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When I tell you don’t think of panda bears, now all you can think of are goddamn adorable little pandas.🐼 • Food is the same, the more you restrict and confine, the more you want to rebel. • Eat foods so you feel good, not so you are following rules correctly. I’m reading a book on intuitive eating and it’s pretty amazing how our bodies can communicate its needs if we just learn to listen. • When we treat our bodies like our friends instead of someone we despise/want to punish, it will make your life infinitely more enjoyable and wonderful. It will matter way less if you lost the 10lbs/finally have abs/have more likes on Instagram/etc, because you’ll be busy living a badass, fulfilling life! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #eatlikeyougiveafuck

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2019 lesson of the year: Don’t fucking wait. • Don’t wait for life to give you signs or for the feeling to be right or for someone to come along. “I’ll go to Paris when I meet my person.” “I’ll get a gym membership when my friends can join me.” “I’ll start eating healthy in January.” • If you want something, get after it NOW. Go to Paris now! Join the gym now! Commit to your nutrition goals now! • When you do the things you want to do, the universe will put the right people and circumstances in your life. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #kensingtonmarket 📷 @mattaekatolyk

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On a scale of one to @chipotle Guac, how extra is this pose?? • Don’t believe everything you see on the gram. My ass certainly does not look like this in real life. • Not pictured: me gasping for air from sucking it in and me writhing in pain from overarching my lumbar spine aka sticking my ass out. • #asslikewhatsthat #kerenchennutrition #kombuchamami

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Growing up I got sick a lot. Every couple of months, I would get a chest infection or high fever or a stomach bug. And every time I got sick, my parents would take me to the Doctors where I was prescribed antibiotics. No one ever questioned how frequently I was on these meds, they just trusted that pharmaceutical companies had my best interest at heart. 🚨Spoiler alert, big pharma doesn’t give a shit about me or you - their drugs annihilated my gut flora from a young age. • Fast forward a decade into my graceful teenage years (jk), I couldn’t figure out why I was bloated, constipated, looked 6months pregnant after eating or drinking ANYTHING. It wasn’t until I got into my 20s that I realized it was all the antibiotics I took as a kid that fucked with my gut microbiome! Ugh I was pissed. • So when I started drinking Kombucha, I could FINALLY make proper use of the quality nutrition I was putting into my body. Healing my gut with Kombucha and repopulating my gut with healthful live bacteria from the SCOBY catalyzed so many positive changes in my life: I quit coffee I have less cravings I rarely feel constipated I have clearer skin I get sick wayyyyy less often I don’t look pregnant all the time • If you’re looking to experience the amazing properties of Kombucha and fixing your digestion, then you should sign up for my DIY Kombucha Party online video course. It comes out next Monday July 23. • Save $30 when you sign up for my mailing list before Sunday! • #fuckbloating #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #DIYKOMBUCHAPARTY 📸@nattyvalencia

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Treat your feelings like information. Observe it, acknowledge it, learn from it. DO NOT mistake your feelings for facts. Because feelings are not facts, they’re our learned responses to life-things. • If you feel fat, feel ugly, feel stupid, feel stuck, those are not facts. Those feelings are learned at some point in our lives to help us make sense of life. If these involuntary lessons don’t serve you anymore, let them go. 👋🏽👋🏽 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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January has been kicking my ass in the best way. I constantly feel like I don’t know how to do anything and am forced to choose between crying about it or rising to the challenge. I love working hard but I am pooooped, and we’re only 19 days into the year. • I’ve learned my lesson from previous experience that taking care of myself especially my nervous system and hormones are vital to avoid burnout and maintain productivity. • If you love your fast-paced life and want to keep doing it for a long long time, give restorative yoga a shot. I’m a big fan of carving out time and space to just be still (aka don’t do ANYTHING - don’t read, don’t audiobook, don’t podcast) in a hustling and bustling city. • Do you do yoga? If so, where?? I go to @octopusgardenyoga! • PS. come do a fun, relaxing workshop with me on Feb 3rd and learn to brew your own Kombucha! Link in bio. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Fermented foods in the morning - GET ON BOARD! • Eating 1-2 servings of raw fermented foods with my breakfast has radically improved my digestion for the entire day. • You know that their probiotic profile is great for digestion but also, the acidity of these foods are super beneficial for managing acid reflux and supporting protein breakdown. Aka less gas, less bloat, less constipation.💨 • The idea that acidic foods make you have acid reflux or make you acidic is silly, like saying blueberries make you blue.🧞‍♂️ Your stomach is an acid tank and needs to be around a pH of 2 to properly function. That’s like desk-meltingly acidic! • I like to add raw, organic @bubbiespickles sauerkraut (pasteurized, shelf-stable stuff is not the same) to my breakfast plate and of course wash it alllll down with a cold glass of homemade Kombucha! • Speaking of which, my next DIY Kombucha workshop is Sunday Feb 3rd @auxiliarycrossfit! Learn to brew your own, taste 3 different flavours, and go home with a starter kit (including a SCOBY). Plus I can answer alllll your digestion questions there. #LINKINBIO#kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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I watched a TedTalk today that told me the chances of you being born as you at the time and day and place you were born is one in 4 hundred TRILLION. • That’s a lot of zeros after 4. • Doesn’t it put life in some epic perspective?? I really don’t believe in coincidences, not even our pains are random. Our struggles, our worst hours, our shit storms serve a purpose. • Do you agree? Comment below! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #tedtalk

