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miguereds. Just go

Just go

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I have been working in American healthcare system about 5 years, as a healthcare interpreter I communicate with my patients and their doctors a lot. Do you know what I understand for all this years? I share with you, I think this is important. The biggest tragedy of the human being it is not their body the ages, huge problem is - soul is always staying young! Being eighty or ninety people always surprise how it's happens with them, they can't jump and run anymore like used to?? People still feel they can, but legs do not following their desire! What i recommend? Move! Run! Walk!Do morning exercises! Do something! Take care about your body! Remember, your body always in any age contains a young soul. . . Работая #healthcareinterperer мне приходиться много разговаривать, как с пациентами, так и с их докторами. И знаете, что я поняла за все эти годы? Хочу поделиться, думаю это важно! Величайшая трагедия человечества заключается не в том, что тело человека стареет, самая большая засада, это то, что душа всегда остаётся молодой! Вот ведь в чем настоящая катастрофа! И в 80 и в 90, люди удивляются, как как-то? Как это так вышло, что ещё ваера они бегали-пригали, а сегодня, в душе то, по-прежнему скачут, а ноги не слушаются! В связи с этим совет! Берегите тело, чтобы оно как можно дольше шло вровень с вашей, всегда и в любом возрасте, молодой душой! Заботьтесь о нем, двигайтесь! Я тоже буду! У меня все.. . . #health #healthylife #healthcare #healthcare #healthylifestyle #selfcare #selflove #selfcare #agelessstyle

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atomy.rachelanyta. Testimony hemohim 🙌😍
WA 089659118158 

Testimony hemohim 🙌😍 *Manfaat HEMOHIM ATOMY* WA 089659118158 HemoHIM dipatenkan sebagai supplement untuk "meningkatkan aktivitas antikanker, meningkatkan imunitas dan hematopoiesis badan, serta melindungi tubuh daripada kerusakan oksidatif/anti penuaan. Pendekatan menyeluruh terhadap kehidupan yg lebih sehat. "(Http://www.directorypatent.com/US/06964785.html) *PERAWATAN DENGAN HEMOHIM 🍁Tekanan darah tinggi_* Ambil HemoHIM 3 kali sehari. Tekanan darah boleh meningkat buat sementara waktu, dan turun beransur2 ke tahap normal. 🍁Sakit Sendi*_ Ambil HemoHIM 3 kali sehari, hasil terbaik setelah pemakaian selama kira-kira 3-4 bulan. 🍁 Diabetes_* Ambil HemoHIM 3 kali sehari. Tahap gula dalam darah anda akan naik mendadak buat sementara waktu, tetapi ia akan turun beransur-ansur ke tahap normal 🍁Sembelit_* Ambil HemoHIM 4 kali sehari, hasil dilihat dalam tempo seminggu 🍁Anemia_* Anemia adalah keadaan kekurangan sel darah merah atau hemoglobin yang cukup sehat". 'Hemo' dalam HemoHIM ialah Hemoglobin. HemoHIM pasti membantu meningkatkan jumlah hemoglobin. Ambil HemoHIM 3 kali sehari selama 6 bulan pertama. 🍁insomnia_* Ambil HemoHIM 2 kali sehari. Anda akan melihat hasil yang terbaik dalam tempo 1 bulan. 🍁Kelelahan Kronik_* Ambil HemoHIM 3 kali sehari. Anda akan mulai merasa jauh lebih baik lebih baik dalam tempo beberapa hari saja. 🍁Meminimalkan efek sanping perawatan dgn Kemoterapi_* Pasien yang menjalani kemoterapi akan mengalami situasi amat tidak bertenaga, hilang selera dan loyo. HemoHIM memerlukan waktu 5-8 sehari saja untuk mulai terlihat hasilnya. Ia menguatkan sistem imun anda supaya tubuh dapat melawan kanker secara alami. Para ahli telah memformulasi komposisi produk herbal ini, pada awalnya, untuk meningkatkan sistem imun orang2 yang bekerja didalam projek KAERI. Setelah diketahui hasilnya sangat bermanfaat, akhirnya dibuka dan diinformasikan ke masyarakat. #atomy #atomyhemohim #hemohim #suplemensehat #kesehatan #hidupsehat #healthylife #healthsupplement #followforfollow #bestsupplements #anticancer #suplemensehat #kedokteran #imunitas

