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becomingthemillers. Kappy spent the night at his grandmas last night since we were waking

Kappy spent the night at his grandmas last night since we were waking up early for an oil change and beach day. All the kitties are spending time with him while she is painting!! Too cute!!! 😍😘 #tuxedocats #oscartheoneeyedkitty #mercuryandgus #kapperdapper #happykappy #catsanddogs #petshavethelife #greyhoundsofinstagram #retirednotrescued

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Such a simple concept: fuel your body - like you would your car - to perform at peak performance! The concept is even simpler when you’ve tested the hypothesis, and it turns out to be true - if you’re adding the best fuel - every time! And every time, you enjoy the way your body performs and how much you can get out of it! . So, i ask you - IG Family - why do i, on *weekday* mornings feel like I can jump out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on my gear, and just GO? I know what I need to do, but I only do it when I consider I have the time to do it. I basically run hungry on weekday mornings - no shit my run was bad today!! . Notice that one line “when I consider I have time”...since my schedule changed at work, and I’m sleeping in a little later, my perception of how much time I have in the mornings is that I have very little. My alarm clock has been creeping to earlier & earlier times when I’m going for a morning run - and I really don’t want to sacrifice my sleep! And the truth is - although I’ve come to an agreement with my boss for a 9am start to my work day, I’m showing up btwn 8-8:30 every day!! . I have time! Let’s aim to do this right & make sure that every run has the potential to be fantastic!! Although tomorrow is not a weekday, it will be an early run - who’s going to hold me accountable for fueling!?!? . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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🔸FEAR🔸 . Let’s talk about this for a minute! I’ve had many injuries while on this planet: broken fingers, dislocated shoulder, femoral hernia, plus many strains & sprains, cuts & bruises, etc! I’m also very aware that I haven’t had the worst life can throw at you - and this is a point I constantly remind myself, it helps me continue to get back up! . The scariest “injury” for me was losing all that blood during my first ever half marathon! I made some mistakes in training, but I never thought I would go through something like that at 31! . We all know that injury isn’t just a physical hurdle to get over. The mental weight of an injury sometimes can be way more painful! I’ve known I would need to run this bridge again, and all the others in Miami, but i kept finding a reason not to! Today, i finally ran out of excuses & did it! This is me at the bottom of my fear looking at it like a cub to a lion - it’s when I became the lion that the fear had disappeared! I was climbing that bridge, head down, and whispering to myself “just one step at a time” . FOR THE WIN! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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What’s your goal with running? Why do you do it? Does it make you happy? After my first major upset with running - i questioned so much about myself as it was related to running! I didn’t know if I was “meant to be” a runner!! . Now, let’s be super realistic! I am not a marathoner (yet) & I’m definitely not a professional runner! I only took up long distance running {almost} 3 years ago, but my goal is to be a runner with decades under my belt. My goal is to run some more halves, and possibly run a few fulls. My goal is to bring the strength, determination, and dedication that these running goals require to my future! Running has proven time & time again that the imagined impossibility is a realistic possibility! And, i run as often as it is sane (for me) to keep chasing my goals! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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Every run on my journey has come with its challenges, but it’s the feeling over getting through those challenges!! I definitely did way more than necessary on leg day 2 days ago - and my quads were not feeling great! The “stars aligned” and traffic got in the way - so a quick pause to #stretch while I wait for the lights to change!! . I could have stopped...but truthfully it wouldn’t have been long enough to make me proud AND i was still super far from Publix (my finish line)!! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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We had a Saturday night off #together 🥰 trying a new place with @raymozak always ends up being an adventure! Thanks for always making me feel beautiful & loved XOXO . . . . . #happykappy #miami #brickell #datenight #saturdaynightvibes #myegyptianprince #shamelessselfie #palmlifeequalscalmlife

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Earn (v.) obtain in return for labor or services - I’m putting my time in to earn these every month! I’m putting my time in to earn the pride i feel. I also put my time in to earn a weekly BURGER!!! I’m definitely going to have a burger this weekend! . I’ve been on a kick of earning a medal every month! I’m lined up for May & June already...looking for my July - Jan races!! February 2020 is my redemption race - the Miami Half!! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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So let’s talk about my crooked back! I haven’t been in many car accidents - 1 at 13, 1 at 17, and 2 times rear-ended in Miami by people without insurance (that’s fun!)...it’s made for a couple decades of chiropractors, PT, cupping, acupuncture, and all sorts of scans & xrays! And the most fun is that I carry all of my stress in my shoulders & upper back! Through these past couple of weeks, i haven’t been paying attention to my back - and I’ve been slouching at work! Well, it’s caught up with me!! Taking some time to work on my posture, stretch out my back, and meditate with the sunrise! Need to do this consistently for a few weeks (well, sans the sunrise part)! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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May have totally done it wrong today! I warmed up with a mile run, did 5x15 sets with 3 different arm/chest workouts, and “cooled down” with another 2 miles! When i feel like I can, I should & i did! A couple things struck me as i was running... . 1. I have ALWAYS ALWAYS said that i “can’t” run at night! I put myself in a box and wouldn’t let myself out. But lately, i learned that I CAN! . 2. Calling myself an outdoor runner meant on days when it was already raining outside, or I didn’t have time for a run too far from home - i just wouldn’t run! Well, i learned that I CAN run inside just as well as I CAN run outside - so no excuses! . 3. As much as I hate a stinky gym, having people around me who are also improving themselves pushes me like crazy! What wonderful motivation. i learned I CAN be so much better than I have been, and I CAN do things I’ve always thought were impossible! . I’m here to tell you that YOU CAN too! Please come run & workout with me - and kick my ass!! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #indoorrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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A Saturday afternoon at a friend’s baby shower @seaspicemia 🥰 love being able to celebrate life with some fantastic people! . . . . . #happykappy #miami #saturdayvibes #celebratelife #palmlifeequalscalmlife #saturday #sunshine

