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Ecco l'appuntamento del BEDDHA TRIBE CAMP che si terrà il 24 Novembre a Locorotondo BA presso il magico trullo AJNA di Valeria Gianfrate @ajna_valeriagianfrate Verrà introdotto il concetto di benessere e rituali di bellezza per illustrare la filosofia di The Beddha e come queste pratiche possano essere vissute come esperienze di attività mindful. Momenti meditativi da dedicare alla nostra essenza ed ad alimentare la nostra luce interiore. Momenti che richiedono presenza, intenzione e tempo, concetti opposti a quelli legati a trattamenti (chimici) a soluzione rapida. Passeremo poi al concetto di sorellanza per abbracciare le presenze femminili sedute in cerchio e apprendere metodi antichi per guarire il corpo, la mente e la pelle dall’interno. L’esperienza Beddha Tribe Camp incoraggia le donne a riprendersi il potere dello sguardo maschile e ridistribuire idee di bellezza per rafforzare il femminino sacro dall’interno, e il tutto anche grazie all'aiuto di altre donne. Successivamente inizierà il rituale di bellezza vero e proprio. Si purificherà spazio e aura con Salvia Bianca Califoniana, si procederà con la Meditazione Aromatica grazie ad As A Flower, il vapore botanico, per poi trattare la pelle tramite il massaggio con Gua Sha in Quarzo Rosa per il rilascio delle energie stagnanti presenti nel connettivo. Il workshop si concluderà con un mantra dedicato alla bellezza "I'am the Light of my Soul" (Sono la Luce della mia Anima), la condivisione da parte delle ospiti di sensazioni, pensieri, difficoltà incontrate e con Valeria che aiuterà il cerchio con suggerimenti. Solo 3 biglietti rimasti! Su essiree.com #beddhatribecamp #event #workshop #beautyritual #beautyritualincircle #goddesscircle #womencircle #holisticbeauty #beautyroutine #exclusiveclub #membershipclub #essireecommunity #essiree #community #thebeddha #thecchiui #livingbetter #wellnessplatform #mindfulness #consciousliving #activeliving #holisticliving #women #sisterhood #womenpower

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beautyaislediy. How did I learn to formulate beauty product? I started by trying out r

How did I learn to formulate beauty product? I started by trying out recipes I found online. But just like with any food recipe I've ever found, I always end up changing something in it. I guess my years of mixing hair color formulations has helped me to become a confident experimenter. Sure, I've had to toss batch after batch and read on the chemistry side of things to get to where we are now. But it all started with a will to learn and create.

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🍃Do you ever just sit back in awe of how life unfolds?⠀ ⠀ 🍃I find myself being amazed at the people and opportunities the universe has seen fit to send my way. I sit back in child like wonder watching my life unfold and I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for all I’ve been blessed with. ⠀ ⠀ 🍃Starting your life over completely is not for the faint of heart. However, it is the best thing I ever did for personal growth, wisdom, and insight.⠀ ⠀ 🍃I am truly honored that people like this beautiful soul have come in to my life to support my vision and inspire my creativity ❤️

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Anyone else wake up with perfect hair this morning? Happy Friyayy! ❤️ Houzton Mohawk credit since you asked: my fav Pure + Good shampoo/ conditioner from @dogly_ #fairydoglymother

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refineryspa. ✨Friday feature✨

Want to finally conquer your acne? Well this is my f

✨Friday feature✨ Want to finally conquer your acne? Well this is my friends is the holy graile! @osmosisskincare Blemish retinal serum is Vitamin A-based serum blended with beautiful botanicals and herbs that work to normalize oil production, calm inflammation, and promote wound repair. . Along with the revolutionary vitamin A (retinal) derivative Retinaldehyde, this incredibly powerful serum features ingredients like cucumber🥒, teatree🌱, rosemary🌿, and grapefruit.🍊. The result will be flawless and refined radience. #beautyreimagined #skincareregimen #beautyrefined #esthetics #masteresthetician #beautiful #glow #professionalskincare #osmoisskincare #holisticbeauty #skincare #natureknowsbest #nutrition #selfcare #investinyourself #sanantonio #sanmarcos #flawless #nbtx #tx #friday

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Waiting for the weekend like...

