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ivfmumblings. 💕Thanks for all the lovely messages & comments on yesterday's post. I

💕Thanks for all the lovely messages & comments on yesterday's post. It's reassuring to know that I'm not in fact a crazy, sensitive, overreacting infertile & that in fact, other people are just cray cray 🤷‍♀️ . #ivf #instaivf #ivfinspo #ivfjourney #ivfwarrior #ivfsupport #ivfwithicsi #ivfstrong #ivfcommunity #ttc #ttctribe #ttcsupport #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #unexplainedinfertility #infertilityawareness #infertilityjourney #infertility #infertilitysucks #fertilityawareness #fertility #fertilityjourney #fertilitytreatment #belfast #northernireland

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katherineeden_rewilding. Charting is not about the charting itself, charting is your compass/GP

Charting is not about the charting itself, charting is your compass/GPS to bring you home. . Home to yourself. . Charting is about following the path that is uniquely designed just for YOU! And it offers you an internal map/guide to yourself. It is your own inner handbook and allows your mind body and spirit to work in communion with one another. . It is the exact place that you will see your mind, body and spirit merge and connect to bring you a united message. . It is where you will see your wild nature, your energetic needs, your physical needs, your desires, your ebbs and flows and your humaness pop out and remind you how connected you are as a being on this earthly plane. . And finally, it is the ticket to your freedom; to your sovereignty. . Since the rise of patriarchy we have seen how fear, shame and disconnection have removed us from ourselves- from our authenticity, from connection with others and from the earth. We are used as endless slaves to corporate green who want to keep us afraid so that we keep working hard (so we cannot see) and spending money (which keeps us working!) on things we don’t necessarily need. . When you are home in your own body, you fear less. You will practice complete discernment and no longer buy into other people’s agendas. You will follow your pleasure, you will honour your body and your freedom instead of doing things for a ‘quick fix’. . You won’t be looking for external validation or gratification because you know how to feel complete inside of yourself without relying on anything external… unless you consciously choose it. . You will be more conscious rather than unconsciously choosing things that will only contribute to an unhealthy cycle. . You will connect with others who also feel complete inside of themselves and know the tools to guide themselves home. . Together you will rise and help others rise with you. . This is what we need more of in the world. . Are you being called to remember and take the reins back on your own life? . Want to learn how to chart to transform your life? Ultimate Flow Planners are still available and the in-person Rhythm & Flow Workshop still has limited spaces available!

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declutterdollies. Walking into this weekend like...... if its not this month it maybe ne

Walking into this weekend like...... if its not this month it maybe next. #notgivingup Some things just do not happen when you want them to, but what does not break us, makes us stronger. Excited for a weekend with my girls. Nothing like some girlie time to take your mind off things, but first, a good clean and Saturday sort, my therapy. #fertilityjourney #fertility #nextmonth #fertilityawareness

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liviooslo. 7 Desember. Visste du at vi jobber i helgene også? Noen embryo kan ha

7 Desember. Visste du at vi jobber i helgene også? Noen embryo kan ha utviklet seg til blastocyst, og da må de fryses ned. Noen ganger får kvinnen eggløsning i helgen. Kanskje vi sees til inseminasjon i dag eller i morgen? #fertilityed #liviooslo #livio #fertilityawareness #infertilityawareness #barneønske #bligravid #

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yoni_organic_products. 🌹What is camping in your vagina and womb causing that recurrent infec

🌹What is camping in your vagina and womb causing that recurrent infections, tubal blockages why sperm can't swim thru to fertilize, Fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, pcos etc..... 🌺Detox Pearls removes unwanted toxins that may be causing blockages. 🌺It treats Vagina Infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis, Pelvic Inflammatory Diseases (PID) and other gynaecological diseases such as Tubal Blockage, PCOS, Cysts, Irregular Menstruation, Heavy or Scanty menstruation and others which are causes of infertility. You never can tell what is camping in the vagina and womb. 🌺They are 100% herbal with no toxic chemicals and no negative side effects. Take advantage of the ongoing END OF THE YEAR SALES. #organic_crystal_health #herbaldetox #herbalremedy #yonipearls #detox #sales #detoxpearls #clearancesales #pcos #infertility #herbalremedy #vsteam #yonisteaming #fertilityawareness #fertilitycleanse #bacterialvaginosis #yeastinfection #pid

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infertility_writing. 🌷ANOREXIA NERVOSA🌷 [new blog post-link in bio]

