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balanced.body15. You know the s#!t just got serious, when the Coach busts out some bran

You know the #!t just got serious, when the Coach busts out some brand new shirts! It’s go time #balancedbodyfitness !💪🏾 #plantbasedhealth #fitnessprograms #coloradofit

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Mal plays futsal for Tasmania, his sister Ellie loves gymnastics and sister Mia plays Netball. Yes kids have tight muscles too and need to learn how to stretch. All children feeling a bit tight and enjoyed a one on one Stretch Therapy PT. A perfect gift from Mum Anita Smith to help educate her children about the importance of learning how to stretch with mindfulness to help care for ther bodies after sport! #stretchtherapy #catlikemovement #recovery #wellness #fitfam #fitnessjourney #friends #family #flexibility #mobility #movement #rangeofmovement #functionalmovement #consistency #personaltrainer #newhabits #determined

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The Best Squat Variation you Should be Doing . We love goblet squats, if you train them you'll love them too, especially the results they bring. . What I love most about this squat variation is the load placement. It brutally challenges your core, and no matter how strong you are grabbing a 100+ lbs dumbell is gonna get your ❤ rate going. . They're also easy to execute. I prefer the dumbell Variation over the kettlebell due to its grip demand when it gets heavier. You can also regress them by performing a box squat if range of motion poses a problem. They're a great introduction to loading squat pattern if you're a beginner, but can continually the progressed as you gain strength. . Tag a friend that skips leg day. Comment if you have any questions. . #RiseBeyondFitness #RiseBeyondYourLimits

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This inquiry was inspired by an interview I read with @trinaaltman a while back. In it she posed some REALLY great questions, such as: "Why are we doing this pose? How does it affect the body’s tissues? What daily life activities will it help me with?"✨ . I've made the one I highlighted above a part of my daily practice, with no judgment whether the answer is "because I really want to do {x} pose by the end of the year", or "because it feels good and I just like doing it!", or "because I'm too tired to think about coming up with something else". ✨ . What I find is that as soon as I honestly pose these questions to myself so much more begins to unfold, such as..."Why am I so caught up in doing {x} pose this year? How will I feel if that doesn't happen?"..."Why am I so tired? Are there other things I could do to better support myself, body/mind/soul, right now, as well?" ✨ . As teachers it can be interesting to explore these inquiries because what we practice shows up in how and what we teach. I'm over the moon to have the chance to teach a lot this next month at @orcasmandala but yesterday I found myself falling a bit into I-need-to-give-the-students-what-I-think-they-want mode...instead of asking myself "Why am I practicing this?" 🙄I wanted them to like me so I was thinking, "Will this make them happy?" OF COURSE that's a valid question to always ask as a teacher, just as the student should be encouraged to answer why they enjoy...or don't enjoy...or flat out hate....something, because aversion, like attachment, is a mighty powerful teacher!✨ . When I've brought these inquiries into my practice...when what I teach is 100% inspired by my practice...I know that I will have taught an authentic class that came from a place of embodied understanding instead of ego-pacifying...which is, of course, what's happening when I try to meet what I imagine to be the expectations of others! (but we can learn a ton when we catch ourselves stroking the old ego, too...the opportunities to learn are endless...)✨ . just a little #foodforthought #fortheloveofmovement #prajnayoga #therapeuticyoga #beginnersmind #movewell #functionalmovement #skillfulasana #somaticmovement #grace

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@rocktape application for the #throwing athlete. - First some soft tissue work, followed up with taping the #performance #arm chain using the upper extremity helix application. - #Kinesthetic guidance (the tape) goes a long way. It translates into behavior 30 times faster than visual guidance and many thousands of times faster than audio guidance. **(Birdwhistell. 1970. Kinesics and Context. University 23 of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia. ) - So adding some tape for this #pitcher is a #smallwin and #feelgood advantage. - - #movement #movementthroughunity #rocktape #baseball #workout #functionalmovement #mobility #mobilitywod #shouldermobility #fitness #movementculture #movewithpranzo #throwingathlete #competition #arm #rocktapefmt #rocktapebrasil

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Corrective exercises should "correct" something. If something is weak, then you should be strengthening it. That's called strength training... 🤷