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earthradiance5. #Repost @jessicalyarbrough_ @download.ins
My latest on @voguemagaz

#Repost @jessicalyarbrough_ @download.ins --- My latest on @voguemagazine today! Are Sheet Masks The New Straws? 🌎 . “Sheet masks are trash,” Lauren Singer announces. We’re chatting about the sustainability of the single-use skin-care products, and I start to laugh at her play on words—but Singer speeds right past the joke. “They’re unnecessary, they’re superfluous,” she rattles off. “They come wrapped in plastic.” To the environmental activist and founder of @packagefreeshop, sheet masks are, quite literally, pre-packaged piles of glorified garbage. . Harsh, maybe—but as the news cycles through stories on climate change and carbon emissions and what to do about the planet’s compounding pollution problem, I can’t help but understand where she’s coming from. Entire cities have banned plastic straws and plastic bags. Extinction Rebellion protested at London Fashion Week while Greta Thunberg petitioned for political involvement at the United Nations Climate Action Summit. Fashion houses are pledging carbon-neutrality. And beauty? . The beauty world remains strangely detached from the real world. (Glitter makeup, made of microplastic particles, is *the* look of the moment, a trend that feels out-of-touch to say the least.) Sure, I get that ours is an industry built on excess: the 25-step routines, the three-tier shelfies, the sparkles—sightings of which are enough to trigger a climate change anxiety attack. But that excess means there are some very easy eco-opportunities here, people. Like phasing out the aforementioned sheet masks, which are the skin-care equivalent of straws, but worse. . Full story via the link in bio! Thanks to @trashisfortossers, @mwr.movement, and @beautyheroes for contributing — featuring eco-picks from @packagefreeshop, @eve_lom, @bathingculture, @orgaid, @oseamalibu, @skinowl, @_ayond_ and shoutouts to @terracycle and @credobeauty 🙌🏻 #sheetmasks #naturalbeauty #cleanbeauty #ecobeauty #packagefree #zerowaste #vogue #writersofinstagram #earthradiance5 #holisticbeauty #nontoxicskincare #ayurveda #herbalskincare #organicskincare

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It's getting hot in here 🔥🚒⁠ .⁠ Our Infrared sauna is still for $29 for the whole month of October! Book your treatment now before all spots are gone⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #zensationalu #holisticskincare #holism #infraredsauna #sauna #chromotherapy #cryotherapy #cryoskin #health #wellness #fitness #beauty #beautyhacks #LEDlight #colortherapy #lighttherapy #summer #nyc #weekend #detox #cleanse #spa #rejuvenate #vacation #staycation #liveyourbestlife #luxuryspa #spaexperience #relaxing #holisticbeauty

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Have you ever taken a moment to think about the skin that lies on top of your heart ❤️and that protects one of the most important organs of our body? Premier #aromatherapy brand #Alqvimia have! They focus a lot on care of our intimate areas. Take time to explore one of a woman’s most important areas of the body, the seat of our own femininity & notice the changes that can occur there. 🌿 Alqvimia’s bust Firming oil has received an award for “best bust product” It has been formulated to improve skin elasticity, muscle tone & deeply nourish the skin so that it does not become flaccid. 100% natural containing Almond, Hazelnut & Rosehip vegetable oils as well as Fenugreek to firm & essential oils of 🍋 Lemon, 🍊 Orange, Geranium, Ylang-Ylang & Lemongrass 🥰 available in our #skincareboutique 🛒🛍 €81.70 #holisticbeauty #naturalbeauty #luxurynaturalskincare #altacosmeticanatural #holistichealth #aromatherapyoil #bustfirming #marbella

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HOLISTIC FACIAL KANSA: balances Qi, moves lymph, creates ionic detox and increases stimulation ⠀⠀ CUPPING: moves stagnant fluid, tightens skin, stretches fascia to soften wrinkles and create volume ⠀⠀ GUA SHA: reduces puffiness by draining lymph and stagnant fluid off the face and sculpts by stimulating fascia and muscle tissue ⠀⠀ CRYSTAL GRID: crystals are placed intentionally on the skin to address skin and lifestyle concerns ex. inflammation, self love, anxiety etc. ⠀⠀ RED LIGHT THERAPY (RLT): energizes skin cells which helps rejuvenate, build collagen and even out skin tone ⠀⠀ AND IT’S RELAXING AF ⠀⠀ We will *soon* be selling gift cards for this service and @woodlandbeauty.kept has a promotion on this month! Head over to her page to check it out All the details for skin services are up on our website www.keepkept.com (link in bio) ⠀⠀ #keepKEPT #theTRADITIONofbeauty

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yagalifestyle. What sets my soap apart from all other handcrafted soaps is the #seamo

