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jordieandrade. The SoCal version of winter clothes😂
Honestly have been loving

The SoCal version of winter clothes😂 . . . Honestly have been loving this season of eating! But super excited ALREADY about having a bit more restraint with my indulgences to hit some goals next year!! Mentally preparing now. 😁 . Happy Sunday guys. Taking this week off Disneyland, but will still be posting a Saturday Vlog. Keep your eyes open for my next giveaway 🎄❤️ more to come! . . . #californiachristmas #disneyap #disneyfoodie #womensfitnesscoach #bulkingseason #jk #foodiefitness #flexibledietinglifestyle

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healthywithhart. taking a step away from food for day 11 ❄️
Been debating on upload

taking a step away from food for day 11 ❄️ • • Been debating on uploading this transformation pic all day. I was gonna scratch it && just make some food because that’s what I’m comfortable with posting && I was scared/nervous about what people would say. {w/ transformation pics there’s always someone that likes the before better} but then I thought what the hay 🐎 I didn’t get here by being “comfortable” so can’t start now. This page alone was a HUGE leap for me. • • The pictures are 6 months apart. The left one was last December && the right is from this December. I used to be soooo obsessed with abs {which is why that’s the only before picture I have} I would work out only for the sake of getting a six pack thus training them every single day && hating every minute. I also would under eat && do atleast 30/40 mins cardio each time. • • A year later, I don’t do a single one of those things && def still don’t have a six pack but I’m so okay with that because my mind set has totally done a 180. I can’t remember the last time I did a sit up or any ab excersise, I wake up every day at 5am excited to workout, I outeat my boyfriend, & do 5 mins of sprints maybe 3 times a week! It’s not the biggest change by any means but it’s enough to give me motivation for the next year && to keep doing what I’m doing which is to only eat && do workouts I actually enjoy && look forward to. ☺️ It’s the only way I can stay consistent! Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!! I know this wasn’t super motivational but if you made it this far thank you. Happy Tuesday everyone ✨

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shreditwithbec. I made cauliflower pizza base for dinner the other night, so here is t

I made cauliflower pizza base for dinner the other night, so here is the recipe! Enjoy, it was so yummy 😍😍😍

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merum7. Dear fitness, all said and not done - sorry that you weren’t a true pr

Dear fitness, all said and not done - sorry that you weren’t a true priority last year. I’ve met some love handles, my fat pants becoming skinny jeans, and literally experienced changing outta 20 different suits to find one that fit for a holiday event. Refuse to buy bigger pants. Also low-key cycled some 1-week-ufc-workouts and sauna to shred fat and water prior to events. Terrible. Sorry for treating you like a side chick.. From now on we will reach new hypertrophic levels together. No matter how flabby I feel, how much @xtine_lee tempts me to eat xxhotcheetos with her, or how busy I am, I will never let you outta my sight. Cheers to another new beginning! 😘 . #shreddedgains2018 #whenfatpantsdontfit #priorities #anticellulite #antigirlfriend #jk #antifatpersonaltrainer #18yrsgymratandcounting #healthandfitness #foodiefitness #fitnesscycle

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here for the weights but also for the dope locker room mirrors. traded the gym today for a dinner out instead 🍜 so important to remember the gym will always be there and experiences > weights.

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#撿紙挑戰,雙J教練在訓練後也來小試身手的一下。 _ (想也知道一定有成功才會po上來啊) 含教學之完整版請上臉書或是享吃吧YouTube 頻道。歡迎留言分享你的撿紙挑戰心得! _ 特別感謝 @justin_lu724 賈教練 場地@ KAT FITNESS #foodiefitness #paperpickupchallenge #challengeyourself #workoutbuddy #fitness #flexibility #mobility #funworkout #fitfam #fitgirl #weekendvibe #taipei

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Pre-vacation workout @equinox - just a few more days until 🏝🌞😎 * * * #vacation #liftsession #fitness #foodiefitness #equinoxmademedoit #equinox #foodiefitness #endlesssummer #workout

