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I’m absolutely and completely in love with @eluobeauty – an all natural Canadian beauty line that just launched! Their face masks and polishes come in some of the most beautiful packaging I’ve ever seen and I honestly had the smoothest, softest skin I’ve had in years after using them. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ They’re also hosting a giveaway right now, so head to their page and give them some love. ❤️🌾

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.botanical. . We believe there is no better skincare solution than ingredients that come from nature, and our exfoliating masks + polishes are formulated with replenishing botanicals and antioxidant rich, plant based ingredients that leave skin refreshed and rejuvenated - naturally. . From reparative green tea and spirulina to soothing rose and regenerative frankincense - our thoughtfully selected ingredients nourish from the outside in to leave you with a radiant, cared for complexion. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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.engage. Subtle natural hues, vibrant plant pigments and a soft velvet feel that engages all of the senses - we can't help but feel beautiful after an application of eluo. Our exfoliating polishes and masks work to draw out impurities, restore the balance of oil production and gently exfoliate to remove dead skin while stimulating your natural cell cycle. Forma Viridi to balance, Forma Rosea to hydrate and Forma Floris to soothe. #eluobeauty

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kaitlinmeagan. Kinda a sucker for this new all-natural Canadian beauty line, @eluobea

Kinda a sucker for this new all-natural Canadian beauty line, @eluobeauty, that just launched with the best branding ever! So yeah, the packaging is absolutely stunning of course...but their clay masks and face polishes are the real game changer✨ Check out their beautiful page and enter their giveaway for a chance to win the entire line of products, if you want! (You’re gonna want.) ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #eluobeauty #mybeigelife #skincare #consciousbeauty #detailshot #minimalstyle #pursuepretty #minimalmood #pastelsquares #neutrals #agameoftones #feminine #simplicity #paradiseofminimal #personalstyle #neutraltones #flatlay #flatlaystyle #provinceapothecary #habitandhome #beautyrituals #naturalskincare #greenbeauty #beautifulpackaging

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.inspire. . .eluo. began from the desire to inspire a change in the common perception of beauty, because we want to focus on the things in life that are truly beautiful. To us, that means the small moments - like a heartfelt smile, lines from years of deep belly laughs or sun kissed skin from long days lazing outside with loved ones. It's a refreshing shift from the pursuit of perfection to something more meaningful - because there is no bigger gift than the acceptance of the things that make us unique. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Possessing so much beauty on it's own, clay is a true multi-tasking ingredient. Used historically to soothe, heal and detoxify, every clay has a unique composition, and we've carefully selected each one. . The pink clay found in Forma Rosea is perfect for most complexions, including dry or sensitive skin. Rich in silica, pink clay helps to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal for supple, younger looking skin. Gently exfoliating, this clay leaves skin silky soft and smooth, can help to refine pores and promotes a radiant and balanced complexion. ✨ #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Letting that light shine ✨ Did you know? Our exfoliating facial polishes gently remove dead skin and stimulate your natural cell cycle to transform texture and reduce surface impurities, resulting in a fresh, smooth canvas that easily absorbs product. Elevate your modern rituals and reveal a radiant complexion with .eluo. ❤️ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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A hydrating, nourishing treat for the skin and the senses. Our exfoliating masks + polishes nourish and purify without drying skin. Whether activated with water, your favourite hydrosol or plant based oil, your skin will feel smooth and bright after use. Tonight we're enjoying Forma Floris - a soothing blend perfect for all skin types, even sensitive complexions. Formulated with the nutrient rich plant powders of hibiscus, althaea root, aloe and a sweet floral blend of skin calming essential oils. Winter skin never looked so good. 👌🏽 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Congratulations to our giveaway winner @ohkristenjoy! Thank you to everyone that entered ❤️ However you're celebrating today, we hope you remember to show yourself a little love too. Happy Valentine's Day from .eluo. #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Our exfoliating masks + polishes work to gently remove dead skin cells, revealing a fresh, smooth and vibrant complexion,naturally. Not only for the face, we recommend using our masks on any areas of congestion, including the upper arms, back, chest and neck. Mix as usual and apply to areas of concern. We love Forma Viridi mixed with water and a small amount of aloe vera to purify, calm irritation and encourage healing. Questions? Leave them below or send us a DM - we love hearing from you! #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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To us, beauty rituals mean more than just skincare, and one of our favourite ways to invite in beauty is mindful movement. Long days spent driving, sitting at the office and watching TV can mean stagnant energy, blood flow and circulation - all vital aspects of radiant beauty. So whether it's a 10 minute flow, quick walk around the block, or jumping jacks - try to prioritize movement everyday. ✨ #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Ending off the week with Forma Viridi 🌱 A purifying blend formulated with mineral rich french green clay to draw impurities from pores, restore balance of excess oil and soothe irritation for a clear complexion. Featuring nutrient-rich plant powders of neem, spirulina, matcha and an earthy blend of skin purifying essential oils, use as a full face mask or spot treatment on affected areas. ✨ Happy Friday! #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Illuminating ingredients sourced from nature, and inspired by generations past. Welcome to .eluo. ✨🌱 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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My combo/sensitive skin feels so smooth, balanced, and even after using @eluobeauty Forma Viridi face polish/mask. A mix of flours, clay, matcha, and some of my favourite oils make the most delicious nutty scent and fluffy, but exfoliating formula. I’ll be sharing a story soon where I show you my #eluobeauty ritual and the results 😍. Get it at @thegirlfloral in downtown Galt. . . . #thegirlfloral #thegirlfloralboutique #tgfgirlgang #love #skincare #greenbeauty #cleanbeauty #liveauthentic #curatingpretty #pursuepretty #cleanliving #newfave #greenclay

