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elanzawellness. We hear a lot about antioxidants, but what actually are they again?! A

We hear a lot about antioxidants, but what actually are they again?! Antioxidants are substances that can prevent or limit oxidative stress in your body. Oxidative stress occurs when free radicals accumulate in your body thanks to things like fast food, environmental toxins, smoking, even excessive exercise. This can damage your DNA and cell structures and prevent their proper functioning, including in your ovaries. So, makes sense to pop an antioxidant supplement every morning, right? Well…maybe. Although antioxidant use in men undergoing fertility treatment was linked to higher birth rate, the same can’t (yet?) be said for women. There isn’t enough high quality evidence to prove or disprove it either way, so it might be worth saving the pennies on those particular pills. With that said, enriching your diet with natural antioxidants is a GREAT idea, for your fertility AND your general systemic health. That’s because oxidative stress is said to increase risk of cancer, arthritis, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Parkinson’s and inflammatory conditions. You can add more into your diet by opting for berries, green leafy veg, beets, artichokes, rooibos tea, green tea, dark chocolate and pecan nuts. Juicy pomegranates are a powerful source of antioxidants, and so good scattered onto a winter salad or stirred into porridge oats. 🙌🍓🌿😋 #fertilityfit #eggquality #fertilitydiet

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Twice in one year.. that doesnt seem fair.. but also for other people it might not sound like alot? Each time we paid over $17k.. shot me full of drugs.. followed the rules.. collected the eggs.. made embryos.. tried tried tried... And no baby. This month I put up the christmas tree.. ate my feelings.. danced too much.. cooked very little.. spoiled my son.. and tried to distract myself. But it hasnt really worked to be honest.. I'm okay (I really am) but I didnt want another christmas without a baby.. and here is comes. So incase someone needs this "Looking back.. some of the saddest times turned out to be the happiest times... So I must be happy now. Yeah this is gnna be good.. Why else would I be crying?" Quote - Ally McBeal Xx Chin up cupcake

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ivfbabble. This community has been an absolute rock for each other this week.  As

This community has been an absolute rock for each other this week. As we’ve said before, we get a lot of emails from people who are struggling to maintain a sense of normality during such a hard time, but knowing we can reach out to you, by letting them hear your comments and stories means so much. It means people can hear that they aren’t alone. So, this time, we need help in offering guidance to one particular girl who is struggling with the fact that everyone around her seems to want to go to the pub!! Her girlfriends, her work colleagues and to be honest, herself. But, she is doing everything she feels she can to conceive, and this means for her, not drinking alcohol. It’s easy to simply say “just drink soft drinks”, but she feels alienated when she does that. When everyone has had a few glasses of wine the dynamic changes. She feels like she isn’t really part of the group anymore. On a Friday night, she tends to come up with excuses as to why she can’t go to the pub at work. As a result, she is missing out on stories and gossip which had previously bonded her with her work pals. Do you feel like this? How do you cope? Do you have just the one or do you avoid going out when alcohol is involved? Have your friends and work colleagues changed towards you? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this and help each other out. Huge love. 🙏🍹 #fertilityfit #nobooze #littleandoften #ivf #fertility #ttccommunity #booze #peerpressure

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I remember when I thought I was healthy. . . This was far from the truth, but I didn't know any different. I didn't pay attention to or understand the warning signals my body, moods and feelings were giving me as I had never been taught how to read them. . . I was sick, really sick. . . Every single symptom my body was showing me were messages to say that it needed help, that it was under stress, that it needed me to remove burdens and provide adequate nutrients to have homeostasis and balance. . . I didn't know how to listen, for most of my life. . . Now, I do. . . Are you ready to listen to what your body is trying to tell you? . . Let me take you on a journey to discover how underlying issues may be affecting your health. Let me empower you with the right knowledge and tools and to support you in making those changes to have the best health. . . Get in touch for a free 20 minute exploration session, to see if working together is right for you – go to https://essentialhealinghealth.com/services/ Or click link in bio Or send me an email laura@essentialhealinghealth.com . . If you're suffering, there is no good reason not to invest 20 minutes. . . What could 20 minutes mean to you?