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If there was one resistance training exercise you could do for the rest of your life, I’d have to recommend the Clean and Press. - Turning the press into a jerk, split jerk, or strict press are all arbitrary substitutions that I’m willing to support equally, but the bigger picture here is picking something up from the ground and getting it over your head. That’s the most efficient way to work the entire skeleton, hands down. - I personally enjoy the snatch more, but you get less of a true press in the snatch because you have to catch the weight with arms already extended. It’s still a great movement for strengthening the arms and shoulders like the press or jerk, you just don’t use full range of motion doing so. - A Clean and Press/Jerk starts as a deadlift, transitions into a squat using a pull under the bar, then finishes with a big push overhead. If you don’t want to take my word for it that every muscle in your body is going to get blasted during this movement, go try it for yourself! - #sportsperformance #strengthtraining #squats #deadlifts #fitness #crossfit #liftheavy #strengthday #crossfitter #hiit #weightlifter #weightlifting #bodybuilding #athletictraining #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #functionalmovement

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SNATCH ==> GET UP Playing with an "inverted" Turkish Get Up. I started with a snatch, and then performed the Turkish Get Up from the top. I went all the way down, all the way back up, and then repeated on the other side. You get all the strength, stability, and mobility benefits of the Turkish Get Up with the power benefits that come from a snatch. I would do this for 1 minute on one side, switch sides and do for another minute, then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat the circuit 4 times and that's a pretty good 10-minute warm up.

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Class Schedule 2019 My group class schedule for 3/25 - 3/31: Portland, Happy Valley, Tualatin-Sherwood, and Progress Ridge Monday 3/25 Club Pilates Tualatin-Sherwood 21370 SW Langer Farms Parkway, Suite 144 Sherwood www.clubpilates.com/location/tualatinsherwood/ 5:30pm Reformer Flow 1.5 6:30pm Reformer Flow 2.0 7:30 CP Suspend Tuesday 3/26 Body Mechanics 2512 SE 35th Place, Portland www.pilatespdx.com 12pm Mixed Level Mat Club Pilates Progress Ridge 12305 Southwest Horizon Boulevard Beaverton www.clubpilates.com/location/progressridge/ 4:30pm Reformer Flow 1.5 5:30pm Reformer Flow 1.0 6:30pm Reformer Flow 2.0 7:30pm Center and Balance Wednesday 3/27 Club Pilates Happy Valley 12900 SE 162nd Ave #101 Happy Valley, OR www.clubpilates.com/happyvalley/ 4:30pm Reformer Flow 1.5 5:30pm Reformer Flow 1.0 6:30pm Cardio Sculpt 1.5 Thursday 3/28 Body Mechanics 2512 SE 35th Place, Portland www.pilatespdx.com 5:30pm Mixed Level Springboard 6:30pm Mixed Level Mat Friday 3/29 Align Fitness 8063 SE 17th Ave, Portland, OR www.sellwoodyoga.com 11am Pilates Mat Flow Mixed Level Saturday 3/30 Studio BAM Pilates 4141 North Williams Ave. #217 Portland www.studiobampliates.com 11am Mixed Level Reformer Sunday 3/31 Club Pilates Happy Valley 12900 SE 162nd Ave #101 Happy Valley, OR www.clubpilates.com/happyvalley/ 8am Reformer Flow 1.5 9am Reformer Flow 2 10am Cardio Sculpt 1.5 11am Reformer Flow 1 . . . #pilates #pilatesmat #pilatespdx #pilatessunday #pilatestrainer #pilatesinportland #pilatesmasterinstructor #balancedbody #balancedbodypilates #balancedbodymasterinstructor #mindfulness #mindbodyspirit #pilatesforall #pilatesforlife #functionalandstrong #functionalfitness #functionalmovement #neuroplasticity #bonehealth #biotensegrity #pelotonpdx #pilatesgeek #clubpilates #pilatesreformer

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Steel club pullover to press⠀ ⠀ This is a great auxiliary exercise to your heavy row and heavy press patterns.⠀ ⠀ By using this unstable tool as an accessory exercise, you'll be able to see the weaknesses in your kinetic chain.⠀ ⠀ Remember, your kinetic chain is only as strong as your weakest link, so find it and make it your strong link.⠀ ⠀ #steelclub #steelclubexercises #steelclubs #backworkouts #backexercises #backexercise #chestpress #chestexercise #chestworkouts #upperbodyworkout #upperbodystrength #upperbodyday #functionalmovement #functionalstrength #functionalworkout #functionalexercise #exerciseismedicine #exerciseistherapy #rows #backandbiceps #backandbis #chestandtris #chestandback #chestandtriceps #chestandbackday #backgains #riseaboveut #jolietil #plainfieldil #shorewoodil