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Your modern rituals: “Forma Rosea is such a beautifully indulgent blend and the entire .eluo. experience is so luxurious - I love how bright and smooth my skin looks after”. - Kelsey We love hearing about your experience with .eluo. – keep sharing your modern rituals and let us know how our masks are working for you! ✨ #eluobeauty

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Sunday evening self-care with .eluo. ✨ We love incorporating our masks into a weekly ritual to prepare for the week a head. Which one of our masks are you enjoying tonight? ❤️ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Stunning landscape, flowing creativity and wonderful company make this a moment we love reflecting back on. Swipe right to check out some of the beautiful still and video content captured last fall with @sheen.ism and @eluobeauty.#eluobeauty | images + video @sheen.ism

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Get your glow on and enjoy a mindful break from the daily grind - what weekends are made for ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Elevating this simple daily ritual with our collection of exfoliating masks + polishes. To use: . Portion - 1 tbsp of .eluo. exfoliating mask powder Activate - Gradually add a small amount of water and mix until a soft mousse consistency is achieved Apply - Gently smooth over clean, damp skin Rinse - Rehydrate mask with warm water to rinse or remove with a damp cloth . Sit back, relax and soothe skin and senses with .eluo. ✨ #eluobeauty images: @sheen.ism

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Midweek masking with this lineup ✨ Forma Viridi to balance, Forma Floris to soothe and Forma Rosea to hydrate - which .eluo. ritual are you enjoying tonight? #eluobeauty

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Invite ritual into the everyday - because self-care isn't just for Sundays. Whether it's a 5 minute meditation, an excerpt from your latest book or a soothing, nourishing facial mask, how you treat yourself matters - because you matter. How are you practicing self-care today? 🙏🏽 #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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After a busy week we’re spending Saturday in bed 🙏🏽 One of our favourite rituals, we always prioritize beauty sleep to help maintain a healthy complexion. . When we sleep, the body boosts blood flow to the skin, resulting in a gorgeous glow. Sleep also helps balance stress hormones (like cortisol) that cause inflammation, damage the integrity of collagen and wreck havoc on sensitive skin. Who else thinks this sounds like a pretty good reason to sleep in this weekend? ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Your modern rituals: “My skin has truly never looked better. Using .eluo. regularly has completely transformed my complexion. From rough, dry and irritated to smooth, even and glowing – using .eluo. on a regular basis has shown me how powerful natural ingredients truly can be.” – Sheena. . We love hearing about your experience with .eluo. – keep sharing your modern rituals and let us know how eluo is working for you! ✨ #eluobeauty

