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lavishlyruggedphotog. do you believe in magic ✨

do you believe in magic ✨

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Family style dinners are my absolute favourite.

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It’s December and it’s freezing and I’m still out here in a jean jacket and not enough layers 🥶❄️ I’ll never learn. 📸: @lindseyparadisophoto PS I miss you

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Real life prince and princess 💕 Happy One year of marriage John and Sadye! Anniversary shoots are such a great idea!

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What. A. Day. I won’t get into all the crazy but let’s just say I am officially staying away from Target until after Christmas ✖️ I am ready to plop down on the couch and watch some Christmas movies on Netflix with my puppos! Anyway, enjoy these sneaks from my session with @_aprilroberts and her man today 🌲

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picturesoflilies. One of my favorite places 💕

One of my favorite places 💕

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The moment you’ve all been waiting for!! 😍🤤 Christy + Jeremy’s dreamy ocean-y engagement session is BLOGGED!! We got kicked out of our first location, took pics with wild sea lions, and got covered from head to toe by MASSIVE waves. You are gonna have to pick your jaw up off the floor. The blog link is in my BIOO🔥 - Ps... the $100 GIVEAWAY ENDS TONIGHT at MIDNIGHT! Go back to my last post for deets and entries🙌🏻

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When your friends become the best of models and you embrace every ounce of snow Duluth has to offer!⁣ ⁣ “MINI” STYLED WINTER SHOOT was a success. I’m so thankful for relationships with vendors who are always willing to work with me shoutout to @brbridal and @superiorblooms with @nse_events for being a HUGE part of this beautiful winter masterpiece ⁣ ⁣ DOUBLE TAP if you want to see more!

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got to hangout with these two this afternoon!!! they won my giveaway a few weeks back and i’m so grateful to have met them 🌿

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Little loli’s smile gets me every time 🥰

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Happy Saturday y’all! 🖤

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hanabeedesignsllc. The holidays hold so much magic and heartache all at once. 💫


The holidays hold so much magic and heartache all at once. 💫 Making wreaths is a therapeutic way for me to lose myself for a little while. There’s just something about the smell of the greenery and the deep peace that comes with all that silence and the sap on my fingers. If you’re missing loved ones or lost loves, or even just a having little seasonal blues, try using your hands to create. AND, if you think playing with greens could help, DM me! I’d be happy to send along pointers or even just hold space to say I see you, I hear you. The new year will be here soon. 💗 #hanabeeflorals #rainyday #oregoncoastwedding #oregoncoastelopement #weddinginspiration #elopement #dirtybootsmessyhair #botanicalbrouhaha #adventurebride #bohowedding #bohobride #bohobrides #studioflorist #portlandwedding #portlandflorist #weddingflorist #pnw #pnwbride #seattlewedding #floralinstallation #foamfree #wreathsofinstagram #wreathmaking #holidayseason

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haileydavisphoto. I’m so super close to being done with all edits for the year and boy a

I’m so super close to being done with all edits for the year and boy am I excited for a little bit of free time, I say free time but really I have like 15 blog posts that need to be up like yesterday and so so much to catch up on around this mini farm we have lol . And if you see me pull a crystal out in the middle of the our session just go with it because you’ll get awesome shots like this ✨

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Hoping it warms up next week for some winter engagement sessions! ❄️☀️⛄️💍

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lari_loreley. call me friend but keep me closer

call me friend but keep me closer

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Memories are fleeting but a picture lasts forever. ❤️♾ . If I could live in this moment with you for the rest of my life it would be a life well lived.👫 . The sun cast its rays of warmth upon us as the white flakes of night evaporated around us. As I embraced you, and touched my lips to your face, you and I and the sun became one. ☀️🤩 A heat that could melt even the deepest sorrow, make you forget the most excruciating pain, and life in the moment as if there were no time at all. As I look now, I am reminded of our union, when you and I and the universe shared an infinite moment together. Three perfect auras, fittingly set in the backdrop of a time forgotten: Tre Cime.⛰ . 💡Photography Tip No. 15: The second way to achieve higher dynamic range is to layer your images in photoshop and brush on the parts of the image you want to replace. Simply select the images you want to use in Lightroom, right click -> Edit in -> Open as layers in Photoshop. If the images were shot handheld I recommend you apply “auto-align” to make sure you don’t get banding or double exposures. 😉 . I generally put the higher image below the darker image, apply a mask to the darker image and then with about a 20%, 0 hardness black brush, start to reveal the details I want in the final image. This is best done by long sweeping strokes, or quick clicks in succession until you achieve the desired results.👌🏼 . The reason this method doesn’t always achieve the desired results is movement in the scene, particularly trees and foliage. Even in low wind conditions branches and leaves are always moving, so you have to be careful when dealing with images that include features that can be effected by wind. . 📸Settings: 24mm, 1.800th, F4.5, ISO 200, manual HDR as described above . . . #travelcouplegoals #tuscanyitaly #voyaged #speechlessplaces #italylovers #italyphoto #exploringitaly #discoveritaly #nature_globepix #couplestravelgoals

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