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Masterpiece of Nature. Die Pompon Dahlie zählt für mich als die pure Perfektion der Natur. Sie ist einfach wunderschön! Wer liebt sie noch? #prettyflowers

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A few of you have asked about how my anxiety has been. So a very quick update... I’m acknowledging it. And dealing with it. It’s still there. But we keep on swimming. Or keep on faffing with flowers in between potty training and breastfeeding. Because that’s my life right now 😆 . #inspire_and_create ‘on the table’ Flowers gifted from @bloomandwild #letterboxflowers

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In a yellow mellow kind of mood with trücup Low-Acid Coffee. — • • — #trucup #trucupcoffee #lowacid #lowacidcoffee #yellow #yellowmellow #sunflowers #flowers #flowersandcoffee #sunshine #heartofbold

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projectinvite. Weekday essentials - coffee and flowers. ☕️🌸

Weekday essentials - coffee and flowers. ☕️🌸

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We love our job & we hope u feel it in every coffee we make...last sunday at @florsalmercat we had so much fun with the @eatstreetbarcelona team!

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SUPER FOOD MATCHA. 💚 Nicht nur Mega Fancy sondern auch sehr gesund. Matcha zum Beispiel als Matcha Latte hat viele gute Features. Liefert Energie Ist gut für die Haut Steigert die Konzentration Regt den Stoffwechsel an Macht auf natürliche Weise wach Habt ihr schonmal Matcha Probiert? #timeforcoffee

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Happy Tuesday! Here's to a good start of the work week for us Canadians! Let us be grateful for the small things : flowers to smell, coffee to drink, and a short work week! Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! (Pslam 118) #mycalliamoment

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my_perfect_places_. Life is better with flowers&coffee ☕🌺
Dobro jutro 😊😘
U poslijednje

Life is better with flowers&coffee ☕🌺 Dobro jutro 😊😘 U poslijednje vrijeme cvijece uzimam na trznici jer mi ovo sezonsko, proljetno, iz vrta, daje neki posebni stih domu a i fotkama 😊 Odusevio me Plamenac u svim svojim nijansama boja (mojih boja 😁) Nadam se da vam nije dosadio! Ljubim 😘😘😘

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Wisterias are mysterious and the Clematis are the best keepers. . . . I felt so heavy this past weekend. A mix of low energy, not drinking enough water, some psychosomatic physical pain, and this unsteady feeling like I was sitting on a boat for too long. Deep rooted thoughts of guilt and resentment, etc., all these feelings I haven’t felt in such a long time rose up. I wanted to do so much! but I couldn’t. I tried my best to show up for my friends and myself. I sat with the flowers, watching and learning from the process of blooming, and admiring the miracle that it IS. I made my coffee and basked in the little piece of nature of my parents backyard and hung out with the trees I’ve known my whole life, including the rootless ones walking around. Ha! Because the mind is like a garden where one has to control the weeds because home is where the flowers grow. Like flowers, the heart and soul needs the space to grow and bloom; with FORGIVENESS as the water. I have to drink a lot more water. #satanama #mantras #flowersandcoffee

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Каланхоє може стати твоїм новим вазоном-улюбленцем😍 Тропічна рослинка накопичує у стеблинах воду, тому ідеально підходить тим, хто точно знає: регулярно поливати вазони - це не про них🙄😂 ⠀ #13month_ua #flowersandcoffee #flowershopkiev #instakyiv #flowerstagram

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dawnsing. As the mug says, Morning, Beautiful. 😘 Just a couple pics from our de

