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🤕BANDAGED UP🤕 . So, i bit the bullet, and went to see a physio about the pain I've been having in my ankle. I researched local physios, but then came across @danturnellphysio in Manchester. Dan spent several years as the leading clinician on Harley at London, becoming the Dance & Performamce specialist, working with the cast of @mbnewadventures Swan Lake and numerous other West End performers. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 As soon as I read that, I knew that's who i needed to see. To know that someone understands the needs of a dancer and just how our bodies need to move is hugely encouraging👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 . After accessing my issue, observing me move and my gait, i was surprosed to learn that my ankle issue is probably a knock on effect of a couple of tight or overused ares, and weaker areas, some not even in my foot! The body needs to work equally and as a whole, or problems can arise in areas almost seemingly unconnected! It was hugely interesting🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 . I received a thorough leg massage - not a comfortable one, but one that certainly helped, and a tailored perscription of exercises, Dan taped up my foot to help give added support. It already feels much better than it did, and i I will be a good client and follow through with my strengthening and stretching exercises. I have every faith that they will help my injury, knowing how the problem came about in the first place! I cannot recommend Dan enough. He completely put me at ease and has helped me understand not only how to manage my current issue, but how to help prevent it happeneing again in the future⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ . . . . . . #dancephysioadvice #dancephysio #dancephysiotherapy #physio #physiotherapist #danceinjury #dancerhealth #healthydancer #dancebody #ankleinjury #dancespecialist #manchesterdancer #manchesterphysio #manchesterfitness #manchesterblogger #danceblogger #weblognorth #webloguk #dancemanchester #gifted #ad #danceblog

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So excited to be presenting at the @_iadms_ annual conference in #Montreal this October 😁. I attended my first conference in Canberra (Australia 🇦🇺) in 2007 and was hooked! Since then I have had the privilege of attending and/or presenting at subsequent events all over the world; including places like Singapore 🇸🇬 Finland 🇫🇮 England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Switzerland 🇨🇭and the US 🇺🇸. It is so exciting that #iadms is finally coming to Canada 🇨🇦 and I get to present in my home country 😍. I can’t wait to be a part of it!!! — Who’s joining me in Montreal this fall??? 🙋‍♀️ — #iadms2019 #iadmsmontreal #dancemedicineconference #dancemedicine #cirquedusoleil #lesgrandballetscanadiens #healthydancercanada

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It's getting hot in huuurrr! . We've posted some pretty important info all about 'heat related illness' and dehydration in sport, ahead of this weekend's #londonmarathon and of course the upcoming summer season - applicable to all sporting disciplines!! . So head over to our Facebook now to get full bottle (puns fully intended) on how to look after your body and protect your performance this summer! . . . #londonmarathon2019 #dancephysio #runnersphysio #londonrunners #westend #musicaltheatre #londondancers #crossfitlondon #londontennis #wimbeldon #gymlife #healthyvoice #healthy #healthcare #sportsphysio #sportsinjury #injuryrehab #injuryprevention #dehydration #hydration #hydrationtreatment #chiswick

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One for all our dancers en-pointe or soon to be en-pointe! One of my favourite dancers, Natalia Osipova, her artistry is breathtaking. Having seen her dance in NY, Melbourne and London, she literally takes my breath away when she dances. Sometimes I hold my breath because I cannot believe what she is capable of. That is the power of dance. Natalia has been Principal of Bolshoi, American Ballet Theatre and is currently Principal of The Royal Ballet. She makes incredibly difficult pointe work look effortless. Enjoy!

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We are so proud of our super talented Vocal client @paris_kontoleon performing in Sydney every weekend at @defi2sydney 😍🎤🎶

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When it comes to caring for your tootsies our Director of Podiatry knows it all... Head to our website to see the latest blog by Simon discussing running footwear! . And if your feet need some TLC after the long weekend, pop into @move_clinics to see Simon or our team of experienced Physios who can work out the right care for you! . . . #physiolondon #podiatry #london #foot #ankleinjury #footcare #runningshoes #londonmarathon2019 #londonmarathon #runningphysio #dancephysio #dancersoflondon #dancersfeet #happyfeet #chiropody #chiswick #acton #hammersmith #putney #richmond

