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Let’s wander together. 25 days till our next adventure. ✈️💙 #millystravelbook #neworleans #louisiana #tb

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It’s not just a random “Jasna picture”. 😅 It’s a picture of THE BEST GOALKEEPER IN THE WORLD @oblakjan, posing by the Jasna lake. ⚽️😎 📸 @oblakjan ———————————————————————— @atleticodemadrid @laliga @championsleague #football #soccer #janoblak #goalkeeper #jasna #lake #kranjskagora #ifeelsLOVEnia 💚

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At the end of the day you should think about how it went and enjoy all the good things as well as forget all the bad 🙏🏽📸 @nihthu . . . If you like our posts - don’t forget to press ❤️ and follow our page ⚓️

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Doing my best Merman impression 🧜🏼‍♂️ ☓ We spent our days free-diving in the clearest waters of our lives 💦 Perspective can be misleading underwater but it’s actually around 20m deep here 💥 Abundant marine life, crystal clear water, and for the most part - absent of the pollution so obvious in other parts of Indonesia 🚯. It goes to show that it’s not too late to stop the destruction we are causing to our oceans. Happy days ✌🏼Have a think and let me know 👉🏼 What could you replace in your life today with a plastic free alternative to minimize the use of #plastic ? 💭 ☓ Pc bruu @blacksaltmedia 🤙🏼

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igerscusco. Tradiciones.|| Gracias al #IgersPeru 🏆@ninoskamontufar 📸
Foto sele

Tradiciones.|| Gracias al #IgersPeru 🏆@ninoskamontufar 📸 . Foto seleccionada por 👤 @cristianpezog. Si te gusta la foto , compártela tagueando a quienes más quieras 📷 . 🌐 Utilizar #Cusco #IgersCusco e #IgersPeru .

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can‘t get enough of this view 🌊☀️ #livingalina

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