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I’m way overdue to turn over a new leaf. I’ve played sports growing up, had a workout routine through my 20s, took up running one day & trained my ass off for a half marathon (which - I’ll always tell you - did not go as planned)! . Then things seemed to fall apart for me! I’d start & stop - countless times! I know i love running, but there was always an excuse! Then there were days when i just say “fuck the excuses, I’m going!”! What a ping-pongy way to be! . IM TIRED. Tired of this weight, tired of this fatigue, TIRED OF THESE EXCUSES!! I’ll be the one to change it for me! I’ll be the one to overcome 💯 . Stick with me! My journey is incredibly bumpy, but i know there is beauty from turmoil! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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There’s not a lot I can ask for, nor is there a lot I would ask for - but friends like this come one in a million, and I’m so blessed to have a friend like you @agirlsgottaeatnyc ❤️ 2 years later, and it goes without a hiccup! Next reunion in NYC #markmywords . . . . . #happykappy #palmlifeequalscalmlife #miami #friendreunion #yourestuckwithme #positivevibesonly #withallmylove

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nlkaplan. Gathering all the stuff I need to walk somewhere to read alone. #perfe

Gathering all the stuff I need to walk somewhere to read alone. #perfectday #happykappy #happysaturday

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This one here is the finish line! This one here is pride, and joy, and satisfaction, and relief!! This is not the first time I’ve run this distance, nor is it the furtherest distance in my journey, but it’s another run that felt like my legs were going to fall off. And accomplishing runs like this - at least personally - feels like a huge victory!! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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Oh! Curious about this one? Well, this is at 60% of today’s goal when my lack of H2O convinced a cyclist to stop to ask if I was OK! Thank you, kind stranger - I’m still learning how to properly hydrate myself at 32 years of age! Winner over here! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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At this point it still felt super far from today’s goal, but I was in love with the wall color - especially on how well it matches my skin tone during runs! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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Feeling the “backwards hat” type of cool today! 🤦🏼‍♀️ different schedule of events today, sorta screwed me up...but miles are in, and I’ll be preparing for tomorrow’s killer run 🥴 . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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My truth is that I went out the door knowing I had to pee. I made it 2 miles back to my front door - just in the Knick of time! Since i was already back home, i thought i would just finish my run in the gym! BIG MISTAKE! I was running in the 8:00s with negative splits outside, and the treadmill just messed up my entire mojo! 🤬 . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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Home Sweet Home: a view from the pool deck! Not a freaking cloud in the sky!! Who wants to come run with me? 🤟🏻 . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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Round 2 Done = I’m done for the day!! I didn’t get all my miles on the first try, but i can’t give up on myself - who lose is gonna do my life for me? Gosh darn, NOBODY! Ps. Don’t just the mascara under my eyes, or the imperfect skin & hair, I’m loving life right now! 🥰💯 . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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That sweat is an incredible trophy for me 🏆goal are to look like i just got out of a swimming pool! Not there yet!! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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Got to work from home today, and after a complicated morning with certain people who don’t know my buttons but sure do push them...it’s up to a lunch-time run to set my head back on straight. I didn’t meet the mileage goal i set. Probably because i haven’t had food yet! 😜 . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy #happykappy

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sharonpascuarealtor. No matter what kind of day I have, and it was a doozy, I get to come h

No matter what kind of day I have, and it was a doozy, I get to come home to the Magnificent Beast who also looks like a baby cow🐄 #happykappy

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Good morning everyone! Can you tell just how sleepy I am? I 100% took a 45-min nap after this morning’s run, and I’m not ashamed at all! Even thinking of working from home tomorrow so that I can run around 7am, and do my strength training for lunch! It might totally be happening that way! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy

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Such a love & hate relationship with my weekday runs. I’m done by 4am today, and I’m thrilled I got my miles in - but I’m running & dreaming about going back to sleep. I’m getting plenty of uninterrupted sleep, but this week has been an absolutely struggle. It’s just a bit strange because last weekend was an absolutely killer weekend for me! Tomorrow is a new day! . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy

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Be strong: in your pursuit of whatever makes you happy! In that of your love, your health, your work, and your home! I am being strong for the future we are building, so the redemption I’m coming for, for those who need just a little fire under their butts (and much more)! Let’s build a strength network, and make all of the impossible possible 🥰 . . . . . #runnersofinstagram #womenrunning #runhappy #morningrun #instarun #instagood #happy

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