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sara__sagittarius. Just like the Sun, Moon, and Stars, Shine Your Light. #DigitalArt #Ori

Just like the Sun, Moon, and Stars, Shine Your Light. #DigitalArt #OriginalArtwork #Portrait #DisabledBeauty #AspireToInspire #HeadScarf @daisiesaregay

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Even if you can do it doesn't mean that you have the the mental and physical energy to do it. Something that life keeps trying to make me understand... . I know that I'm strong. I know that when I put something in my head, I achieve it. Or at least, it was true before.. . Going through challenges has always been the story of my life. When I started working for my last employer, it felt like everything was finally going well for me. A decent salary, complete benefits and a place where my ambition had no limits, where being a warrior was a good thing. Finally a stability to invest in real estate, to prepare my future (RRSPs, stocks and shares, savings..). . Few months later, I got diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis and it all felt apart again. It's been 3 years since, and it's been 3 years that I fight more than ever. For my rights, for my programs, my physical rehabilitation, my medical equipment, my wheelchairs, for my health, for treatments, for my needs, to be taken seriously, for my surgeries, for my rights as a patient, for my home, for my home care services, for my aid transport, for my income, and all of the rest that I'm forgetting right now. . I'm strong. But I'm tired. . Got bad news this week about it. Learned that I'm gonna have to fight for all of this again pretty soon because I'll have to move (eviction/ demolition of my building for a 9-storey luxury apartment building). In Quebec, all of those programs and services are based on where you live (neighborhood), not on the patient. So every time we move, we have to start all over again. And be once again on the waiting list.. . It was more than a cherry on a sundae that I got last week 🍒🍨. It was the whole damn container! 🤣 . . I'll be honest, I don't think I have the strength to go through all of this, all over again. But realistically, I'll have to. I can't even start to imagine it. It's way bigger than myself but what can I do, now that I'm out of options? . Acknowledge the reality. Admit that it's bigger than me. And start to act, one thing at the time, while trusting God. Start putting the work and take action. And accept that it's okay if I can't win them all. 👊🏼💪 . . .

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Relaxing, Starbucks and shopping 😃 Sometimes life with a disability doesn’t differ from most people’s. Sometimes it’s just about making the best of everything and enjoying all the small things life has to offer😊

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not_your_grandmas_gb. Monday morning reminder that no one else has a clue what they are doin

Monday morning reminder that no one else has a clue what they are doing either! ⁠ ⁠ I am really feeling this one today from @doot_doodles especially as some of you have already seen this posted by accident earlier today! ⁠ ⁠ Look let's get real, no one knows what they are doing. that person who seems to have it all together, trust me they don't. There is no such thing as having it together there is only doing your best and hoping it works out. For me that's a freeing thought. It means that what ever I do is my best. That I do not need to feel pressured to get this right because there is no right answer. Now I completely get that this is easier said than done but on those days when I just can't like today I try and remind myself of this because it helps me to be kinder to myself. We are all our own worst critics and a little more kindness goes a long way. ⁠ ⁠ Share with me your 'oh fuck it it's fine' moment below. Today is definitely one of those for me. ⁠ ⁠ [Image Description: an illustrated magic eight ball is held between two hands. The magic eight ball has come up with the answer 'I don't know either']⁠ ⁠ #DisabledWomen #DisabledBeauty #DisabledAndCute⁠ #DisabledPeopleAreHot #SpoonieSisters #DisabilityPride⁠ #SpoonieSupport #Fatigued #ChronicallyAwesome⁠ #SickAF #FibroWarrior #YouDontLookSick #FibroWarriors⁠ #Potsie #Fibro #Lupus #PotsSyndrome #Fibromyalgia⁠

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The Danish summer is on a break for a couple of days but hopefully it’ll be back very soon ☀️

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Aalborg has a lot of beautiful street art and I enjoy walking around looking at it 🌼 (Yes, I use the term walking even though I’m driving in my wheelchair)♿️ What do you like to do in your hometown?