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onedaybree. Here’s my little sister. She’s the polar opposite of me but we have ju

Here’s my little sister. She’s the polar opposite of me but we have just realized we have something in common. . We both want to run a 5k. . It’s been on our bucket list & we had no idea! It’s nice to finally find something in common that we can do together & hold each other accountable. We’re both out of shape when it comes to running but I can’t wait to do this together. Here’s a cheers to C25K, we gonna do this! . . . . . . . . . #GetFit #Cardio #FitLife #GirlsWhoLift #OneDay #OneDayBree #Fitness #GetStrong #HealthyLife #NoPainNoGain #Weightlifting #IntermittentFasting #LowCarb #Keto #Motivation #NoExcuses #Running #CICO #C25K #GettingFit

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thelife0femilysfood. thai peanut stir fry🥜

thai peanut stir fry🥜

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highertohealth. Avoid pharmaceuticals and unnatural substances in your body. Perceive

Avoid pharmaceuticals and unnatural substances in your body. Perceive disease as dis-ease. This is nothing new to us. Simply suppressed information we are remembering. Let’s get together and spread this information. GOD put the medicine in the food! Ginger shots are awesome in the morning. Come back to nature🌿 immune boosting herbs are available at link in the bio _ _ #foodismedicine #healthylife #healthy #happy #healing #holistic #naturalhealing #natural #naturalcures #naturalremedies #naturalmedicine #holistichealth #ilovenaturalmedicine #fueledbyplants #healthiswealth #powerofplants #plantmedicine #herbalmedicine #alkalinefood #food #healer #alkalineliving #minerals #detox #organic #vegan #alkalinefood #alkalinediet

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lctaughtyou. Sooo much anxiety posting this but here we go. 
Down 15 REAL lbs since

Sooo much anxiety posting this but here we go. Down 15 REAL lbs since January, with 15 more to go! I know, doesn’t sound like a lot but keep in mind.. my goals are different from anyone else’s. I want to build muscle especially in my legs and butt, but also cut the fat in all the right areas. I’ve been at this fitness thing for years now I’ve realized that it soooo easy to lose yourself once you get to where you want to be. This time around I’ve committed myself to a more balanced fitness lifestyle that allows me to still have some fun, but still go hard for my goals (which why it’s taking me a little longer to get there). I can’t wait to see what I’ll look like after losing 15 more lbs and I’m so excited for what these next few months will bring. I have two more goals to check off before I launch my brand just in time for the new year. I can’t wait to show you guys everything I learned about fitness, and influence ppl to live their healthiest lifestyle💕 -the first picture Is my very first progress picture ever. . . #girlswholift #weightloss #fitness #fitlife #ihatemealprepping #eathealthy #drinkyourprotein #takeyoursupplements #fuelspectrumfitness #xsportfitness #southlakeymca #planetfitness #fitfam #healthylife #eatclean #instafit #losingcalorieswithlc

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This evening trail workout. I achieve my workout 🏋️‍♀️ goal and then some 🥰 #workout #trailealk #healthylifestyle #healthylife #healthy #walking #beauty #beautiful #marshalls #tjmaxx #target #apple #applewatch #ross

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byronbeverageco. Today and every day
Remember to recycle

Today and every day DO SOMETHING SUSTAINABLE Remember to recycle Pick up some rubbish Do your best in your own way! Every bit counts 🙌💯🥃☀️ #blacknitro #byronbeverageco