What sets my soap apart from all other handcrafted soaps is the #seamossgel that is generously included in the formula. Since creating this formula and launching in my shop, I have had so many customers report wonderful results with this soap, and all the glory goes to sea moss! . . #SeaMoss is nature’s collagen, with amazing emollient properties that hydrate and soothe the skin, promoting a healthy and youthful appearance. It rehydrates the skin because of its high mineral content and mucilaginous compounds, leaving the skin silky and smooth. Sea moss helps keep the skin’s elasticity intact as it promotes collagen production which in turn helps plump the skin, smooth out wrinkles, diminish dark circles and bags under the eyes, and fight the signs of aging. . . You can click the link in bio to visit my shop and place your orders today. Available in packs of 1, 2, or 4 soaps, in Eucalyptus-Mint or Unscented . . #vegansoap #handmadesoap #veganskincare #veganbeauty #antiaging #holisticbeauty #skincare #beautysecrets #naturalbeauty #nomakeup #soapmaker #essentialoils #mint #eucalyptus #artisansoap #naturalsoap #homemadesoap #aromatherapy #organicsoap #naturalskincare #soap #coldprocesssoap #soapshare #purpleseamoss #irishmoss #soapcutting

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🍃El Enebro rico en antioxidantes y saludable para el corazón, tradicionalmente se ha utilizado para "desintoxicar" el cuerpo y promover la digestión saludable y la salud de la piel, entre varios usos. . 🍃Entre los principales beneficios del aceite de Enebro, se encuentran: aliviar la inflamación de estómago, servir como diurético, combatir irritaciones de la piel, mejorar la digestión, promover el descanso, aliviar la acidez estomacal, entre muchos otros. . 🍃En el lado emocional, el aceite esencial de Enebro te permite atravesar el miedo a reconocer los aspectos negativos de si mismo, Invita a tomar valor para encarar lo desconocido y detener patrones de evasión de la Realidad. Ayuda a tomar conciencia de la oscuridad y valentía para sanarla. Sus palabras clave son: Purificación, Claridad y Convicción. . 👉🏼En la BIO 👆🏼puedes acceder a mi tienda virtual donde tengo todos los aceites esenciales orgánicos de @synthesisorganicsusa y una Super 🎉Promo donde en pedidos sobre $150, obtienes GRATIS el BEAUTY SKINPAD DECOLLETTE, con ✈️ Free Shipping a partir de $50! . . . 🍃Juniper Berry rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy, has traditionally been used to "detoxify" the body and promote healthy digestion and skin health, among several uses. . 🍃The main benefits of Juniper Berry essential oil: it relieve stomach inflammation, serves as a diuretic, fights skin irritations, improves digestion, promotes rest, relieves heartburn, among others. . 🍃On the emotional side, allows you to go through the fear of recognizing the negative aspects of yourself, Invites you to take courage to face the unknown and stop evasion patterns of Reality. It helps to become aware of the darkness and courage to heal it. Its keywords are: Purification, Clarity and Conviction. . 👉🏼Check my BIO 👆🏼to find @synthesisorganicsusa Essential Oils and a 🎉 super Promo where you get FREE the BEAUTY SKINPAD DECOLLETTE in orders over $150 and ✈️ FREE Shipping from $50!. .

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face.toned. Possibly one of the greatest gifts of nature is that chocolate is anti

Possibly one of the greatest gifts of nature is that chocolate is anti-ageing! With one of the highest measured antioxidant (ORAC) capacities, cacao helps protect your cells from oxidation, and contains other important minerals like iron, copper and zinc! So what are you waiting for? Tuck in!🍫⁠ ---⁠ ¡Posiblemente uno de los mayores regalos de la naturaleza es que el chocolate es antienvejecimiento! ¡Con una de las capacidades antioxidantes más medidas (ORAC), el cacao ayuda a proteger sus células de la oxidación y contiene otros minerales importantes como el hierro, el cobre y el zinc! ¿Entonces, Qué esperas? ¡Comer!⁠ ⁠ #Chocolate #Cacao #RawCacao #HealthyFood #SkinFood #Goodness #Minerals #Vitamins⁠ #FaceFitness #FaceYoga #FacePilates #PilatesFace #Pilates #Beauty #NaturalBeauty #OrganicBeauty #AntiAgeing #GlowingSkin #Skin #Prevent #Fitness #GlowingSkin #Belleza #PielRadiante #GimnasiaFacial #EcoBeauty #FacialFitness #FacialExercise #HolisticBeauty⁠ #Collagen ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

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quintessence.institut. Pour vous aider à retrouver une belle beau, j’ai imaginé 3 cures de ch

Pour vous aider à retrouver une belle beau, j’ai imaginé 3 cures de choc pour lutter contre les problèmes de vieillissement cutané et peaux déshydratées. réservation en ligne ou au 01 43 56 84 16 💆🏻‍♀️ 💄 💅🏾 🛀 🍃 👄 🧖‍♀️ 🌸 🧺 🧴 #quintessence #beaute #soin #soinvisage #hydratation #microneedling #radiofrequence #beautyaddict #beauté #skincare #skincareroutine #skingoals #peauneuve #peauparfaite #selfcare #selflove #holistic #holisticbeauty #serum #beautyfromwithin #beauty #acidehyaluronique