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If you think about it, we’re all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass • And isn’t that the truth! Our different journeys lead to the same destination so let’s all just be kinder to each other. K? K, cool. • #staywarm #staywoke #kerenchennutrition #kombuchamami

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There is nothing bone broth hot pot can’t fix, including a nasty -20 winter day! • Poaching veggies and meats in this soup that’s packed full of glycine, collagen, fresh herbs, and spices is like giving your immune system and digestive system a big hug.🤗 • The collagen is so healing for your intestinal lining and helps you make good use of the nutrients you ingest. The spices and herbs have antioxidants and micronutrients that help you fight against sickness and inflammation. • Plus my dad simmered this broth for hours on the stove to release all of the minerals from the pasture raised pork and chicken bones we got. OG move, dad. 🙌🏽👏🏽 • I have a bone broth recipe in my blog, follow the link in my bio for it! While you’re there, check out my DIY kombucha workshop on Feb 3rd, please? 😊 • #fuckwinter #hotpot #bonebroth #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Posted @withrepost@kombucha.mami January has been kicking my ass in the best way. I constantly feel like I don’t know how to do anything and am forced to choose between crying about it or rising to the challenge. I love working hard but I am pooooped, and we’re only 19 days into the year. • I’ve learned my lesson from previous experience that taking care of myself especially my nervous system and hormones are vital to avoid burnout and maintain productivity. • If you love your fast-paced life and want to keep doing it for a long long time, give restorative yoga a shot. I’m a big fan of carving out time and space to just be still (aka don’t do ANYTHING - don’t read, don’t audiobook, don’t podcast) in a hustling and bustling city. • Do you do yoga? If so, where?? I go to @octopusgardenyoga! • PS. come do a fun, relaxing workshop with me on Feb 3rd and learn to brew your own Kombucha! Link in bio. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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This is my favourite burger in Toronto. • The Station Burger @richmondstation is a 100% grassfed burger stuffed with slow cooked short ribs, and smothered with some magical aioli on top and caramelized onions on the bottom, plus it’s sandwiched between a milk bun. • For meals like this, I always bring a couple of digestive enzymes with me because that dairy and gluten is a bit overkill if I don’t. 🙈💨 When buying a digestive enzyme, look for a broad spectrum one with Hydrochloric Acid added. This helps the enzymes release more effectively in your stomach. And I prefer gelatin capsules over cellulose capsules because I find it also helps make the enzymes more bioavailable. • What’s in your favourite burger?? • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #tastetoronto

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Instagram vs Reality Swipe to see➡️ • Here’s another reminder that highlight reels aren’t the whole story. • Alsooo, I went on a tangent on my IGstories on how I’m offering a brand new Kombucha workshop experience on Feb 3!!! For the price of the in-person workshop admission, you also will receive FREE, lifetime subscription to my Kombucha e-course @coursecrafting! HD step by step instructional videos and 24/7 support that help you long after the workshop is over! • Sign up link is in my bio, get on that shit before it sells out. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #instagramvsreality #kombuchabrewing

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Fill in the blank in the comments: At a party you can find me __________. • Me: NEXT TO THE CHARCUTERIE BOARD/SNACKS! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #charcuterieboard @cheese_boutique

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FAQ: “What about cheat meals?” • What ABOUT cheat meals? Why would you want to create a plan that you want to cheat on? I am not asking in a condescending way, just saying sometimes we don’t stop to think about why. • I remember feeling so guilty about eating pizza or chips that I had to justify it to myself and others as “cheat meal”. Instead, I wished I asked myself why I even needed to label a meal in the first place. • Do we start marriages with the intention to cheat? So why is our relationship with food and our nutrition goals any different? • Pizza, waffles, ice cream, cookies CAN be part of your diet in varying amounts and frequencies depending on who you are and what your goals are. If you don’t know how to make food freedom and flexibility part of your daily life, ASK ME! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #impacteveryday @impactkitchen