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VITAMIN D IS BEST FR🌞M THE SUN • Happy sunshine day Sunday! 🌞 . . Two of my little loves enjoying the sun at a playground in Invercargill yesterday - 💚Devon 2.5 years and 💜Nataliya 14.5 years. . . 🌞 Make the most of the sun when you can – it's been gnarly bad weather down south, very few sunshine days these past few months. We NEED vitamin D for strong bones and healthy immune systems – for the active form of vitamin D to be available for absorption by the body, we need ultraviolet light to synthesize a precursor to vitamin D via our skin. To get ample amounts of vitamin D through food or supplements you need to be eating a bucket load of fatty fish or codliver oil!! . . 🌞 Many of us are stuck inside much more than ever before. Take opportunities to head outside and go for a walk in the sunshine during breaks at work. You'll be supporting strong bones, your immune system, your mental health, gut health, endocrine health, heart health – your OVERALL health.

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essentialhealingandhealth. 💯%
The day you stop caring what others think of you is the day yo

💯% . . The day you stop caring what others think of you is the day you will be set free. . . If I gave a fat rats what people thought of me doing my thing I wouldn't be able to get out of my own way to help anyone. . . Be you, be the best you and enjoy it 💓

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Though I'm here to help you, I thought you might like to know a bit more about me! 👩 I'm a Mum of four (two babies of my own and two steppies). I love my husband and kids and feel blessed to have the family I do 💕 . We traveled an infertility journey for many years to have our youngest son. This changed my life. Looking back now, without going through what we did I wouldn't be talking to you today! So for that I am grateful 🙏 It's what has led me to look deeply into my own health and how I'm in charge of that. It led me to studying nutrition and all of the amazing people along the way. . You'll find me in the kitchen a bit 👩‍🍳 making real food for my family with whole ingredients, experimenting and coming up with delicious, nutrient-dense recipes that I can share with you. I've played netball most of my life and not yet retired from competitive netball, there may be a few years left in me. I love running around with my kids, it gives me energy and makes me feel alive that I can still keep up with them! I'm not keen on mice 🐭 and have been known to scream if I see them (this may or may not also involve jumping up on furniture!) And my star sign is Cancer 🦀 so I'm a sensitive, empathetic soul who shed's tears watching Lotto TV ads and kids movies (while being shy holding a grudge 😬😂) . I absolutely love what I do 💓 It's such a gratifying feeling to help someone. And what do I do? When someone asks for help, I listen, I gather information (like LOADS), I delve into that information, I research, I look at why they're feeling the way they do and guide them to healing and re-balancing their body/mind so they can achieve their goals. This is such an individual approach – we're all different. To be able to teach and support someone to regain their health through understanding of nutrition and lifestyle is life changing, who doesn't want to feel amazing! 💃 . If you're ready to take charge of your health and happiness, please get in touch - fill out your details here for a free 20 minute exploration session https://essentialhealinghealth.com or send me a message ✍💌

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kristen_in_bloom. But.. I felt sick.. and my period isnt late, but.. it could be. and ma

But.. I felt sick.. and my period isnt late, but.. it could be. and maybe a miracle happened.. and all the signs. Except.. for a minute I forgot about the sign stamped across our file at Fertility Associates... 'infertile' So I shouldnt be surprised or disappointed.. but.. I am.. like always. "Oh Kristen.. you are SO strong!".. yeah.. but I also really want a baby. It's like wanting a new IPhone and every single person you know has one.. or every month they do everything in their power NOT to get one. Just one little iPhone.. I promise I wont ask for 5 But yeah.. nah I'm fine.. it was just vertigo. Wheres that lolly cake... K X

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kristen_in_bloom. IVF Update

So.. we have some big decisions to make.. do we try again

IVF Update So.. we have some big decisions to make.. do we try again this year.. or do we give ourselves a break for a little while?? If we wait . - Then our very loved dream baby is further away - That's more lost precious eggs each month - Corey may not get leave from work to support me how I need - It will affect both our employment decisions next year - I could use the time to loose the weight I've gained in the last month - We can finish the year without baby stress Other people.. choose whether or not to take their pill.. we choose whether to fork over another $17k We get on the public list in June 2020 and there is a 12 month wait list.. meaning we get our free cycle in Juneish 2021 (if we dont have a baby first).. but that's a bloody long time away when your 35ish already. When we met our Dr he told us to buy a lotto ticket... that we were long overdue for some good luck... sometimes I feel that the likelyhood of us having a baby is as likely as winning the lotto. Bloody IVF.. I feel allllll the swear words about it.

