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biohack.md. If you’ve been following my cohost of The KetoHacking MD podcast, you’

If you’ve been following my cohost of The KetoHacking MD podcast, you’ve seen @livinlowcarbman adding some new #biohacks to his daily routine. Because achieving health goes beyond nutrition. I’ve been doing the same biohacks on my end and tracking the data using @heads_up_health for real-time feedback• • One of my favorite measurements to track is HRV using @elitehrv • • EliteHRV is now integrated into Heads Up Health!!!• • • #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #keto #ketosis #ketogenicdiet #ketogenic #ketohacking #biohacking #hrv #elitehrv #data #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #diet #exercise #diabetes #food #fit #fitness #obesity

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Para você ter uma nova vida você tem que fazer coisas novas! Variabilidade da Frequência Cardíaca, venha para o nosso mundo!!! @elitehrv @cetear #EliteHRV #VFC #Equipecetear #EliteTeamOficial

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Aí eu vejo de tudo nessa tal de “ rede social “ dizendo que quanto mais vc treina mais cresce quanto mais tempo na academia mais cresce e bla... bla... bla... Pra todos que me acompanham vai aí um comparativo de apenas um set de treino em um único aparelho ( máquina ) do @diego_pugsley, na primeira foto seu início ( até assinalei o horário que eu fiz a foto Rsrs) onde ele acabará de aquecer, na segunda foto depois do treino de apenas 14 min eu um único equipamento 🧐 Será que pode? Claro que pode!!! Pessoal não é a quantidade de exercício, quantidades de grupos musculares ou unidades motoras a serem recrutados e sim a forma em que você vc executa o exercício e o nível de contratação e estímulos produzidos durante o exercício! Então se vc acha que “não tempo pra treinar” ou que a “musculação não funciona” que “ tem que permanecer o máximo de tempo na academia “. Esses conceitos não existem mais, venha para a @cetear marque sua aula prática experimental e conheça o nosso mundo! #EquipeCetear #vempraCetear #somosCetear #EliteTeamOficial #EliteHRV Obrigado @diego_pugsley por acreditar no nosso trabalho!

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tiaagofranco. Após o início com o monitoramento da VARIABILIDADE DA FREQUÊNCIA CARDÍ

Após o início com o monitoramento da VARIABILIDADE DA FREQUÊNCIA CARDÍACA, conseguimos obter dados mais precisos sobre o sistema nervoso da @elenitamachado e funcionamento fisiológico, a Dr. @rasianutri com sua maestria montou o planejamento alimentar no qual está sendo extremamente eficiente para a função metabólica da Elenita, e o cara que para mim é um Dr. @professoralberto ajustando todos os detalhes e dando os feedbacks necessários, e o treinamento também tem sido ajustando conforme o sistema da Elenita está apto a trabalhar. Obrigado pela confiança, e juntos vamos mais longe!!! . - #life #health #personaltrainer #treinamentopersonalizado #elitehrv #fc #variabilidadedafrequenciacardiaca #performance #emagrecimento #definição . - #nevergonnastop Repost @elenitamachado with @get_repost ・・・ Aos poucos chegaremos ao objetivo equipe 💪 #AcompanhamentoElenita #equipemonstra @professoralberto @tiaagofranco @rasianutri #fitness #mulheresquetreinam #corpofeminino #bonitaaos30 e poucos #fitness #gym #nopainnogain #30tododia #confeiteirafitness kkk #projetoelenitamachado #lookfitness

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biohackingsecrets. Breaking a 36 hour fast followed by this morning routine...
- Sleep sc

Breaking a 36 hour fast followed by this morning routine... - Sleep score on Phillips SmartSleep machine - Elite HRV to record heart rate variability. - Re-timer Glasses - Earbuds @humancharger - Vitals (glucose, temperature, blood pressure, etc.) - 2 Tablets of Molecular Hydrogen - 4 Minutes on rebounder in sun - 10 Minute meditation - Shirtless jog in the sun with 2lb weights . Ready to biohack your morning routine? 🤓 . @philips @trusiiperformance @humancharger @entrepreneur @_millionaire.success_ @organifi @sunwarriortribe #boostenergy #intermittentfasting #36hourfast #meditation #earthing #heliotherapy #sunhealing #suntherapy #exercisemotivation #cardio🏃 #rebounder #trampolineworkout #molecularhydrogen #preworkoutfuel #vitals #trusii #humancharger #glucosetest #bloodpressuremonitor #elitehrv #sleepwell #bettersleep #heartratemonitor #smartsleep #biohackingsecrets #thebiohackersguide #biohacking #biohacker #biohackingwarriors

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the_mindful_mover. #EnergySystemsSundayMM : Tabata Method
Everyone wants to do the sexy