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Closed Chain Anterior Loaded 2KB Step Up (Low Box) ⁣ ⁣ A great rehab exercise for ankle, knee or hip issues OR a perfect accessory exercise in a training programme. ⁣ ⁣ This drill targets triple extension (ankle, knee and hip integration) which is essential in managing gravity and for all athletes. ⁣ ⁣ It teaches us to deal with gravity without applying excessive force through the joints.⁣ ⁣ Perfect for getting after the hamstrings, quads and glutes in a nice, controlled manner! ⁣ ⁣ Better yet, with the weight in front of you, it gets the core involved and becomes functional for athletic training. ⁣ ⁣ Bosh! ⁣ ⁣ #tier1family #fightblock #tripleextension #gym #rehab #training #morethanagym #allunderoneroof #sportsrehab #sportsinjury #stepup #allgainnopain #strong

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jbfitnessntraining. Here’s a little #motivationmonday for y’all! 
Side note🤣 read bottom

Here’s a little #motivationmonday for y’all! Side note🤣 read bottom for my 4 week challenge👊🏼 Woke up super late, felt really tired and sluggish. Still! I knew I had to get a lift in, cause this weekend I was slacking😩 I ate so much yummy food it was baaad!😂😂 So I got my lazy bum up and hit the gym hard!👊🏼😤 came home and ate a nice healthy lunch. Sometimes you just gotta kick yourself in the butt and get out and kill those workouts!🤙🏼🤙🏼 Happy Monday you guys!😈 Here’s my 4 week challenge to myself and anyone willing to join! In 4 weeks I am leaving for vacation, so for the next 4 weeks I’m cutting out all sweets, fast food, sugary drinks, all that!😤 gonna be eating really healthy, along with working out daily. Gonna get this body looking real good for vacation. DM me for specific details if you want in on this challenge!🤙🏼

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Everyone seems to love performing lunges of all sorts. Walking lunges. Reverse lunges. Forward lunges. Plyometric lunges. The list probably goes on. Not enough people train the split squat and it's variations, however. In our eyes, split squats should be mastered before lunging to build up adequate strength, stability, and balance. If you have knee pain when lunging, give the split squat a try. Or a front foot elevated split squat. Or a rear foot elevated split squat. Don't let pain stop you from exercising and training your legs. If changing up the exercise doesn't help your knee pain, then seek out help from a physio or chiro! We're right here in South Tampa and would love to help you. 😊

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suemay.physio. Exercise doesn't have to be boring.There are plenty of fun ways to mov

Exercise doesn't have to be boring.There are plenty of fun ways to move your body . Here's a fun partner workout we came up with during my pilates course over the weekend . Tag your workout partner and give this a go! #letsgetmoving

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lab.mouvement. Progression front lever semaine 1 sur 52.

Chaque semaine une séance d

Progression front lever semaine 1 sur 52. Chaque semaine une séance de 1h00 sera consacrée au travail sur le fameux front lever. Nous verrons l’évolution sur une année complète. Présentement je tiens le front lever avec une excellente forme pendant 1 seconde. Nous verrons bien dans un an combien de temps je peux le tenir. Nous serons axés sur le processus et non sur le résultat. Je lancerai le front lever seulement 1 fois à chaque mois. Il n’est pas nécessaire de lancer des front lever à chaque semaine. Préparons notre corps et regardons les progrès à chaque mois sera amplement bénéfique. Semaine 1: 5 séries de 3 combinaisons. GARDEZ TOUJOURS LE CONTRÔLE DANS CHAQUE DEGRÉ DU MOUVEMENT. #frontlever #tuckfrontlever #correctform #functionalmovement #calisthenics #fitness #workout #streetworkout #bodyweight #gym #training #zen #fit #backtobasics #instagood #tbt #functionalmovement #cfgymnastics #workhardpaysoff #bodyweighttraining @cliniquealtitude

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tj7fairchild. Using @smartfit_inc technology for performance training with up and co

Using @smartfit_inc technology for performance training with up and coming MMA fighter @thastachemma Good luck in Kazakhstan! . . . #ufc #mma #mmatraining #mmafighter #sportstraining #performancecoach #striking #reactiontraining #visiontraining #functionalmovement #neuromechanics #functionaltraining