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MUSCLE MONDAY! 💪 Today’s muscle is the Sternocleidomastoid (SCM). The SCM is one of the largest and most superficial cervical muscles. It’s primary action is to rotate to the opposite side as well as flex the neck. It is innervated by the Accessory Nerve (cranial nerve XI). It can often be imbalanced causing a Torticollis presentation. It is also important for assisting in respiration along with the scalene muscles of the neck. . . Neck pain? Book an appointment at the clinic today for assistance! 👩‍💻 . . #neckpain #sternocleidomastoid #scm #musclemonday #headache #jawpain #physiotherapy #acupuncture #dryneedling #grastontechnique #functionalanatomyseminars #functionaltraining #dancephysio #physio #yqr #yqrbusiness #beempowered #empowerphysioyqr #evolutionfitness

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So good to be back in the studio after the most refreshing long weekend! Remember it’s another short week here at Agility with Anzac Day on Thursday, and spaces are filling up quickly for both physio appointments and Clinical Exercise sessions. We’d suggest booking in so you don’t miss out 🌟💫 . . . . . . . . . . . . #lovepilates #pilatesfit #pilatesforlife #reformerpilates #privatepilates #pilates #pilatesreformer #physio #physiotherapy #clinicalpilates #exercisephysiology #pilatesprogram #therapeuticpilates #therapeuticexercise #pilatesrehab #brisbane #brisbanephysio #pilatesbrisbane #pilatesclass #pilatesaustralia #pilatescourse #teachpilates #dancephysio #pilateslife #pilatesworkout #coreworkout #womenshealthcoach #fit #fitspiration #ballet

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“It is ok to trust your body to heal itself. That’s what it’s designed to do.” 🤲🏼 Wise words and gorgeous quote from #notestomyfuturedaughter by Catie Geff

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Missed us terribly over the Easter long weekend?? We missed you too! Don’t worry, Clinical Exercise sessions are back to their normal time tomorrow morning. Hands up if we’ll see you there 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏿‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️ . . . . . . . #lovepilates #pilatesfit #pilatesforlife #reformerpilates #privatepilates #pilates #pilatesreformer #physio #physiotherapy #clinicalpilates #exercisephysiology #pilatesprogram #therapeuticpilates #therapeuticexercise #pilatesrehab #brisbane #brisbanephysio #pilatesbrisbane #pilatesclass #pilatesaustralia #pilatescourse #teachpilates #dancephysio #pilateslife #pilatesworkout #coreworkout #womenshealthcoach #fit #fitspiration #ballet

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We are always wanting to share our knowledge with others- we have guest written for some major publications because we believe all dancers deserve to have access to dance specific care 💕😊 well- now we are starting to share the love on our website so that all of our articles and advice can be easily found on one amazing website!! (Just give me a little time to set up the links for all of our amazing articles that we have written over the years... it takes time- phew!) Head over to The Dancer’s Pod website to check out our first ever blog post for The Dancer’s Pod 💕💕💕 Note: if you have any particular topics you want us to cover, simple leave a comment or send us a message. We always want to know what you are interested in reading about!! 💕 www.thedancerspod.com/articles

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Enjoy the last day of the Easter Holidays. Looking forward to the week ahead helping all our wonderful patients. This week we are open all day Tuesday & Wednesday 6am to 7:30pm, (closed Thursday for Anzac Day) and open in the mornings on Friday 6am-2pm and Saturday 7am to 1pm. Bookings available online or call - contact details in bio.

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#look high & low ... like @carlzbates ... here is the launch of our #easter competition! Would you #love to #win an @rejuven8physio #goodiebag full of #treats? If so follow the instructions below. . To enter: ⭐️ Follow @rejuven8physio & @rejuven8earlyyears ⭐️ Like this post ⭐️ Tag 3 people (not celebrity or business accounts). ⭐️ Check our Instagram stories today & count how many #eastereggs you can find hidden in the garden photos & write the number you find below. To increase your chance of winning you can comment & tag as much as you wish but it must be different accounts. . Competition closes at 12noon on Monday 22nd April. Winner will be announced the following day & prize must claimed by direct message within 24 hours. . Good luck everyone! Wishing you all an #eggcellent easter! #gymnast #gymnastics #tumbling #prehab #rehab #physio #pilates #yoga #dancephysio #sportsphysio #dancemedicine #performingartsmedicine #sportsmedicine #dreambig #shinebright #lovedance #lovegymnastics #happyeaster #easterbasket #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #optimisinghealthandperformance

