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🎯Dead Bug Series: Part 2⤵️ ⠀ 🐞The dead bug is a great exercise to train trunk stability, body control and coordination. Naturally, there are many ways to progress and regress this exercise, in addition to having a variety of implements to incorporate within each step (i.e., kettlebell, dumbbell, physioball, resistance band, mini-band, foam roller, weight plate, etc.—the list goes on). ⠀ 📶The purpose of this 3-part series is to show you a simplified progression approach. The goal is to master each stage of the progression series, from the lower body focus to the upper body focus, and then tying it all in together with the full-body focus. This approach will help the athlete to undergo a user-friendly way to advance their dead bug. ⠀ 📐Part 2 of this dead bug series will focus on using the lower extremities (legs) as levers, which will place the stability demand on the trunk during hip extension. Consider this series as the fundamental building blocks for advancing the dead bug exercise. Each of the 4 exercises listed below are in order of progressions. ⠀ 1️⃣ Wall Press Dead Bug ⠀ 2️⃣ PB (Physioball) Legs Only Dead Bug w/ Squeeze ⠀ 3️⃣ Band Press Iso Dead Bug ⠀ 4️⃣ KB Press Iso Dead Bug ⠀ 📌Keep your eyes peeled for part 3 (full-body focus) coming soon!

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October 1st seriously on our minds. Lots of planning and arrangements been structured. All Road leads to University of Lagos (Multi purpose hall) for the first ever Summit from the office of (Teeinigeria) The entrepreneur and empowerment initiative of Nigeria. . To know more about our package and sponsorship package and if interested in been a part of this success story, kindly view the link to our brochure on our BIO!!! and feel free to contact us before OCT 1st.. . . . #womenentrepreneurs #sponsored #sponsorship #sponsoredpost #entrepreneur #empoweringwomen #empowerment #1millionfollowers #1millionentrepreneurs #summit #seminar #training #teeinigeria #teein #bolaadeboye #lagos #unilag #unilagentrepreneurs #kbspecials  #9japroject #iam_jegzy #aquapapy #AjoseToyibat @meshileyaoluwakemisola #Eyidunilomo #3nityevent #prinzehadeoye1  #mikeomotosho @its_mikkyanu @dynamicduke @obatoyosi @tjaycool01 @obasky_247 @funso29 @djabitad @brianmacffaden @salmah_arose #samadokufuwa @Princeabbeytoy @that_superwoman @iamochid @iam_mochid @Emmysport @Generalemmysticks @Sego_Stephen @akanmuhayjay  @meggdamsel Yerumoh @yusufsikiru_official @obasi_terrycollins @TCEgobuikeObasi @chi_curtiz @asha8325 @Alarape_damilola #Pcnforgreaternigeria

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