On my 14th birthday

🌷ANOREXIA NERVOSA🌷 [new blog post-link in bio] On my 14th birthday – I was misdiagnosed with anorexia nervosa. The trauma from this period, and from the diagnosis lives with me today. Was I scared to eat? Yes. But I was not scared of gaining weight – I was a scrawny teenager, and had never opened a magazine with celebrity models in my life, having been raised on a literary diet of Little Women, Jane Austen, fresh air and sunshine. I was a very very frightened little girl – I was frightened of the pain that I was in, the discomfort eating caused, the distention of my abdomen… when it finally became apparent years later that I was critically physically unwell, ridden with a disease invisible to the external eye, and they operated… they found widespread disease, adhesions – my stomach was stuck to my ovaries, and it was all stuck to my bowel, internal bleeding was rife, scarring… And then I - and they – realised why I had been in so much pain, and agony with every mouthful. My stomach was trapped, bruised and scarred with adhesions. I have never spoken publicly about this before – because I had been frightened, frightened of the trauma, frightened of the judgement and brutality I received. I was a frightened little girl in a lot of pain, frightened of what was happening to me that I had no idea what it was Disease is frightening Illness is frightening Often the loved ones are supported, empathised with, and the sufferer is forgotten – especially in the case of perceived eating disorders, or at least it has been in the past, as I experienced, was that the voice of the sufferer often goes unheard. I was not allowed to speak, or say, or voice an opinion or feeling, because I was considered to be being controlled by a disease. The irony is that I did not even have anorexia – I had – have – a very different sort of disease that is physically exhausting, crippling, and yes… frightening. I suffer with pain, infertility, and endometriosis... not anorexia. Though the fear of eating in such intense pain is real & I live with that every day. #endometriosis #infertility #ivf #fertility #fertilityjourney #anorexia #hospital #fertilityawareness photo @pinterest

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In todays Episode Jo Youle goes to the Siesta home of @sacredwomanawakening creator Diana Beaulieu. Diana shares with Jo her journey of arriving to the island of Ibiza 12 years ago and how on the very first day here she met the father of her child. After giving birth Diana started to have memories of sexual abuse. This led to her creating the work she does now to release the trauma other women may have experienced, but she also shares with them ways to harness their womb power, become more grounded and rooted in their power for them to over come any previous sexual trauma and also work on their fertility. Diana is looking to give - in the true spirit of this podcast - something back to the island of ibiza, the place her work download came to her and help someone who maybe has been through a traumatic sexual experience, perhaps a way of unravelling their story though a FREE place on her online course. From Diana: "I am giving away an 8 week online Womb Awakening course to heal and activate your sacred Womb energy. This is very powerful if you have past sexual wounds or traumas that you want to clear so that you can step into future relationships with more confidence, self-love and healthy boundaries. The course is valued at €444." Check it out here: https://www.sacredwomanawakening.com/womb-awakening-online Write to us for your place on the course with a short note explaining why you feel it could be healing for you to : Justhegoodnewsplease@gmail.com Podcast created by : @resetrebelproductions #music by @justinmanvillemusic #audio #radio Link to our #podcast in the Biog. #ibiza #podcasting #sexworkers #sex #sexualabuse #wombhealing #sacred #womb #awakening #island #healing #trauma #traumarecovery #women #womenempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenempoweringwomen #female #homeless #fertility #fertilityawareness.

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aashakiranivf. Helping Society erase the stigma of Infertility at Aashakiran Fertilit

Helping Society erase the stigma of Infertility at Aashakiran Fertility World.. #Fertilityawareness #Fertility #IVFtreatment #Itispossible #AashakiranIVF

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ivf.babymaker. 🔸OOCYTE DYSMORPHISM
This small circle in the centre of the egg is a s

🔸OOCYTE DYSMORPHISM This small circle in the centre of the egg is a sign of poor quality. The organelle forming this circle is known as Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (SER). . SERs most important function in oocyte physiology is storage and redistribution of calcium. The presence of SERs alters the molecular status of mature human oocytes. Oocytes presenting SERs are considered dysmorphic. Oocytes with SERs have been associated with reduced embryological outcome and increased risk of congenital anomalies. . #ivffamily #blastocyst #IVF #ICSI #ttc #ttccommunity #infertility #babydust #ivfjourney #ovarianreserve #ivfwarrior #ivfsuccess #ivfpregnancy #ivfbaby #fertility #embryoscoring #fertilityawareness #infertilityawareness #ttcjourney #ttcaftermiscarriage #ivfconsultation #ivfdoctor #embryologist #genetictesting #embryofreezing #embryotransfer #embryology #embryoglue #babymaker #ivf.babymaker

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myfertilitypal. #Repost from @drsamuelpauli
Great lecture tonight by Anne Steiner at

#Repost from @drsamuelpauli • Great lecture tonight by Anne Steiner at the New England Fertility Society on Biomarkers of Reproductive Potential. Incredibly interesting work and how while AMH is very useful for measuring ovarian reserve and predicting response to ovarian stimulation in our infertilty and IVF patients, it is a poor marker for assessing reproductive potential in women who have not attempted to conceive. #infertility #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcjourney #fertility #fertilityawareness #bostonivf #amh #bostoninfertility #bostonttc #fertilitydoctor

