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Post sun skin rituals ☀️ Reach for a soothing, hydrating floral mist to calm and rehydrate skin throughout the day and post mask. We love chamomile for it's potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Chamomile contains many powerful calming active ingredients including the flavonoids apigenin, luteolin, and quercetin, and volatile oils including alpha-bisabolol and matricin. These constituents all contribute to chamomile's powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties. When used on the skin, chamomile works to calm redness and dry, irritated complexions. Learn more at the profile link. 🌻 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Even if you've taken all the necessary precautions to protect your skin, it may need a little TLC post sun session. So today, we're sharing 5 of our favourite rituals to soothe sun-kissed skin. Look out for chamomile mists, our favourite skin soothing clay mask and proper hydration to reduce pigmentation and fine lines. Read more at the link in bio. ✨ #eluobeauty

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We started .eluo. with the intent to inspire a new kind of beauty. Because rather than something solely focused on physical appearance, we believe it to be a deeply rooted belief in yourself and all that you are capable of. To us, beauty is an unshakable confidence in all aspects of your being. Our masks are meant to support this belief and inspire rituals that nourish body, mind and soul. Beauty for modern rituals ✨ #eluobeauty #selfcaresunday image @sheen.ism

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foundedinbeauty. The perfect clay mask to brighten, purify and reduce pigmentation. Go

The perfect clay mask to brighten, purify and reduce pigmentation. Go say hi to @eluobeauty ✨ #foundedinbeauty x @sheen.ism

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ACTIVATE: When sun exposure and seasonal breakouts result in unwanted dark spots and hyperpigmentation, reach for Forma Rosea activated with yogurt. This unexpected option also contains live active cultures and lactic acid that acts as a mild natural exfoliant to reveal radiant skin. Plain full fat yogurt (vegan options work too) also helps to smooth dry skin and restore moisture, resulting in a supple, dewy summer ready complexion. ✨ #eluobeauty

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Your modern rituals: I have been making sure I take time out of my day to do something for myself. One of those things are, doing a weekly clay mask and man oh man! My skin is feeling and looking amazing!! . Thank you for sharing @barefoot_and_wild, we're so honoured to be a part of your self-care rituals ❤️ #eluobeauty

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Quiet moments for self-reflection have such an immense impact on wellbeing, so this summer we want to encourage you to continue prioritizing your modern rituals. For a limited time, repost this image to your stories, tag us and share your favourite self-care ritual. You'll receive a code for 15% off your next purchase. ✨ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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Renew, revitalize and regenerate ✨ This weekend, elevate your treatment with the .eluo. application brush. Our mask brush provides even treatment application, minimizes mess for effortless blending and requires the use of less product than hand application. 🙏🏼 #eluobeauty #selfcaresunday image @sheen.ism

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Your modern rituals: "This wins the award for coolest product texture. Out of the bottle, Eluo Forma Rosea Facial Polish is a powder, then when you add water, it transforms into mousse; at which point, I spread the rose clay mixture on my damp skin and wait five minutes. Once I rinse it off, my face feels smooth and calm." . Thanks for the feature @thezoereport + @jessicalyarbrough ❤️ #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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alwaysneutrals. O CANADA
On Canada Day I wanted to dedicate a post to some of my favou

O CANADA On Canada Day I wanted to dedicate a post to some of my favourite Canadian born brands. • For skincare, I have been enjoying masks by @eluobeauty and a gentle exfoliator by @idoinebio. I also remove makeup with @freoncollective reusable cotton pads. • For makeup, I love @bitebeauty of course. Additionally, my two favourite brow product brands these days are Canadian born @browluxeca and @plumescience. • For hair, I'm obsessed with @voirhaircare products. Pictured here is my favourite hair mask of time. • For bodycare, I've been experimenting with new @celaskin products. I also have rotations @rockymountainsoapco and @antoyukon products in my collection, particularly bar soaps. I'm currently using @nalacare for deodorant. • For the home, I like to keep it smelling great with @vitruvi. If I want a candle I've been using ones by @flambette or @brand_iron. • Brands that I use across categories include @woodlot and @floresboticario. Woodlot has some wonderful bar soaps, basic skincare products, and home fragrances. Flores Boticario makes my favourite primer and some body and skincare products that leave my skin hydrated and smooth all over. • So shout-out to these Canadian born brands that have a special place in my collection and heart. Do you have any Canadian brands you love? • #MadeInCanada #crueltyfree #voirhaircare #woodlot #plumescience #browluxe #floresboticario #antoyukon #HProject #HoltRenfrew #brandandiron #flambette #celaskin #vitruvi #rockymountainsoapcompany #eluobeauty #freoncollective #bitebeauty #nalacare #idoine #shoplocal #bbloggersca

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A little self-care on your Sunday: Abyanga ✨ . An Ayurvedic ritual to show self-love, Abyanga is the practice of lovingly anointing oneself from head to toe with warm oil. Much like the experience of being loved, this ritual gives a deep feeling of stability and warmth. THE RITUAL: Apply oil first to the crown of your head, and work slowly out in circular strokes, including your face, arms, legs, and abdomen, finishing with your feet. Allow the oil to penetrate deeply into the skin, and enjoy this moment just for you. Happy Sunday ❤️ #eluobeauty #selfcaresunday image @sheen.ism

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With the weather starting to warm, and more time spent exercising and enjoying time spent outdoors, it’s not uncommon for skin to respond unfavourably, with more oil and congestion than usual. This is where Forma Viridi comes in. Crafted with detoxifying colloidal clay and rejuvenating green tea, this mask is the perfect ritual for clarifying skin, resulting in a clean, even, and balanced complexion. Feel free to use as an all over treatment, or only on areas of concern, for example, the forehead, nose + chin. TO ACTIVATE: Try adding a few drops of raw apple cider vinegar to restore the natural pH levels of skin. Apple cider vinegar contains live active cultures and acids that help absorb excess oil to improve the overall texture of reactive skin. Give it a try and let us know what you think. 🌱 #eluobeauty

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Forma Rosea, in use. 🌹 Exfoliation is one of the key components to keep skin looking bright and beautiful. As we age, the skin's natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows, and needs extra support to maintain a vibrant complexion. This is why our masks are formulated with clays and nutrient rich plant powders to both purify and exfoliate. For best results, use your mask of choice 1-2 times per week and remove in gentle, circular motions to reveal radiance and a smooth, even complexion. #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism

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eluobeauty. Masks matter, especially this time of year.

A perfect choice for warm

Masks matter, especially this time of year. A perfect choice for warmer weather, Forma Rosea is a thoughtful combination of botanicals and rejuvenating essential oils that help heal and nourish while gently purifying and brightening. Try activating with a small amount of water and rosehip oil for luminous summer skin. 🌹 #eluobeauty image @sheen.ism . . . . . #beautyrituals #mindfulbeauty #ritual #naturalskincare #nontoxicbeauty #ecobeauty #beautyfromwithin #artisinalskincare #cultivatebeauty #nourishyourskin #cleanbeauty #naturalbeauty #greenbeauty #cleanbeautyrevolution #ancientbeauty #slowbeauty #slowliving #mindfulness #nocompromisebeauty #weekendvibes

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Sunday essentials ✨ Breathe, create space and reconnect to the true meaning of beauty by engaging your senses in mindful weekly rituals. Because rather than the unattainable pursuit of physical perfection, we hope our products inspire you to pause, to show yourself care, and to truly appreciate the unique and wonderful human being you are 🙏🏽 #eluobeauty #selfcaresunday image @sheen.ism

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