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Thanks to everyone who made it out to The Columbus Furmeet & Walk! Hope everyone had a great 2018 and we will see you all again next year after winter break. #fursuit fursuits #furryfandom #columbus #ohio #shortnorth #galleryhop #asseenincolumbus

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Very happy to announce that "Trust" will be shown for the first time at @artusiasm gallery for their show "Gracias a la vida" in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month!⠀ The show runs Oct 2nd to the 13th and there will be a reception this Friday Oct 5th at 7pm. Come see my piece and chat me up about it, and enjoy the work of my fellow Latin-American artists! Artusiasm is located at 1684 St. Clair West. Hope to see you there! This version of "Trust" is a continuation of my explorations into colour where the goal is twofold: to complement the concept of the work and to place it in our present time. Figurative sculpture, especially of the female nude, is deeply rooted in a tradition that merits critical examination for the way it symbolizes a gender power dynamic that is skewed in favour of the masculine. I want to acknowledge this problematic past and break away from it by confronting the audience with a challenging pose, one that prompts us to think about the collaborative process between a life model and a sculptor, about boundary negotiations, about the elephant in the room that is sex, and sex in art, about the importance of agency, about the way allegorical and metaphorical works are often used as a trojan horse to transport our lust, our imagination and our curiosity, and the way such allegories and metaphors are also used to veil them. I'm looking for ways to sidestep the conventions of the nude, its tropes. Is that possible? I think it's an ambitious goal. Maybe it's a fool's errand. Only the audience can judge. I seek to grant agency to the feminine and vulnerability to the masculine. I engage with the sexual directly as a means to empower authenticity, to hold a mirror up to the audience and open a path towards empathy and identification with the other. As always, I would like to credit and thank @kristen.au.model for collaborating with me on this sculpture! #graciasalavida #artusiasm #gallery #galleryhop #openingreception #sculpture #figuresculpture #contemporarysculpture #figurativesculpture #canadiansculpture #latinamerican #latinamericanart #resin #wood #acrylic #minimalism #trust

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carriemeganart. Excited to have “Golden Pastures#1” & “Citron Pastures” juried into #w

Excited to have “Golden #1” & “Citron Pastures” juried into #winterworks @bromfieldgallery

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dena_tollefson. My sunflower painting “Sunflower Embrace” is on the gallery wall at Ad

My sunflower painting “Sunflower Embrace” is on the gallery wall at Adelman Fine Art @adelmanfineart , the amazing gallery who represents my originals in San Diego, California. This painting and 7 others of mine are part of the annual exhibit Art You Enjoy which focuses on work which is joyful. Please stop in and say hi to gallery owners Phylicia and Nicole! Adelman Fine Art is a posh gallery located in the heart of San Diego’s Little Italy district www.adelmanfineart.com

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The vibe was definitely good In the @shortnorthartsdistrict today during #galleryhop with @cbusharlem100 and @warholwallst .Thank you to all that supported me today. Much appreciated ✊🏽❤️ I’m gone end the night with this piece from #Artist @shebevibin (Part 1) . . . . #artmakescbus #cbusharlem100 #spreadlovebee #spreadmorelove #hearts #shegotheART #hearts #heART #bee1ne #bee1neart

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“Sometimes Beauty Comes from Chaos” is a collaboration between two artist with varying artistic styles. The collaboration allows for diverging expressions of love. At its foundation love is to be kind and respectful to one another even amongst chaos . . . #Artists: @Bee1ne_ x @mrrobotgeek #mediums: aerosol, acrylic, oil, and ink. Size: 48in.x60in. . . This piece will be on display for the @cbusharlem100 during the @shortnorthartsdistrict #galleryhop at the @roygbivgallery on high street all this weekend. . . . #columbusartist #columbuscreates #creatives #spreadmorelove #spreadlovebee #artmakescbus #artmakescolumbus #artmashup #Bee1ne #MrRobotGeek

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dena_tollefson. “Tulip Celebration” hanging on the gallery wall at Canyon Road Contemp

“Tulip Celebration” hanging on the gallery wall at Canyon Road Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the wonderful gallery who represents me. This large oil painting triptych consists of three panels, each one is 40” tall and 20” wide, total width with all three panels is 60” wide. These tulips were painted from life in my studio using palette knives and spoons.

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Többször jártunk már műteremlátogatáson WOLSKY András stúdiójában, ahol a korai művek mellett a legújabb képeinek koncepciójáról is mesélt nekünk a művész. Pénteken több, más kiállítás mellett a Három Hét galériában Wolsky legfrissebb képeit nézzük meg. Izgalmas és szép programnak ígérkezik. #art #fineart #művészet #kortárs #kortársművészet #painting #festmény #contemporary #contemporaryart #geometric #geometry #accidental #concrete #absolute #studiovisit #galleryhop #gallery #exhibitions #kiállítás #műterem #artist #művész #budapest #bartókbélaút #hungary #residentart

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Did you get a chance to hop by the Historic Luxton Home Museum yesterday for a skate and roasted marshmallows ? ⛸️🔥 . . Either way, you're in luck! Only one more month 'til the next #BanffGalleryHop . Enjoy a variety of activities on March 22 from 2-6 PM at our participating venues. Details to come!