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thefoodiefitness. 一定會有一些日子是充滿掙扎,想要放棄,不知道為什麼自己要那麼辛苦的時候。要記得,是這些時刻真正試煉我們的性格與渴望。


一定會有一些日子是充滿掙扎,想要放棄,不知道為什麼自己要那麼辛苦的時候。要記得,是這些時刻真正試煉我們的性格與渴望。 我們是想要?還是一定要。 敬所有為了目標堅持到底,不放棄的妳們。 · · · · [好動夜生活]女子運動團課 每週三晚上八點/大安森林公園遊樂區/ 報名請私訊 #享吃吧精神 #foodiefitness #persistence #neverquit #nevergiveup #nopainnogain #goalsetting #setitlikeyoumeanit #fitfam #fitnessquotes #loveyourself #lifemastery

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It’s an ongoing battle, I know…
One pe

CALORIES VS. MACRONUTRIENTS ⠀ It’s an ongoing battle, I know… ⠀ One person says, “You need to track macronutrients..” Another person suggests, “You need to watch those calories!”. ⠀ What if you are “watching” both and nothing is happens? ⠀ First off, if you tracking macros, you are tracking calories. ⠀ Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and even alcohol, have energy yielding within each of them. With any nutrients source yielding energy, it will yield a caloric figure of heat. ⠀ In case you did not know, a calorie is a unit of heat energy. ⠀ Now, what provides more benefit? Calories or Macronutrients. ⠀ My answer will always be….CALORIES. ⠀ As a whole, we are in a society that is ridden by being “Healthy”. To over 75% of this population, this means consuming more of the macronutrient, PROTEIN. ⠀ False. ⠀ While protein does aid in cellular repair, satiety within digestion, and recovery. Eating more protein is not going to give you improved energy, better training, nor an easier day of digestion. ⠀ Humans tend to forget that they are in fact human. Not cavemen, nor robots. ⠀ You do not walk around each day quoting, “NEED MEAT NOW FOR BIG MUSCLES”. ⠀ Nor do you go to a restaurant and tell the waitress, “I have 80g of protein, 2g of carbs, and 4g of fat left to eat, make it fit.” ⠀ Full Disclosure: You would be kicked out of my restaurant ASAP if you ever did that.😉 ⠀ Calories promote for your lifestyle to be tracked just as….LIFE. ⠀ You will not have to tell the waitress to measure your organic chicken breast because you (x) amount of protein to consume. Nor will you have to scrape the french fries off your plate, because you only “have” 2g of carbs left. ⠀ Nonsense and useless. ⠀ Eat with more than just your eyes human. Eat with the rest of the week in mind. If you are not hungry one day, I guarantee you will be hungry the next. ⠀ Metabolism is much Like McDonalds. The drive-thru becomes busy at times. The drive-thru becomes calm at times. ⠀ Either way, you wait your turn. Order what you want. Ask for extra fries. And then go back through again.😉 ⠀ #DBASAIDSO ⠀ 🔺Different Breed Athletics🔺

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foodiefitnesss. Anyone have had Korean Cold Noodles? 
#냉면 #koreancoldnoodles #foodie #

Anyone have had Korean Cold Noodles? #냉면 #koreancoldnoodles #foodie #foodiefitness #gymrat #gym #fitness #healthylife

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thefoodiefitness. 一天的美好,從一杯XXX的美式咖啡開始的.....嗎?


