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Surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself! Tag the person that lifts you up and makes you feel awesome!

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When was the time you did somthing for the first time? - Trying something new doesn’t have to be huge and life-changing (although it’s awesome when it is). There are plenty of small ways you can try something new. Perhaps you could try a new dish, wake up 30 minutes earlier to be more productive, make plans with a new friend…the list goes on and on. - If you’re stuck in routine and the monotony of the day-to-day, switch it up this week and try something new. I hope you’ll report back and let me know how it goes! - Tell me: when was the last time you did something for the first time? - Model: @bradfrancoyoga Lens: @jake_paul_white Clothing: @ohmmeapparel

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The face you do when you haven’t warmed up, your psosa got suddenly on fire and you didn’t expected that heavy after being off so long 😅. • • • 5 Round • 6 Squat Clean 9 Wall Ball 12 Toes to bar • • • • #crossfit #functionaltraining #fuctionalfitness #squatclean #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #seamlessleggings #fitnessmotivation #WOD #gymootd #fitpandi

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“It’s not about perfect.” It’s about effort. When you bring the effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change works!” . . Working on new goals this week. Thanks for the idea @theajhoy ....now I need to add my feet on kettle bells! 💪🏽💪🏽 Life would be so boring without daily goals.....that’s what allows small transformations.....that’s were we grow! Work on them one day at a time!! What’s YOUR fitness goal? . . #challengeyourself #transformationtuesday #tuesdaymotivation #bodytransformation #challengeyourbody #fitgirl #fitover40 #fitnesstransformation #fitfam #kettlebelltraining #motivationalquotes #exercisemotivation #workout #fitnesslife #kettlebellpushups #myfitnessjourney #fatloss #kettlebell #fitnessgoals #pushyourself #trainhard #chapinsc #fitmomsofig #bethechange #fatlosstransformation #pushupchallenge #exercisemotivation #motivationalquotes #fuctionalfitness #workoutmotivation

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The body contributes far more to our lives than just physical attributes such as strength and endurance - it plays a major role in emotions, learning and relationships. The body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. The mind and body are inseparable, from our endocrine system to the "brain in our gut" - the body is your brain! - As someone that is in-front of a computer screen over half the day, I know the power and the importance of moving the body, not only to stay physically healthy but to access unseen realms of potential within the mind. Let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree. - Model: @origins.nutrition Lens: @jake_paul_white

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Do you ever look at someone and think “gosh they’re so happy”. Look at them. Travelling the world. Perfect body. Perfect relationship. Perfect friend group. Perfect family. Perfect life. ⠀ Do you ever look at my Instagram feed and think man she looks happy? Just by looking at my photos? Because let me tell you something, that’s not a true representation of how I feel. ⠀ I’m happy in my photographs, truly happy. But happy constantly? No. If you read my captions you’ll know I’m not happy all the time. But no one is. These past couple weeks I’ve been up and down. I’ve been going through my own battles and Christmas time is really rough for me. I have so many battles with my head and this year in particular with some personal issues that I’m not ready to talk about yet. ⠀ In recent weeks I’ve had days when I’ve cried in the car, I’ve cried on the plane, I’ve cried in the supermarket, I’ve cried at the beach, I’ve cried at the petrol station. I’ve cried at the gym, I’ve cried on the floor of my room. I’ve cried just walking. Basically what I’m saying is this time of year is rough for a lot of people. Be kind. Not everyone is willing to be so open on their instagram nor should they have to be. But we as a community and as a society have a job to look after each other this silly season. Because we don’t want people doing silly things. Kindness always, Brie Xx 📸 @ciderfilm

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Happy #Monday!! Remember to schedule time for YOU this week.. stay hydrated, plan your meals/snacks so you are less likely to make unhealthy decisions, #moveeveryday, unplug from your phone for an hour or two, meditate for a few minutes... there are apps like @headspace that are helpful with this & enjoy some sunshine if it’s available! . —- Grab one kettlebell for this circuit: . ➰Burpee upright row x 10-20 reps. ➰Swing switch x 20 total. . ➰Alt curtsy pass under x 20. . ➰Row switch x 20 total. ➰Squat with rotation x 20 total. ▶️Try 3-5 sets .. Adjust reps to your level of fitness 💪🏼. . 💛Make it a great week! . . #kettlebells #mondaymotivation #funfitness #fuctionalfitness #coretraining #igfitness #fitstagram #stephderbyfitness

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My boy @bradfrancoyoga crushing a sideplank! Anyone got recommendations for what to do in London this weekend?