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disabledtravelwithgeorgina. ‘The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of

‘The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.’ The Emperor, Mulan 🌸🏵️🌸🏵️ I think I definitely have the ‘adversity’ ticked off! 😂✔️ Richard and I managed to immerse ourselves in flowers during our visit to the Isle of Wight. We were lucky enough to visit Ventnor Botanical Gardens which is the warmest garden in England! I got to experience all of the vibrant colours and delicate smells within each themed garden area (such as South African gardens, herb and medicinal gardens and Japanese gardens) without actually overcoming any access issues! What a miracle! 😁 It’s so nice to see a business that are thinking about their disabled customers and adapting to their requirements! I wrote a full blogpost on this if you ever are near Ventnor on the Isle of Wight (https://disabledtravelwithgeorgina.blogspot.com/2019/07/ventnor-botanical-gardens-isle-of-wight.html)! #disabledandcute #disabledandproud #babewithamobilityaid #effyourbeautystandards #allbodiesaregoodbodies #howyouglow #selflove #bodypositive #disabledbodyposi #disabodyposi #bodyposi #cripplecute #chroniccutie #disabledbeauty #sickchickstrong #disabledandcute #disabledandproud #babewithamobilityaid #wheelchairbarbie #spoonie #chronicallyfabulous #spooniestrong #alwayschronicallyme #pushgirl #instamodel #modellife #wheelchairwoman #pushgirl

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I finally got the flowers I was searching for🌸 And when I say got, I mean buy. Sometimes a woman has to buy her own flowers😊 I really dig my black wall and I think these flowers bring a bit of color to my living room. Your home should be your safe place, the place you unwind and find new energy so it’s important that you surround yourself with things you like🌸 Happy weekend everyone 😊

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The link to my newest YouTube video on Adaptive Parenting is now available for viewing in my bio! ♿️ I am so proud of the content I’ve created, it was worth the long nights and frustrating days of endless recording and editing. Now all I hope is that this reaches a mom who feels her physical disabilities limit their quality of parenting because that’s a LIE in my head- I silenced it! And it doesn’t ring true now that I say it aloud & I can’t believe that this was my feeling a few months ago! I love sharing my CP Journey if that means someone out there feels less alone because of something I said, this channel is worth it. (And I’m so sorry YouTube put a time limit on my videos but thanks to all my supporters my account is now verified so I will make a part two and add all the things that were edited out of this video.) 💚🎥 #CerebralPalsyMom #AdaptiveEquipment #WheelchairMom #DisabledYoutuber #BrainInjurySurvivor #TorontoLifeStyle #NewContentCreator #BlackDisabledGirlMagic #DisabilityAdvocate #DisabledBeauty #NewYoutuberSupport #CerebralPalsy #DisabilityInclusion #DisabledGirl #DisabilityVlog #SleepBelt #InclusiveParenting #TorontoBloggers #CPStrong #AccessibilityForAll #MadeInToronto #SkintoSkinContact #SwaddleMe

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Life will always be made of challenges. Bodybuilding competition's preparation is the best way to develop the discipline to work hard and stay committed while life keeps happening. . I'm currently overflowed by challenges and fights so I decided that I'll participate to the next @arnold_classic_amateur competition! (If everything goes well, I might also do one in November! 😁). I'm beyond excited! Lollll (You guys know how much I like challenging experiences that make you grow as a person..!😉) . . It will take a lot of discipline and be hard with what's coming up in the next year, I just hope that there won't be any surgeries like this year, although I'm expecting 3 in 2020.. (comp. should be just before 🤞🏼) . . . So in the mean time? I keep smiling, being cute and building muscles!! 😜😁💪🏼💪🏼 . . . #wheelchairfashion #spoonie #spooniefitness #heelsaddict #wheelchairdiva #wheelchairbeauty #wheelchairathlete #wheelchairfitness #wheelchairbodybuilder #chronicpainwarrior #chronicillnessfitness #mswonderwoman #disabledfashion #multiplesclerosisfitness #multiplesclerosisfighter #fitfam #girlswholift #disabledbeauty #disabledfitness #noonesaiditwouldbeeasy #summerdress #disabilityfitness #spoonielife #heelersofinstagram #bodybuildinglifestyle #fitnessjourney #fitnesslifestyle #bodybuildingcompetition #ichoosethepainofthegymtofightthepainofmybody

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Above knee #prosthesis with custom high definition silicone skin. Get yours @thejoycecenter we match your shape and skin colors. Don’t settle for no, anything is possible. #notaluxury #amputee #amputeelife #disabledbeauty #silicone #prostheticleg #bodypositive