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💻🛒🛍️Ven y conoce nuestros Outfit y entrena con comodidad y a la moda.🛍️🛒💻 . ⚠️Ingresa a nuestra biografía y oprime en el link para comunicarte directamente con nosotros . 💻📱➡3045308333 🚗🛒📦 . #FITFASTSTORE #bodytechmanizales #suplementosmanizales #fitgirl #fitnessadict #healthylife #gymlover #gymlife #positvevibes #ropadeportiva #familiaxpower #fitnessmodel #musculos #training #outfit #tendencia #deportes #motivaciongym #cuerposano #colombiamoda #gymwear #colombiafit #fitnessfashion #fitbooty #fashionfit #mujer #Manizales #handsomefit #xpowercolombia #CALDAS

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Jonas brothers tonight! Been waiting a whole decade to see them again ❤️

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tboernfit. A great reminder that no matter how much you exercise... nutrition is

A great reminder that no matter how much you exercise... nutrition is the key! Abs are made in the KITCHEN!!! Check out what Tiffany has to say ⤵️ "In the first four photos, I was working out doing the stair master (20 min high intensity) and weights 3-4 x a week and eat healthy until night time came around then I would crave and eat all the junk food in the house before I went to bed and just didn’t seem to be getting anywhere and I was just so miserable and unhappy with myself. I HAD to break that vicious cycle I was stuck in. The other four photos was me this morning. NO working out since I started this program at the end of July. And it’s amazing that I can finally see all that hard work pay off that I was doing previously at the gym! I will be getting back in the gym soon to keep my body toned. I mean HOLY SMOKES, who knew my body had this kind definition. 💃🏼" #healthcoach #nutrition #healthylifestyle #AbsAreMadeInTheKitchen

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burnskathi. This is my coach, Ashley Howard.  She’s awesome.  She coaches full tim

This is my coach, Ashley Howard. She’s awesome. She coaches full time. Yeah- like that’s her job- helping people! 🙌 She works hard for what she has, but the payoff is huge as she can stay home with her little girl. We met online. I didn’t know her. We have a mutual friend and she reached out to me about Fit Club. She was nice. What she was talking about sounded great, but it also sounded too much like work. There was no way I was going to spend money to get in a group of strangers and start something I knew I wouldn’t keep up with & make a fool of myself. Nope, not gonna happen. No thank you. She contacted me again, and again, and several more times. She was never pushy, always kind but always made me think. I watched what she was doing online everyday. She was a normal person, not some super human that ate broccoli all day and burpee’d her way thru life. I finally reluctantly gave in. I joined her group. I was feeling miserable and I needed a change. I had been drinking the healthy shake she talked so highly about on and off for awhile and doing some of the workouts but with no consistency. She said the groups would give me accountability, which I needed. At first, it was overwhelming. I’d come home from work and felt like all I did was spend time in this group. After awhile, when I became accustomed to it I enjoyed it, got to know people, and looked forward to it. Many of these ladies became my friends. We encouraged and supported each other in our comments. I also started having success in my weight loss, so that was very cool! After several months, she talked to me about coaching. She said my positive attitude would be great for helping others + by this time I was starting to see some weight loss so I had a good story to share. I jumped in as a coach. The rest, as they say, is history. Ashley is one of my best friends, as are my fellow coaches. Many of them were those ladies in Fit Club three years ago that I didn’t know and was afraid I’d make a fool of myself in front of. Anything that you are not familiar with is scary, but trust me... this is not scary and it can be life changing!

