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thearunsharma. What would you do if have you have last 6 months in your life ? 

What would you do if have you have last 6 months in your life ? What is the use of life if you don’t live for yourself. What is the use of life, if you don’t follow your dreams. What is the use of life, if you keep on regretting and do nothing. What is the use of life, if you just die doing nothing▪️ #followyourdreams #passion #cmtmastijanuary2019 #motivation #bestrong #trainhard #aesthetics #fitness #diet #nutrition #instagram #influencer #enterpreneur #indiafitness #getfit #plixxoinfluencer #plixxo

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unnatipatwa. Okay hi baby gains 💁🏻‍♀️
I couldn’t believe that this is me. Because

Okay hi baby gains 💁🏻‍♀️ I couldn’t believe that this is me. Because only a few months back it was a different ballgame. A long way to go🤞 #neversettle #takeitslow #girlswithmuscle #fitgirls #mumbaifitness #indiafitness #chickswholift #gymmotivation #back

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annabel.fit. When the workout instantly makes you feel better!!! 💛 .
Training to

When the workout instantly makes you feel better!!! 💛 . . Training took a bit of a hit because I came down with a stomach infection a couple of days agooo. So I had to take a couple of extra rest days in between. Thankfully today I was feeling much better. . . It wasn't the best session in terms of hitting pbs - but theres nothing like that feeling of zoning in, completely focusing on my session and pushing myself.. Boom 💥 endorphins kick in and make everything feel better. Who feels me?! 🙋🙋🙋

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#ShredifyMotivation No. 51 Name: Shamshuddin Ibrahim (Shaam) 1. What are your fitness goals? Every individual is blessed with body stats. If a person maintains his weight according to his height he or she will always look fit. For example I am 5’10 and I’m supposed to weigh 74-76 kilos only. But I am 78 the reason for the extra 2 kilos is my muscle weight since I have been doing muscle training for almost 20yrs of my life. So it’s very simple. Just make sure your weight is right according to your height. You will look young, energetic and fit forever in life and that’s my fitness goal. 2. How does your training help achieve your fitness goals? I’m basically a foodie and I let myself go whenever I see something really yummy, and the only reason is that I regularly train in the gym. Wherever I am in life I make sure I hit the gym for atleast an hour a day. So basically my training helps me maintain and achieve my fitness goal. 3. How does your nutrition and diet help achieve your fitness goals? Being an actor I get into nutrition and diet only if any role I am playing in the movie demands it. Otherwise I do not follow a particular diet. I just eat normal food (of course home cooked) with enough carbs and protein everyday. 4. How do you fit training into your lifestyle? Training for me is the most important activity in my daily life. The first thing I do in the morning is hit the gym and train for 1.5 hours. I basically do it to look and be fresh throughout the day. And most importantly all the negative energy is out of your system when you train. So you can look and be positive to the world. 5. How important and why is it important for you to stay fit? Basically I believe that an individual’s appearance matters in whatever profession he or she is in. If a person looks physically fit it also means that he is mentally fit too. For me my confidence comes with my fitness. Being fit is my top most priority in life. And the three D’s I follow DISCIPLINE DEDICATION & DETERMINATION #shredifyme #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #actor #actorslife #kollywood #kollywoodactor #tamilactor #fitlife #fitlifestyle #fitspire #chennai #chennaifitness

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iWhey by Genius Nutrition is intelligent all in one 100% whey protein formula, with precise dose of 《L- leucine》 for more protein synthesis, with《vitamins》 to recharge your body after workout, enzymes for the perfect digestion and 《creatine blend》 for more ATP and muscle building support. ________________________________________ Available N.WT: 2000g and 900g in 5 perfect designed natural flavours #geniusnutrition #iwhey #sport #bettertechnology #wheyprotein #protein #proteinpowder #supplement #workout #gym #muscle #europe #sportnutrition #dubai #crossfit #dietarysupplement #bodygoals #wholesale #bodybuildinguk #nutribeast #diet #india #europe #indiafitness #sportnutrition #proteins #girl #body #fitnessgirl #fitnessmotivation #creatine #leucine

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WHICH FOODS ARE GOOD FOR WEIGHT LOSS ? . This seems to be the most common question off late. Can I eat banana, is it fattening? Can I have a little rice ? Can I have milk on a weight loss program ? Can I drink tea/coffee? Etc…etc.. etc… . My question to you – did you real my post on calories and the basics of weightloss ? Your total number of calories through the day is all that matters for weight loss. No one food determines that. You could eat healthy the whole day and still gain weight… if you are having too many calories. . So yes you can have bananas, milk, rice or anything for that matter as long as you stay within your daily calorie requirement for your goals. . There is no natural whole food you need to avoid. NONE . I go out 5 to 6 times a week. I’m heading to @chinabistrofl tonight for a pan Asian dinner. I’m heading to the @arrehman concert this weekend. There are a few things I will take into account because I know these meals will be larger than my normal dinners. I love my food and I love trying new things and I do not feel guilty afterwards BUT I need to account for them. . Weight loss or a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you stop living or enjoying the things you like. When you focus on your health you make decisions differently. . Stop worrying about what you can remove, read yesterday’s post and focus on what you can add. Focus on the 80/10/10 rule ( link to post in my highlights) . With the party and wedding season around us I think a series on eating out might make sense. What do you think ? . Oh and who is coming for the #arrehman concert ? check it out @onehearttour Or @bookmyshowin