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Today, 2019 me is doing something that would have scared the shit out of 2018 me...I’m recording my FIRST PODCAST with @jeromethetrainer for @liveloveliftshow! • Public speaking, speaking on the record, speaking about my opinions is terrifying. I would much rather listen and when I do speak, I can speak about facts and science and things other people have concluded to be true that I agree with. • A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. So, here’s to growth and speaking my mind! We will be chatting about food, keto, intermittent fasting, relationships, travelling, and my favourites (music, snacks, people, workouts). Stay tuned for that! • If you do want to hear me talk #facts, join me at my next DIY Kombucha workshop on Feb 3rd! I’m trying out a new format with brand new support systems, so sign up today and get FREE access to my ONLINE Kombucha course, too! ($89 value FOR FREE) Link is in, you guessed it, MY BIO! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Who loves food? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Who loves spending hours cooking food? 🙅🏻‍♀️ • Here’s my template for an easy, no-brainer dinner bowl: 🥬Start with a big handful of greens (e.g. baby spinach, lettuce, spring mix, arugula) 🍅add two cups of chopped up veggies (e.g. carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc) 🍗layer on 4-8oz of protein (it depends on how big you are and how much you exercised today) 🥑drizzle 1tbsp of fat and 1tbsp of vinegar/acid 🍠Optional: toss in some starchy carbs like potatoes or quinoa (it depends on how big you are and how much you exercised today) 🧂Sprinkle seasonings on top! • My bowl consists of spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, rotisserie chicken, hummus lemon juice dressing, nutritional yeast, and scallions. Oh, and of course sriracha! • Assembled and cut up everything in 10mins. Simple is sustainable! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #justeatrealfood #MAKESALADSGREATAGAIN

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Starting BIGGER does not necessarily get you to your goals SOONER because when you run before you can walk, you’re more likely to fall. • It’s great to dream big and shoot for the moon. But do you truly understand that our enormous goals require cumulative and consistent small efforts? • Make the small, seemingly benign actions feel routine and second nature to you first. Accumulate experience, confidence, trust in yourself and SLOWLY add on to it so your new lifestyle is here to stay. • Drop 20lbs? Run a Triathlon? Beat your sugar addiction? • Start eating 1 vegetable at each meal. Start running 1km. Start replacing morning muffins with a piece of fruit 1x a week. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #views #aintnomountainhighenough #cdmx🇲🇽

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Here’s how you can start your mornings like a champ: • Get some vegetables and whole foods on your breakfast plate so you are starting your day off with vitamins and minerals, fiber, healthy omega 3 fats, full profile amino acids, and so many antioxidants! Think 2-3 plant foods + a little carb + 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein + 1-3 thumb-sized pieces of fat. • For an extra boost of health, wash it all down with some low-sugar, all-natural Kombucha. Breakfast time is perfect for inoculating your gut with probiotics to support your immune system, improve digestion, and reduce bloat all day long! • This plate took 10mins to assemble! What’s your favourite easy, healthy breakfast? • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #breakfastclub #kombuchalove

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If the worst thing that happened to you this holiday season is that your clothes fit a little tight, know that you are pretty damn lucky. • Here’s how I plan on returning to routine: • 🏃🏻‍♀️ Adding an extra HIIT/metabolic conditioning workout every week. (@fueltrainingclub @f45_training_ossington @auxiliarycrossfit @thephoenix.effect are the perfect workouts for this) 🥦 Eating five different vegetables a day. 💦 Drinking 3L of water daily. 😴 Sleeping 8 hours a day. • These are not the sexy “quick fixes” you’ll find on popular media but they are tried and true FOR ME. It’s taken years to figure out this reset strategy, yours may look completely different but the idea is the same - take actions you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life, not just a couple weeks or months. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #newyearsameme #newyearsresolution

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Let’s party like it’s 20 years after 1999 because it will be starting tomorrow. #Ididthemath • I want to say a major, from the bottom-of-my-heart THANK YOU for your support and engagement (yes, you reading this) on this funny thing called social media. I’ve had a blast connecting with new friends from Malta, China, Malaysia, Morocco (to name a few) on this platform! • And a looot of gratitude to my affiliated studios/clinics for making my work so much fun and not feel like a job. I’m so damn lucky! @auxiliarycrossfit @fueltrainingclub @f45_training_ossington @neurologycentretoronto @adelaide_club @thephoenix.effect You can expect bigger and better content from me in 2019 and it wouldn’t be possible without you. I wish you a happy happy new year! • Bonus PSA: Be safe, insta-homies. Say FUCK NO to drinking and driving, say FUCK YES to drinking and dancing! 💛💃🏻 #drinkalotofwater #youllthankmeinthemorning #KLOVEYOUBYE#kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #NYE2018

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Dipping out of 2018 like 🤙🏽🤙🏽 • #favemoments2018 #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition 🎥 @trickadirosa @marlineyan

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Two truths and a lie: -It’s the last Friday of 2018. -These are low carb beignets. -I devoured both of these in 4.59 seconds. • