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Balcones y tribunas 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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sigalaluz123. Guess where :)

Guess where :)

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divzee42. I was enjoying my lunch in the park and this little cutie came and pat

I was enjoying my lunch in the park and this little cutie came and patiently waited for me to give it some food! But I had nothing left to give unfortunately. #funnyanimals #cute #nature #natureandlife

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At the astounding Arashiyama sacred Bamboo forest where the trees grow and grow .. Near Kyoto, this winding lush vista showcases fantastic bamboos, water vistas and provides a wonderful walk #ttot #arashiyama #bbctravel #cnntravel #instagram #kyoto

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A glorious day out at the Osaka Castle and gardens. Sakura and hanami in the park and happiness all around. #sakura #sakuraharuno #cherryblossomfestival #cherryblossom #itsjapan #japan #osaka #osakajapan #bbctravel #cnntravel #instagram

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nefariousfunkbros. Black Swan, St James' Park

Black Swan, St James' Park

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Tina, 38 years old from Italy. Part-time digital nomad and freelance translator. Places she visited alone: China, Colombia, Mexico, Philippines, USA. ✨@tina____alfieri____🎈 #herstory: "Before starting the travel, I was mostly concerned about safety since my plan was to travel on my own for 5 months. Now, after almost 5 months around central and South America my fear has completely disappeared. Just use standard precautions and enjoy the ride 🤸🏽‍♀ I learned that everything is possible with a little common sense and I've learned to be more patient. I’m currently living in Colombia! Come to visit this country – it’s an explosion of joy!"✨✨✨✨ #happybelatedbirthday Tina! 🎂💞 #happy1month @hertravel_herstory 💪🎈

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