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iammaheshkumar. Starting my day with powerful shoulder workout what are you guys train

Starting my day with powerful shoulder workout what are you guys training today?? ____________________________ @ravindra.sarowar @fitboxgym99

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Lookin' better every day, you got that Benjamin Button 🎶😝 #pardisonfontaine . . Scheduled rest day today! No training for me. Just a quick 30 min stair master session and steps! & Same thing tomorrow cause I'm shooting all day in Bangalore for @hrxbrand 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ . . Two rest days in a row will do me well 💯 and I'll pick up training from Wednesday 😊 . . "Know how to make your training schedule fit you" -@awesammy

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The wolf climbing the hill is more hungry than the wolf above the hill "WILL NEVER SETTLE" #bodybuildingnation #fitness #fitnessathlete #mensmodel #indiafitness #fitlifestyle #insta #fitphoto

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Since my childhood I was afraid to fail, afraid to not succeed, afraid to miss out, afraid for other’s opinions. . I remember vividly -and my mother reminds me sometimes- we had to dress up for school when I was 5 or something and I screemed and cried for 2 hours because I didn’t wanted to go to the dress up party. . I’m not 5 anymore obviously, but these things are considered to be part of your character. These things don’t just suddenly dissapear from your system. . Now I try to own my failures, see them, accept them, learn from them, and own them 👊🏼

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stark_balashifali. Why limit yourself to anything ? 
@goflo_trainer helps you to push tha

Why limit yourself to anything ? @goflo_trainer helps you to push that extra bit .✨✨✨✨ You can use the @goflo_trainer for Sports | Kickboxers | Boxers | Physio | Cardio | Strength | Beginners | CrossFit | Preganancy Trainings .🔥🔥🔥 Come try it yourself !!! 😍 Next instructor training happening on Feb 22nd 23rd in Bangalore🌟🌟 #dmusformoredetails @gurnitdua #goflo #goflotrainer #gofloaddicts #strengthtraining #strongwomen #strong #crossfit #kickboxing #cardio #fitnessaddicts #fitnesstrainer #fitnessblogger #fitindia #fitness #fitindia #chennai #chennaifitness #pushup #india #indiafitness #training

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Never have I ever experienced such a shoulder pump. I couldn't even lift my hands to tie my hair by the end of it. I kid you not 🤣 . . I was introduced to MTUT. ('Menace' time under tension) In MTuT you spend 10 seconds lifting the weight using a full range of motion, then coming back down as normal. Its like the opposite of a controlled eccentric. . . Started off with some pretty heavy sets of Mtut shoulder presses then we did a triset of lateral raises to front raises to rear (as seen in video and picture) then a killer dropset of lateral raises starting from 2.5kg dumbbells till 10kg and back down 😅 followed by some other movements. . . . . Learned a bunch of different training techniques today. It was an honor to get trained by @bigdjames and the highlight was him shouting in between sets "big delts, you want em work for em" and the best one was "welcome to the ifbb pro league- push it" 🔥 . . Thank you @rakeshudiyar for making this happen 😊🤗

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fitleanfitness. 150 kg....hip thrust...
Best workout.for glutes.
.#squats #fitne

150 kg....hip thrust... Best workout.for glutes. . . . #squats #fitnesslover #buttworkout #indiafitness

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Mobility Monday is back! We're starting this new month with a really basic mobility drill you can do anywhere. Quadruped rocking is a great way to loosen up your hips after some serious sitting. It can also be a good warm up exercise before a lower body workout. Key things to think about : ➡️ Full hard exhale at the end ➡️ Slight arch through the lower back ➡️ Pressing strong through the floor Shown in the video: Level 1: rocking with knees on the floor Level 2: rocking with knees elevated Level 3: rocking with downward dog Give it a shot, video yourself and tag us! #hipsdontlie #mobilitymonday # moveeveryday #coachvarunsrikanth #gym #fitness #strengthsystem #strengthtraining #chennai #chennaifitness #india #indiafitness #strengthcoach #strengthandconditioning

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IRON BROTHERS Fitness freak athlete from HOWLI Coming soon...2019 Prosperity lies in hapiness "WILL NEVER SETTLE" #fitlifestyle #motivationalquotes #fitmotivation #assam #instapic #photography #indiafitness #indianbodybuilding #mensfitness #mensmodel #hotmen #musclemania #musclefreak

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