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mikejonestoday. Here's a phenomenal video showing the lateral side of the knee. We see

Here's a phenomenal video showing the lateral side of the knee. We see so many issues with internal rotation tension. Notice how much pull the biceps femoris hamstring has on it just below the IT band. #PainIsNotALifestyle #SportsMassage #Cupping #IASTM #MyofascialRelease #fascialstretchtherapy #fascia #m2tblade #mobility #mobilitywod #mobilitytraining #knee #kneepain

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myo_flow. Hips feeling tight? Here’s one of my favorite stretches 👊🏽💪🏽⚡️

Hips feeling tight? Here’s one of my favorite stretches 👊🏽💪🏽⚡️ -10 deep breaths -both sides -as many sets as needed . #mobility #workoutvideos #mobility #stretchtherapy #fascialstretchtherapy #mobilitytraining #mobilitywod #HamstringMobility #flexibility #flexibilitytraining

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mobilitygains. Give these two mobility drills a go, 👊🏽💪🏽⚡️
-90 seconds on
-as man

Give these two mobility drills a go, 👊🏽💪🏽⚡️ -90 seconds on -as many sets as needed -Love mixing this intranet as well @primal.swoledier #mobility #workoutvideos #mobility #stretchtherapy #fascialstretchtherapy #mobilitytraining #mobilitywod #HamstringMobility #flexibility #flexibilitytraining

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myo_flow. Can't Deep Squat? Try this and break PARALLEL!
☕️Performing a Deep S

Can't Deep Squat? Try this and break PARALLEL! - ☕️Performing a Deep Squat is hard for most but why? Well, it could be 🍺Limitations in Mobility or 🍷Lack of Stability Using a band gives you support to get to the bottom of the squat. Allowing you can hang out and get used to that bottom position! - Here's How To Perform the Assisted Deep Squat! - 👉Equipment needed Band of Medium to Heavy Resistance 👉You can find these on @perform_better @roguefitness @dickssportinggoods or other places that sell gym stuff! - ☝️Anchor the band to something. Tying it to a piece of gym equipment or rig is common. I have the band anchored to a door. - 1️⃣Place the Band around the BUTT! 2️⃣Step away from where the band is anchored. 3️⃣Further the easier it will be to perform the squat. 🙌Squat! - 🍕 CAN YOU DEEP SQUAT OR DO YOU NEED HELP? COMMENT BELOW! - #stretchtherapy #sqaut #squatfordays #warmup #strengthandconditioning #fascialstretchtherapy #crossfit #flexibility #stretch #flexible #prehab #rehab #massage #mobilitywod

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Thanks to @by_elr for working on me this week. ——————————————————————————————— EJ is located in southwest atlanta at @swatlantayogathestudio ——————————————————————————————— Straps: @stretchnstraps ———————————————————————————————- Go to www.byelr.com/booking to book your Yoga Table Stretch Session!! 🧘🏾‍♂ ———————————————————————————————- #yoga #fascialstretchtherapy #fascialtherapy #personaltrainer #manualtherapy #myofascialrelease #movementtherapist #posture #yoga #healthylife #stretching #health #fascia #FST #fascialstretch #physicaltherapy #stretch #atlanta #fitness #feelgood #atl

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robertglean. If anybody knows me, I'm all about alignment and posture.

If anybody knows me, I'm all about alignment and posture. ---------- There are many reasons why we move the way we do. It could be due to our work conditions or our daily motivations for living. ---------- But are we setting ourselves up for success to allow for the next possible day of pain-free movement? ---------- In the video by @dr.jacob.harden shows why there is importance to lifting with your legs where stacking joints properly to give neighboring joints and core can be more useful to you. ---------- It All Begins with Us ---------- www.robertglean.ca #fitness #alignment #hinging #itallbeginswithus #joints #lowerback #lowerbackpain #purpose #meaning #fascialstretchtherapy #fst #massagetherapy @stretchtowininstitute @stretchtowin @advantage4athletes @dts_edu @for.healths.sake #feelgreat #posture #motivation