一天的美好,從一杯XXX的美式咖啡開始的.....嗎? 是時候我們來試試連鎖平價咖啡,看看我們是否可以喝出他們的不同,並告訴大家JESSICA #享吃知多少001 快收看本集YouTube內容! Start your day right with a cup of good coffee? It's time to see if we can tell these coffee chains' coffees apart from one-another. 別忘了按下訂閱,追蹤我們的YOUTUBE 頻道,每週更新的營養與運動主題! 特別感謝 本集來賓:咖啡達人阿咪&阿潘 場地提供&單品咖啡贊助:開燈咖啡 (https://www.facebook.com/dawnsurfcafe/) 剪接與特效:Bird Yang birdyang0919@gmail.com #享吃之多少 #盲測大評比 歡迎留言告訴我們你們還想看我們盲測什麼? 更多活動訊息,與健康營養知識,請鎖定 ♡ Facebook♡ Instagram ♡YOUTUBE: 享吃吧 #享吃吧 #thefoodiefitness #coffee #tastetest #starbucks #louisa #711 #familymart #caffeine #foodiefitness #美式咖啡 @louisacoffeeofficial @familymart_tw 平價咖啡 #台灣 #taiwanfoodie

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THIS IS N.E.A.T. PT. 4 ⠀ The adaptation of expenditure.. ⠀ Alright, let’s be real everyone… If you are still on your diet this far into the New Year, you have learned a few things. ⠀ Your N.E.A.T has decreased. You have begun to look “soft” in the mirror. You have found yourself more tired than usual. ⠀ What gives? I thought New Years Resolutions were supposed to make you feel better? ⠀ Like always, you can not outsmart Physiology. ⠀ Your metabolism is very smart. ⠀ Metabolism recognizes more than just the nutrients that you consume. More so, your overall expenditure throughout the day. ⠀ While you are worried about how many calories you “burned” on the stair master. The metabolism takes into account the actual EFFORT put into those steps, not just the total “burn” or duration. Now, the current craze is for everyone to walk “10,000 steps” per day. ⠀ However, is 10,000 steps, really “10,000 steps”?🤔 ⠀ Take two athletes for example: ⛹️‍♂️Athlete A intakes a weekly average of 1800 calories per week and walks 10,000 steps per day. ⛹️‍♀️Athlete B intakes a weekly average of 2400 calories per week and walks 7,000 steps per day. ⠀ Figuratively speaking, let’s say that both of these athletes are in a slight (less than 5%) calorie deficit. Who will have a higher daily expenditure? If you guessed, “Athlete A”, let me educate you… ⠀ At the end of the day, Athlete B will have a higher TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) opposed to Athlete A. ⠀ Why? ⠀ While taking 10,000+ steps on such a low calorie intake, steps turn into feet dragging and short strides. Remember, the body is adaptable in conservation of energy, especially with a large gap in energy. Now, Athlete B did take less steps, yes. However, those “steps” were purposeful for a few reasons: ⠀ Longer stride rate. Faster pace. Higher turnover of foot contact. ⠀ See, eating less and doing more does not always equal to “better”. N.E.A.T. accommodates for the factors you expose internally and externally. ⠀ Do not try and outsmart physiology. You will lose. Every. Single. Time. ⠀ #DBASAIDSO ⠀ 🔺Different Breed Athletics🔺

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realjohnsongil. THIS IS N.E.A.T. PT. 3
#TeamDBA athlete Julie showing us the power o