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3000 followers 👏🏻 When I started this Instagram profile I was a bit worried if anyone would find it interesting. But I wanted to share my everyday life, my ups and downs, because I wish that I would have known more about what I could expect out of life when I was growing up. I hope that I’ll feel even more confident to share things with you guys from all aspects of life, but so far I like where it’s going. I really like that we can share our thoughts and experiences so that we can inspire and help each other😊 Thank you so much for following me🙏🏻 And thank you for taking your time to like and commenting on my pictures - it truly means so much to me and it’s without a doubt my main motivation to keep doing this🙏🏻😊

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not_your_grandmas_gb. Gaaaaah I have waited so long to tell you guys this but holy shit we a

Gaaaaah I have waited so long to tell you guys this but holy shit we are working with @thecatlobo on the designs for our walking sticks. ⁠ ⁠ Cat has done some amazing work, including this lovely piece but she has also worked with Punky Pins, ASOS and The Coven. I am ecstatic about the designs we have been working on and I can't wait to share them with you. ⁠ ⁠ As always those on the newletter get to see everything first so make sure you are signed up! I haven't sent one in a while but they are coming back full force and you will be seeing the designs VERY soon.⁠ ⁠ #ChronicallyFabulous #InvisibleDisability #Spoonie#Fatigue #ButYouDontLookSick #ChronicFatigue#SpoonieStrong #ChronicPainAwareness #ChronicPainWarrior #SpoonieLife #BabeWithAMobilityAid #Disabled #Disability #Painsomnia #DisabledPeople #DisabledLife #DisabledWomen #DisabledBeauty #DisabledAndCute⁠ #DisabledPeopleAreHot #SpoonieSisters #DisabilityPride⁠ #SpoonieSupport #Fatigued #ChronicallyAwesome⁠ #SickAF #FibroWarrior #YouDontLookSick #FibroWarriors⁠

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💥 Мы выиграли президентский грант! ⠀ 30 часов составления, согласования, редактирования нашего проекта, несколько месяцев напряженного ожидания и вот мы в числе победителей! ⠀ ♿ Наш проект назывался «Открывая Неограниченные возможности». О чем он? О театрально-творческой деятельности детей сирот с инвалидностью. О реабилитации тех, кому пришлось тяжелее всего. Тысячу раз слышали о том, что возможности развития человека безграничны? Мы снова и снова доказываем это на своем примере. Нам не мешают ни инвалидные коляски, не отсутствие возможности ходить и делать что-то руками. ⠀ ✅ Нашему фонду «Дети.Мск.ру» уже 30 лет. Дому, где проживают дети сироты инвалиды -10. Уже 3 года мы ставим спектакли на сценах Москвы и Питера с профессиональным режиссером Натальей Шумилкиной @shuma67 и столько же существует наша рок-группа «Овощи». За все это время у нас накопился колоссальный опыт, который лег в основу проекта #открываянеограниченныевозможности Президентского гранта @pgrants_ru ⠀ 🎭 Итак, чего же вам ждать от нас в ближайшем году? Мы ставим новый спектакль по книге Р. Баха «Чайка по имени Джонатан Ливингстон». Это как раз о безграничных возможностях. Очень символично, что именно дети инвалиды расскажут о них зрителям со сцены. Премьеру ждите в декабре в Москве и в феврале в Питере! ⠀ 🎸 Ну и конечно, в течение года будем много наших концертов. Мы будем вдохновлять и удивлять вас еще сильнее, чем раньше! ⠀ #фондпрезидентскихгрантов