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ivfgoddesses. Morning Walk, time to clear my head and work on my mindset  #ivfjourne

Morning Walk, time to clear my head and work on my mindset #ivfjourney #ivf #fertility #ivfwarriors #infertility #healthylife #fertilityfit #fitforfertility #ivfgoddesses #saturday

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drfertility. We understand that it can be tricky in today’s busy world to get all t

We understand that it can be tricky in today’s busy world to get all the nutrients you need from your diet, and we also know the importance of preparing your body when trying for a baby, which is why we love the Proceive range of fertility supplements! ... For him: ... Proceive Men contains a blend of 26 key vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help support your normal fertility and the development of healthy sperm. ... For her: ... Proceive Women provides you with 28 vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help support the development of your egg, womb and hormonal system. ... We recommend preparing your body by taking these supplements for at least 3 months before trying to conceive to gain the most benefit from them. ... To find out more about the Proceive range, use the link in bio ☝️ ... #fertility #tryingtoconcieve #ttccommunity #naturalfertility #preconception #ttcjourney #fertilityjourney #fertilityawareness #fertilitydiet #fertilitysupport #ttcsisters #gettingpregnant #fertilityfit #fertilitytips #fertilityadvice #fertilityboosters #fertilityexpert #reproductivehealth #ttctips #ttclifestyle #fertilitylifestyle #ttcstress #ttchelp #ttcsupport #fertilitywellbeing #ttcwellbeing #tryingtohaveababy #fertilityproducts

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kristen_in_bloom. Hey! If you are new to my page – Welcome!

Let me tell you about mysel

Hey! If you are new to my page – Welcome! Let me tell you about myself.  My name is Kristen and I have an amazing partner Corey.  We have a son James who is 11 and two big doofy dogs Annie and Ivy. I work as a Design and Fitout stream lead for Govt Property Projects – which means I work with our Lessors, Architects and Developers to create fit for purpose office environments.  It is actually my dream job - other than like… full time stay at home social media unboxer.. lol. In 2018 I spent the year ticking off a list of #35before35 - I completed the whole list - except 'get pregnant'. This year I decided that weight loss was my major goal – so in Feb this year, with the help of @ww_aunz and @nothing_naughty, I set a goal of going from 86 kilos to below 70 by July 30th.  And… I did it! We have been on our baby making journey for some time now – and have undergone two rounds of IVF to date.  Both rounds have resulted in a single embryo each – and both transfers have not resulted in a viable pregnancy.  Its not the end for us and we will be undertaking another cycle as soon as we can – we are both ready for our dreams to come true – so it feels ridiculous to wait!  Our diagnosis gives us a 0% chance for a natural conception – so IVF and ICSI (single sperm inserted into harvested egg) is the only way to go for us. Since our last cycle I have popped on a few kilos (the hormones make you starving, miserable, bloated) – so right now, while I cannot impact my baby making – I can at least get back to loving my body! Thanks for coming along on our journey! xx

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ttc_ziggys_rainbow. Flo is still being Flo, I think it's still not right so I'll call the

Flo is still being Flo, I think it's still not right so I'll call the doctor on Monday. Maybe I'm wrong, but Flo is very different to how she was before Ziggy. Meantime I need to re-set my mind & get my normal back. Starting with the gym. Spin class booked for tomorrow with ZigDads sister 🚴🏼‍♀️💪🚴🏼‍♀️💪 . . . . . #lesmills #spinclass #gym #workout #fitness #wellbeing #fertilityfit #halfastonetolose #letsdothis #ttc #ttcrainbow #ttcrainbowbaby #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcafterloss #fertility #ttcover35 #oldermum #babydance #hope #chasingrainbows #1in4 #missedmiscarriage #miscarriageawareness #miscarriage #undefeated #lightattheendofthetunnel #itsnotfuckingfair

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🚺 What goes on in your cycle? The female menstrual cycle is a harmony of hormones across a roughly 28 day time frame Ovulation is the key function of the cycle, and the opportunity for you to conceive if that is your goal 🤰🏼 Send me a DM if you’re experiencing issues in your cycle - period related symptoms aren’t something you just have to live with 🤝 📸 @larabriden #hormones #cycle #menstrualcycle #womenshealth #girls #health #cyclemapping #fertility #fertilityfit #ovulation #infertility #preconception #contraception #naturopath #nutritionist #sydney #innerwest #camperdown #annandale #petersham #stanmore #betterhealth #stress #anxiety #balance #ocp #vitality #wellness

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And.. just like that.. we are done (hopefully forever) with the jabs. Thank you all for being on our journey ❤

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kristen_in_bloom. Blessed be the fruit.