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#Repost @myo_flow with @get_repost ・・・ HAMSTRING MOBILITY 🔥 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A lot of people experience tightness in their hamstrings, whether it be from day-to-day activities/work (ie. sitting at a desk all day), or working out. Tightness in the hamstrings can actually compress some of the neural structures in your legs causing a lot of neural tension. Here are a few of my favorite hamstring mobility exercises: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 1️⃣ Wrap a band around your waist and also around your foot to bring it in to dorsiflexion. Then rotate your torso toward and away from that side. You will feel that the rotation will intensify the stretch near the origin of the hamstring group. 🙌🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 2️⃣ Have one leg straight against a rack or even in your doorway 🚪 at home. Lower the opposite leg until you feel the stretch in your leg that is elevated. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 3️⃣ Similar to the exercise above; however, this time you are sliding the opposite leg on the ground. This one is typically a little bit more intense than the previous one. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 4️⃣ Bring your hip to 90 degrees, then extend your knee until you feel a stretch. Come in and out of that stretch. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Try these out and let me know what you think! I recommend 2-3 sets of 10 on each side 👌🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #mobility #stretchtherapy #fascialstretchtherapy #mobilitytraining #mobilitywod #HamstringMobility #flexibility #flexibilitytraining

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#loveforthelateralnet Check out this Lateral Net stretch on @dee_em_cee7 —— The lateral net is probably the most important (sometimes tricky) and rewarding to balance of all the Fascial Nets —— The area of opportunity in the lateral net exist in the hips (where discomfort can and will often be felt in the lower back), IT band, TFL, knee and sometimes Peronials; as well as upward into the lats and intercostals. Because the muscular imbalances in he lateral Net are usually furtherest away from each other (and imbalance in the lateral net on one side of your body directly affect the Lateral net on the other side of the body) knowing what to stretch and by how much is important —— Benefits of a Lateral Net Stretch are - •less rib cage discomfort (due to loosening of the intercostals) •Increased breathing capacity 💨. •Better walking gait. •Reduces external knee pain. •Reduced knee tracking issues. •Reduction In IT band issues. •Reduces runners knee 🏃‍♂️. •Less tenderness in the IT Band, TFL Intercostals. •Reduction In Trigger points and adhesions 🎯. •Reduced Jaw Pain (yes really) —— For stretch enquiries email me

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🔥ITP Neighborhoods🔥I will be available for house calls to Atlanta’s ITP neighborhoods on Saturday, February 23🔥Individual & Double Sessions Available🔥Online scheduling available 🔥Please visit my website or contact me directly for more information🔥Thanks! #activeisolatedstretching #fascialstretchtherapy #atlantapersonaltrainer #buckheadatlanta #decaturga #viningsga #inmanpark #kirkwood #midtownatlanta #atlantabeltline #itpatl

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Thanks Tiffany. It’s helps to remember the days where I desperately needed to be where I am now. It took a while but it was as much time as needed. #thankyou #gratitude #selflove #appreciationpost #sportsmassage #sportsmassagetherapy #fascialstretchtherapy #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #Repost @tiffanysavion with @get_repost ・・・ this hits H O M E. it’s wild how we dream of being somewhere, with someone, having something for years and years. we get there and half of the time we don’t even realize that it is E X A C T L Y what we manifested....you reap what you sew. what you visualize and dream comes to life one way or the other. pay attention to what you are paying attention to. honor where you are, who you know and what you have in the now. 💫✨🌈💫✨

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Omg. What does this mean? #women #womenempowerment @womenofembrace

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pontikriti. \"Uh-oh,\" says Txoko, \"I think she's gonna stretch and massage me again

"Uh-oh," says Txoko, "I think she's gonna stretch and massage me again..." #equinebodywork #txokotheappster #appaloosa #fascialstretchtherapy #greekhorsewoman

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Only 3 spots left in our Roll + Restore this Saturday afternoon! . . . During this 2 hour workshop every bit of your body will feel the benefit of this overall body release. . . . The cost of this workshop is $40 and bookings are open via our website (link in bio) 📷 via @pinterest

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**NEW Lateral Sling Series (pt 1)** I simply can’t overstate the importance of training the fascial slings in order to optimize core training. When we think about the fascial slings, we should think obliques + contralateral (opposite) adductors for the anterior sling, and lats + contralateral glute for posterior sling. In a nutshell, the main function of these fascial slings is to both provide bracing and stability for the torso, along with accepting and transmitting force to the extremities. THIS is what your core needs for performance. Things like rib or pelvic tilt, flaring ribs, dropped shoulder, glutes that “don’t fire” and lat dysfunction are all potentially indications of weak fascial slings. Don’t lose sight of how human anatomy works!! 1.) Dynamic Palloff Punch -Attack the ground -Foot & hands finish together -Hold final position for a few seconds until band settles -Be sure to stabilize with glutes, not locked knees 2.) SL Glute w/ Contra Band Pull -Hips & arm together, arm finishes perpendicular to ground -Don’t let pelvis tilt or drop -Brace with glute 3.) Anterior Sling ISO -Biased crunch (targeting oblique) -Apply pressure against shoulder and opposite knee -Hold for 3-5 sec. -Cue “don’t let me break you” **I have also started including this in my eval protocol for my athletes @vernongriffith4 @virginiahighperformance @strong_by_science @athletes_lab #VHP #explorethecorners #strengthcoach #strengthtraining #strengthandconditioning #coreworkout #core #coretraining #lateralsling #fascia #fascialstretchtherapy #dynamicmovement #athleteperformance #humanperformance #beachszn #virginia #virginiabeach