THIS IS N.E.A.T. PT. 3 ⠀ #TeamDBA athlete Julie showing us the power of body recomposition. Increasing food, gaining muscle, and losing fat, all at the same time. ⠀ Your environment will impact more than just your actions. ⠀ How much you stand. How much you talk. How much you move with your hands. ⠀ Let’s put this into context. ⠀ N.E.A.T. is recognized in multiple forms. ⠀ For example, take hairdressers. Constantly working with their hands, standing frequently, and conversing with humans daily. ⠀ Teachers as well fit into this category. Generating the ability to talk and teach. All the while, thinking on their feet and primarily standing and moving throughout the day to educate our youth. ⠀ Now, just from these two professions alone, you can see the energy demand is high. ⠀ In exchange, I find a continuous cycle of humans that have similar high energy demanding jobs. Yet, still have the lowest of caloric intakes. ⠀ Why? Well, in case you forgot, we live in a “Diet Culture”, remember? ⠀ If you are not “Thin”, you are not “In” sadly. ⠀ However, let’s talk about those of you in the office setting. ⠀ Just because you label yourself “sedentary” at your job, does not mean internally you are. ⠀ People will reference their lack of movement to a down regulation of energy expenditure. In turn, they decrease calories in fear of adding fat mass. ⠀ Regardless if you have a low, moderate, or high energy expenditure job/lifestyle , calories still need to be addressed to match lifestyle demands. ⠀ For example, when you are working, you are thinking, solving, and addressing human(s) concerns and needs. ⠀ All in which requires glucose for the brain. The brain takes energy to transport glucose. ⠀ Also, be realistic. ⠀ If you are at your desk/office, you are likely listening to music. Next thing you know, you are tapping your foot, singing with your hands, and moving your leg to the beat. ⠀ Way to be a product of your environment.😉 ⠀ In the conclusion of this series, Part 4 will address why N.E.A.T. adapts to metabolism internally and externally. ⠀ Until next time beautiful people! ⠀ #DBASAIDSO ⠀ 🔺Different Breed Athletics🔺

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THIS IS N.E.A.T. PT. 2 ⠀ 🤔Tell me humans if this sounds familiar:🤔 ⠀ You rise out of bed to get ready for work. ⠀ Pizza is ordered for lunch at the office, but you have a delightful, green salad shake waiting for you. ⠀ You leave work, just to rush to the gym and punish yourself on the treadmill. ⠀ You drag out of the gym, rush home and collapse on the floor.In hopes that someone will cook dinner and feed you. ⠀ Where did your energy go? ⠀ More so, why do you not have the urge to cook or even go to the grocery store? ⠀ Your N.E.A.T. decreased. ⠀ Anytime the metabolism enters a period of calorie deprivation/deficit, the first adaptation is to down regulate energy expenditure. ⠀ In other words, this is why you feel you feel “run down”, lacking energy, and just feel…slower. In spite of you thinking you are moving “fast”, you are actually moving, blinking, and for many, even talking slower than you can imagine. ⠀ Now, in the hopes of wanting to decrease BF% and fat mass, the body has other plans. With caloric intake being relatively low, energy is preserved for the necessities. ⠀ The necessities of breathing, thinking, pumping blood, sitting and standing, and even sleeping….yes, sleeping takes energy humans. ⠀ So how do we combat this, Gil? ⠀ We raise calories. ⠀ Scientifically, it makes sense to lower caloric intake and raise energy expenditure to further create a calorie deficit. ⠀ However, what if you reversed the concept? ⠀ You raised your caloric intake (to an extent) and either decreased or kept energy expenditure the same. ⠀ Calories are raised just below maintenance (within 2-5%), you begin to sweat during training, training becomes fun again, you begin to take the stairs instead of the elevator, sleep begins to deepen, and you begin to partake in activities outside of the gym. ⠀ Say “hello” to your health and body recomposition for me.😉 ⠀ In Part 3 of this series, I will discuss why TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) is depicted upon environment and setting for individuals. ⠀ Until next time beautiful people! ⠀ #DBASAIDSO ⠀ 🔺Different Breed Athletics🔺

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E essas férias resumem em: família, amigos, casa, natal muito lindo , comida , cirurgia -motivo pelo qual fiquei meio afastada daqui- , piscina, mais comida (como não se entupir de pão de queijo do papai ?) e muiiiita pose natural nada forçada no flamingo !💗💖💓 Muita coisa, muito pouco tempo ! A bientôt , le Brésil 🇧🇷 Saudades já. . . . #acainatigela #eeeeeat #igersbrasil #buzzfeast #acaibowl #tasteintravel #comidabrasileira #wholefoods #natal #travelvibes #huffposttaste #viajareviver #receitasfitness #foodiefitness #theeverygirl #dametraveler #whatchefseat