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Happy Easter! Hope everyone is managing to spend some time with family in this beautiful sunshine ☀️ Don't forget First Act Physiotherapy has a 🌟SPECIAL OFFER!🌟 why not see if Physiotherapy can help you with a £20 discount? Message for details 😊 #physiotherapy #sportstherapy #sportsphysio #dancer #dancephysio #dancetherapy #orthopaedics #rehabilitation #swindon #wiltshire

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sgdancershealth. \"The effects of an acute bout of foam rolling on hip range of motion o

"The effects of an acute bout of foam rolling on hip range of motion on different tissues" . . [Aim of study] To compare the immediate effect of 1 session of foam rolling over the ITB, to that of the gluteal muscles, on hip adduction passive range of motion . . [Protocol] 14 healthy female and 12 healthy male university students were recruited, and foam rolled their ITB and gluteal muscles (split into 2 separate sessions) for 30 seconds x 3 sets to a speed of 30 rolls / minute after warming up for 5 minutes on a stationary bicycle. They also participated in a separate control session where they simply set on a chair for 3 minutes after the same 5 minute stationary bicycle warm up. Hip adduction range was measured using the modified Obers test, pre- and post-intervention. . . [Results] Foam rolling over the gluteal muscle group lead to a 14% improvement in hip adduction passive range, whereas a non-significant 1.1% range improvement was recorded in the ITB foam rolling group. . . [Discussion] ITB foam rolling is a popular choice of treatment for both dancers and health professionals alike to release fascial adhesions. However, the ITB showed little deformity to foam rolling in this study, which can lead to a few speculations - that foam rolling may not be beneficial for gaining range, or it may be possible that a longer / slower / more intense bout of foam rolling is necessary to see results. This study was also conducted on healthy individuals, so it is unclear too if the same results would be achieved on participants with knee/ hip pain /injury. . . Article link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6088119/ . . For a more detailed review, see: https://www.physio-network.com/free-resources/research-reviews/

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🌟🌟EASTER SPECIAL OFFER!🌟🌟 🌟£20 off an initial consultation🌟 Did you know that First Act Physiotherapy can also assist with all types of Musculoskeletal niggles? Back pain? Neck Pain? Shoulder or Knee pain? Come and see if First Act Physiotherapy can help you and take advantage of this special offer - saving you those all important pennies 😊 🌟Contact for details🌟 Appointments must be booked prior to 16/06/2019 #physiotherapy #sportstherapy #sportsinjury #orthopaedics #musculoskeletal #dancer #dancephysio #danceinjury #performingarts #swindon #wiltshire

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Gorgeous @rubygourzis practicing her Developpes and Ronde de Jambe en l’air balancing on a BOSU in DOCS! 😝 Amazing skill! 💪

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Have a safe and happy Easter break! Don’t forget @bleachfestival is on with all its colour, creativity and connection to nature. #healthydancers #dancemedicine #dancehealth #wellnessfordancers #goldcoastdance #dancephysio #dancephysicaltherapy

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dancephysioerika. 🐥 HAPPY EASTER 🐥
Reminder that I will be closed Friday - Sunday an

🐥 HAPPY EASTER 🐥 — Reminder that I will be closed Friday - Sunday and open limited hours Easter Monday. — There are still a few spots left on Monday if anyone wants to book in before the next round of competitions start! — #happyeaster #easter #easterweekend #longweekend #holidayhours

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❗️SAVE THE DATES❗️ —- ✨Be Empowered Pop Up Dance Workshop✨June 22-23 with an exciting NEW Faculty Member! Ages 9+. Registration opening SOON! —- Who’s going to join us? 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ —- #danceworkshop #dance #popupworkshop #newfaculty #jazz #musicaltheatre #ballet #contemporarydance #danceclass #dancetraining #dancers #summer #dancephysio #empowerdance @empowerphysioyqr @evolutionfitnessyqr

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Take 2! 💪😮

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Beautiful Ballerina! 🎀

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What amazing skill from Athena! 💪😮

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ericst_physio. For over 10 years, our team of expert Physios at Eric St Physiotherapy