Here we go.. with all your thoughts, love, supp

Blessed be the fruit. Here we go.. with all your thoughts, love, support, donations and kind words.. we made it here and we are both so excited to see what happens next. Praise be. Love you guys ❤

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thefertilitydetective. So often, I see women in clinic who are keen to be ‘doing’ everything

So often, I see women in clinic who are keen to be ‘doing’ everything possible to help their fertility potential, but in the process they are just exhausting themselves further.😣 . Nowhere is this more common, than in the area of exercise. With the high intensity spinning or bootcamp classes..not to mention the endless IG posts telling you, that if you’re not up at 5am exercising HARD, you’re not really ‘living’ life….🙄 . It’s enough to exhaust even a professional athlete….let alone a woman who is trying to manage her daily life, relationships, fertility struggles… and oh yeah, while you’re at it….’Feel the burn’, and don’t forget…..’No pain, no gain’.🤦‍♀️ . You’re exhaustion is real. Your low energy levels are not because you ‘aren’t fit enough’. You’re feeling wrecked because your body and mind, can’t handle the pace and your hormones, specifically, you’re adrenal glands, need a proper break. . It’s all….just…..too…..much! 🤯 . Try to recognise how you are truly feeling on any given day. If you’ve only had 6 hours sleep, have a work deadline to meet and you’re worrying about what you’re going to discuss at that next fertility clinic appointment….that is NOT a day to go hard at it in the gym. 😐 . Take a walk instead, listen to a funny or inspirational podcast. Meet up with some friends. Go to the cinema by yourself…. just for the sheer indulgence of it. Do something for yourself, that’s nurturing and ideally, have some fun. 🤗 . In other words BE KIND to yourself. 🙌 . However, if you wake up after 8 hours sleep, you don’t feel groggy and dare I say it….you actually feel a bit restless….like you really want to MOVE your body that day……then that is the time to go for it!👊 . Lift those heavy weights, do that HIIT class, get your sweat on and feel invigorated afterwards. 💪 . You see, the thing about fertility struggles, is that you need to give yourself some extra TLC….and while sometimes that will mean curling up with a good book …..other times, it will mean killing it in the gym. The difference is being able to recognise when your body is in need of a break and FORGIVING YOURSELF for that down-time. Your hormones will thank you for it☺

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kristen_in_bloom. IVF Update....Nothing... But LOVE!

Seriously - this baby (which is on

IVF Update....Nothing... But LOVE! Seriously - this baby (which is only a dream) is so lucky. Not only does it already have an amazing family awaiting - but a whole support network of Insta-Fam who are spoiling it rotten already! Now we just need the baby. Luckily I have been sent the most amazing IVF Journal from @myivfjournal.co.nz. Seriously, check out my story for a spy of the inside.. it's so well considered by @shelley_burt_ - who has obviously ridden the ride herself. She has captured all the milestones so well! If you are on this journey I 100% recommend this beautiful book to plot all the memories as you go through each step! I cant wait to start this book while we await our next cycle. If you are wanting to place an order at @myivfjournal.co.nz and support this gorgeous NZ business - you can use 'Kristen' for free shipping. Thank you also to the gorgeous @reghan22 for the most perfect knitting - its flawless and stunning! And to @forteflooring for the @kaybojesen_denmark monkey - It is so precious ❤

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kristen_in_bloom. IVF Update

We are still working with the broker and the bank.. but it

IVF Update We are still working with the broker and the bank.. but it's looking more and more positive every second. In the meantime.. we are SO focused on being our best selves, being fit and healthy and good parents to our precious James.. that the wait has been a whole heap more bearable this time around. I am so focused on raising the money and getting fit and healthy.. that the last 6 months have actually flown by! The hardest part about IVF is the waiting. The second hardest part (and a frikken awesome part) is the relationships you make with other IVF and Fertility challenged (is that a term?) couples. You know exactly what they are feeling as they wait for their drugs, wait for their scans, wait for blood test results, waaaiiitttting waaaiittinngg.. and then.. sometimes.. sadly.. your heart breaks with them. Because I know you will all be cheering us on really soon.. we are yet to discuss and agree how much I can (and want to) share on this platform... to protect my heart.. and all of yours! But... daaaaamn it will be a cute baby though .. look at its papa! 😘😘❤😍😍

