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16” lost in 3 weeks! #progressnotperfection is paying off! The hubs even noticed my arms are tighter and smaller! #fattofit #fattofitjourney #fitnesstransformation

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sweat.4.sweets. #transfomationtuesday Make no mistake😊 this picture is about growing

#transfomationtuesday Make no mistake😊 this picture is about growing a smile😄 not a 🍑😝 I took the left photo when i started working out at the gym. I was so scared and embarrassed. Going to the gym was so frightening to me! What others think of me? Do I look funny? Am I doing this right? Will another trainer approach me? Will all the machines I need at the gym will be available? Will someone want to get between my sets? I don’t know..😅 3 years later and I’m addicted to the gym🤷🏼‍♀️ a lot of people on insta approach me assuming I’m a coach or a trainer, but this is just a hobby to me (I’ll never give up on my computer friend😝👩🏼‍💻), a hobby that’s doing me so well😊 I think it’s safe to say it has improved every aspect of my life🌼 I learned that if I’m frightened of anything I want to do, that’s ok! Because it means I’m doing something that will make me grow!💕 Give it a try, give it 20 tries.. you might fall in love with it the way I did😍 … … … #transformation #transformations #skinnytofit #skinny #fit #fitgirl #pink #fitness #bootybuilding #balance #findingbalance #health #sanity #fitnesstransformations #fitnesstransformation #gym #strongisthenewskinny #strongisbeautiful #skinnytostrong #pinkismycolor #selfie #me #training #fitnessmotivation #motivation #titanstrong

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Hey y’all, here’s a different type of #transformationtuesday 😊💪🏾 if y’all watch my stories then you know that my goal was to get my chin above the bar by the end of October lol. Well this is my first time trying it in a month and I finally got it with a chin up 🤸🏾‍♀️ I slowed the video down so you can see where I started at! These videos are 2 months apart (9/15 vs. 11/19) and I was honestly so surprised that I started laughing 😭🤣 the point is that consistency and dedication is key! Drop an emoji if you can do a pull/chin up! 💪🏾 then tell me what you’re training today!

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rise and grind! 🌞 • Some things I’ve l learned about setting goals⁉️ 1. Don’t put yourself in a box, or limit yourself to the expectations of other people 2. Create a plan, a goal without a plan is just a dream 💭 3. There’s NO SET TIMELINE if you’re doing it for yourself...deadlines are important, but if something doesn’t go according to plan, the goal hasn’t changed, it just means it time to adjust! 4. Set smaller short term goals. It’ll feed that sense of accomplishment and help keep you focused on the bigger “prize” 5. Celebrate the “little wins” 6. It’s ok to fall short. There are always lessons to be learned. And the people who look like the do everything “right” have probably done a lot of things WRONG. 7. Never compare your “successes” or lack there of, to someone else. People may try to insist we are all in competition with each other, but the only person we should be competing with is the person we were yesterday. And you won’t get there any faster trying to take away from someone else’s well being. Adopting someone else’s perspective can only result in your own growth 😉 8. Things that provide INSTANT GRATIFICATION more than likely won’t result in sustained gratification ••• that’s all for now! 🤗✨ • • #fitnessmermaidoffszn #bikiniathlete #bikinicompetitorproblems #workoutwear #stairworkout #workouttransformation #fitnesstransformations #fitnesstransformation #healthymentality #HIITworkout #tuesdaythoughts #eastgrandrapids #bikinigirls #npcbikiniathlete #npcbikinicompetitor #npccompetitor #npcnationals #bootyworkout #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuildingwomen #strongchicks #iffymgirls #michiganders #iifymwomen #sweatsesh #athletemotivation #yogaeverydamnday #balancedlife #liftingislife #girlswholift

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September 2018 50kg vs November 2019 54kg! I really thought I was thick in the first picture lol 😂. My hamstrings were pretty much non existent, my quads were not as big, overall I wasn’t as big as I thought I was. - - Results don’t happen over night, and you’ve probably heard it countless of times, but consistency is important in every aspect of your life. If you want it, don’t just dream about it, grind and execute! The journey continues and there’s more improvements to be made, time to start writing your 2020 goals down from NOW, and work on them. Why wait till next year to start working on them, start now! - - - - #transformationtuesday #fitnessjourney #blackfitnesswomen #femaletrainer #fitspogirl #fitnesstransformations #fitnessmotivation #motivation

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janieherron. 🧘‍♀️What comes to your mind when you think about meditation?
Does i

