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#innothotsprings - feeling like a #froginapot ! Totally worth the drive - lying in a warm bath of #thermalwater and it’s free! #blissedout

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Daph & Ern LOVE travelling and living in the kombi, making do and troubleshooting. But Innisfail has broken them. It has rained every day but one since we arrived. And not just showers. Like, torrential. This is normal, according to the locals. And this is DRY season!!! Daph can’t take much more. The rain is bringing her down. Everything is leaking. Everything is wet. The campground is flooded. Her weak bladder means she has to walk to the amenities block several times a day, and night, through a swamp of over saturated grass and mud. Then this morning, she goes for a shower...... no water!!! NO F**KING WATER!!!?? We bought a gazebo and inner tent to extend our living area, so we could still sit outside and enjoy the outdoors. But the gazebo has become the storage area for everything that is soaked and needs to dry out. And there’s nothing outdoors to enjoy anyway. We back on to the busy A1. There’s crocodiles in the river. And the clientele at the caravan park .... well, let’s just say Daph wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley. The town itself is a colourful place. So far, on our walks too and from work, we have witnessed domestic violence, bitch fights, illegal midnight fishing in crocodile infested waters, and a multitude of shoeless people. No point wearing shoes if your feet are always wet. Daph thinks we are living on the ‘wrong side of town’. So next week we are giving up the vanlife temporarily and moving to a house. On, hopefully, the ‘right side of town’. Today is Daph’s first day off from work. So we headed out of town to Innot Hot Springs, to take a bath, relax, and unwind. Daph needs it. Ern does too. Ern is usually more tolerant. But this morning he, too, was broken. Daph: “I’m sorry you’re not having the best time. But I’m glad you aren’t. Now I don’t feel so bad for moaning all the time.” #wherethefuckisthesuninsunnyqueensland #muchneededrelaxation #innothotsprings #vanlifedeserters #broken #wewanttoliveinthekombibutthisisfucked

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mikey_owen_alex_mum. :핫핫핫.
Some side of the creek was too hot and the other side was bit co

:핫핫핫. Some side of the creek was too hot and the other side was bit cool. It was very interesting to checked temperature of creek. I could leave some eggs in the hot water side for cooking hahaha🐣 Very mysterious place♨️ #innothotsprings #hotwaterinthecreek #mineralwater #goforawalk #계란삶아먹었어야했는데 #완전뜨거운 #핫핫핫 #겨울온천여행

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Such a nice surprise today! We hadn’t really planned our next stop and as we were driving through Ravenshoe we spotted a sign for Innot Hot Springs. I had heard of it before but never looked into it. We found a camp at Woodleigh Cattle Station on Wiki Camps and have our own private camp along the river. We then visited the hot springs! Wow! The water was boiling hot (steam was coming up from the water!). We dug out our own little pool where the water was a lovely warm temperature. How incredible is nature!!! This was truly fascinating and relaxing!!!

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Young and free! Everyone we meet tells us the kids will learn more on the road and that what we are doing is fantastic! I hope one day our boys realise what a gift they were given by traveling.

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Soak away those winter blues at Innot Hot Springs located between Ravenshoe and Mt Garnet 😎🔅 Great image from @mooski_adventures doing just that! • • • • • #drivenorthwestqld #northwestqld #thisisqueensland #hotsprings #innothotsprings #relaxing #ravenshoe #mountgarnet #travel #selfdrive #roadtrip #holiday

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제목:온세상사람들을다만나고오겠네. Nice to met you Audrey🌺 온천놀러가서 만난 한 살 많은 연상누나 오드리❤ 마이키 델꼬 스폰지밥 보여주고 자전거 같이 타고 마이키 얼굴(디테일하게 코 밑에 점까지!)도 그려주고 우리 집에 돌아오는 날은 가지말라고 했던 금발소녀~ 지구는 둥그니깐 언젠가 또 만날 수 있음 좋겠다❤🧡💛 #campinglife #innothotsprings #누나좋아 #한겨울이곳 #9도실화냐 #온천여행 #즐거운캠핑생활

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제목:불장난하면자다가바지에오줌싼다. My favorite things to do in winter!⛄ FIREPIT🔥⛺ #firepit #sparkle #camping #9°dgree #innothotsprings #춥다춥다춥다

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シルエットがすけべな妖怪の赤ちゃんみたいで好き #innothotsprings #shadowplay

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hm_queenie. What a great setup!!! This is living!! Products and items from:


What a great setup!!! This is living!! Products and items from: @tentworldaus @saharatrailers #thisislivingbarry #innothotsprings #campinglife #relaxing Note: all images remain the property of the owner. Any usage must give credit to owner.

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our.family.gap.year. Yesterday, we stopped at the Innot Hot Springs on our way inland to Mo

Yesterday, we stopped at the Innot Hot Springs on our way inland to Mount Surprise. I couldn’t capture it on the phone camera but the water was so hot in places that there was steam rising off it (pic 2). It gets so hot that people have been known to boil eggs in it! There were also a few pools that were a little cooler so we were able to paddle and enjoy the naturally warm water. If we hadn’t been just passing through we would have stopped for longer and had a ‘bath’. #travellingaustralia #innothotsprings #beautyofnature

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#innothotsprings #camping Camping with my amazing guys ⛺️🏕

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#innothotsprings #camping Camping with my amazing guys ⛺️🏕

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They weren’t lying when they said that Innot Hot Springs are hot! 🔥 (That’s steam coming off the water!)⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ These natural mineral springs, located between Ravenshoe and Mount Garnet are up to 75degrees in some sections!! 😮 Just incredible! ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ Sadly, much too hot for Ellanor to have a dip, hence that cranky little face 🤣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣ #innothotsprings #burntfeet

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sweetascanbestudio. Loving some of the old, weathered signage we’ve been passing along the

Loving some of the old, weathered signage we’ve been passing along the way. I’ve seen some questionable uses of the comic sans and monotype corsiva fonts that has alarmed the graphic designer in me, but I’ll let that slide.. in towns with one little bakery, it’s not about competitors or fancy fonts, it’s about service with a smile and incredible (huge) homemade pastries 😍

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💧 Innot Hot Springs, QLD We stopped into the Innot Hot Springs for a quick dip in the hot pools! 🏊‍♀️ We didn't know what to expect but assumed it would be something like Dalhousie, warm water in the ground. We were wrong! 🙅🏼‍♀️ There are 6 pools in total, all man made. They pump in the water from the neighboring hot springs and all 6 pools are different temperatures with the hottest being 46 degrees! 🥵 It cost $10 per person to access the pools and we found this a great price. There are also showers, toilets and BBQ areas you can utilise to really get your monies worth. You can access the spring water naturally next door to the caravan park but the temperature can be really hot - dangerously hot! The pools are attached to a caravan park but we opted for a free camp up the road (post to follow!).

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Natural Hot Springs Just take a shovel and dig yersel a bath :) #hotsprings #nature #innothotsprings #queensland #travel #australia #weescotbigdreams

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