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THIS IS N.E.A.T. PT. 1 ⠀ Each of you have a friend that could eat all these tacos, yet still be hungry. Better yet, all they seem to do is eat, yet they never gain any weight. ⠀ What a dream, right? Not necessarily.. ⠀ Want to know what’s “N.E.A.T” about their situation? They move without even recognizing it. ⠀ First off, lets explain a bit of what “N.E.A.T.” is. ⠀ The collective term N.E.A.T. is defined as Non-Exercise Active Thermogenesis. ⠀ I dare you to say that 5 times fast.😉 ⠀ N.E.A.T is defined by any activity, movement, and even hobbies you do outside of training in the gym. ⠀ For example, perhaps you pace back and forth while talking on the phone. During meetings you fidget with your keys, pencils, or other items while sitting down. Lastly, maybe you just stand often or works with your hands constantly. ⠀ Energy is transferred in a multitude of ways humans. ⠀ Now, with the increased rate of movement, will come an increased rate of expenditure obviously. ⠀ See, while people are slaving away on a treadmill to “burn” calories, they could actually be utilizing that energy elsewhere. ⠀ Collectively, I find that humans have other hobbies before the “fitness bug” bit them. ⠀ Perhaps you have a garden that you work in often. Maybe, you used to go kayaking, paddle-boarding, or swimming on the weekend. Even better, you are a chef/baker at heart and spend your downtime filming, creating, and explaining new recipes. ⠀ Who needs a treadmill when you have a hobby, right?😉 ⠀ However, with any positive connotation towards physiology, negatively will follow. ⠀ Since the New Year began, the interest for diets has increased. ⠀ If you want to see your N.E.A.T., energy, and even mood rapidly decrease, “diets” will always be on the most wanted list. ⠀ In Part 2, I will discuss why “Diets” are doing more harm than good for your lifestyle. ⠀ Stay tuned beautiful people! ⠀ #DBASAIDSO ⠀ 🔺Different Breed Athletics

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#cakecakecakecakecake #tiramisu will always be my top 3 favorite desserts #foodie #foodiefitness #fatlife #foodporn

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I want to start this caption with a quote:

PRINCIPLE CREATES METHOD ⠀ I want to start this caption with a quote: ⠀ “The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson ⠀ What significance does this have to you? ⠀ Fitness motivators in the industry have lacked the knowledge to grasp the principles of Exercise Science. ⠀ If you lack principle, you create false method(s) that serve no evidence. ⠀ Much like the controversy between which form of cardiac output is better for overall “fat loss”. In our case, we are chasing body recomposition. ⠀ Within cardiac output (conditioning), the longterm is what is most beneficial. ⠀ Literature has recorded individuals burning anywhere from 2-4 cals per minute from a casual run on a treadmill. After the session was over, subjects expended minimal calories due to the perceived exertion of oxygen being so minimal. Not very much to be honest. ⠀ Now, on the other hand, multiple studies show individuals participating in aspects of sprinting at 95% of their effort for 10 trials. Male and female subjects expended anywhere from 6-8 calories per minute. Most of all, they continued to expend calories from that session 48-72 hours later. ⠀ In relation to Body Recomposition, quick and to the point is the goal! See, by having an athlete complete a TRUE conditioning session, we elevate the rate at which oxygen is consumed post exercise (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption). ⠀ So yes, adding in 1-2 GPP, interval, or mixed modal session per week will benefit. By doing this, the athlete preserves muscle mass in addition to expelling a net energy deficit for the end of the week. ⠀ Work smarter and harder humans. ⠀ If you haven’t noticed, training is the hierarchy of developing composition.If you lack energy to train, you lack energy to build muscle. ⠀ By lacking energy to build muscle, you lack the ability to expel energy. ⠀ No expelling of energy leads to lowered metabolic rates and adaptation within your current biology. Understanding principle is the easy part. Generating the principle towards a method, is the challenge. ⠀ #DBASAIDSO ⠀ 🔺Different Breed Athletics🔺

