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Since everyone’s reposting our video, thought we should too!

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I've been kinda busy. Not pictured: the ~30 other FestiHeads that are in various stages of construction in my room and garage. All of my stuff is built by me, with the exception of one stage of the production process. In the last two years I've spent lots of late nights in a hot garage with sweat running into my eyes under the respirator that I wear to keep the dangerous fumes out of my lungs. It can be exhausting, stressful, and dangerous at times (power tools are no joke and they WILL bite you if you don't exercise care - I've got the scars to prove it), but there's nothing as rewarding as taking in a sight like this and knowing that I'm the one that designed and built all of these from the ground up. I've never left the United States, but I've built things in my garage with my hands that are all over the globe and I couldn't be more proud of that fact. Sorry that I've been AWOL off and on, it's really hard to balance a workload like this and live a semi-normal life. I realize that running my own shop means that I have to work basically nonstop, but last year I ran myself into the ground working 80+ hour weeks nonstop. I took pride in staying up until 4AM and waking up at 8AM...but then I almost quit building helmets because I felt like that lifestyle was starting to cost me my sanity. I've been trying to avoid doing that this year because I truly love this more than anything in the whole world. The last couple of months have driven home the point that I need to start building a team to work with, because I can't do this alone anymore. There just aren't enough hours in the day. If I spend 12 hours sending emails and replying to DMs, that's 12 hours I can't spend building helmets (and vice versa). I also have to, you know, eat and sleep and occasionally relax and hang out or I will actually lose my mind. As much as I wish I could put the pedal to the metal and go go go 24/7, that is not a sustainable path. Thank you to all of you who have supported me on this journey. To those of you that have supported me by ordering one of my helmets - you have my eternal gratitude. I will never be able to thank you all enough. 💙

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kravers.co. I just want to know what they were talking about, what do you think?🤔

I just want to know what they were talking about, what do you think?🤔 looks lit af tho!😂

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Everyday I'm shuffeling🎉 . Moooin Leute hier ein kleiner Eindruck vom #openbeatzfestival letztes Wochenende ✌ Hab mich wieder um einiges verbessern können und viele Videos welche ihr in den nächsten Tagen zu sehen bekommt🤩 . Heute hab ich meine Fahrt zur #natureone und zum #sonnemondsternefestival gebucht, yes ich bin etwas süchtig nach dem #festivalfeeling geworden❤ . Wen von euch trifft man noch auf einem der nächsten Festivals? . Outfit @dollskill

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Geraldine and I broke the bass switch on Day 1, sorry not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️🦄 :::::::::::::::::::: Wearing the Wild Animal Rainbow Set and the Purple Vixen Cat Eye Glasses from @iheartraves :::::::::::::::::::: #ihrstyled #iheartraves #raveoutfit #ravebooty #ravebooty🍑 #audiotistic #audiotistic2019 #audiotisticbayarea #insomniacevents #girlsgonerave #asianravers #ravegirls #girlswhorave #lolstopreadingmyhashtagspls #festivalfashion #festivaloutfit #festivalstyle #festivalvibes #festivalwear #festivallook #musicfestivaloutfit #musicfestivalseason

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Because it’s bad boys for life 🧨 Life has been super crazy lately with work and it being summer that I haven’t really been keeping up with the posts sorry to my lovely followers and I promise to try and keep up with the content day 6 • • • 🎵: P. Diddy - bad boys for life ( @scissorsmusic remix ) #30dayshufflechallenge #shufflechallenge #viralvideos #girlsgonerave #rawclip #marygrace___

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Take me back. @edc_lasvegas

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Global Dance Fest must haves: ✔️Bubble Braids ✔️Bubble Braids ✔️Bubble Braids

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kravers.co. 🔥Artist feature🔥
After listening to one of his latest singles “MERCE

🔥Artist feature🔥 After listening to one of his latest singles “MERCENARIES” we were blown away and had to have KRAMEX throw down on this months’ Krave music mix. With only a few years in the game he has shown how versatile he is with numerous Trap, Dubstep, House, and Psytrance releases. He is definitely one artist to watch out for as he rises in the industry. Give his guest-mix a listen Link in bio or go to the link below 👇 Tinyurl.com/Krave-kramex Cc: @markandhuang

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OPEN BEATZ 2019 l Hello Day 2 . Leute wenn ihr mich am #openbeatzfestival seht (bin ja leicht zu erkennen🤣) sprecht mich an✌ . If you see me @openbeatz feel free to say hello🙌 . Bin am überlegen auf die @natureonefestival zu fahren? Wer ist oder war schon da und wie fandet ihr es? . Outfit @dollskill

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I’ll always be your Angel in the sky😇 . . . Growing up, I was always wanted to be an angel. There’s something about the purity & unconditional love that an angel symbolizes that has always resonated with me. As I got older, I realized that I could always just become an angel myself & be an example of love & hope to anyone I come into contact with🌟💛 . . . . #angel #inspireothers #beaninspiration #girlsgonerave #angelbaby #angelic #heaven #ravegirlsdoitbetter #ravegirl #prettyravegirl #edm #edmgirls #edmlifestyle #edmvibes #plurbabes #plur #plurbunnies #plurlife #plurvibes #peaceloveunityrespect #loveisallyouneed #loveandhope #belove

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🎶4 WEEKS SHUFFLE TRANSFORMATION 🎶 . Peace Freund was geht ab✌Ich binnseit 6 auf den Beinen, den heute geht's nach #herzogenaurach zum #openbeatzfestival2019🙌 Festivals sind einfach das Non + Ultra wenn man in kurzer Zeit im #cuttingshapes und #shuffeldance besser werden will. . Wart ihr dieses Jahr schon auf einem Festival oder fahrt nochbauf eines?

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basssbabes. @audiotisticfest Vibes💓💓💓 from @caitlyn.england ❗️😛 🔊✨✨ Message u

@audiotisticfest Vibes💓💓💓 from @caitlyn.england ❗️😛 🔊✨✨ Message us to be featured : 📲 •Peace ✌🏽 •Love 💗 •Unity 🌈 •Respect ✊🏽 ——————————— #basssbabes #girlsgonerave #bassbunny #basshead #toomuchbass #edmbabe #festivalbraids #raver #ravegirlsdoitbetter #plur #edmlifestyle #headbanger #bassbabe #plurvibes #ravebooty #insomniac #raveoutfits #edmgirls #nationalentity #basstherapy #plurbunny

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What is going on here @SoJournerBags

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Boys are nice, but Teddy Bears are better🧸 . . . Working in the fashion industry, I’ve attended workshops & seminars involving how to brand yourself. But for a long time I honestly did not know how to brand myself. . . I asked the owners of the brand I work w/ @stuzoclothing how they did it & they simply replied that they started by doing & displaying what they love. . . After that, it finally clicked. Before I was trying to become an image I thought I should be, but I realized I will never be that, I can only be myself. So now I embrace that I love flowers, & I’m awkward AF. I love EDM & I love cuddling up to stuffed animals. I can only be who I am & fall in love w/ that person. . . . #ilovestuffedanimals #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimalsofinstagram #plushylove #ravegirlsdoitbetter #ravegirl #girlsgonerave #prettyravegirl #edm #edmgirls #edmlifestyle #edmvibes #plurbabes #plur #plurbunnies #plurlife #plurvibes #peaceloveunityrespect #transisbeautiful #trans #transgender #transfem #fem #fempower #fempowerment #queerwoman #boyfriendgoals #losangeles #dontjudgeme #stepstomysuccess

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