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David Zwirner from New York to Hong Kong #contemporaryart #hongkong #hqueens #artgallery #galleryhop #hkig

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Visited any #BanffGalleryHop venues today? There's still time! Check out Kenneth Harrison and his paintings at @mountaingalleries at @fairmontbanff until 6 PM. Learn how he transfers stunning mountainscapes to canvas 🏞️

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📌 NOTICE: Due to unforeseen circumstances, Buffalo Nations Museum will no longer be hosting guided tours today. The museum is still OPEN to the public for the #BanffGalleryHop ! Check out their incredible artifacts showcasing the history of Indigenous Canadians. AND learn tales and fantastic facts about BEARS at their museum fundraiser TONIGHT from 7-10 PM.

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TODAY IS THE DAY ✨ Join the #BanffGalleryHop for #FamilyDayWeekend Exhibits, activities and demos for all ages today from 2 - 6 PM ! . . 🖼️ Tour new exhibition "Carry Forward" at @walterphillipsgallery @banffcentre at 2 PM . . 🎨 Discover how Donna Jo Massie's watercolours come to life at @canadahousegallery . . 🌱 Take a nature walk with First Nations Guide along the Bow River @buffalonationsmuseum departing 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30 . . 🎨 Demo by landscape artist Ken Harrison at @mountaingalleries @fairmontbanff

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banffgalleryhop. FEBRUARY ART AMBASSADOR ✨ .
To Marcus Williams, the Bow Valley is a

FEBRUARY ART AMBASSADOR ✨ . . To Marcus Williams, the Bow Valley is a place of inspiration. He has been in the area for close to 5 years and spends most of his time in the world of performing arts. Marcus has performed in a number of plays ranging from classics like Shakespeare’s to improvised theatre, as well as appearing in locally-shot films. He has written and directed plays, done sound design for stage & film, and is starting to hone the craft of stage combat. His job at 106.5 Mountain FM keeps him involved in the thriving local music scene. ...find him on the FREE Art Bus as he leads you from venue to venue for the #BanffGalleryHop. For more details on the Art Bus, check out the BUS photo in our profile!

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✌️ DAYS 'TIL #BANFFGALLERYHOP We sense a theme happening... Do you love books as much as we do? Get your literary fill this #FamilyDayWeekend with books for all ages: . 📚 @willockandsax celebrates reading and books for children and adults 📚 Poetry reading by Steven Ross Smith 📚 Book-building workshop at @thecarterryangallery 📚 Luxton family vintage children's books at @luxton_home_museum For more details about these venues, check out our profile!

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ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE 🎨 Do these peaks look familiar? Kenneth Harrison's paintings capture a stillness, calm and serenity with orchestrated forms, and movement of colour. A self-taught artist, Harrison emphasizes the importance of composition, value, and edges to develop a memorable landscape painting. His goal is to characterize the landscape, capture the memories, and to continue the authentic Canadiana style of painting. Catch his demo at @mountaingalleries at the @fairmontbanff this #FamilyDayWeekend Saturday, February 16. 2 - 6 PM.

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#instagrid 2/2

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The eye.

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•Purple Swirl•

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NATURE WALK 🌱. . Bring your family for a short guided walk on the banks of the Bow River just outside the @buffalonationsmuseum this #FamilyDayWeekend . . Talk with a First Nations guide about his connection with the land and nature. Learn how he upholds his responsibilities to the environment for future generations. Saturday February 16. Walks depart at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 pm.

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LET’S READ 📚. . Reading is a wonderful way to seek understanding and empathy, feed imaginings, and build a better world. @willockandsax Gallery celebrates reading and books for children and adults, from a variety of publishers as part of #BanffGalleryHop : #FamilyDayWeekend . . Saturday February 16. 2 - 6 PM.

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Snowy Chelsea day! 1) Georg Baselitz 2) Celeste, Fay, and Eto with backpacks 3) Lynette Yiadom-Boakye 4) David Weiss 5) Leah Guadagnoli 6) Jasper Johns 7) Josef Albers 8) Dana Schutz — — — #art #contemporaryart #chelsea #gallery #galleryhop #chelseagalleries #artgallery #georgbaselitz #lynetteyiadomboakye #davidweiss #leahguadagnoli #jasperjohns #josefalbers #danaschutz

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We call it the ✨Treat Yourself ✨trio which we’ll be giving away at the March Gallery Hop! Featuring locally-produced candle and lotion truffles by @eleventhcandleco and @womencraftingchange and incense too! Sign up today for your chance to win!

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EXHIBITION TOUR 🖼️ . Visit @walterphillipsgallery at @banffcentre this #FamilyDayWeekend for a tour of their current exhibition, Carry Forward, curated by Lisa Myers at 2 PM. The term “carry forward” suggests passing or transferring something on to the next generation, yet also refers to taking account of gains and loss. Some values can be traced through records and paperwork, yet others are elusive, sustained in fragments, memories, stories, knowledge, and place. This exhibition brings together artworks that propose different modes of understanding how realities are registered, contested, and even fabricated within the framework of an archive. The Gallery will be open from 12:30 PM – 6 PM on Saturday February 16. Video Installation: Mike MacDonald, Seven Sisters, 1989. Running time: 7 videos, 55 minutes each. Courtesy of Vtape, Toronto. Image courtesy of the Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery. 📷: Robert McNair.

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SKATING IN THE GARDEN ⛸️ Bring your skates (rentals available in downtown Banff) and enjoy the family friendly ice rink at the @luxton_home_museum this #FamilyDayWeekend . Warm up post-skate with a fire pit, roasted marshmallows and a tour of the historic Luxton home. Discover how Banff’s winter activities all started with this pioneer family. Saturday February 16. 2-6 PM.

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