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It’s the second to last day and it’s really starting to sink in that yoga camp is almost over! I’m so grateful for the connections I’ve made here. Each and every one of you have contributed to my journey. Thank you! 💕 @yogifallon @mellypaz @joliefranciscusmatty @theyogafriendaz @yoginitaveras @yoginan @solinamela @planketta_vero @erinkellyart @michellefoxyoga @louismaskin @atmarlier @thehenryjamesyogi @sumanthmukkala @leeab89 @jessssssjo @claudialistella @rubixignition @patrickbeach @carlingnicole

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firstwavefitness. The single leg deadlift, an absolute power house for developing poster

The single leg deadlift, an absolute power house for developing posterior chain strength, single leg stability, and anti rotation control. All key elements in a strong running stride. @trivelocoaching athlete Stephen demonstrating how it's done 👊💪 #firstwavefitness #TriVeloCoaching #firstmovewellthenmoveoften . . . #strengthandconditioning #strengthforendurance #TrainMovementNotMuscle #movement #correctiveexercise #tri #triathlon #swimbikerun #FunctionalMovement #injuryprevention #strengthtraining #core #ironman #ironmantraining #functionalstrength #functionaltraining #mobility #stability #cycling #speed #power #efficiency #endurance #endurancetraining #strength

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hedmansebastian. #Repost @jason.procedos (@get_repost)
🚨CONTENT ALERT 🚨 do you ow

#Repost @jason.procedos (@get_repost) ・・・ 🚨CONTENT ALERT 🚨 do you own a Procedos platform? Ready to add more variability and exercises to your current workout? Our new video exercise library is live! So head over to www.procedos.com, create a login and let the inspiration consume you!. . . . If you don’t have a mat, have no fear! As part of our online video library launch we are happy to offer you a DISCOUNT for 15% off using code: IGProcedos . . . And stay tuned, we are always updating and refining our content and process to make sure we are using the most up to date scientific findings and applications. Are you ready to #getonit? #afs #procedos #p9 #functionaltraining #training #personaltraining #personaltrainer #nycfitness #fitness #fit #workout #exercise #fun #fituential #mobility #stability #function #functionalmovement #movement #move #3d #train

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rothwellness. Our office is proud to offer the ARP Wave System, a breakthrough in so

Our office is proud to offer the ARP Wave System, a breakthrough in soft tissue rehabilitation. This technology has been proven to help relieve chronic pain, treat athletic injuries, increase range of motion, and so much more! 🙌🏼 . Call us today to schedule a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” evaluation and treatment. If you aren’t satisfied, the treatment is complimentary. We are that confident we are in this therapy! 🤗 Call us at (615) 352-9379 to schedule your appointment today.

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striveperformance. @connorhall7 hard work will ALWAYS be rewarded.. .
⚽️ So many setbacks

@connorhall7 hard work will ALWAYS be rewarded.. . ⚽️ So many setbacks throughout his career. Came close to jacking it all in, came to Strive to try and solve the underlying problems.. playing some of the best football of his career, massive summer ahead.. Dreams CAN come true, but only if YOU believe they can.. Connor, always a pleasure buddy 👊💪💪⚽️ #football #soccer #future #daretodream #mindset #attitude #goals #fit #fitness #gym #function #functional #movementsovermuscles #posturalrestorationinstitute #functionalmovement #strivefamily #dungeontime

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🤠Regular bookings 🤠 We are running with very full books! This is awesome and we are sooooo grateful to you guys for choosing Ridestrong to enhance the health and performance of your animals. I am currently filling some regular spots in my books. This means we can pop you into our calendar as a regular weekly, fortnightly, monthly or six to eight weekly client! We will contact you to book in when your animal is due! This means you don’t have another thing to think about!! If you want to be included in our list please inbox us today! There are limited places and this will allow us to manage the work we take on to ensure that our regulars are always taken good care of! #bookings #acupuncture #functionalmovement #healing #therapy #animals #dogs #horses

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themobilitymanifesto. MOBILITY = STRENGTH + BODY CONTROL

@leo_supersaiyajin is demonstratin

MOBILITY = STRENGTH + BODY CONTROL @leo_supersaiyajin is demonstrating both very well with this Dorsal Rolls, an exercise which requires both excellent shoulder mobility & Pike compression strength. Nice work Leo! 💪💪 • RePost • @leo_supersaiyajin trying to get back 360 strength and mobility #dorsalroll #inlocate #dislocate #mobility #shoulder #backlever #flexibility #germanhang #deadhang #activemobility #skinthecat #pike #pikefold #calisthenics #gymnastics #shouldermobility #movement #wheninmanila #purepilatesphilippines #roadtorecovery #leosupersaiyajin #hanginglegraises #coreworkout @themobilitymanifesto

