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Many bridges in #instaSGsundayBridge, and we love this one by @vincentphotogram! The low angle somehow creates a not-so-familiar perspective of this bridge, and we love how everything is arranged symmetrically, with the line of lamps exactly at the the centre, taking the attention. Did you notice the last lamp is aligned perfectly on the clock tower too? - Thanks for all who have joined us, we look forward to having you with us in the next #instasgSunday10pm!

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jq_1980. Linking to the other side... #instasgsundaybridge #instasgsunday10pm #
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Have faith and do goods so you can prepare to cross any bridges that lie ahead. A favourite place to run around the Southern Ridges route. It’s 36m above ground given a nice vantage point for viewing day and night. The wave shaped provide a nice and secluded seating area (left in the picture). But nothing like meeting a friend (good huggy moment there!) for a serene morning run like this - she recently completed her first 10km race. Mabrook! @faithinmyselfsg 📷@ekhman07 #hendersonwavesbridge #yoursingapore #instasgsunday10pm #instasgsundaybridge #singaporeinsiders #fms_isathere #madaboutsingapore2018 🇸🇬 #instasgchallenge03

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“He turned the sea into dry land: they went through the flood on foot: there did we rejoice in him.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭66:6‬ ‭KJV‬‬ . . . #instasgsunday10pm #instasgsundaybridge

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The Yatsugatake Takahara Ohashi is a bridge literally painted yellow, also called Higashi Ozawa Ohashi, the so-called "Red Bridge", "Yellow Bridge". It is so phenomenal that you cannot possibly missed it. The weather was just unconducive and this was the best shot before the fog got worst.

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Walking 🚶‍♀️ across

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Go your own way

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Depressing colours; "What if actually, I am the weakest link?" #instasgsundaybridge #亦吟加油

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"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn." #instasgsunday10pm #instasgsundaybridge

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Double rainbow by the bridge🌈🌈

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Thank you, Taiwan, for your warm hospitality, frigid temperatures in the mountains, and for the lovely company! @kennethcjd @waltereseow will miss the both of you! | #vsco #wanderlust #travel #explore #nature #scenic #landscape #welltravelled #adventure #taiwan #instaSGsundayBridge #instasgsunday10pm

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beccalicioussssss. All ready for another adventure 🗺 can’t wait!!!! Officially counting

All ready for another adventure 🗺 can’t wait!!!! Officially counting down ✈️⏱😗 • • • #vscocam #lifeofadventure #instasgsundaybridge #throwback

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As you graduated from this phase of schooling life, crossing the bridge to the working life, wondering what is your life going to be? #instaSG #instaSGsunday #instaSGsunday10pm #instaSGsundayBridge #instaSGsundayBridge2018 #throwback #bridge #life (Avenue Q Song) What do you do with a BA in english? What is my life going to be? 4 years of college...and plenty of knowledge has earned me this useless degree..I can't pay my bills yet..cos I have no skills yet. The world is a big scary place......But somehow I can"t shake, the feeling I might make..a difference to the human race! #avenueQ

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View of Busan’s Gwangandaegyo Bridge from the hotel room. Taken in Apr 2017 📸: Nikon D7200

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