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Berlin Half-Marathon 07 Apr 2019 / aktivfoodie.com _____ #destinationrace #aktivfoodie #racecation #foodie #guide

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VENUE - @lumoscoco CUISINE - Italian FOOD TRIED - Jalapeño Cheese Rolls (SNACKS) and Chickpea Burger (MAIN COURSE) DRINKS - Apple Gold Smoothie and Oreo Shake LOCATION - Industrial Area Phase 1, Chandigarh This placing is good for enjoying Italian and Indian food with the outdoor seating experience. However, I am little disappointed with this place as most of the dishes were unavailable that were on the menu and the service was too slow. Furthermore, the fries along with the chickpea burger were not crispy at all. @bingeingsouls @lumoscoco #foodblogger #foodiefitness

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Let's get fit together in 2019! Our customers will get 50% off their enrollment fee to join @urbanboxingarlington: a $100 value. Check out their new location in Ballston and you'll just float like a butterfly to sign up. Already a member? Then ask for your 10% coupon to Joe's Place. We'll see you in the ring! #foodiefitness #boxing #2019goals #fitness #resolutions #getfit #nyresolution

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realjohnsongil. ITS NOT A CHALLENGE
New Year. Same Me. Different Attitude.
With th

ITS NOT A CHALLENGE ⠀ New Year. Same Me. Different Attitude. ⠀ With the New Year finally here, you have probably taken notice to the “challenges”, resolutions, and “diets” that humans have apprehended towards. ⠀ Riddle me this humans. Why do you need a “challenge” in order to reach your goals? ⠀ Over the past 6 years, I have gathered a wealth of knowledge about physiology, nutrition, and human psychology. ⠀ Lets begin with this picture on the left. You see a man that resided at upwards of 260lbs. ⠀ How I got to that actual weight will surprise you. ⠀ If I told you guys that I got to 260lbs. by eating only chicken, broccoli, and oatmeal, you would think I was crazy. Outside of the occasional protein shake and brown rice, this was the extent of my diet. ⠀ While the basis of my diet was “clean” (still hate that word) and “healthy”, my metabolism saw different. I decided to track my so called “clean” diet one day and noticed that I was eating upwards of 5500+ calories. Of those 5500 calories, 280-300g of came from protein. ⠀ Can you say overkill? Better yet, “expensive urine!”. ⠀ What changed? ⠀ I began to trust science again. From consulting with my college professors and help from my friend @rippedtoshredz ,we revamped my metabolism and how I processed food. ⠀ Most will say, “You are young”, “You have a good metabolism”, or “I take steroids”. The honest truth, Food became just…FOOD. ⠀ I learned to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was full. No longer did I emphasize certain “foods/macros” to hit each day. Even better, my calories raised in conjunction with the new muscle tissue I was making. ⠀ Here today,I reside around 198-205 lbs. (give or take how much cake I eat) with ease. All from residing on 28,000+ cals a weekly. ⠀ “Gil, you say with ease, but how? Body recomposition, so easy to execute and even easier to understand. ⠀ Between the middle and right picture, there is a years difference. You will notice that within a year, my weight has stayed the same, yet, my waist has reduced and muscle bellies have grown. ⠀ Science people. ⠀ 🔽Cont. Below🔽

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It is time for you to re-learn y