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stephmae303. I fell asleep right after filming this and than puked my empty guts ou

I fell asleep right after filming this and than puked my empty guts out because I can’t stomach anything. I slept the rest of the day and when I woke at 6 that evening I thought it was 6 A.M. And rolled over ready for Jesse to give me my injection. It took several minutes for him to convince me it was not morning. #ttc #ttcjourney #ifawareness #ivfjourney #pregnancyafterloss #recurrentpregnancyloss #infertilityjourney #fertilityawareness #plussizeivf #fertilityjourney #ivf #ivfwarrior #ivffighter #ivfstrong #ivf2019 #ivfsister #ivfsisters #sisterhood #ivfgotthis #theonewiththeembryos #womeninspiringwomen #talkabouttrying #ivfsisterhood #overcometheodds #plussizepregnancy

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cycliccreativity. MATRIX
I recently decided to look up the word “uterus” in the langua

MATRIX . I recently decided to look up the word “uterus” in the language of many of my ancestors, Slovak. I wanted to learn where I physically and linguistically came from. . Google translate told me “maternica” and then reverse translated it to say “uterus, womb, matrix”. . This blew me away! I had never heard the word “Matrix” used in this way. . All dictionaries have the first definition of matrix as something similar to this from dictionary.com: “Something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form, or develops” . When we hear “matrix”, we usually think of: - the Keanu Reeves film series - mathematics And Lesser known definitions related to: - geology and rocks - collagen and human fingernails . Especially because of my age, the word matrix holds a lot of badassery because of The Matrix film. So I was really loving this new-found discovery for me. . Whether we use it often or not in our language, the uterus is a matrix. It is the place that creates, sustains, and births life in the human form. But it also gives many of us life in the more figurative sense with its power. Its power to control my every move through hormones. Its power to teach me about myself, my family, and the world around me. . Celebrate your matrix! . . . . . #matrix #uterus #womb #wombwisdom #wombwise #cyclicalwisdom #maternica #cycleawareness #menstrualcycleawareness #fertilityawareness #reproductivehealth #birth #reproductivesystem #linguistics #birthcontrol #period #menstruation #hormonesmatter

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One of the most epics parts about joining Hormone Harmony Academy (other than the fact you get to experience enjoyable periods, clear skin and balanced moods... 😉 ) is getting your hands on my Happy Hormones Recipe Book for FREE 🙌 ⠀ 🍋 ⠀ Here's a couple of snaps of some of my favourite, hormone-balancing recipes from the book:⠀ 1️⃣ Estrogen-Balancing Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls ⠀ 2️⃣ One Pan Miso Ginger Salmon⠀ 3️⃣ Crispy Chickpea Kale Salad⠀ 🍋⠀ The recipes perfectly complement the hormone balancing diet principals I created in the course so that you wouldn't have to think about what to cook, if it's going to work for your hormones AND taste good 👍 ⠀ 🍋 ⠀ HORMONE HARMONY ACADEMY starts THIS MONDAY ⏲️ Time is running out to join me and the other women already in the program. I won't be opening the doors for enrolment until mid-late next year, so if you KNOW you want to start 2020 cycle strong, knowing you are following a proven roadmap to finally healing your hormonal imbalances, join me inside the program BEFORE MONDAY. Link to all the deets and enrolment is in my bio @nourishednaturalhealth 🍋 ⠀ Diet is SUCH an important piece when it comes to getting rid of hormonal acne, period pain, irregular periods and PMS. Stop wondering if the diet your friend or an Insta-famous person told you worked for them is right for you, and learn EXACTLY what your body needs to function at its best. I teach exactly how to determine what YOUR body needs, and how this is different for everyone inside Hormone Harmony Academy. ⠀ 🍋 ⠀ STOP putting your health on hold, and say goodbye to period problems and hormonal acne before the new year 👊 ⠀ 🍋 ⠀ WHO'S JOINING US? Let me know below if you're ready to put your health first! 👇⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #bossbabe #period #periods #fertility #fertilitytracker #fertilityawareness #fam #fertilityawarenessmethod #hormonebalance #hormone #hormones #endowarriors #pmsing #naturalmedicine #infertility #hormonebalance #pcos #cyster #ovulation #womenshealth #fertility #fertilityawareness #symptothermal #symptothermalmethod #ovulationtracking #cycletracking #periodactivist #periodpositivity #learnaboutperiods #periodfacts

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reneeflanaganwhc. A few weeks ago, I talked about some of the things I LOVE about gettin