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#WhenICallMyselfDisabled Sometimes it’s an explanation for a chaotic reality or a reason for simple routine. It’s a guttural release of anger, annoyance, irritation and anxieties. It’s a badass badge honoring strength and determination. Other times it’s a scarlet letter, so big and red I can’t control it’s flare. When I call myself disabled, it’s a flinch, a stare, a questioning or inquisitive glare. Not any more from a passerby’s curious eye, then from mine in my own mirror, counting my scars, marks, and bruises, and wondering, ‘where did this new one on my knee come from?’ When I call myself disabled, it’s constant tugging and pulling at my clothes, lamenting the fact that fighting with fabric is sometimes a losing battle; cotton, rayon, polyester and denim don’t always want to sit pretty on my sitting crooked body. It’s why I bought the Get Naked sign hanging in my apartment. It’s adjusting my legs, my spine and my neck, their muscles and bones lit up in fiery pain, so that I’m sitting up as straight and tall as I can; it’s wishing to blend in seamlessly with the crowd while hoping to be seen. When I call myself disabled, it’s acknowledging that life with autonomy, choices, experiences and opportunities isn’t an impossible dream, but a logistical nightmare. It’s a crash course in creative, out-of-the box thinking, it’s knowing that adaptation and problem solving is a necessary, sometimes minute-by-minute, part of this life. When I call myself disabled, it’s a collection of experiences continuously tipping the scales between grief and gratitude. It’s grieving opportunities lost, access denied, relationships ended and abilities stolen, but it’s also gaining a healing gratitude for my heart and my eyes and my mind and my voice — the critical functions to be a good, wise and loving human — that allows me to see the world through an ultra-compassionate lens, recognizing and renouncing injustices or inequalities; it increases my capacity for bonds and interconnections, forever tied through understanding and awareness. When I call myself disabled, it is a fact; I can’t argue with reality. * continued in comments **

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tuppence14. 💞My new-ish eyeshadow sticks, imagine better blending I'm just testin

💞My new-ish eyeshadow sticks, imagine better blending I'm just testing them against my skin tone. ❓What one do you think looks nice to go with my dress or should a try a more Nude colour?❓ 👀Siberian Quartz is my left (your right) And 👀Cairo Granite is my right (your left) 😂I may still go something completely different haha. 💋Also I'm wearing my new Matte Lip Butter in 042 Cape Calla Lily.💋 #TheBodyShopAtHome #thebodyshop #TBSAH #beautyambassador #lippy #MatteLipButter #CapeCallalily #crueltyfree #alwaysagainstanimaltesting #makeup #Lipstick #lippies #DisabledBeauty #spooniebeauty #disabeauty #disablog

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If you’re a guy you probably don’t know this. If you’re an able bodied woman you probably don’t think much about it either... But when you’re a woman in a wheelchair you know the struggle of finding the perfect mini skirt/short dress😊 As a wheelchair user I’m in my chair most of the day and I move around in it. I don’t always have my legs under a table and I can’t adjust the skirt myself. I like short skirts but obviously not too short, I definitely want them to be decent. Due to my SMA I’m pretty skinny which means that my thighs are no way close to touch each other when I’m sitting, and this can actually be an issue when it comes to wearing a short skirt, because this means that there’s an open view up under my skirt - this is a big no go! If the skirt is just the slightest bit A-line I need to cross my leg, like I do in this picture. As you can see I’m not very happy here, I’m a bit ‘annoyed’ because this skirt won’t work for me. From now on I’m sticking to tight, very tight, pencil skirts😃

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thisabledmum. This photo was taken today, when I got about 2 minutes to myself.

This photo was taken today, when I got about 2 minutes to myself. Being disabled and relying on other people to make you look good can be frustrating sometimes, my hair is at the mercy of others, the way clothes sit on my body is at the mercy of others, my makeup, being somewhere on time, having a routine not just for me, but for Hayden too. I hire only the best people to help me with looking good, getting to places on time and having a routine. My Mum is one of the people who helps me so much, she’s a legend, I love and appreciate her so much for doing what she does for me and Hayden, she’s savage in a good way, makes me laugh, and she knows what I want and how I want things. And then there’s this other amazing, strong woman.... The BEST sense of humour, she treats me like any other person, telling me about some dickheads on Tinder, we go shopping together, eat food together and our next adventure is going to a pub. She’s badass at doing my hair and great at cooking and Hayden loves her just as much as he loves my Mum. You know what these brilliant women have in common? They are both apart of mine and Hayden’s lives so much, they are both empowering and strong women and have both been through hard times. I truly love both of these women for supporting me and Hayden, I hope to one day add a 3rd woman to this team, because that’s what it is, a team of hardworking, empowering, down to earth women who are multi skilled, they cook, clean, they’re a hair stylist, makeup artist, and they know fashion. . . . . . . #strong women #empowering #teamofwomen #savage #disability #disabledissexy #disabledbeauty #physicaldisability #arthrogryposis #disabilitysupportworker #mumsofinstagram #instamum #mumlife #motherhood #mum #mummyblogger #csectionmum #toddler #babyboy #kidsofinstagram #instakids #love #family #parenting #picoftheday #northeastvictoria #australia #alburywodonga #thisabledmum