YOU DON'T NEED TO DO ANOTHER DIET ❌ . It is time for you to re-learn your body and what it needs 😊 So first: - Food is fuel - No food is evil - No certain macronutrient is bad for you (unless you have an illness) . You can have your cake and eat it too if you want 🍰 🙃. You can have a slice of 🍕😋, or you can have some 🍗🍳🍉... . It's all about how many calories your body needs . If you want to lose some weight, you'll have to be on a calorie deficit. If you want gain some weight you'll have to be on a calorie surplus 😎 . And everyone is different. What works for you might not work for your best friend 🤷🏽‍♀️ . So ... Before you get on some weird "one-size fits all" diet ✋, look for the "Too good to be true" signs - 10 days to your dream body ❌ - lose 30 lbs in 30 days ❌ - drink this "green juice" for 7 days ❌ - with only this pill... ❌ . If they promise you a miracle... it is likely that it won't work or the results will be temporary . You know you want more than just temporary results... so why waste your time looking for temporary fixes? 🤔 . Want to get real results? ... Are you ready to put in the work? Because it won't be easy, but it will be worth it! ... . So if this sounds like you, we have 10 spots open for one-on-one coaching! Just click on the link in our bio @webfit.pt to apply 😊 If you have any questions just send us a DM and schedule a call with us ❤ . . . #fittribe #mindsetcoaching #fitnessmindset #mindsetcoachingforwomen #bodypositivefitness #onlinefitnesscoach #personaldevelopmentcoach #mindsetfirst #realfitness #foodiefitness #workingonmyself #betteringmyself #discoverunder10k #fitandfearless #fitnesscoaching #myfitnessjourney #macroscounting #fitmeals #fearlesslyfit #fitnessisalifestyle

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If you look at this picture and say, “

WHY WEIGHT LOSS WILL FAIL YOU ⠀ If you look at this picture and say, “She gained weight, so what?”, you have much to learn in the next 2 minutes, human. ⠀ Introducing again, the bright, strong, and relentless #TeamDBA athlete, Megan. ⠀ First off, I was flattered enough to have Megan come to me in a very lean state already. ⠀ Her training/lifestyle approach, not so much: ⚠️6 training sessions a week. ⚠️Excessive cardiac output. ⚠️Subpar 1500-1700 calories daily. ⚠️Disrupted circadian rhythms within sleep and digestion. ⠀ Megan followed the traditional path of women coming into the industry. Opened up her favorite social media app, saw a fitness competitor(s) stage day photos and “assumed” that this was what fitness and health was about. ⠀ False. Few months later, Megan was admitted to the hospital for a Anorexia Nervosa. ⠀ Upon being released from the hospital, Megans relationship with food and her body still suffered for one reason. ⠀ Confidence. ⠀ Megan lacked the confidence to stop tracking 7 times per week. She lacked confidence to eat over 2200 calories per day without feeling “guilt/anxiety”. Most of all, Megan doubted her ability to become WICKED strong. ⠀ By the way, Megan now possess a double bodyweight Squat & Deadlift.😉 ⠀ From here we began to add more food, reduce stress from as many areas as possible, and prioritize recovery. With time, sleep and digestions patterns began to regulate, strength began to raise, and food variety expanded outsides of a “set list”. ⠀ Woman can kill some sweets everyone! While humans will be wasting way with diets and destroying their metabolisms the next few months. Athletes like Megan, will be showing they have NOTHING to prove to anyone. In the last 3 months, Megan has added over 150lbs. to her deadlift, over 50lbs. to her bench, and increased her metabolic rate to an impressive MAINTENANCE of 2900+ calories daily. ⠀ All to be complimented with a fine dosage of 3 training sessions per week and 1 cardiac output session. ⠀ Whats up Science?👋🏾 ⠀ To those of you struggling with diets, here’s my advice: Invest and build your metabolism. ⠀ 🔽Cont. Below🔽

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thefoodiefitness. 2019 新年快樂!
我記得2017 那年藏著很多挑戰,一些心碎的事,有時候迷惘的連自己都覺得不敢相信,好希望時間能快轉,離開當下。

