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What a amazing wonderful evening this was for us!! #thanksscfd for this amazing grant!! We are so grateful and happy to have been able to receive this!! This means so much to us!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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🌻🌜✨Boho Vibes ✨🌛🌻 Learn how to create my Aqua Autumn necklace with free DIY instructions @halcraftcollectionbeads - This necklace features an assortment of yummy stone beads wrapped in brass wire. Click link in bio or go to my story for a direct link! Halcraft’s entire website is 35% Off this week. #bohonecklace #wirewrappedjewelry #wirewrappednecklace #rusticjewelry

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Monthly Assisted Casting Class:⠀ The first session for this class starts at 6 pm on Friday, October 18 and the second session is at 9 am on Saturday, October 19.⠀ Bring your finished wax model(s) to the studio for casting. Our casting expert will help students sprue and invest their models in casting flasks, run burnout and vacuum cast. (Wax carving is not part of this class.)⠀ Meetup link in Bio

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Day 6 of our Kickstarter has everyone making some pretty awesome looking bangles - stay tuned to see the finished pieces 😍 Thank you for the incredible video @venniceaw_lucywalkerjewellery @kelly_lee24s @zenn_matsubara @the.soulsmith @pulapla @abbiebabyz @23ookami @josie.soulsmith @infinitystonesco @mniraaalthani

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It’s all about magnification today as we step into the wonderful world of stone setting 😍 finished pics to come! @josie.soulsmith @the.soulsmith

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a head chain in silver n golden for u to make ur hairstyle more elegant in a very low price for details n preorder plzzz dm #artsandcrafts #onlineshoppingpakistan😊 #onlineshoppingpakistan #jewelrymakingclass #jewelrydesigner #jewleryaddict #deals

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Competition time!!!! How would you like to win 70cts of genuine rose cut and cabochon gemstones? What are you waiting for - get to work 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻😂😂😂

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@crystaljw0725 working on a Halloween inspired cuff for our upcoming competition 😍

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Thank you so much @carlamfox for the amazing teacher you are!! It’s always wonderful to have you teach at our studio!! So grateful!! #Repost @carlamfox ・・・ The fun we had! Great students, fast learners, great projects. And I can’t say enough about what a great studio space is at BoMA.

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✅ בזמן שבניתם סוכה אנחנו דאגנו להפתעה מיוחדת עבורכם. ⠀ טבעת זהב עדינה, עשויה זהב צהוב ולבן 14 קראט, משובצת יהלומים. ⠀ ויקטוריה תכשיטים – כי פשוט אין סוף לשלמות ⠀ 📍 חיים עוזר 32, פתח תקווה ☎️ 039313389

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beadstoyouaz. Come learn how to make this stunning turquoise and leather bracelet!!!

Come learn how to make this stunning turquoise and leather bracelet!!!! .. ... Create #turquoise #Leather #bracelets #Jewelry PrescottValley #Beads #Wirework #JewelryMakingClass

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A sample spread of snacks on the bench! 🍪🥒🍇 I offer private lessons for groups...bachelorette jewelry making parties, work socials, or just a night with friends. It is so much fun to host these parties! No experience is necessary, come with ideas if you have some or not, and leave with a finished piece of handmade jewelry. . . . . #janefrank #janefrankjewelry #werkstatt #werkstattvermont #mastergoldsmith #jewelrymaking #jewelry #jewelrymakingclass #jewelrymakingvermont #madeinvermont #handmadejewelry #handmadejewelrydesign #jewelrybench #vermont #burlingtonvermont #womenmakers #finejewelry #jewelrylesson #jewelrylessons #fallinvermont

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Date and Price have changed on the workshop 'Steel & Gold: A Love Story with Bette Barnett'. NOW Saturday & Sunday , November 9 & 10, 2019, 9:00am - 5:00pm⠀ Meetup link in Bio

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Making process of 1ct black diamond engagement ring and wedding bands. www.diorahjewellers.com #diorah #jewelrymakingclass #jewelrymakingworkshop #jewelry #diamondring #rosegold #rosegoldengagementring #handmadejewelry

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somethingsublime1. Getting ready! I've collected some amazing stones for my next Retreat

Getting ready! I've collected some amazing stones for my next Retreat at Owl Creek Studio. Y'all students are going to do the happy dance when you see them! I'll be putting out some save-the-date info, soon! xoxo . . #derynmentock #somethingsublime #derynmentockjewelry #metalsmith #metalsmithing #silversmith #ladysmith #riojeweler #artisanjewelry #sterlingandstones #handmadejewelry #onthebench #instasmithy #handmade #wyoming #wyo #thatswy #sheridanwyo #thewestisthebest #madeinwyoming #smallbusiness #retreatatowlcreekstudio #jewelrymakingclass #jewelryretreat #artretreat #turquoise

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pamenamel. Here are several student pieces from my class this past week. Im so pr
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What would @ismelolabulldog do without someone to polish her crown 👑 😍

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@ismelolabulldog trying on her crown for size! Time to solder on the bezels for the stones 😍 maybe amethysts, what do you think?

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@dameliorer_jewellery soldering a crown for @ismelolabulldog 😍 because every puppy deserves a crown!

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@_sunhands_ polished some rocks on our CabKing today! Go to her page to see the fabulous free-form cabochons she made!! 💖💎 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Did you know you can use our Cab King for just $10 an hour?! And if you’ve never used it and want to learn, we’ll teach you for only $10 and then the usual $10/hour fee applies thereafter! Call us if you’re interested at 616-296-0020 to schedule a time!

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findrare. Awesome new 18k gold findings are available in my shop 💎 designed by

Awesome new 18k gold findings are available in my shop 💎 designed by yours truly 😇 just add pearls or gemstones and you will get a pair of unique earrings😍 the granulated circles are just over 10mm and each chain is 27mm long (slightly over an inch)💎 what do you think?😌 #18kgold #goldearrings #granulation #granulationjewelry #18ctgold #18caratgold #chandelierearrings #orecchinifattiamano

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Had a great group of students for today's bezel building class. Can you believe all three were brand new to both soldering and sawing? They did such an amazing job! #bezelsetting #bezelmaking #studentwork #jewelryworkshop #jewelrymakingclass #jewelrymaking #cabochon

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