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celebrityyounatural. We're all set up and ready for the 3-day OM Yoga show @omyogashow at t

We're all set up and ready for the 3-day OM Yoga show @omyogashow at the Alexandra Palace, North London. Here with the lovely Nathalie💕 from @lovelightlifecandles Her natural candles are "heavenly" by the way, beautifully made with natural waxes and scented with pure essential oils🍃 We're here till Sunday so visit us at stand A9. A whole weekend of health and wellness activities and of course shopping😊 #CleanBeauty🌿 #PlantBasedBeauty ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #CelebrityYou #bebeautiful #haircare #naturalskincare #beauty #plantpower #veganbeauty #skincare #vegan #natural #veganskincare #holisticbeauty #plantbased #alexandrapalace

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goldessence_777. I am taking Christmas orders for beauty products from today! 
This is

I am taking Christmas orders for beauty products from today! This is a lovely gift set that contains: Vitamin C and witch hazel facial toner. Washable and reusable head band to keep your hair out the way. Washable and reusable sponge to apply your toner. Sweet orange room spray. Large jar of sweet orange hand and foot butter. And citrine crystal which cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition. Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success. It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm. Raises self-esteem and self-confidence. All wrapped and ready to put under the Christmas tree. £25 This is a limited offer so get your orders in as soon as possible 🍊🍊🍊🧡🎄 As always all the products are 100% natural and organic and in reusable recyclable packaging x #sweetorange #organicbeauty #naturalbeauty #bodybutter #facialtoner #giftset #localmum #buylocal #holisticbeauty #holistictherapist #reiki #crystalhealing #meditation #ware #waremums #recycle #recyclablepackaging

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Información y citas: ☎️ 91 563 87 26 ➡️ ☎️ 91 805 77 81 #OrganicBeauty 🌿 #HairColor 🎨 @coraruiz @gente_peluqueria

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estherqueen_official. New arrival ICE GLOBE
외국 SPA에서 핫한 아이스글로브를 에스더퀸에서 출시했습니다 #beautytool#es

New arrival ICE GLOBE 외국 SPA에서 핫한 아이스글로브를 에스더퀸에서 출시했습니다 #followforfollowback

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We have ONE matte Pink Chai lipstick and ONE matte Feelin’ Peachy lipstick in stock! I am wearing Feelin’ Peachy with a rose colored lip liner in this photo. I love, love, loooooove that our mattes do not dry out lips!! They are super velvety and creamy but still long-wearing. Have you ever noticed that when you use, let’s say a chapstick or lip balm that is not all natural that your lips get dried out then leading you to feel that you have to apply more and more balm because you think your “dry” lips are the problem? Well the problem is actually that the chemicals in your lip products are drying your lips out even more. You don’t get that with nourishing all natural lip products!! TIP: when wearing a nude colored lipstick, you should definitely wear a lip liner along with it to give it some definition and more color. Wearing the nude alone might be too pale. $28. All natural. Organic. Vegan. Cruelty free. Gluten free. DM to claim! . . . . . . . . makeup #makeupartist #makeuplover #makeupinspiration #ctmakeupartist #ctentrepreneurs #ctsmallbusiness #gogreen #greenbeauty #greenbeautylover #greenbeautyblogger #vegan #veganmakeup #veganbeauty #organic #organicmakeup #organicbeauty #crueltyfree #crueltyfreemakeup #crueltyfreebeauty #holisticbeauty #allnaturalmakeup #allnaturalbeauty #glutenfree #glutenfreemakeup #glutenfreebeauty

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estherqueen_official. BLUE BLUE BLUE ENERGY
#New arrival beauty tool 

BLUE BLUE BLUE ENERGY #New arrival beauty tool #holisticbeauty

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Doing what we do! Beauty & vibes. Taking a holistic approach with our craft as beauty & wellness practitioners. @hairpresent @sfpartynails @youremeghanmehot @oneselfbeauty @macetadecherimoya @xoklw @stacihallhair @curlonbecky @wellinthewest A new way to be Self-employed. Stronger together with maximum freedom! We love having you visit. xo

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estherqueen_official. the most effective, hydro therapy

the most effective, hydro therapy #holisticbeauty

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estherqueen_official. The Holism Beauth reflects the whole beauty&health system

The Holism Beauth reflects the whole beauty&health system #holisticbeauty

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estherqueen_official. Watch some movie, called \"Esther\"

Watch some movie, called "Esther" #holisticbeauty

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estherqueen_official. Essential Oil, WHAT HELP US? 
Aroma Scent Therpy - Happiness  Creativi

Essential Oil, WHAT HELP US? Aroma Scent Therpy - Happiness Creativity Love #holisticbeauty

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