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For north americans, a big part of summer is more a state of mind than weather. What I'm trying to say is that the summer isn't much present, even though it's the current season.. . In total, summer in Quebec last around 6 weeks so we rush into it and hope for a warm sun every day but reality is a bit different.. . It's more too often rainy, cloudy or very cold (yep, a few days ago..🙄) but we gets an average of 20 days per year that are over 25°C. And winter last a goooood 6 months..🙄 . It gets worse with climate change so that's why I say it's a state of mind. There isn't much of a summer so we have to create it in our mind! 😜😉 Loll For me, clothes helps to do it. Whether it's rainy or cold, I dress in "summer mode" just because it's the "supposed-to-be-season"; with dresses, colorful clothes and sandals or heels! 😁 . . What is your way to enjoy your summer to the fullest? . . #wheelchairdiva #mswonderwoman #wheelchairbeauty #spoonielife #spoonie #wheelchairathlete #wheelchairbodybuilder #chronicillnesswarrior #chronicpainwarrior #mswarrior #mslife #multiplesclerosisawareness #multiplesclerosisfitness #ehlersdanloswarrior #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #bodybuildinglifestyle #gastroparesiswarrior #wheelchairfashion #disabledfashion #disabledgirlswholift #disabilityfitness #disabledbeauty #heelersofinstagram #heelsaddict #fashionista #fibrowarrior #summerdress

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bhupendersharma_. आफतों का शौक उल्फत की जुस्तजू तक रहा हो कुछ ऐसे ,सिलसिले इश्क़ के भी लग

आफतों का शौक उल्फत की जुस्तजू तक रहा हो कुछ ऐसे ,सिलसिले इश्क़ के भी लगने लगे हो मानों किसी वारदात जैसे..B☆ #शायरशर्मा #goodvibesonly #motivation #thoughts #Happy #socialist #positivequotes #lovequotes #adiyogishiva #inspirationalquotes #success #motivationalquotes #Writer #PositiveForever #HeartKING #OneWomenMen #PriestOfLOVE #Realism #Respect #Humanity #BeThankful #Kindness #Gratitude #GodLovesYou #MuscularDystrophy #SURVIVOR #FIGHTER #disabledbeauty #thesecret #jaihind🇮🇳

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🌟🎉 JOSH IS OFFICIALLY ADOPTED 🌟🎉 Whoooooooooooo. Our lovely friend and rescue partner Olga McDonald and husband Gary ♥️ We couldn’t think of anyone better to adopt then this compassionate family. Olga has a heart of a saint. Helping so many sick, abused and lonely street dogs. Her family is continually growing but not one of them goes without love and care. The best thing is, Josh will stay in Phuket. Thailand 🇹🇭😃 so I’ll get to see him. A quick summary of Joshs story: 3 months ago we found him dragging his back legs across a busy road...almost getting hit by cars. We rushed him to the vets. At the vets we could see huge deep wounds full of maggots. He’d been hit multiple times over 2-3 months by a scooter and/or car. He had an owner but they left him to suffer 😭 1 month at the vet, a blood transfusion and 2 amputations he’s now doing so well and full of life 💖 I can’t thank you all enough, our supporters for your donations, advice and love 🙏🏻 Thank you, thank you. Thank you so much Olga and Gary for giving Josh the best loving, forever family a dog could wish for. He has so many brothers and sisters he can play with. It feels very strange without Josh but I know he’s in the best hands 💙 🐕 Happy Ending 🥰🤗

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A beautiful sunset☀️ This sort of feels like a closure which also means a new beginning. I know it’s just the end of the day and tomorrow is another one, but somehow I hope that it’ll be a new beginning... in life, in love, in everything🙏🏻

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not_your_grandmas_gb. I love this piece by @k_illustration_design and not just because I hav

