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Воскресное утро на прогулке в парке. Вы часто гуляете? Я очень люблю пешие прогулки, когда не сильный мороз конечно😊. Сегодня всего -6, и эта температура вполне хороша для прогулок) Лес, свежий воздух и белки бегающие по снегу и деревьям)), что может быть лучше?) #беременяшка

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alyssatorgerson. hi it’s me again 🌞

hi it’s me again 🌞

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anarosa_pasache. ⚠ #No_maás_Caida_de_Cabello ⚠ 😯😱 FuXion presenta la nueva línea GALE

#No_maás_Caida_de_Cabello ⚠ 😯😱 FuXion presenta la nueva línea GALEON XXI 😱😯 ‼️ #SHAMPOO_FORTALECEDOR ‼️ #Nutre y #fortalece el #cuero_cabelludo desde la #raíz. ✅Efectividad comprobada para evitar la caída del cabello. 🔴Adquiere el producto ingresando 👉🏼 http://ifuxion.com/ANAPASACHE

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tzm_malaya. #Repost @firdauskamarudin_sky
Payung bontot sekali sekala, terima kasi

#Repost @firdauskamarudin_sky Payung bontot sekali sekala, terima kasih geng-geng TZM Kuantan jalan-jalan cari makan kat Kemaman harini #ycls #2stroke #bikerlife #ysuku #kennyroberts #rxs #team_y15zr_malaya #oldbutgold

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palamasam17. 😈😈 @palamasam17 @palamasam17

😈😈 @palamasam17 @palamasam17

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Spring forward and bounce back like Katelyn Ohashi (@katelyn_ohashi), the recently graduated UCLA gymnast who’s giving us a boost of motivation with her gravity-defying flips and her sparkling personality. 🤸‍♀️✨ “Gymnastics has taught me to keep striving for goals no matter how many hardships you go through,” says the 22-year-old athlete, whose perfect-score floor routine went viral earlier this year. Need an extra bounce in your step this week? Check out some of Katelyn’s 💯🙌 skills in our new weekly series #YouGotThis, right now on our story.

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iamcinnamonbear. Hi all, Just a quick message so everyone knows who I am & what I do 😉

Hi all, Just a quick message so everyone knows who I am & what I do 😉 • • Soon I will have a place where you can drop by & say “Hi” But in the meantime please 🐻 with me 🙏🏻 • • I am an independent, 5* hygiene rated trader, currently working from my home kitchen 😌 • In the next few weeks I will, hopefully, get the keys to my new BUSINESS premises • • I can also be found up at Avro Heritage Museum as I am also their Caterer. • • There seems to be some confusion with regards to where I work from & people are being led to believe that I am within Poynton Tea Room!? I’m NOT!! • • I have had a number of customer enquires, 4 today alone, asking if they can pop in for a chat Re: Cake making/Buffet enquiries. Sadly I am not there! • • Whilst I did have a tea room, in that building, years ago, it is now owned & run by someone else. • • My goods or services are not available from within that store & any goods purchased or ordered there are NOT mine! • • If you wish to order from me please continue to DM me directly or email me at: iamcinnamonbear@gmail.com • • If you wish to arrange a consult, I can do that too 👍🏻 • • #madebysarah #iamcinnamonbear @iamcinnamonbear @ukgossipgirls #poynton #cheshire #surroundingareas #thecinnamonbearpoynton

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itshernewyork. Not to many typical ig girls can post unedits ... pun intended

Not to many typical ig girls can post unedits ... pun intended

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