#EnergySystemsSundayMM : Tabata Method . Everyone wants to do the sexy, high intensity cardio training where you do sprints, strongman exercises, and Crossfit type workouts that leave you puking on the floor. But if you have read our post, you know BEFORE you engage in those things, you need to build a solid base of aerobic conditioning. Build a solid aerobic base and when you switch to high intensity cardio, you'll get more gains for less pains! . The problem is you still need a good "transition" between the two. Just like you can't go from sensual love-making to BDSM, you can't go from slow, long distance work to top speed sprints. You need something in between to get used to the difference. In the bedroom, that's up to you 😂. But for energy systems work, we can use Tabata Method. . With Tabata, we will do 20 seconds of work followed by 10s of rest. The short work/rest ratios let you be a bit more intense than aerobic BUT they will limit how intense you will be because the rest is too short for maximal efforts. . Now, instead of hitting a full sprint and pulling a hamstring because you haven't actually sprinted in a while, you can gently get yourself used to higher intensity! It's a easy transition from soft work to hard work! . So before you go off to join crossfit or start a sprint regime, build up some foundational aerobic work and then use Tabata to transition! . Check the IG stories for another in-between method to use before you engage in high intensity work! 👊

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biohack.md. Lunch today in downtown Asheville, NC was a ketogenic dream with local

Lunch today in downtown Asheville, NC was a ketogenic dream with local pasture organically raised 🍖 with bone marrow that never ended!! * * Plus talking all things biohacking with @jasonmooreme was pretty cool also! Will be posting the interview soon so if you're interested in learning more about HRV, get ready for Jason to drop some serious knowledge on the subject. * * * #hrv #elitehrv #training #exercise #performance #lifestyle #weightlifting #wellness #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #diet #obesity #weightloss #keto #ketogenic #ketosis #ketogenicdiet #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #nc #northcarolina

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musclenerds_health. Umm...So I've been beta testing some new supplements from @atpscience

Umm...So I've been beta testing some new supplements from @atpscience and have some interesting findings. After four days my waking heart rate has been consistently dropping and my HRV has been consistently climbing. I'm sleeping better and I'm dropping weight and visibly much leaner. Usually after a seminar I'm completely wrecked, but I feel fantastic today! The guys at ATP are geniuses! #atpscience #muscles #musclenerds #musclenerdsinc #bodybuilding #joeljamieson #hrv #fitness #physique #elitehrv #Health #science

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✔️Completed the @hrvcourse❗️ . 💡Overall, great course. I learned a lot about Heart Rate Variability and what it can provide for my dissertation and @linkedfit clients. . 👌🏻HIGHLY RECOMMEND❗️ . #hrv #heartratevariability #elitehrv #hrvcourse #coach #linkedfit #nsca #ceu #edu #education

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Today was one of those days where I just had to turn off the little voice in my head that kept telling me: "Stay on the couch, you are too tired to run today." But as soon as I got to the gym and started running, my body said: "This feels good! I am glad we made it." Sometimes it is a fine line to walk in figuring out when you need an unplanned rest day and when to just stick to the plan.

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Tired after 40h of cumulative training since Christmas. I’m taking my week-end off 😁😅. A little swimming, yoga, breathing exercise and @compexfrance massage 👌 #trailrunning #happyrunner #elitehrv #lchf #maffetonemethod

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Went for a nice little run in the 36° slush and snow. Thinking about Toughest Philly and WTM, I need to figure what works to keep my feet warm in cold water and low temperatures. So, with about 2 miles to go in my run, I decided to test my @showerspass waterproof socks by taking a walk through a big puddle on the trail (as seen in the video) . To my pleasant surprise, my feet stayed warm and dry. So unless it is cold enough for neoprene booties, these will probably be my "go to" socks for cold, wet days.

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An evening of riding in circles for the @fullgascycling Madison with @ryanviss3r 🚴‍♂️ #taapracing #elitehrv #sprinter #instafit #winterracing

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Again I take my HRV reading before getting out of bed with this little device to see how recovered I am. Looks like Im good to go! Today hill repeats and a long ride. #elitehrv #ironmanswitzerland #triathlontraining #womenwhotri #sobertriathlete #primalendurance #ketoresetdiet #maftraining

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Started with a nice 2 mile warm up and then rolled into @yancycampofficial 553. I had never worked out with a #versaband before and that part was way harder than I expected. I had to drop the final part of uphill work because I ran out of time.

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Hmmm maybe it should be an easy ride today. #elitehrv #training

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Another day, another run. I'm racking up the mile while looking forward to my 2019 races!