I love this piece by @k_illustration_design and not just because I have the grace of Bambi on ice... ⁠ ⁠ This piece speaks to me because it's that attitude that you develop when mobility starts being a problem. You can sit and cry about it (and believe me I have) but after that you learn to just deal with it and that's a concept that seems so alien to those on the outside of this. ⁠ ⁠ I have a favorite line that I use with people when I have to discuss the fact that, at times, I'm a fall risk. I tell them to laugh first and check if I'm ok second. I tell them that the shoe being on that other foot that is what I would do if they fell over. It's an ice breaker, humour always is when it comes to disability (it's laugh or cry right?) but that statement serves another purpose for me and that is to remind them that I am still human. That despite the fact they think I am fragile, it's still ok to find me toppling over funny, a lot of the time it is! And unless blood is spurting from me, it's ok to laugh at it. You aren't being anti-disabled for doing that. ⁠ ⁠ Yes some would probably say that I shouldn't use humor to make those who are able bodied feel comfortable and to some extent I agree but if we are constantly telling people what's wrong and ableist our message sometimes doesn't get through. Yes the world shouldn't be ableist, but it is, and we have to find a way to communicate to those that just don't get it. We need to find a way to get them to see that we are exactly the same, it's just we fall over more often. Your activism doesn't have to be perfect all the time, sometimes it's just opening up a dialogue. And as always it's also completely ok if you don't feel comfortable doing that. It's a marathon, not a race. ⁠ ⁠ [Image Description: The lower half of a woman wearing red heels can be seen next to the quote, 'If you stumble make it part of the dance.']⁠ ⁠ #DisabledPeople #DisabledLife #DisabledWomen #DisabledBeauty #DisabledAndCute #DisabledPeopleAreHot #SpoonieSisters #SpoonieLife#SpoonieFamily #SpoonieLove #SpoonieCommunity#SpoonieSisterhood #Spoonies_United #SpoonieBloggers #Fibro #ChronicPainWarrior #SickChick⁠ #LupusProblems⁠

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Lovely summer days☀️

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lisa.with.the.good.buds. Wen my doctor recommend I get a walker for big events where I have to

Wen my doctor recommend I get a walker for big events where I have to walk a lot so I’m more comfortable & not in so much pain afterwards it was very hard to accept that I would never be the same again at only age 27, it was very hard accepting what happen to me & how I would have to deal with it the rest of my life which come the future I could possible get worst which I’m trying to stay positive that doesn’t happen, positivity means adjusting to things & learning to live with it not against it! So I decided to custom my walker to make me feel more comfortable to not be ashamed walking w a walker & also maybe ppl wouldn’t think I would really custom a walker & not really be disabled since no one want to believe I’m disabled jus by the look of me.. sharing my story I hope will help other disabled/handicap people like me but maybe much worst feel better about them self & not get them self’s down cuz I have many of those hard days & it’s not fun.. any of you want me to custom y’all walker,Cain or scooter shoot me a DM a bish finna start her own pimp my scooter 🙌🏼😂because dealing w a chronic rare illness you need some laugher & positivity in my life.. who peeped me at 710 errlcup !?? My walker was pimp 😂 #scootercrew #skirtskirt💨 #behcetswarrior #disabledpeoplearehot #disabledfashion #disabledlife #disabledmodel #disabledbeauty #handicapable #sativadiva

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lisa.with.the.good.buds. Changing the stigma of how disabled & handicap people look! 12/18 chan

Changing the stigma of how disabled & handicap people look! 12/18 changed my life forever when I was diagnosed with my rare autoimmune disease that is not known to the US & had me basically paralyzed from the neck down & 7months later I’m finally getting back to what is going to be “normal life” for me now, which I was ashamed of until now.. acceptance is key for people with chronic illness with no cure.. learning to live with your disease & not against it is the key I’m learning! I never believed how strong I was until I had no other choice.. & with the help from my followers on this page, for the very first time since 12/18 I feel proud to be disabled !! Proud to be considered handicap! People often call me a lair about being disabled bcuz of how I look & how I love to get my face beat 🤷🏻‍♀️.. no one should be judge or called a liar while dealing with such a serious rare invisible disease, the stress from that alone is not fun at all, so I’m making sure I change the stigma on this !! Link in my bio @lalalyssia_ #scootercrew #chronicillness #chronicpain #chronicpainawareness #chronicillnessawareness #disabledbeauty #disabledpeoplearehot #disabledfashion #disabledandcute #handicapable

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