletes #strongerdancers

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I'm looking forward to head to Michigan this Thursday to dance with my dear friend, colleague, and fellow Nia Trainer Winalee Zeeb @heartdancestudio. We'll be hosting a Nia Master Class and a Nia Evolution Event. Head to my link in bio to learn more and join us!

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shaktidragon. It’s taken lifetimes 🦋

It’s taken lifetimes 🦋

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lindabluestein. So fortunate to have such a long friendship (31 years to be exact) wit

So fortunate to have such a long friendship (31 years to be exact) with Craig Young, MD, who has had a worldwide impact in sports medicine (also physician for the amazing @milwaukeeballet!). Thank you for inviting me to speak at the 31st Annual MCW Sports Medicine #sportsmedicine #dancemedicine #dancescience #painreliefoptions #painreliefispossible #hypermobility #hypermobilitymd #eds #mcas @medicalcollegeofwi @edsawareness_official @edswellness @edswisconsin

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insyncphysiopilates. After all of her success at Prix De Lausanne 2019 Jade, @jade_ballet16

After all of her success at Prix De Lausanne 2019 Jade, @jade_ballet16 continues to work on her strength at InSync Physiotherapy & Pilates. Jade is soon going overseas to continue her dance journey. We will miss working with her at InSync. She is quite inspirational with her strength, control, balance and gorgeous personality!! #insyncpilates #insyncphysiotherapy #insyncphysiopilates #ballet #balletteachersworkshop #melbourneballetteachers #cecchettiballet #cecchettiballetaustralia #ballettechnique #injuryprevention #danceinjuryprevention #royalacademyofdance #teachingballet #ballettechnique #balletlovers #injuryprevention #camberwellphysio #dancemedicine #ballerina #balletdancer #balletfitness #dancers #balletstrength @vcasecondaryschool

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TRAINING WEEK #2: Strength and flexibility complement each other. One without the other and you may be asking for a future of chronic pain or putting yourself at greater risk of injury (no thanks!) 〰️ Sure enough, flexibility is an undeniable requirement for many dancers, taking the show to the next level and leaving the audience in awe. Strict flexibility training can leave joints less stable by stretching out musculature, tendons and ligaments. And guess what? The best way to tighten them back up and protect your joints is to add muscle. 〰️ Strength training - on the flip side - is essential to powerful performances, explosive tricks, improved stability, and detailed body control. Overtraining in strength alone will decrease your flexibility and put you at risk of sprains or pulled muscles and ligaments while attempting tricks that do require your flexibility. An example of this is that ever dreaded upper hamstring pull due to dancer-strong quads pushing the hamstring past it's flexibility in a kick, leap, jump or in the splits. OUCH. 〰️ My ideal audition training plan would include HIIT training with strength exercises alternating with separate days of flexibility training. Stretching to drastically improve flexibility directly after an intense workout may actually be counterproductive! It can increase the amount of time needed to recover between workouts, delaying overall progress. 〰️ When combining strength and flexibility, remember to stretch antagonistic muscle pairs (muscles that oppose each other in action) rather than just the muscles that are required for that extra high kick/deep back bend/impressive leap/etc. Work on those hammies AND those quads... Healthy contraction of the opposing muscle helps protect the stretching muscles from devastating injuries. Don't cut corners and go just for the crowd-pleasers by spending all your time in oversplits. Take the time to keep ALL of your muscles both strong and flexible to take your game (and longevity) to the next level. ____________________ #auditionapril #prettypowerfulmvmt #prodance #collegedance #auditions #flexibility #injuryprevention #dancemedicine #naturopathicmedicine #performancemedicine

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I’m here every Monday night, even after my full day at the clinic, and I never regret it. I love helping dancers dance! @oregon.ballet.theatre #dancemedicine #keepdancersdancing #obt2 #loveobt #dancespecialist #dancept #physicaltherapy

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Sutherland Shire peeps get in! New Movement Dance will be cranking in Miranda starting from Friday 17th May. Hit the “Get Tickets” button on my ig profile for more info + tix 👌🏼

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Instructor Spotlight 🔆🔆 @wmrenfroe - our co-creator and owner of host studio @formabham - *** Whitney is excited to teach Beginner Ballet at the Pure Movement Summit. Whitney studied Vaganova technique and pedagogy under Mira Popovich. She then went on to enjoy a professional career in classical ballet for 4 years before transitioning into contemporary dance. She has taught ballet for over a decade and has a deep seeded love for the art form. Whitney is thrilled to share it with Summit participants! Catch her class on Saturday 7/26 at 10 am. Class selection option available on both tracks: Pilates & Dance. . . . 🔅🔅Choose your track focus, and curate your schedule to #whatmovesyou 🔅🔅 Limited a la carte single classes like this one will be opening to the public soon! Stay tuned! Summit day & weekend passes available now via the bio link. - - - #danceconference #pilatesconference #movementeducators #retreatyourself #dancemedicine #pilatesfordancers #inbham #puremovementsummit2019

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dancer_fitness.com_. Last class this week! Even if you haven't made it to ONE class....it's

Last class this week! Even if you haven't made it to ONE class....it's never too late to show up for yourself. Bring a friend if you're nervous, but I promise you'll have a blast! Two ways to register for this Thursday's class: My #instatribe REGISTER WITH THE LINK IN MY BIO ↖️ Facebook People: REGISTER WITH THE LINK IN OUR EVENT PAGE↗️

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head2toe_physicaltherapy. So honored to be selected to present at the International Association

