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Creamy dreamy coconut curry butternut squash soup with spicy chili lime roasted chickpeas to brighten up this gray sideways rain Saturday 😋 #soupseason : : : #eatseasonal #coconutcurry #butternutsquashsoup #roastedchickpeas #f52fall #foodtographyschool #imsomartha #healthyish #herbnspicegirl

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Dinner after a long day of work followed by prepping for work travel next week. Broiled salmon & crispy salmon skin over salad with blood orange olive oil and gala apple balsamic. *With a side of homemade margarita. 💁🏼‍♀️

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fitdogmomma. I’ve always liked my upper body muscle, but it’s always fun to see it

I’ve always liked my upper body muscle, but it’s always fun to see it develop even more throughout all the different workout programs I do. @beachbody @morningmeltdown100

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All the Saturday feels. And ending another day with French fries. That’s “adulting” right??? Happy weekend friends. PS aim so sorry for the plastic straw we do our best but sometimes 🤷‍♀️. : : : : : : #pursuepretty #childhood #thehappynow #makeportraits #childhoodunplugged #posthepeople #innout #fries #foodstories #motherhoodrising #momlife #healthyish #feedfeedglutenfree #bareaders

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jordin.gets.healthy. I’ve been craving pizza like crazy and I have enough weeklies/fit poin

I’ve been craving pizza like crazy and I have enough weeklies/fit points to indulge in a take out pizza but I decided to try the 2 ingredient dough! It’s not the prettiest thing but it definitely satisfied the craving. It’s only 13 points for the whole thing vs 13 points for 2 slices from a restaurant. I ate half for dinner and will eat the other half while I binge watch Pretty Big Lies after my daughter is in bed. I’m ending the day just one point over. I’m calling it a win🙌

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huzurlu_diyet. #Repost @fit.hafif.yasam
• • • • • •
Enerji veren truff ☕️🍫💯
Bir and

#Repost @fit.hafif.yasam • • • • • • Enerji veren truff ☕️🍫💯 Bir anda gelen tatlı krizine harika bir çözüm. Bence kahvenin en güzel eşlikçisi üstelik oldukça pratik bir tarif🤩 🌟Malzemeler (10 adet) -1 bardak yulaf ezmesi -1/2 bardak tahin @naturyol -3 yemek kaşığı pirinç patlağı (eğer yoksa yerine yine aynı miktarda yulaf ezmesi kullanabilirsiniz) -2 yemek kaşığı ham kakao @naturelkapowders -2 yemek kaşığı bal -1 çimdik tuz Süslemek için: bir paket (70gr) en az %70 bitter çikolata Yapılışı: -ilk önce yulaf ezmesini robottan geçirelim ve diğer tüm malzemeleri de ekleyip tekrar robottan geçirelim. -elimizle yuvarlayalım. Buzlukta 15 dk bekletelim. -bitter çikolatayı benmari usülüyle eritelim. Buzluktan çıkarttığımız topları kaşıkla bitter çikolataya batırıp saklaba kabına koyalım. 1 saate yakın buzlukta bekletelim. Tanesi yaklaşık 110 kalori Deneyen herkese şimdiden afiyet olsun 🌟 . . . . #healthyish #healthyfoods #fitfoodie #refinedsugarfree #glutenfree #blissballs #energybites #truffle #healthyrecipes #recipes #sugarcravings #food52 #thefeedfeed #chocolate #foodlover #dessert #foodie #treats #snack #foodgasm #enjoy #cleaneating

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Grandma’s Noodles stay on rotation.

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My fun weekend plans today consisted of getting my wisdom teeth out 🙃 So hungry and wish I was eating these tacos right {potatoes, @fieldroast chorizo, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, sour cream, @sietefoods hot sauce} #eatingwitheva 🌮

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mamabear.makes. Another stellar recipe from my favorite #OurBestBites girls! Instant P

Another stellar recipe from my favorite #OurBestBites girls! Instant Pot Cheeseburger Macaroni (or as her family likes to call it Hot Meat Noodle, and I'm so on board 😂) was so fast, so delicious, and such a hit with our 2 kids! I can't leave a recipe alone though so I used ground Turkey instead of beef, and seasoned it with homemade Montreal seasoning and a tablespoon of beef base (@betterthanbouillon Beef Bouillon)... And we found it to be delicious! I because it was what I had, I also used two sizes of elbow macaroni shells; I liked the texture of it so much though that I did the same 50/50 ratio when I made it a second time! . It's not low carb, but I appreciate that it only calls for ½ cup milk and 1½ cups grated cheese (and not heavy cream, cream cheese, and loads of cheese). . I served it with roasted broccoli and called it a day! . I'll link the recipe in my profile 😊 . #hotmeatnoodle #macaroni #macandcheese #cheeseburgermacaroni #hamburgerhelper (but not really) #homemade #feedingtoddlers #feedingthefamily #groundturkey #healthier #healthyish #noodles #comfortfood #healthiercomfortfood #dinnerideas #dinnertime

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Hello, I wanted to share just a few of the vibrant coloured fruits and vegetables still available at our local farmer’s market. Everything here is grown within a half hour drive from the market! These ingredients and more will become part of this weeks juices and meals. The best way to load your body with powerful protective antioxidants is to infuse your diet with fresh plants of all colours. Try rotating the fruits and veggies you use in your recipes to incorporate different colours throughout the week. Happy Weekend!

