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Walking down to the incredible Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida Island 🌴 | Video by © Sean Strecker (@strex) #luxyglobe

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Our chefs pride themselves in providing guests with a comprehensive gastronomic, cultural, and historic adventure with every meal served. Our kitchen staff ensures that any type of diet, whether vegan or vegetarian is served with the same amount of exotic flair. For more information, please visit: www.delfinamazoncruises.com

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An evening on the porch of Wedin House curled up with a good book... Is an evening well spent! 📸@jason_risner_photography

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_rolando_perez. Throw back Thursday!

Number four on my list of favorite adventures is

Throw back Thursday! Number four on my list of favorite adventures is Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. This photo is on the south rim. I never been to the the north rim or west grand canyon but maybe one day I'll explore those sides. Here is a recap: 6) Yellowstone national park, Wyoming 5) Monument Valley, Arizona 4) Grand Canyon, Arizona 3) - 2) - 1) - . . . #explorearizona #visitarizona #tbt #seekingadventure #explore #adventures #outdoors #grandcanyon #coloradoriver #arizona #explore #findyourpark #nationalparks #nationalpark #goexplore #exploretheglobe #naturelover

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Take my hand 💏

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"Everybody wants to be a champion until it's time to do what champions do, because real champions love to win, real champions love the process just as much as they love the prize, if you will be a champion you got to go through something, ain't nobody gonna hand you nothing, so it's your decision, be phenomenal or be forgotten" 🔥🥊

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globetrotter_nuskin. Time to change your environment and grow... My youngest in the aquariu

Time to change your environment and grow... My youngest in the aquarium of Genova a few weeks ago, impressed by the big sharks...I had not intended to post any pic until I saw in the social media (Roberta Chinsky Matuson) a similar pic with the following text: « A shark in a fish tank will grow 8 inches, and in the ocean it will grow 8 feet or more. The shark will never outgrow it's environment and the same is true about you. Many times we are around small thinking people so we don't grow. Change your environment and watch your growth.” ❤️I am happy to have traveled, lived abroad and met incredible people who enriched my life ❤️. I wish the same incredible experiences to you and...particularly my kids . . . . 🧳 ✈️ 👬 🌎 #learnfromthesharks #adaptation #growyourmind #learnfromnature #amazingnature #embracechange #lifelessons #feelgood #timetoadapt #expatforever #lovetravel #expatlife #exploretheworld #exploretheglobe #enrichyourlife #embraceexpatlife #adventuretime

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travelstore. Exercise your mind and nourish your soul.

Exercise your mind and nourish your soul.

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Já falei aqui que Perito Moreno foi um dos meus passeios preferidos durante a viagem pra Patagonia, mas deixa eu falar um pouco mais sobre o motivo. Lá existem vários caminhos como esse da primeira foto. São caminhos muito tranquilos, com muitas escadas, mas fáceis de fazer e muito bonitos! De lá, além do famoso glaciar (que já postei foto aqui), também podemos ver paisagens incríveis ao redor, além de animais selvagens! Já mosrei aqui o meu encontro com uma raposa no estacionamento, mas lá também puder ver um gavião andando no chão como se fosse gente. Enfim, toda a experiência foi muito legal mesmo e eu indico demais que vocês tirem um dia para conhecer esse lugar de tirar o fôlego!

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#tbt to my last trip to Europe with my soulmate @nattiephilbej. Can’t wait to head back next week for new adventures! 🗺

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