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My 2018 new years resolution is to get my toes to my head..... - Not...... who cares about a shape. To be honest the only time I do this pose is for a photo, most of the time my practice is a combination of simple, strength based, body weight excerises to keep my body strong, mobile and healthy. - Do you have a new years resolution this year?

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For those of you who follow me fairly close, you know that I’ve been coming off of a broken wrist.. for the 3rd time in 2-3 years. The past few years of my life have been the most fit & healthy I have ever been, & for that I’m thankful that I have to work ethic to achieve that goal. Through the process, those injuries have definitely held me back from reaching my full potential. There are days that I question why I’m doing this, is it worth it, or is it a sign that I’m supposed to be a fat ass. But then I realized that I’m not on anyone’s schedule but my own. Whether I have a broken wrist, or not.. I’m in this to better myself. I may not be able to go to a crossfit gym for certain lengths of time, but I can adapt. Sure, I’d love to go to my local box with my buddies & throw around a barbell, but if I don’t adapt accordingly I will only be setting myself back even further. I’ve come a long way since I started this journey. I’m not letting SHIT hold me back. If any of you are going through an injury, you’re going to have down days but keep the grind alive! Keep working hard. 💯 . . [ 🎥: @lorraineeyvonne ] . . #fitness #fit #crossfit #health #fitnessinjury #lifting #functionaltraining #fuctionalfitness #fitandhealthy #fitandinjured #overcome #adapt #weightlifting

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OUR CNY FITNESS EQUIPMENT SALES IS LIVE! . COUPON CODE: CNY08 www.fitnessleague.com.my HUAT AH! 💪😤 . Malaysia's NO.1 Online Fitness Equipment Supplier! #distributor #supplier #fitnessequipment #1Malaysia #malaysia🇲🇾 #malaysia #fitnessleaguemy #quality #peninsular #penang #kl #kualalumpur #selangor #johor #johorbahru #sabah #sarawak #fitness #gym #fuctionaltraining #fuctionalfitness #bodybuilding

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In spirit of #TBT and the annual weekend of @TheWodapalooza which I was unable to compete in this year. A look back at the past couple years! #Wodapalooza 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️

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Our Boot Camp class running Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9am is a great coach led workout suitable for all levels of fitness. Whether it is your first time walking into a gym and you've been training for years, we guarantee a great workout. Stop by and try it for yourself. - Email team@bourne.fitness with any questions. - #fitness #crossfit #training #fuctionalfitness #fitfam #community #gym #health #excercise #fun #capecod

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fitness.league.my. A new home gym setup for our customer! He opted for our Color Training

A new home gym setup for our customer! He opted for our Color Training Bumper Plates, Premium Power Rack, BB600 barbell, Adjustable Bench, Hexhead Dumbbell set, Kettlebell set, & Gym Rubber Mats Flooring. It’s a gym setup fit for a Champion! Shop now @ www.fitnessleague.com.my Or call us at 017 761 1455 for assistance. Follow us on IG: @fitness.league.my FB: facebook.com/fitnessleague.my #distributor #supplier #fitnessequipment #1Malaysia #malaysia🇲🇾 #fitnessleaguemy #quality #peninsular #penang #kl #kualalumpur #selangor #johor #johorbahru #sabah #sarawak #fitness #gym #fuctionaltraining #fuctionalfitness #Bodybuilding #happycustomer #customerservice #bemoredomore