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_kev_in_motion_. The Latissimus Dorsi muscle is a large superficial muscle connecting f

The Latissimus Dorsi muscle is a large superficial muscle connecting from close to the armpit down to the pelvis. - When this muscle gets tight, it contributes to a rounded forward shoulder posture. - Foam rolling the last will help increase range of motion and allow the body more room to move during your workout. - In the picture you can see how the muscle fibers of the lats go in a diagonal to horizontal direction. - The get the maximum benefit from rolling your lats, make sure you not only roll up and down, but side to side as well to roll across the fibers and along the fiber direction 👍👍 #stretch #stretchtips #myofascialrelease #massage #massagetherapist #sportstherapist #sportsmassage #deeptissuemassage #personaltrainer #correctiveexercise #rangeofmotion #muscle #therapeutic #jointhealth #fascialstretchtherapy #shoulderpain #painrelief

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Pilates instructor and group fitness teacher Lauren came in for her first FST session the other day. She shared a few words of her experience below. Also, if you’re in NYC check out her classes at @chaisefitness + Brooklyn Heights Pilates!! . . . . 📷 Left: BEFORE 📷 Right: AFTER . . . -How did you feel before the session? 👇🏼 Sore, achy/tight and unaligned. . . -How did you feel during and after the session? 👇🏼 Relaxed, and less tense and tight. . . -What surprised you about the FST session? 👇🏼 It didn’t hurt! . . -Would you recommend FST and why? 👇🏼 Yes definitely! Especially if you’re someone who is super active for a living/uses your body constantly, it would be extremely beneficial. . . . #stretchedbyariana #mobilitymonday

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Fascial conditioning conditions the elasticity of the, you guessed it, the fascia! Here’s a good one for the calves (because most people have tight calves). Go to the initial stretch sensation. Let it bounce you back and repeat at about 1 sec intervals. Do this 20x. 3 sets. You’ll notice an immediate improvement of flexibility/mobility. Enjoy! #mastrostretch #kihararesistancestretching #kihara #resistancestretching #131ambassdor #ashiatsu #ashiatsumassage #stretching #stretchtherapy #mobility #mobilitytraining #flexibility #sportsperformancetraining #exercise #strengthtraining #functionaltraining #myofascialrelease #fascialstretchtherapy #stretchtowin #recovery #injuryrehab #massage #massagetherapy #massagetherapist #physicaltherapy #southbeach #miami #mobilitywod #warmup #posture

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annandalephysio. Lumbar Rotation: Prone lying 
Great for an anterior hip stretch workin

Lumbar Rotation: Prone lying Great for an anterior hip stretch working into the myofascial spiral line as well as working those Gluteals!

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POSITIVE HIGH: THE STANDING TREE & EARTHQUAKE —————————————–———————–——— 🌲We “invented” a new game, “The Standing Tree & Earthquake”. I’m a big tall tree and he has to climb up and down without my help, then he had to duck for the earthquake (kick) . . . ☀️ It’s nice sunny day in the Bay, how you guys feeling the warmth today? . . . #positivehigh #dadlife #gooutsidebrah

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Make Stretching Enjoyable!... So You’ll Actually Do IT! . . ♾As I’m sure most of you know, I love dynamic stretching. It makes things more interesting and applicable to movement. These stretches I’ve combined into a ‘yoga-like flow’ of movements is one of many routines I do during or at the end of the day! It keeps me lose, limber, and pain free! . . ❓❔Do you Stretch like this? Or are you rocking the 30 second holds on each muscle? What do you find works best for you and your body?

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EXCITING NEWS!!🎉 • • I am happy to announce that as of this March, I will be offering Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions at @purebodyhealthvictoria in Downtown Victoria. • • This is perfect for those of you seeking a relaxing FST experience in a private clinical atmosphere, away from the gym. • • Haven't tried FST before? It's a game changer! DM me to find out more 💆‍♀️ • • #yyj #fst #downtownvictoria #fascialstretchtherapy #movementismedicine #myofascialrelease #selfcare #wellness #stressrelief #fascia #painfree #setitfreewithfst #stretch #stretchtowin #mobility #flexible