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2k.kefir.e.kombucha. #Repost @theowebertmt with @get_repost
Costumo dizer que o intesti

#Repost @theowebertmt with @get_repost ・・・ Costumo dizer que o intestino é o novo cérebro! ⠀ Uma pesquisa publicada pelo Journal of General Psychiatry mostrou um resultado positivo nos sintomas da ansiedade em 56% das pessoas que trataram problemas intestinais. ⠀ Alguns resultados apareceram pela inserção de probióticos na dieta e outros pela dieta low FODMAP. ⠀ Os probióticos são excelentes para melhorar a qualidade da sua microbiota intestinal, acrescentando bebidas fermentadas como o Kombucha, você consegue uma quantidade suficiente para o seu organismo. ⠀ Os FODMAPs são alimentos pouco absorvidos no nosso organismo, o abacate, cebola, leite de vaca, farinha branca são alguns deles que em excesso refletem em desconforto abdominal, queimação, refluxo e constipação. ⠀ Claro que nenhum desses processos será milagroso, ele melhoraram os sintomas e tudo isso deve ser acompanhado por um profissional de confiança. ⠀ Quero saber, você está abusando dos FODMAPs? E os probióticos, já entraram na sua dieta? ⠀ #TheoMedicinaDoTodo #MedicinaFuncional #FODMAPs #Probióticos #functionalmedicine #dicasdesaude #saude #saudeebemestar #wellness #maissaude #vidasaudavel #health #healthylife #healthy #healthychoices #instahealth

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elbuenrichar. Esto a sido una experiencia totalmente, es por eso que te aconsejo...

Esto a sido una experiencia totalmente, es por eso que te aconsejo... Mientras convivas y pagues los tragos serás su amigo😂 Podrás sentirte amado pero lo difícil es diferenciarlo del interés😱 El día que decidas dedicar tiempo a tu EDUCACIÓN, CRECIMIENTO DESARROLLO, A SEGUIR TUS SUEÑOS, en lugar de salir un maldito viernes🔝 Te apuesto a que después de esto tendrás más dedos que amigos!🤷‍♂️ #alwaysthealpha #motivacion #exito

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healthy_onair. 🍕 พิซซ่า แคลต่ำ โปรตีนสูง 🍕 @gymmie_highprotein อุ่นทานร้อนๆ คือดีงา

🍕 พิซซ่า แคลต่ำ โปรตีนสูง 🍕 @gymmie_highprotein อุ่นทานร้อนๆ คือดีงาม อารมฯซีฟู๊ดมาเต็ม ใช้เตาอบไฟฟ้า 180c 5-8mins (จนขอบกรอบ) Airfryer 160c 6mins เวฟ ไฟเเรง 10-20วิ *เตาอบ/airfryer อร่อยสุดจ้า โปรตีนที่ใช้เป็นโปรตีนเคซีน สกัดจากนมเหมือนเวย์ แต่ดีกว่าตรงร่างกายจะค่อยๆดูดซึมไปซ่อมแซมส่วนต่างๆ ได้นาน 8 ชม. ช่วยลดการสูญเสียของกล้ามเนื้อ สำหรับคนออกกำลังกายจ้า 👌👌

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Hi guys! One of the biggest Jogja events is coming up soon! Yups, it's 11th Jogja International Heritage Walk! This is going to be huugee, you know? _________ In corporation with Wonderful Indonesia and the Regional Government of Tourism Office, this annual event offers various walking programs with traditional and cultural touch included. You can find Prambanan Temple during the walk, traditional food during the eating time, and cultural performances each section of the program. _________ Go click @jogjawalking for further info! Don't miss it! #jogja #walking #jogjawalking #international #events #traditional #cultural #program #healthylifestyle #healthylife

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veggie_files. •Creamy broccoli soup • 
So Simple & Super clean makes for the perfect

•Creamy broccoli soup • So Simple & Super clean makes for the perfect week night soup 🍜 How to : Boil or steam broccoli florets until soft, while broccoli is steaming sauté 1 onion and 2 garlic cloves. Drain broccoli and put it in the food processor and blend until it’s semi puréed add the onion, garlic 1/2 bottle of veggie stock, salt, pepper, and nice amount of nutritional yeast. Blend again until well mixed.Pour into a pot to heat up drizzle some olive oil and crushed red pepper ( when ready to serve !

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