🧘‍♀️What comes to your mind when you think about meditation? . Does it evoke a warm fuzzy feeling? Maybe you feel excited when you think of the relaxation that comes with meditation. Or maybe you hear the word 'meditate' and you think of woo-woo chanting and gongs.🔮 . 😱The truth is, you may have meditated before, even if you don't realize it. There are quite a few forms of meditation, relaxation, hypnosis, or whatever you want to call it. . 🙊We move in and out of relaxation throughout the day. (If you have taken my HypnoBirthing class, you know exactly what I'm talking about). . Meditation and hypnosis are simply deep physical and metal relaxation. Any time you are deeply relaxed, that is a form of meditation. . A few ways you may have meditated without realizing it: ✨Savasana at the end of a yoga class ✨Being deeply engrossed in a monotonous task ✨When you are driving home, and all of the sudden you arrive without really remembering how you got there (we have all been there) . 🤗Meditation has many benefits. It helps you slow down. Be more present. Tune in with your body. Relax your mind. It can help take you out of the 'fight or flight' response and initiate relaxation throughout your body. . 🤔So how do I meditate? . 📱There are plenty of amazing apps with short easy meditations you can use. I like Insight timer. . Or, you can try this simple meditation.👇 . Find a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and begin to relax. Become aware of your breathing, and slowly start to deepen the inhale and the exhale. Start to notice your body. Are there any places you’re holding tension or tightness? With each exhale, gently release that tension and relax more. . Stay in this relaxed stated for several minutes, or until you feel like resuming your daily activities! . So! What do you think of meditation? Save this for later so that you can try my quick, easy meditation!🥰😘 . . . . . 📸@sabelmoments . #meditation #hypnobirthing #hypnobabies #fortworthtx #trinityriver

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5 weeks of weights training and results are already visible 💪🏻😎😉 For this time we focus on movement, learning the basics of strength and weight training and also correct breathing and core engagement. We haven’t done much changes in her food, because my client house in under renovation at the moment and their kitchen was aa bulging site. Looking forward to see what would happen once she could start eating home made meals and be able to prepare her food 👍🏻 #results #training #trainingtransformation #fitnesstransformations #personaltraining #personaltrainerreading #ralipt #buzzgymreading #weightstraining #positivechanges #flexibledieting @buzzgymreading

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fitness__lifestyle__tips_. Follow us 😎

#Repost @fitnesslovrs (@get_repost)
🚨FOLLOW @fitnes

Follow us 😎 #Repost @fitnesslovrs (@get_repost) ・・・ 🚨FOLLOW @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ Coach for workout tips, transformations, and overall motivation! . 👉🏻 @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ 👉🏻 @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ 👉🏻 @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ -------------- #aquafitness #fitnessaddic #fitnessforall #antigravityfitness

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weightloss_funny. 🙌🏻 You want to lose weight by having a healthy keto diet but don't k

🙌🏻 You want to lose weight by having a healthy keto diet but don't know what to do? 👉 Why don't you join in our Keto Challenge and receive everything you need for a successful keto journey?⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ ▶️ Click link in our BIO @weightloss_funny . . Introducing @krystalloses : Today is my 5 month ketoversary !! I started keto on December 14th of last year and it has been an **amazing** 5 months. 71lbs down, size 22 to size 16. What are you waiting for? The only thing you have to lose is a lot of weight! (👉check link bio for more details )

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lowcarb_meal. Like and comment (❤️) for her motivation💪💪💪
Still struggling to g

Like and comment (❤️) for her motivation💪💪💪 . Still struggling to get into ketosis? We give you👉The 28-Day Keto Challenge is a well-crafted plan to get you through the first month. You get a 28-day meal plan to guide you every step of the way. You’re never left to figure things out on your own. Nothing is left to chance. Simply follow the plan and you WILL succeed. 《Check our link in BIO @lowcarb_meal and start Now!》❤️ —-. . “It’s better to start where you are at than to not start at all” . . Credit @becomingjai #fitnesstransformations #fitnesstransformation #weightlosstips #weightlossroutines #losingweight #weightlossstruggle #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssuccess #extremeweightloss #fatlosstips #fatlossmotivation #beforeandafterweightloss

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fitness__lifestyle__tips_. Follow us for more 😎 @fitness__lifestyle__tips_

