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PICASSO DAD HAT X HEAD CRACK NYC S H O T + E D I T E D B Y M E In 2015, Picasso's The Women of Algiers set a new world record for the most expensive artwork to be sold at auction after reaching $179 million in New York. **This Item Is Almost Sold Out** Go to (Headcrack.nyc) to purchase one now💎💎

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Impressionen vom heutigen Dreh 🎥 Heute haben wir mit @miderma_melanie_miniaci und @claudia_conen_business den Dreh für Melanie‘s online Beratung umgesetzt. 💯 Möchten Sie auch ihr Wissen online weiter vermitteln ? 🎓Egal ob Online Kurs oder E-Learning für ihr Unternehmen. Wir begleiten Sie von der Film Produktion bis zum fertigen Kurs System. 🖥 VIDEOGRAPHIQ - 🔴 CAPTURING WHAT MATTERS _____ #videographiq #capturingwhatmatters #videomarketing #marketing #startup #team #mindset #interview #univim #uni #filmkrs #ibbenbüren #dortmund #cologne

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Was hat wahren Wert im Leben ? Mit dieser Frage hat sich @gerritpaulson in seinem Roman #notizeneinesgewinners beschäftigt. 📖 Wir freuen uns den Autor auf seinem Weg zum Bestseller mit diesem Video einer Lesung unterstützen zu dürfen 🚀💯 VIDEOGRAPHIQ - 🔴 CAPTURING WHAT MATTERS _____ #videographiq #capturingwhatmatters #videomarketing #marketing #startup #team #video #videos #filmkrs #ibbenbüren #dortmund #cologne #roman

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🎥Filming in the most amazing place, done ! ✔️🎬Tourner dans le plus incroyable des endroits, fait !🤯👌 Ce tournage était très particulier avec un timing très serré à tous les étapes : écriture du scénario en express, repérage et validation du lieu en une semaine, briefing des 4 comédiens à distance (sans oublier le nourrisson) et une heure et quart de tournage le jour J... et tout ça dans une des plus belle bibliothèque du monde ! Merci à la team de choc @jenny_bst @manuasarejr_ @megan.loeber @lukeloeber_ @sassa_shake 📷Special thx to my dear friend photographer @naziabourgeois #Filmmakinglife #Filmmakerslife #Filmaker #Filmproduction #filmaking #Filmkrs #SonyFS5 #FS5 #FS7 #Cameraoperator #Camop #Gimbal #Cameraporn #instagood #paris #francesca #director #dop #creativecontent #contentcreation #storytelling #bestjobever #camera #instamood #library #architecture #camerasupport #cinemagrapher #behindthescene

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This little guy (Ahmed) took us down the alleyways of Fez, Morocco. Like many interactions we had with children in Morocco, we felt conflicted. His warm smile and friendly attitude prompted us to photograph him and then follow as he led us down the back streets of his neighborhood. We quickly realized that he had been trained to do this and to then request money after bringing us to a local market. It’s certainly a strange feeling when you thought you were having an authentic experience with a local child to then discover that there was an agenda all along, and he had been taught by someone (most likely his parents) to engage in these scenarios. More than anything, it was eye-opening to see the realities of life on streets for these kids. Swipe over 👉🏻 to see a clip of Ahmed 🎥

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Quality Prints’🙌🏻

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The myth, The Legend @0fficial.tv #ShotByDolph #TvShotByDolph

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tdfmedia. We promote your business making content 🎥📸 for your page, we do coll

We promote your business making content 🎥📸 for your page, we do collabs 🤝 send us DM for more info 👍🏻

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Was haben wir denn hier? ...kleine, fummlige ND-Filter, die gern mal verloren gehen wollen, aber eigentlich an die Mavic Air gehören. Bei richtigem Einsatz können wir einen längeren Shutter bei Luftaufnahmen einstellen und smoothere Aufnahmen erstellen, die besser mit den Aufnahmen aus unseren Kameras harmonieren. . Nutzt ihr denn auch ND Filter?! . . #filmequipment #filmmakinggear #filmproject #moviemakers #cinematographers #filmmakersofinstagram #filmmakerslife #videoproducers #videodreh #videoproduktion #contentmanager #videografie #dji #djimavicair #ndfilter #filmmkrs #filmkrs #mavicair #1take1shot #djigermany #polarpro #polarprofilters

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datguyesef. Steadicam setup

Steadicam setup

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‘It’s Always NOW’—short travel film shot in Morocco 🇲🇦 • • • • • Finding truth in the present and focusing on who and what is in front of us is universal and can help center us when we lose our way, as we all inevitably will on this journey through life. Remember, we’re all here to live today and recognize that time has a function, but our purest moments are the ones where the clock and the buzz of our smartphone fades into the background, and we’re left with one thing— the beautiful bliss of NOW Full 3-minute film on IGTV 🤙🏻🎥

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breakyourboundaries. Short film capturingthe sights and sounds of vibrant soul of the count

Short film capturingthe sights and sounds of vibrant soul of the country of Morocco. The travel experience of being there helped me focus on the importance the present moment of NOW.

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Real fun prom pictures from yesterday, enjoy!

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Here’s a little teaser of the new travel film ‘It’s Always Now’ shot on location in Morocco 🇲🇦 • • • • Full film drops on all platforms on Sunday—stay tuned🤙🏻🌍🎥

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