For over 10 years, our team of expert Physios at Eric St Physiotherapy have been looking after dancers from far and wide. Some of our Dancers travel over 2 hrs to appointments! We have on-campus Pop-up Physio Screening Clinics at various Ballet Schools including John Curtin College of the Arts. This service is available to all dance schools, please contact us to make an appointment for your school. Or make an appointment at our Practice in Cottesloe. Why a Pointe Assessment? It is important to ensure that young dancers are ready and have developed enough strength to protect their growing bones and growth plates in their feet to avoid long term damage. For many ballet schools a Pointe Assessment is a pre-requisite for a student to commence pointe work. There is so much to consider when taking your ballet to the next level - pointe shoes. ~ STRENGTH: a dancer needs to be able to support their own body weight when en-pointe. Specific exercises will ensure the dancer is strengthening the specific muscles to ensure they can handle pointe shoes. Not just your feet but also core muscle groups, your back, rotators, quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles, feet, arches and insteps. ~ BALANCE: finding your Centre of Balance is critical for pointe preparation. Always starting at the barre, a dancer must show the ability to find their Centre of Balance and maintain proper technique with barre work at the barre and during Centre combinations. ~ POSTURE AND ALIGNMENT: is when a dancer maintains the correct placement during standing and moving. This requires engaging core muscles, shoulders down, chest lifted, rig cage closed and a straight pelvis. ~ FLEXIBILITY: of a dancers feet and ankles are critical to go en-pointe. If a dancer is sickling (pronation) their feet it is an indication they require more strengthening and/or flexibility of the muscles in their feet. Make an appointment with one of our expert Physios - link in bio.

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sgdancershealth. \"Readiness for En Pointe Work in Young Ballet Dancers
Are There Proven

"Readiness for En Pointe Work in Young Ballet Dancers Are There Proven Screening Tools and Training Protocols for a Population at Increased Risk of Injury?" -- [Aim of study]: Evaluate the available evidence relating to readiness for dancing en pointe, including injury rates in the adolescent dancer population, screening tools, and pre-pointe training methods. -- [Protocol]: A systematic search using the terms "Dance", "Pre-pointe","Screening" and/or "Training" were used. 27 studies were utilized in this review. -- [Results]: There is no common general dance screening, pre-point screening or pre-pointe training regimes. . Commonly included pre-pointe evaluation components include: age, years of dance experience, present injuries, past injuries, relevé alignment and stability, plié alignment and stability, tendu strength and activation of the intrinsic foot muscles, and upper body alignment and stability. . Age was the most frequently reported evaluation component (95.9%) across all schools. The minimum age considered for progression to en-pointe training ranged between 9 and 13 years. The majority of schools (39.2%) identified 12 years as the most appropriate age. -- [Discussion & thoughts]: The literature suggests that the criterion of chronological age alone is insufficient as an indication for commencement of en-pointe training. Recommendations include an assessment of strength with control and skill acquisition in pre-pointe screening, in conjunction with the traditional criteria of age, foot and ankle plantar flexion range of motion, and years of training. -- 📷: https://unsplash.com/photos/ehFaZsIcffs

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Clinic hours over Easter Weekend are as follows: closed from April 18-21 inclusive. Regular hours resume Monday April 22. Phone calls, emails and messages will be returned as soon as possible following Easter weekend. Happy Easter!!!🐣 . . . #yqrbusiness #dancephysio #physio #yqr #physioclinic #businesshours #easterweekend #modifiedhours #bookonlinetoday #easter

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maddiehicks_physio. My amazing housemate @turshes wrote an article for @frankiemagazine (!

My amazing housemate @turshes wrote an article for @frankiemagazine (!!) about the challenges of being a sensitive human and it got me right in my soft squishy heart 💓 #caringiscool

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Barre inspiration 😍 by @barrebody Did you know we run Barre Classes at our Bulimba studio? Each Wednesday at 7pm! Call 07 3862 2322 or visit our website www.agilityphysiotherapy.com.au for more info 💕 . . . . . . . . . . #barre #barreballet #barrepilates #barrestudio #barrebrisbane #pilates #physio #bulimba #pilatesbrisbane #brisbanephysio #movewellstaywell #dancephysio #dancer

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