2019 新年快樂! · · 我記得2017 那年藏著很多挑戰,一些心碎的事,有時候迷惘的連自己都覺得不敢相信,好希望時間能快轉,離開當下。但是我心裡那強韌的小女孩一直提醒著我,上帝給我的人生不只是這樣!我不要在只是想像人生能夠如何,而是要開始相信我所渴望的生命一定會發生! 所以,在2018展開的前夕,我向這宇宙大聲的說,我不知道明天如何,但這一年一定會是一個好年— 帶著上帝給我的祝福,用力發光。 · 回憶裡的2018挑戰沒有減少,困惑也是難免,但因為相信這會是一個好年,在這個不斷選擇用感恩回應,也用熱情主動擁抱世界的一年,2018裝載了太多太多令人感恩的事。它是一個好年,而且這絕不是我一個人就能成就的。謝謝這一路上相信我,支持鼓勵我的你/妳們,你們的存在,對我來說都意義非凡;也謝謝愛我超過我所想像的上帝,在祢,沒有難成的事。 . . 2019, 妳寫好自己的目標了嗎? 讓我們一起不只是想要,而是相信那個妳在夢想版上寫下的健康,美麗,有自信,滿有喜樂的妳,正在未來等著妳! . 帶著信心前進。愛自己,善待身體。 · · 近期活動: [目標探索工作坊]釋放妳心中的美麗自己。 時間:2019/01/26 週六1pm-3pm 報名請洽臉書專頁或私訊 . #享吃吧 #享吃吧精神 #新年目標 #新年新希望 #newyearresolution #happynewyear #motivation #youarewhatyoubelieve #loveyourself #loceyourbody #taipei #foodiefitness #愛自己從吃好開始

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In the words of @thefitlondoner swipe 4 the melt! 🤤 . Gradually working my way through the Christmas chocolate 🍫 Today’s oats were Aldi oats mixed with @myproteinuk chocolate brownie whey, cocoa powder and water. Topped with some @meridianfoods crunchy peanut butter, @skinnyfoodco peanut butter syrup and a @thorntonschocs Christmas tree 🎄😋 . . . #oatporn #oats #oatbowl #oatmeal #oatmealbowl #peanutbutter #peanutbutteraddict #food #foodie #foodporn #fitness #fitnessfoodie #foodiefitness #iifym #iifymgirls #iifymfood #fitfam #instafitness #fitfamuk #chocolate #chocolateporn #l4l #f4f #fitnessfollow #fitspo

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YOU GET TO CHOOSE ⠀ Each of you will be picking a side in the next few days. ⠀ You may be planning to embark into the typical New Years Resolution of losing (X) amount of weight by a certain date. ⠀ Others, you will be choosing to look away from the “flashy and shiny” Resolutions diets. ⠀ Why? Fortitude. ⠀ In a trend setting society, we are drawn towards what others accomplish in hopes to recreate the success for personal well being ⠀ With the common trend being to “shrink” and diet to the “status quo” figure. ⠀ What is the benefit here? ⠀ For example, one person has success in a “diet”, the next person quickly joins the bandwagon. Before you know it, you have everyone at the workplace on this “diet”, despite previous medical histories. ⠀ That is awesome, you fit into your swim trunks and bikini for beach season. Yet, you wasted 20lbs. of muscle just to see the scale read your “magic” number you were wanting. ⠀ Heres another for you. ⠀ You diet 6 months for a cruise in the summer. All to have your metabolism be in lowered and acceptable state to regain the weight, if not double upon return. ⠀ I will be quite blunt with you right now. ⠀ Just because a certain percentage of the population is planning to “shrink” in the New year, does not mean you need to. ⠀ Whatever happening to INVESTING and BUILDING? ⠀ With the “flashy and shiny” society we are in, it becomes easy to lose sight of what needs to happen. ⠀ Ask yourself: 📌Why am I beginning this? 📌Is this going to benefit MY goals for the New Year? 📌Am I doing this for myself or for others? ⠀ You see, I grow tired of seeing athletes sabotage their potential progress by counting calories, weight graphs, and leafs of lettuce each day. ⠀ All to realize that what they were currently doing, was not what they wanted in the first place. They were simply following another persons decisions. ⠀ In reality, you are capable of doing more than just crunching numbers. ⠀ I want to see you forge a stronger relationship with food. I want to see you stronger in and out of the gym walls. Most of all, I want to know how you will became a model for others. ⠀ 🔽Cont. Below🔽

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