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Elevate your .eluo. ritual by using a small amount of raw honey to activate your mask. ✨ Raw honey is a nourishing, soothing treat for the skin and the senses and mixing it with your favourite .eluo. mask results in a rich, luxurious experience that gently exfoliates and stimulates micro-circulation. . Raw honey is also incredibly anti-inflammatory, and contains antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties – revealing a radiant complexion, naturally. Have you experimented with this liquid gold yet? #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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There’s no better way to finish off your .eluo. ritual than a facial massage with your favourite plant oil. This week, we reached for vitamin E rich argan oil. A luscious, nourishing oil rich in anti-inflammatory nutrients, argan is an amazing option for dry, irritated complexions. . When oils are applied to the skin, they are absorbed directly into the top layers of the epidermis, where they instantly go to work to improve the lipid barrier function – especially important during dry winter months. After you remove your mask, apply 2-4 drops of argan to skin and gently massage in circular motions to deeply nourish and stimulate circulation. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Forma Viridi is on another level when activated with steeped and cooled green tea ✨ . An antioxidant rich botanical treat that helps reduce redness and irritation, green tea also helps heal and protect the skin from UV damage. Activate your .eluo. mask with a small amount of green tea until a rich mousse like consistency is reached and get ready for a cool, clear, and calm complexion. Tap the image to shop ❤️ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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G I V E A W A Y ///⠀ ⠀ Contest closed | congratulations to our winner @gerbearfit, your bottle of @eluobeauty is ready for you to pick up! Pls DM us to claim 🙌🏻. We are starting the week off right with this sweet giveaway! Enter to win a bottle of @eluobeauty Forma Floris face polish, a mineral rich clay mask formulated to restore balance and soothe your skin, for all skin types. ⠀ To enter:⠀ Follow us @nineteentenhome⠀ Like this photo⠀ Tag a friend for up to 3 separate entries⠀ ⠀ Contest closes Wednesday January 23rd at noon & winner will be announced later that day. Local pick up only. Good luck! ⠀ ⠀ #selfcare #skincare #greenbeauty #eluobeauty #clayfacemask #loveyourskin #giveaway #nineteentenhome⠀

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"I love my .eluo. ritual! My skin feels refreshed and relaxed after use." - Kim. . Formulated with a purifying blend of French green clay, kaolin, and spirulina combined with rejuvenating palmarosa, geranium and matcha, this what our customers are saying about Forma Viridi! . Skin tip: Mix Forma Viridi with a small amount of steeped and cooled green tea for an extra boost of skin brightening antioxidants. ✨ #eluobeauty

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Skincare isn't just about facial care - don't forget to show the rest of your body some love too. Our exfoliating masks + polishes work perfectly on areas of congestion, like the back, and help smooth rough, irritated skin on the upper arms. We love Forma Rosea for this full body ritual thanks to its anti-inflammatory blend of healing rosehip and frankincense, soothing chamomile and a blend of gently purifying kaolin clays. 🌹 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Welcome @eluobeauty facial polishes and exfoliating clay masks to the shop! All that is needed is a bit of water to activate and some time to enjoy and relax. Available in-store and online x

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Men who mask ✨ Forma Viridi is crafted with a selection of antioxidant rich, pore minimizing ingredients - making it a versatile option that works for any complexion.🌱 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Activate 1 tbsp of powder with a small amount of water and enjoy - thank you @allureofsimplicity for this stunning shot ❤️ We love hearing about your .eluo. experiences - feel free to share via DM or comment below! #eluobeauty

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Forma Rosea - to hydrate 🌸 . A testimonial from one of our radiant customers, Carolyn: "I love using the Forma Rosea face polish. I use it 2-3 times per week to exfoliate when my skin is looking dull. My face feels rejuvenated - clean, soft, and hydrated. I have noticed reduced redness in my skin - a benefit I wasn’t receiving for other masks I used in the past. Not only do I love the texture of the product both wet and dry, but the soft rose scent is subtle and inviting." . Skin tip: Mix Forma Rosea with a small amount of rose hydrosol for an extra soothing and hydrating treat for winter skin. #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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Because sometimes, your skin just needs a little extra TLC. We always select a mask based on the current needs of our skin, and sometimes that means more than one. Think Forma Viridi for the forehead, nose and chin, Forma Floris for sensitive cheeks and Forma Rosea for any patches of dry, red skin! Elevate the old one-and-done approach to masking and treat your skin to a bespoke treatment that targets different needs at the same time. Tap the image to shop! ✨ #eluobeauty image @ianlanterman

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To activate our exfoliating polishes, simply add 1 tbsp of your favourite .eluo. mask to the palm of your hand and gradually add a small amount of water until desired texture is achieved. Apply to skin in gentle, circular motions to stimulate micro-circulation and gentle exfoliation. Remove with lukewarm water and follow with your favourite plant based facial oil. ✨ #eluobeauty image: @sheen.ism

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