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I get all #chokedup thinking about how much fun it was to work with these guys #memories

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straightupsiggy. Just a bit of monkeyin’ around happened this weekend @pursuitocr 🐒 ⁣⁣

Just a bit of monkeyin’ around happened this weekend @pursuitocr 🐒 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ One time another personal trainer told me that training pull ups was useless 🙄 It’s cool, you can keep your body building ways and try to catch me in this jungle 🤸🏼‍♀️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ In my opinion, we should train to be strong and athletic. Our muscles should serve a purpose - not just look good in our next mirror selfie. ⁣⁣ Whenever I’m training pull ups I think if I was hanging off the side of a building I would want to be able to pull myself up. Extreme? Yes. Important? Yup. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ But you know what’s importanter? Mario cart. SWIPE 🏎 ➡️ ⁣ #gettinsiggywithit #lvlupmovement

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Starting this week off with some functional integrated movements! Looking to work the chest & lower body in one movement try this!! Place yourself in a lunge position and hold while performing single arm cable chest press, believe me you will feel the #functionalmovement

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lee_physical_therapy. Amazing weekend getting our SFMA Level 1 certification! We dove in fee

Amazing weekend getting our SFMA Level 1 certification! We dove in feet first today, assessing movement patterns to give the bigger picture to help our patients move and live better! #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #physicaltherapyassistant #independentliving #strength #mobility #movement #functionalmovement #sfma

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pfasciotti. Reclaim your youth challenge!💫 Do you ever grunt when you stand up fr

Reclaim your youth challenge!💫 Do you ever grunt when you stand up from a couch? 😩 What about when you stand up off the floor?!😐 I’m a firm believer that #mobility AND the 💪strength to control that mobility is the key to feeling youthful. 🤸🏻‍♀️ This sequence will prep and test you for one of my favorites, the #overheadsquat 🏋🏻‍♀️ ✅Hips ✅Ankles ✅Shoulders ✅Core ✅Glutes This move works them all! 🙌 Give it a shot and try to 🧐break down the pieces of your squat that need more mobility vs more strength. There’s your homework👊 This is a pose and movement we should be able to do forever, so don’t ever lose the ability!! 🧘🏻‍♀️🙏

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"The true warrior isn't immune to fear. She fights inspite of it... warriors aren't born, they are made. They create themselves throug trial and error, pain and suffering, and their ability to do the work and conquer their own faults." . #budokonyoga #flourishthroughyoga

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ficxfit. Exercises to help improve your posture!🚶🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️ ✨ If you notice

Exercises to help improve your posture!🚶🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️ ✨ If you notice yourself slouching more than you know you should, SAVE THIS POST ✨ . . Poor posture is typically linked with having weak mid & lower trapezius muscles. It is therefore very important to strengthen your postural muscles so that you see an improvement in your natural stance! With each of these exercises, really focus on pinching your scaps together (something we like to call the “Posture Pinch”) to ensure you’re engaging the right parts of your back 👌🏼 - 1️⃣- Holding a plate directly at shoulder level, raise your arms until the plate is slightly behind your head.  Be sure not to arch your back, and if you’re doing it right you should feel it in your back and not your shoulders! - 2️⃣- YTWI: as basic as its name, you’re simply moving your arms into each of those positions and holding that pinched-scap movement! This can be done on the ground/table, on a yoga ball, or (if you really want to challenge yourself) on a TRX💪🏼 - 3️⃣- Supinated wide-grip rows: keep your palms up 🙌🏼 so that your shoulders fall back into their normal line, and drive your elbows back from your traps! Close grip rows are also good for improving poor posture too💪🏼 - 4️⃣- Adding a squat-row sequence is a great full-body exercise that also engages the “posture pinch”!👌🏼 . . . . . . #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #correctiveexercise #mobility #mobilityoftheweek #exercise #rehab #prehab #functionalmovement #lifting #fitnessjourney #fitlife #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessinspirtation #prehab #mobility #mobilityoftheday #bodybuilding #weighttraning #healthylifestyle #muscles #weightlifting #exercisescience #exerciseismedicine #strength #ficxfit #ficxfitness #trx #posture

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