So honored to be selected to present at the International Association of Dance Medicine & Science 29th Annual Conference in October! #dancemedicine

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dancescienceapproved. ✨Hyperextended knees considerations✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔲ACL and PCL🔲 -import

✨Hyperextended knees considerations✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔲ACL and PCL🔲 -important ligaments that knee the femur (thigh) and tibia (shin) from moving too far forward or backward. ↔️The knee joint is actually a very unstable joint, and has to rely on the cartilage, ligaments, and muscles surrounding it to provide stability. 💪 Sooo when hyperextended, specifically the ACL is held in a stretched position, and since it’s a ligaments, it’s job is to provide stability and not be stretched. Stretch ligaments⏩Tears or Sprains➕😔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔳Quads🔳 -if you are standing in hyperextension, no quad activity is actually necessary to keep standing. People who are in accidents that cause a loss of motor control of the quads can actually still stand. Weird huh? But for people who do have quad function and don’t use it, means that the quads are probably weak because instead of relying on quads for stability, you are relying on the already unstable joint. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔲Hamstrings🔲 -the tendon of the hamstrings cross the back of the knee and help prevent hyperextension. The hamstrings are an antagonist or opposite muscle to the quads, so when quads are not engaging or weak, hamstrings will pick up the slack and overwork to stay balanced. Hamstrings bend the knee, so when the knee is hyperextended, the hamstrings are being super stretched and are weakened in their held stretch position. Weak quads➕weak hamstrings⏩unstable knee capsule➕😔 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🔳🔲What to do?🔲🔳 Incorporating strength training focusing on the quads and hamstrings to help increase knee stability. In dance class instead of thinking of “locking the knees” thing about suspending the knee equally between the quads and hams and feeling the oppositional pull. Is it bad? NO but✨Awareness and Education✨is key to preventing injuries it could cause! ⠀⠀⠀⠀. 📚 "Genu Recurvatum in Dance Training: Assessing and Addressing the Structural Deformity in Dancers” Anne Mercedes Mushrush ⠀🌫🌫🌫 #dancescienceapproved #dancescience #moderndancer #injuryprevention #dancemedicine #danceanatomy #dancescienceresearch #dance #professionaldancer #contemporarydance #ballet #balletdancer #danceeducation #dancer #hyperextendedknees #ballerina

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Patient Education is 🔑 ! No matter what age or what background, we all have a body and understanding how it works is the first step towards health and ownership 🤸🏻‍♀️ #movementisourbirthright #biomechanics #acro #acrobats #athletictherapyisforeveryone

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We are all unique and so are our needs! We are all at different points in our journey, have an array interests, and chemistry. That's why we have put together a large variety of classes and healing modalities, so there is something for everyone! . . . Stay tuned for our full class schedule coming soon! . . . . #anahataspurpose #beverlysbeautyandwellness #sneakpeek #reiki #herbalism #artwithintention #astrology #breathwork #yoga #flowarts #tarot #movementmedicine #poetry #meditation #crochet #plantmedicine #makingnaturaldye #tiedye #livemusic #dancemedicine #washingtondc #nottinghampennsylvania #visitmaryland #visitpennsylvania #visitdc #musicfestival #artfestival #wellnessretreats

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niatechnique. Happy Monday everyone!

Happy Monday everyone!

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akademie_btp_tm. \"Gezielte Leistungssteigerung kann nur durch genauso gezielte Verbindu

"Gezielte Leistungssteigerung kann nur durch genauso gezielte Verbindung zwischen Training und absoluten Ruhephasen erreicht werden." (Kaufmann, 2016, in Tanzpädagogik & Tanzmedizin - die Symbiose der Zukunft) Daher ist auch bei unseren Tänzern Zeit für Rast und Ruhe vor den kommenden Performances und Wettkämpfen eingeplant. #recovery #beforeperformance #rest #dancerecovery #fitnessfordancers #trainingsplanung #supercompensation #competition #dancersonstage #responsibility #dancemedicine #dancepedagogy #dancescience @bodyartandexpression

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dancer_fitness.com_. 🌎 Happy Earth Day! 
Grab a friend, get outside and try this workout a

🌎 Happy Earth Day! Grab a friend, get outside and try this workout at a local park.🌷 . . . No bench? No Problem. . . . Everything can be done on the ground when you swap out a reverse lunge for the bench step ups. . . . ✏️ Do each exercise for 30 - 60 seconds and repeat 3 times.. . . 1. Side Plank Knee Tucks 2.Narrow Push Ups 3. Decline Plank Leg Lifts 4. Hip Thrusts 5. One Leg Hip Thrust 6. Bench Step Ups 7. Toe Taps Become a member to have access to all of these exercises plus our newest training plans and so many more. 📍Unlimited access for just $9.99 a month. 💸 Get 4 Months FREE when you sign up for yearly. ➡️ www.dancer-fitness.com/subscription-plans

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forgotten_land. Complete trust in what is, what was and what comes. Its living in most

Complete trust in what is, what was and what comes. Its living in most of us as a dream and possibility to realize. Lets make it happen! That means entering your own Forgotten Land, its a place inside yourself waiting to be rediscovered. #embodiment #contactimprov #dancechallenge #dancemedicine #contactimprovisation #movementmedicine #intentionalcommunity #beautyeverywhere #positiveinspiration #positivemind #yogainspiration #touch #healingtouch #magictouch #massagetherapy #manifest #happy #believeinyourself #positivethinking

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