A few weeks ago, I talked about some of the things I LOVE about getting my period. But I forgot one of my most favorite things...Starting a fresh chart! ⠀ p.s. Sorry I’ve been MIA. First, there was the holiday so I was trying to stay off social media to get some QT in with the family. And then, I got a horrible flu 😷 But all better now! • • • #chartyourcycle #fertilityawarenessmethod #fertilityawareness #birthcontrol #naturalbirthcontrol #balancedhormones #ditchthepill #balancedhormonesbalancedlife #FAM #bodyliteracy #womenshealth #hormonehealth #naturalcycles #periods #menstruation #fifthvitalsign #sperm #cervicalmucus #symptothermalmethod #knowyourbody #normalizeperiods #menstrualcycle #loveyourperiod #periodpositive #ovulation #ovulationmatters #femm

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arcfertilityusa. Words That Hurt People With Infertility

There are many words and phra

Words That Hurt People With Infertility There are many words and phrases that hurt people who are experiencing #infertility. This is a good resource to give your friends and loved ones so they know the best thing to say that can help rather than hurt. The next time they want to say one of these things to a person struggling with infertility, please tell them to keep it to themselves. • • • #ivfjourney

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westchesterfertility. From a grateful mom of three, Allison: full of family for the holidays

From a grateful mom of three, Allison: full of family for the holidays when my husband and I got the news explaining why I kept miscarrying...it was devastating. I had no idea what was possible though. Eventually, we learned about Dr. Blotner and while it was a LONG road, we arrived! #blotnerbaby #blotnerbabies #sisters #sistersquad • • • #pregnancylossawareness

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fertility_hand. Especially if they haven’t experienced fertility issues. The only pers

Especially if they haven’t experienced fertility issues. The only person who needs to understand your journey and the reason behind it is you. That is enough 🖤

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Family . As many of you know, I travel a great deal to help patients throughout Ontario. While in Toronto, I get the unbridled joy of being with my family. . Night after night, they cram together in this family room, and go full out Persian on me: YouTube Persian versions of Turkish shows, eating as much fruit as a hundred people could manage, enough nuts and dates for an army, and an endless river of tea. . But I cherish these moments because I learn from them, I laugh with them, I pray with them, and I love them. They are the most amazing family I could ask for. Each more precious and beloved than the next. . They inspire me to do what I do, they challenge me to always do my best, and they love me unconditionally. They are the tightest, most unified, most selfless people I know. . I hope some day our kids will think of us this way! . #parents #parent #family #ttc #ttccommunity #ttccommunitysupport #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfsupport #iui #iuijourney #ivfwarrior #infertility #fertility #infertilityawareness #fertilityawareness #doctor #fertilitydoctor

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{London, Ohio} We are excited to announce our 2nd group in Ohio led by Brittany Mulinix! Brittany was born and raised in Ohio and works as a forensic scientist. Her Moms in the Making group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. If you want more information, please email BrittanyMulinix@momsinthemakinggroup.com. Please join us in welcoming Brittany!

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sacredseedlings. ::: it comes in waves :::
After spending the last two years studying

::: it comes in waves ::: . After spending the last two years studying reproductive health and working one-on-one with clients to uncover the intricacies of their cycles, I have begun to see some patterns. There are very few sensations that we experience consistently throughout our cycles. They come in waves, more prominent at certain times than others. They come to the surface (sometimes swiftly) and then they resolve as the phase shifts. Sometimes they’re predictable with a conscious lens, other times they seemingly come out of no where. . Informed by my personal experience with these plants, extensive reading, intuitive guidance (perhaps plant-spirit, perhaps ancestral), and the patterns I’ve witnessed over the past year working with clients, 5 new formulas have emerged ✨🌿✨ . I’m excited to debut them at the @flourishandflowyoga holiday market at @flxathleteretreat on Saturday and the @foundrymakersmarket at the @argoswarehouse on Sunday! . No cycle is the same from one person to another or from one month to the next, which is why I’m offering a buy-one-get-one discount to mix and match the formulas based on your needs! . FLOW: A personal red tent - nourish and support your cyclical release with ease (yarrow, ginger, black cohosh, calendula, glycerin, water) . SERENE: A synergistic blend of herbal allies to quiet the mind and release nervous tension (lemon balm, passionflower, California poppy, hops, glycerin, water) . Heartspace: A gentle and nourishing embrace to lift the spirit and warm the heart (blue vervain, dandelion, chamomile, rhodiola, glycerin, water) . Veil: Like a boundary made of lace, woven by ancestral herbal allies, to protect the spirit and enhance your cyclical ethereal connection (motherwort, lady’s mantle, angelica, blessed thistle, glycerin, water) . Daily Dose: A blend of mineral-rich herbal all stars to nourish the blood and revitalize the system (yellowdock, nettle, dandelion, alfalfa, apple cider vinegar, molasses) . . . #reproductiveherbalallies #cyclicalsupport #herbalallies #reproductivehealth #fertilityawareness #cycleawareness #bogo #herbalglycerites

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