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IVF UPDATE The plan was to start our second cycle as soon as possible... but as you all know, money has always been our barrier. We have been told this morning that our upcoming treatments will cost more than the last round due to some extra components - so that's an extra $1.5k (at least.. potentially $3.5) we hadn't counted on. Also - the bank has been particularly difficult and our loan has been declined a number of times this week. Our latest warning from the broker is that if she's not successful soon, we may have to try again in three months time. Sigh. Its so bloody painful... So I guess ill just draw faster? Does that work for you Mr Loan Manager? The whole journey is an unfair mind fuck... but that didn't stop Corey and I staying up too late last night, staying hopeful and playing the name game for our future children. Before you ask... no... we don't agree on names at all... lucky we've got all this time right? 🙄 If you are new and want to know more... link to our give a little page is on my profile xx

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Self care weekend... yup... I could've done that, but instead James and I just cuddled in bed watching Bachelor in Paradise eating vegemite on crackers. Things I could've done instead which would be a better use of my time Tan with @littlehoneynz Cover my greys with @loreal age defiance Use my @hempalchemynz face oil and healing balm Gym.. urgg I didn't go yesterday either Mani/pedi.. obs polish free cos #fertilityfit Laundry... zzzz... ya hear me... Meal prep 😂 (@pizzahutnz boys?) Have any type of social life. But. I didn't. I literally cuddled the kid in bed for hours - until he realised Bachelor in Paradise is shite. Lucky its raining, I would be feeling all the mumguilts for this lazy day if the sun was shining. Tomorrow rushing woman syndrome will recommence, so I am making the most of the slow pace today.. ill probably use this as my mothers day I think! So... someone bring me a decaf?.. James? Corey?....

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So I tried to record my Power class today.. this is only a collection of snippets of the hour class - shrunken down to 1 minute! This is my fave class.. and as you can see.. I died.. and my form isn't greeeaaatttt.. but I showed up and got it done! My goal this week is to do this Power class twice, Core class twice and a couple of 5k walk/runs. This is part of the 'how' to my 'why'... this is how I am getting my body ready for our upcoming fertility treatment so I am the best be I can be. Is it easy? No! Is the amount of excersise I am doing sustainable? Probably not! But I know that right now, I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to be fertility fit!

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shonaghwalker. I was so thrilled with my client @conceiveplease_fertility_kit taking

I was so thrilled with my client @conceiveplease_fertility_kit taking the window display at @mossvalecommunitypharmacy This holistic fertility tracking kit contains all a couple needs to improve their chances of conceiving a baby naturally, including pre-conception vitamins for him and her, a high speed digital thermometer to test the temperature fluctuations that indicate ovulation, hormone testing sticks to gauge ovulation hormones and predict when you’re most fertile, two pregnancy testing sticks, a total lifestyle advice book and a beautiful meditation CD. All elements of the kit are also available for purchase separately. Available now from Maddi at the pharmacy or online at www.conceiveplease.com #conceiveplease #fertilityfit #pregnancy #baby #naturalconception

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drfertility. We wanted to share these 3 brilliant product reviews we have received

We wanted to share these 3 brilliant product reviews we have received in the last 11 days from customers who have seen the benefits of taking Inofolic. . Inofolic is a dietary supplement for women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) containing myo-inositol and folic acid, that can be taken for life to help you improve your general health, PCOS symptoms and fertility. . Why we 💛 Inofolic: . ✔️ Can help boost ovulation and improve egg quality . ✔️Helps to normalise cycles, 80% of women with PCOS have irregular periods or no periods at all . ✔️ Supports weight loss in combination with positive lifestyle changes . To find out more and to see the research references please visit our product page ➡️ https://www.drfertility.co.uk/products/inofolic-for-women-with-pcos . #fertility #ttc #pcos #tryingtoconcieve #ttccommunity #naturalfertility #preconception #ttcjourney #fertilityjourney #fertilityawareness #fertilitydiet #fertilitysupport #ttcsisters #gettingpregnant #fertilityfit #fertilitytips #fertilityadvice #fertilityboosters #fertilityexpert #womenshealth #reproductivehealth #ttctips #ttclifestyle #fertilitylifestyle #ttcstress #ttchelp #ttcsupport #fertilitywellbeing #ttcwellbeing #fertilityproducts

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