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It’s been months between hectic work schedules, holidays and lame ass excuses. But it’s great to finally weightlift again and with my papo caliente amigo @paquirrih 🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️🏋🏻‍♂️

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iamtheproudtrainer. Ima 90’s Baby 👶🏾 so I gotta rep the set‼️
This years first PROUD P

Ima 90’s Baby 👶🏾 so I gotta rep the set‼️ . This years first PROUD Party Workout 🏋🏾‍♀️ on January 23rd from 7:30-8:30pm will be hosted at our very own PROUD Fitness Training Facility 🙌🏿. We will be bringing 90’s VIBES only including ATTIRE so arrive jiggy! Best 90’s workout outfit will get a package gift 🎁 💯 . This event will also be sponsored by Clean Juice Northlake and will also include raffles, giveaways and available merch!!!!!!! . If you’re looking for the link don’t worry it’s in my bio 😁🤙🏾 @djpaulyguwop show them how to tear it up on the tables!!!!!!

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Al mantener el equilibrio lo que hacemos es repartir el empuje del ejercicio en diferentes partes del cuerpo, no solamente trabajamos la fuerza del grupo muscular que estamos entrenando, sino que también haremos hincapié en los músculos estabilizadores del cuerpo @saleresyolanda #masentrenamiento #músculosestabilizadores #fuctionalfitness #fitball #inestable #core #fitgirls #pwg #entrenamientofuncional #ball #equilibrio

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graham.strength.conditioning. Stability of a joint reduces the risk of injury and increases performa

Stability of a joint reduces the risk of injury and increases performance. We do a lot of “prehab” here at GSC. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure right? #wisdomwednesday #grahamstrengthandconditioning #grahamstrong #strength #conditioning #fitness #fitnessmotivation #inspiration #fuctionalfitness #lift #jaxbeach #atlanticbeach #neptunebeach #void #voidlive #igersjaxbeach #gymlife #rogue #roguefitness #ryourogue #riseandgrind #riseandriseagain

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annapinkfloyd. HOW WAS THIS 10 YEARS AGO?! #10yearchallenge

HOW WAS THIS 10 YEARS AGO?! #10yearchallenge

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12rndmalvern. Happy Birthday to the Champ Drew 🥊🥊🥊 Morning workout done!

Happy Birthday to the Champ Drew 🥊🥊🥊 Morning workout done!

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totalgreatnessfitness. Transformation challenge... lol! Long before I fell in love with the g

Transformation challenge... lol! Long before I fell in love with the gym, beer and vagina! #TransformationTuesday

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Shoulder Health -PVC Drills -Banded Drills Barbell Crush -Quads -IT Band -Forearms -Traps -Calves Core Complex 2 Rounds 20 Barbell Roll Outs 12 Toes to Bar 12 Floor Wipers Better Mobility For: Ankles/Hips Prep Work Drop Snatches 4@33% 4@45% 4@50% Muscle Snatch 4@45% 4@50% 4@55% Hang Snatch 4@65% 4@70% 4@75% Metcon 15 Minute AMRAP 15 Hang Power Snatch 95/65 15 Box Jumps 24/20 30 Ab Mat Sit Up @f7crossfithouston @crossfit @czachboxbat #fitness #fuctionalfitness #snatchwork #weightlifting

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Shoulder Health -PVC Drills -Banded Drills Barbell Crush -Quads -IT Band -Forearms -Traps -Calves Warm Up 8 Minute EMOM (odd/even) 12 Heavy D-Ball Front Clutch Lunge 10 RDL High Row 45/35 Better Mobility For: Hips Strength Zercher Squat ( Working to establish a solid set of six. Visit past performances and build a smart bar. Metcon (FT) 20 Burpee buy-in 3 Rounds 500m Row 20 KB Swings 53/35 (American) 12 Pull Up 20 Air Squats @f7crossfithouston @crossfit #allthingsfitness #fitness #fuctionalfitness #strengthgains

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