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Stocked up on freezer and snacks from @traderjoes • I only go once a month or so because they aren’t super convenient for me anymore. Some of my staples are any of their freezer Chinese food, their savory mini crackers and their reduced guilt freezer meals! • What are your favorites from Trader Joe’s?

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Well it’s getting close to Halloween so you probably need some homemade treats, yeah?! 👻 These are what I call my Healthy Millionaire’s Bars, AKA Twix but they were inspired by my trip to the UK a bit ago ✨ ⠀ And seeing that I’m currently in Ireland I was reminded of these beauties 👏⠀ Recipe is vegan, gluten free and paleo friendly! On fitmittenkitchen.com, linked via my profile! ⠀ ⠀ @fitmittenkitchen. ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ https://www.fitmittenkitchen.com/healthy-no-bake-millionaires-bars-vegan/⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #vegantreats #vegandessert #veganfoodie #feedfeedvegan #feedfeedchocolate #veganchocolate #paleo #paleorecipe #recipe #paleotreats #glutenfreevegan #halloweencandy #halloween2019 #healthytreats #healthydessert #healthyish #healthyfoodie #fitfoodie #goodeats #f52grams #inmykitchen #balanceddiet #balanceandmoderation #allfoodsfit #foodfreedom

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Welcome to my favorite bar. 🏋️‍♀️ (It’s actually mine.) It always knows how to make me feel better and no chance of hangover. This is one of my favorite views. Never in a million year did I think this is where I would love to spend my time, nor spend my money 💵 on equipment. But here we are and I love every minute of it. I could never understand how people could spend hours in the gym or go to the gym multiple times a day. Then I was shown true results that i earned in my own. It was the only thing after my mom passed that helped me feel better. It was truly a high that i can not duplicate with anything else. There is something amazing about what #fitness can do. It can change your life in so many ways. I know we all struggle with our relationships with fitness because it is a life time and not something that can be done with just a pill 💊 of in one night. It’s not magic but it incredible what a relationship with fitness can do for our lives. It is an antidepressant that doesn’t have side effects. (Unless you include becoming addicted to it or being your ultimate sexy self a side effect.) Happy Saturday day hope you get to do something you love today. Either way find a reason to smile 😃 today!

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I live near this amazing Thai restaurant in Fairfax that I love SO much that I order from it pretty much every other week 😅 My favorite dish is their green curry, which Tyler loves too... well, since he’s doing that low FODMAP thing, he can’t really have it... or really any restaurant food for that matter (lol). After 19 days of low FODMAP goodness, he finally had to give in to his green curry cravings, so we had to make our own (no garlic or onions, y’all...). Thankfully, Sarah at @asaucykitchen had us covered! Dinner dEATS: Sarah’s low FODMAP thai green curry and jasmine rice #whatsonmyplate #plantbased #healthyrecipes #lowfodmap #thenewhealthy #food4thought #feedfeed #nutritious #realfood #feelgoodfood #healthyish #foodie #healthyfood #cleanfood #cleaneats #eatyourveggies #wholefoods #runnereats #eatstogrow #food52 #todayfood

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challengingobscurity. ... #WtGrub
A Saturday evening in; my take on my Wagamama favourite. Y

... #WtGrub A Saturday evening in; my take on my Wagamama favourite. Yaki Soba [Chicken & Prawn]. . Made even more stonking thanks to the addition of @tonkotsulondon’s #EatTheBits Chilli Oil, courtesy of my friend @4achoudhury. God it’s good stuff. If you like Chilli Oil. Try it!!! . #YakiSoba #Wagamama #Healthyish #SaturdayDinner #YesIAteLaterThanPlanned #🤷🏻‍♂️

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spinsavy.fit. Pot Roast is my jam and this recipe gives me all the #fallvibes ! 🍁🍂

Pot Roast is my jam and this recipe gives me all the #fallvibes ! 🍁🍂🎃🍁. #homechef #healthyish #potroast #fuelforgreatness #cozy

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On being a slashie.. Being a slashie is one of my biggest gifts and biggest challenges.. Every morning I spend a couple hours in the gym training my amazing clients. Then I spend my afternoons working as a counsellor with pain and trauma. In between that I do my own training, build out my workshops, run a business I am a personal trainer slash counsellor and I have my feet firmly planted in both worlds. On my bookshelf is books about trauma, attatchement theory, nutrition, strength training, disorder eating and running a business Its not always easy to juggle it and make it work. I am constantly in a state of push and pull. I get asked consistently which one would I choose. Why do I have to chose? Who made the rule that we have to pick one thing for life? I struggled with this feeling of I AM A.... Trainer? A counsellor? Now I am perfectly happy being a slashie. For now... #trainer #coach #therapist #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #healthyish #healthiswealth #healthiswealth #edrecovery #edtherapist #mindfullness #strongwomen #counsellor #nutritioncoach #nutritionaltherapist

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