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zebrasoulart. Look around you and see the beauty of nature.
The beautiful stones

Look around you and see the beauty of nature. ⠀⠀ The beautiful stones are man made, but the rest in my video is made by a greater force. ⠀⠀ How often do you walk around and really observe things around you? Are you mindful of yourself and your surroundings? . . . ⠀⠀ #girlsabroad #girlpowertravel #prettylittletrips #shewhowanders⠀⠀ #createcultivate #creativityfound #createdtocreate #herestothecreatives #creativeminimalism #mindtheminimal #createcultivate #liveslow #digitalnomad #art #mindfullness

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☀️ soaking up as much sun as I can! I'm such a summer girl. I don't like the cold, the darkness - not even the snow and the cuddles and hot tea. If you ask me, winter should only be one month long, ending right after Christmas😄

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hot cocoa + fav weather ☕️🌨⛄️

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It was the full moon this week and I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. I felt a huge drain on my energy and began uncontrollably sobbing consumed with dread, fear and confusion. I couldn’t pin my thoughts down. Images were flashing at lightening speed, and I found myself chasing myself around and around in circles, unsure of whether what I was feeling had any real external value, or only fallacies my mind created. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’m struggling. I want to be completely honest and lay it all out bare on the table. I don’t even really want to post it here because I’ve been feeling weird about social media (despite what my incessant story updating might have you believe). In fact, the only reason I am even posting about this here is because I feel that if I keep too much of this negative energy inside me I might just burst. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Since leaving the temple a week ago, I’m questioning everything. I’m feeling deeply confused about what path I’m walking down, I am extremely mistrusting of not only myself and my actions, but also of others. Interactions are feeling like transactions, limbs are being pulled thousands of kilometres around the Earth. All of a sudden I’m aware of a new emptiness inside of me, one that has been there for a while, but has never been explored because I keep distracting myself from the struggle and pain. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This is somewhat to be expected, I mean, I did a fucking silent mediation course where all I could do was look inward without day-to-day distractions. Once all our belongings have been stripped away from us: our clothes, beauty products, hobbies and passions, who are we? When I cannot speak, only look, listen, smell and hear, what energy do I give out to those around me? What is it that makes each of us intrinsically ourselves? I am my mind, but when I cannot share what’s inside it in some physical sense - even a simple conversation - what is left of me? I had nothing at the temple, yet I felt more like myself than I had in years. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I am ok, despite what reading this may make you feel. This is a season of growth and change, of learning what balance does and does not look like for me.

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SOMETIMES WHEN THINGS ARE FALLING APART, THEY ARE ACTUALLY FALLING INTO PLACE . ❄️That's the biggest lesson I learned this year. ❄️So many ups and downs. ❄️Especially downs... many things did not work out for me. I feel like I moved 100 times. I worked in 5 different locations and nothing worked out for me. Privately things did not go well too and on top of that my bank account got hacked and I lost 2000€. . 💥BUT everything that happened lead me to this place. And it couldn't be better. 1. Zermatt is a beautiful village with mountains everywhere🗻 2. My work is AMAZING! Cool bosses, my own workspace, lovely guest and the best working hours... just 5 days working from 4 pm till 1 am and 2 days off in a row... This can't be better. 3. I have an amazing apartment and a gorgeous roommate. 4. And the best thing I can go snowboarding almost every day🏂 . ❄️So, things are finally falling into place. No excuses anymore why I can't work on my projects. So, I can save lots of money until May and then start traveling full time. ❄️I know it's gonna be an amazing and productive time here. ❄️I'm excited for 2020😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ How about you? . #gogirlguides #wearetravelgirls #womenwhotravel #sheisnotlost #girlboss #instatravel #travelette #damestravel #dametraveler #travelbug  #traveladdict #travellife #traveldeeper #outdoorwomen #girlsabroad #girlsborntotravel #girlswhotravel #thetravelwomen #womenwhoexplore #passionpassport #ladiesgoneglobal #girlaroundtheworld #girlswhotravel #girlslovetravel #switzerland #positivemindset #workhard

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The weather is so variable in the Maldives! This photo was taken in blazing sunshine, with a full tropical storm going on a few miles away (as you can see from the clouds!). I’ve discovered a love for storm watching since being here but they’re even better when you can watch while sitting in the sun!

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What are your plans for the weekend❓☃️❄️

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Winter days out like this 🥶 are over 🙃 #snowday #itscoldoutside

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Under the warm Italian sun in this beautiful and happy place ❤

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Enjoying my last sunny days. Kiev in a week... Gonna miss Dubai, but there’s no other place I’d rather be than home right now. Nothing heals better than support of your family. ♥️ ⠀ ⠀ Наслаждаюсь последними солнечными деньками. Через неделю в Киев, в холод, но в такой родной холод. Мне грустно уезжать на целый год, но нет места лучше чем дом, когда ты оказываешься в сложной жизненной ситуации. Ничто так не лечит как родные стены и поддержка близких. Дома мне будет спокойно и хорошо. Дома любовь, добро и тепло. Дома не обидят. Совсем скоро ♥️

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Went on a Tuesday, louvre was closed so this is the only Mona Lisa smile you’re getting lul #france🇫🇷 #paris

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Every now and again, you fall madly love with a place. You can't explain why or how and you certainly can't put your feelings into words, but you just know it's meant to be. This is exactly what happened to me in Holbox, Mexico. This magical island just off the Northern coast of the Yucatan took my breath away. Unsurprisingly, because Isla Holbox is so fabulous it's also been touted as "the next Tulum" but given how haphazardly Tulum exploded, this is not a good thing. So go to Holbox now, whilst it's hot but not so hot that the magic starts to fade amongst new condos and growing crowds... 🙏 @carolinakuniverse @biuriful_ @andotherstories

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