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Follow us for more 😎 @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ #Repost @fitness_cntr (@get_repost) ・・・ 👉 Are you having any of these for breakfast? - By @phetfit . ▪️ 🥣Breakfast Cereals. In reality, these cereals are highly processed and contain only a small amount of whole grains. Also, nutrients are artificially added in a process called fortification. - 🥞Pancakes and Waffles. Pancakes and waffles are made from refined flour and topped with high-sugar syrups. - 🍞Toast With Margarine. Toast with margarine raises your blood sugar and insulin levels, causes rebound hunger and increases your risk of weight gain and heart disease. - 🧁Muffins. Muffins are usually high in refined flour, refined vegetable oils and sugar, all of which are very unhealthy. - 🍊Fruit Juice. Despite a reputation for being healthy, fruit juice is very hign in sugar. It actually contains a similar amount as sugary soda. - 🥮Toaster Pastries. Toaster pastries are high in sugar and refined carbs, yet low in protein, which can increase hunger and food intake. - 🥧Scones. Scones topped with cream and jam provide little nutrition other than calories. Easily digested carbs and a lack of fiber can drive hunger, leading to increased food intake and weight gain. - 🥛Sweetened Non-Fat Yogurt. Non-fat sweetened yogurt is very high in sugar, and may contain more of it than ice cream. It also lacks the natural dairy fat that can increase fullness. - 🌰Granola Bars. Although unprocessed oats are high in fiber, granola bars provide only 1–3 grams of fiber, on average. However, they contain a lot of added sugar. - 🍬Processed, Gluten-Free Breakfast Foods. Gluten-free packaged foods are made with flours that raise blood sugar, which may lead to elevated insulin, increased appetite and weight gain ➖ Tag your friends who’d love this ✌️. ▪️. . For more fitness content ⤵️ ⤵️ FOLLOW @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ Follow @fitness__lifestyle__tips_ ⤴️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #fitnessindonesia #fitnessgermany #indianfitness #fitnessideas #fitnessiseverywhere

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weightloss.solutions_. 💁If you want to lose several lbs in the first week alone with ketolif

💁If you want to lose several lbs in the first week alone with ketolifestyle, you can CLICK the link in our BIO to get everything you need for Keto success. - ⏩ Pan-seared salmon with tahini-miso sauce, served with a salted shaved cucumber salad - an easy dish that comes together quickly for a healthy delicious weeknight meal. On a mandoline, thinly cut a few small Persian cucumbers, place in colander and toss with about 2 tsp kosher salt. Let sit and drain over the sink or a bowl. Cucumbers should give out some liquid and soften a bit. Meanwhile, make the sauce + cook the salmon. ⏩️Tahini-miso sauce: In a small bowl, mash together 1 Tbsp white miso and 2 Tbsp tahini with a fork. Stir in about 1 Tbsp sesame oil and whisk with fork until smooth. Add a bit more oil if needed. Splash in a bit of warm water to thin out the mixture, keep stirring until well-combined and smooth. Add in about 1 Tbsp rice vinegar, continuing to whisk, drizzling in more warm water if you’d like to have a thinner sauce. Crush a small garlic and combine with tahini mixture. Taste, adjust seasoning to your liking; add a bit of fish sauce if you need it to be a touch saltier (omit altogether if things are already flavorful). Set tahini-miso sauce aside. ⏩️Cut 1 lb. of salmon into ½ inch slices. You should have about 6-8 pieces. In a hot cast iron pan (or nonstick pan), add some neutral oil and sear the salmon slices on high heat (in batches if necessary as you don’t want to crowd the pan), about 2 min on one side, flip and cook for about 30 sec-1 min on the other side. - ▶️FOLLOW @weightloss.solutions_ for more!👍 - Credit: @foodminimalist #fitnesstransformations #fitnesstransformation #weightlosstips #weightlossroutines #losingweight #weightlossstruggle #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstransformation #weightlosssuccess #extremeweightloss #fatlosstips #fatlossmotivation #beforeandafterweightloss

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lizfit00. Made it out of bed today to check out the new menu at @modish_5 ✨ if a

Made it out of bed today to check out the new menu at @modish_5 ✨ if a smoothie bowl is an option, you know I’m gonna pick it hehe and this snickers protein bowl did not disappoint 😍🤤 my little lunch/groceries expedition took it out of me though and I’m back in bed already. I’ve pretty much slept 24/7 since Sunday morning and I have 0 energy to do anything but I’m soooooooo bored 😭😭😭 fingers crossed I can kick this nasty virus and get back into the gym tomorrow 🤞🏼

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hitemupfitness. Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen ✨

Stop doubting yourself, work hard and make it happen ✨

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mustardseedmentality. ✨CLIENT TRANSFORMATION✨
@heatherm918 is a 1x1 client who came to me

✨CLIENT TRANSFORMATION✨ ⠀⠀ @heatherm918 is a 1x1 client who came to me because she had very little time to workout. She knew in the little time she had to workout she needed something that would be effective and help her make the most of her time in the gym each week to reach her weight loss goals. In only 1 month she has lost 14lbs + 5.25 inches and she’s not stopping anytime soon!!! Left is before and right is after. When you have workouts that are effective and work with your schedule + are consistent with your nutrition these are the results you will get! Great job Heather!!👏🏼 If you are looking for workouts that are effective + fit your lifestyle send me a DM💪🏼

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