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I want to thank TKSTRETCHING for the session today. My wife and I drove up to @onnitgymatx to experience a Level 3 Fascial Stretch Therapy. It was amazing to get worked on by both Tim and Kimberly. There awareness of the body is second to none and I will be coming back. #fascialstretchtherapy #voila #fascia #fascial #mobility #getupgetoitandmove @goruck @rsf.team @taylorstarch @greenberetfoundation @howtobeapj @tex_mex_strong @longtabbrewing @wedefyfoundation @btt_sa @benlenybjj #specialforces #specialwarfare #pj #combatcontroller #tacp #sowt

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Sin DOLOR se vive mejor ...! . . @hidowsa . . . . . . . . . . . #NoMasDolorMusculoesqueletico @ft.carlospalomeque —————————————— #fascialstretchtherapy @dermikatienda @dermikaclinik

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GLUTES FOR DAYS After a good glute workout it’s important to stretch it out. Get deeper with Stretch Therapy and keep that fascia fluid, so to speak.

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Sandlen Stretch Therapy is proud to announce the launch of its beautiful new website! Find out how Sandy Piccolo, Canfitpro Trainer and Fascial Stretch Therapist, can help you improve your overall health and fitness with her expert coaching. #fascialstretchtherapy #fascial #nutritioncoach #nutrition #health #fitness #personaltrainer #personaltraining #canfitprocertified

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The Towel Rinse and Repeat 💆🏼‍♀️ - Love this stretch as it targets the clients entire back and spine all at once. 🤩 - Trust me this one feels just as delicious as it looks. 🤤

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How many of you would love to start your Monday off with this chest opener?! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏼‍♀️ . . Ok, but the real question is, who can return the favor & stretch ME like this?! 😝😍 . . . . #SimplyStretchLA #MobilityMonday

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“I can feel this one in my BRAIN!” - Actual Studieaux Client 😂 While we can’t promise a brain stretch, Fascial Stretch Therapy, only available @the_studieaux , does get deep into those connective tissue issues while remaining gentle and pain-free. Book your free consultation to feel FST on YOUR body. Packages available. . . #thestudieaux #hustleandfleaux #fascialstretchtherapy #fst #setitfreewithfst #stretching #healing #holistichealth #stpete #ilovetheburg #medicine #fascia #connectivetissue Photo by @kimklement10 💜

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fascialyogaa. Vector into space.
Stand in a room with some space: Point

Vector into space. . . . . . . Stand in a room with some space: Point to the right corner of the room like you’re pointing to a star and showing someone. Notice in that area where are you can breathe a little deeper: Play and feel: go to inches to the left 2 inches to the right where do you get a bigger breath? . . . Look past where your reaching and notice how it feels on the inside of your ribs and all the way through your legs touching the floor.—— it’s almost as if there’s a laser going from your hand through your body. Exiting passed your hand and passed the floor are you stand on. . . . #vectoring into a space to create space within. . . #fascialstretchtherapy #fasciatherapy #fascialfitness #yogateacher #rolfer #anatomytrains #fullbodyconnection #rolferyogateacher

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fascialstretchsimon. #CircumductionSunday #swirlonsunday

Let me ask you this - are you abl

#CircumductionSunday #swirlonsunday Let me ask you this - are you able to express hip movement in all planes of motion?... it is a ball and socket joint right? —— Chances are that if you can’t move your hip in multiple planes, maybe your hip is more like a knee instead! And maybe you are in need of some circumduction. —— The best ways to warm up and treat tissue and joints is with some circumduction in order to - •Thin out the synovial fluid •Assess the tissue •Assess clients ROM •Help the client to regain control and feeling of flexibility/extension/adduction and abduction •Help Tune the nervous system •Help to re-educate nerve endings and calm nociceptors •Build trust with client . —— Email for FST enquiries.

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Hiten is another one of our physiotherapists who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in his field. His specialities include chronic pain, acupuncture and much more.

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b_elite_james. So why do Fascial Stretch Therapy? Or why stretch in general? I mean y

So why do Fascial Stretch Therapy? Or why stretch in general? I mean you already can’t touch your toes, your back aches for no apparent reason and you can’t reach the cookie jar on the top shelf because your shoulders restrict you. By doing FST you would only see improvements in posture and muscle functions, reducing or eliminating pain, improve/increase circulation and overall enhancement of well being. So don’t do it, stay in pain, have limited movement, struggle to reach the cookie jar...I’ll take your spot on the podium, set the next personal record, or be happy because I’m pain free....and I can reach the cookies! :) Oh and don’t DM me..I wouldn’t want to change your life. #fascialstretchtherapy #myofascialrelease #Stretch #mobility #painfree #therapy #recovery #fitness #health #cookies #cookiejar #nutrition #stressreducedfatloss #belite #runfit

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