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realfoodrn. I’ve been seeing amazing photos of the #10yearchallenge posted all ove

I’ve been seeing amazing photos of the #10yearchallenge posted all over Instagram, and felt very FOMO! Alas, 10 years ago I didn’t yet have an iPhone to capture every second of our lives, so I had to look back a bit to find an old photo of my husband (then boyfriend) and I. 📸 This photo was actually taken in 2001 so it’s more like a #18yearchallenge. But who’s counting anyway. We were college students who were blissfully and ignorantly in love and life. Both very active (he was a college football player, and I was a daily runner), but so hard on our bodies because we both thought more was always better. My idea of a healthy diet included tons of veggies, but very very little fat. We both loved sweets, and it showed in the inflammation (especially in MY face!) 📸 Fast forward almost 20 years and we finally know how to exercise properly, and thanks to @elitehrv we know WHEN to train hard! We have fully embraced a Real Food diet that contains a lot of healthy fat, and minimal sweeteners. Inflammation is definitely reduced. We feel better now than we did then! After 3 kids (and due pregnant today with our 4th!) I am in better shape now....and when not pregnant I weigh the same as I did back then (and I have more muscle mass today)! 📸 I write this NOT to give ourselves a high-five, but to show that proper training and diet are absolutely key to feeling good in your life decades later! Had we not changed our ways I am confident we would look much different now, with MUCH more inflammation and unneeded weight. I’m genuinely looking forward to our 40’s, I think it will be our best decade yet! Thank you: real food, proper exercise, sleep optimization, and stress management! 📸 But, none of our efforts were able to salvage his hair 😉😜

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Because Ive been burnt out to a crisp in the past from overdoing it combined with emotional stress (from being an emotional person) I have been checking my heart rate variability (HRV) every morning to see how recovered and ready I am. I recommend it to my athletes as a very handy biomarker. Recovery is key to get stronger faster and more awesomer every day! #elitehrv #ironmanintraining #womenwhotri #triathlontraining

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Este es un esquema simplificado de cómo podemos guiar el entrenamiento a través de la variabilidad de la frecuencia cardiaca. 🇺🇸 This is a simplified diagram of how we can guide training through the Heart Rate Variability #fisiologiadelejercicio #thisistriathlon #somostriatlon #entrena #training #vfc #hrv #heartratevariability #elitehrv #variabilidaddelafrecuenciacardíaca

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I’m back to regular running workouts after 5-6 weeks of aerobic base building. The new goal is the seven mile bridge race in April. 🤘sorry for the shade in the photo. 👊😎 #backinthegame #firstdaynewroutine #running #heartratezone2 #heartratevariability #elitehrv #welltone #2xu #2xucompression #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #life #fitlife

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This workout wore me out. Especially the thruster/push-up/burpee combination in Phase 3. I cut that section down to 2 rounds. But, I am still making steady progress.

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You know what is not fun? The return leg of a 12 mile out and back loop when you are running straight into a 16 mph headwind when it is only 33 degrees to start. In the end, I made it through and I was able to convince myself: "I'm not cold, I'm just uncomfortable."

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Another successful Yancy Camp workout is in the books. Just continuing to "put the hay in the barn" preparing for my 2019 season. My biggest question from this workout is: Why does "running" at 15% incline feel so much harder than it looks on video?

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lifeisanobstaclerace. I wasn't complete sure on how I was feeling today, so I scaled back my

I wasn't complete sure on how I was feeling today, so I scaled back my 12 mile run to something much easier. I would rather loose a day or two of longer miles if it keeps me from getting sick. My HR was a bit higher on these than it normally would be, but some of that might be due to the Sudafed that was in my system. After the run was done, I finished with 10 minutes of grip work.

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Today was two rounds of @yancycampofficial 536. In a nutshell, it was one of the most physically and mentally grueling workouts that I have done in a while. The final set of burpees were definitely not any fun. But, it was uplifting to get to the final 1,600 meters of running. I plan to build to get through 5 or 6 of these circuits before #toughestmudder Philly in May. That will be mind numbing.

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lifeisanobstaclerace. Since I was a bit tired from yesterday, today I decided to do a relati

Since I was a bit tired from yesterday, today I decided to do a relatively easy day of alternating flat and inclined running with a little grip work added for fun. The workout was: 5 rounds 5 minutes at 1.5 % incline 5 minutes of 15% incline 2 pull-ups and 24 grip changes Tomorrow will be a hard day.

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Even though the park was technically "closed" due to the government shutdown, I was still able to get in and log my miles on the muddyvtrails. Am I the only one who enjoys running through mud puddles during training? #trailrunning #trailrunner

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Today I felt really slow. But it was still good to be outside running.

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Whether you’re starting or restarting, come join our fitness community #GMCF #todaystheday

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A fun day of running in the rain and splashing through the puddles as I went. #rainrun It was hard to believe that yesterday was in the 30's and today was 65 degrees.

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One more easy day of running. The off season finishes in a couple of days and then it is on to structured training to meet my 2019 goals.

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