As the mug says, Morning, Beautiful. 😘 Just a couple pics from our deck this morning. I love to pop out early, before the sun has made its way around the house, to deadhead the flowers. I’m loving the superbells we planted this year. I think this is the first year we’ve ever had them, and we got several varieties of them. They’re just so interesting. In the first picture, it’s the ones on the left with the pink and white stripey petals with yellow centers. Makes me want to make a card with my own version of painted or stamped superbells! And in the second pic, they’re also the ones on the left. The two-tone red ones with yellow centers. So sweet. And so colorful and detailed. God blows my mind with His creativity every time I look at flowers. Which ones do you like the best? The pink and white version or the red ones? I’m taking an online painting course, starting today and I can’t wait to paint myself some flowers! Happy shiny new week, friends! Let’s do our best to choose joy today, shall we? 😘

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Evolution ❤️

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ausgesprochenfabelhaft. {„You can do it.“, coffee whispered. ♥️☕️}

{„You can do it.“, coffee whispered. ♥️☕️}

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What can I say... beautiful orchid plants with a modern touch and some of my favorite drink and dessert from @teacupboba! It was a pleasure to meeting you Kathy! #orchidplant #supportlocalbusiness #makesomethinggoodtoday #uptownflorist

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WEDDING FLOWERS. 🌸 Welch eine Blütenpracht, am wohl wichtigsten Tag seines Lebens müssen natürlich auch die Blumen perfekt ausgewählt sein. Wir lassen deine Blumenträume wahr werden. Wusstet ihr das jede Blüte eine andere Bedeutung hat? Das ist wirklich ein interessantes Thema! In einer persönlichen Beratung bei uns erfahrt ihr alles dazu. #beautifulwedding

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mimosaflowers.ie. Sunday Morning essentials - peonies and coffee 💕💕

Sunday Morning essentials - peonies and coffee 💕💕 . . . . #happysunday #sunday #florist #floristry #pretty #irishshop #irishflorist #style #design #sundayfunday #peonies #coffee #flowersandcoffee

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nescite. Dzisiaj kolejny dzień pięknej pogody 😍 trochę chmurek, trochę słońca,

Dzisiaj kolejny dzień pięknej pogody 😍 trochę chmurek, trochę słońca, ale cały czas bardzo ciepło. Pachnie deszczem, kwiatami i wiosną. Kocham taki czas 💕 . Kawa, gazeta, kwiaty wokół i lecimy z dniem 👌 niestety jak na wolny dzień jest dużo do zrobienia, ale jakoś to będzie 😁 . #flatlaylover #myflatlayjournal #flatlayinspo #coffeetime #morningcoffee #sundaycoffee #porannakawa #niedzielnakawa #lattelover #coffeelover #flowersandcoffee #flowerlover #flowerpower #naturelover #kwiatydoniczkowe #pieknekwiaty #kochamkwiaty #blueflowers #thehub_coffee #creative_flatlays #creative__cups #9vaga_coffee9 #thehub_flatlay #makrama #macrame #springvibes #springmorning #mytime

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Box maman d’amour. Le dimanche 26 mai, c'est la fête des mamans! La box est disponible en ligne sur le shop et sera en vente chez @epicerie_fine_s chez @aumoulinacafe et au galeries Lafayette à Metz le samedi 25 mai. Il y aura bien sur, en plus de cette box, des bouquets frais pour les pop-ups de la fête des mamans, et plein de nouveautés . . . #undixneufseptembreXaumoulinacafe

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Another Day, another Blueberry Cheesecake. Wir bekommen davon einfach nicht genug! 😍💜 Man sagt doch: „a piece of Cake a day keeps the doctor away“ Wir wünschen euch noch ein schönes Wochenende! #kaffeeliebe

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styleswithwine. Happy Saturday! Have any plans for this weekend? 
I plan on relaxing b

Happy Saturday! Have any plans for this weekend? I plan on relaxing but I don’t think it’s possible. 😩

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melangevintage. Sky blue blouse paired with @cheapmozart_vintage blazer with poof slee

Sky blue blouse paired with @cheapmozart_vintage blazer with poof sleeves 🌷 #collab #vintagefashion #newfinds #oldfriends #flowersandcoffee #beige #secondhandonline

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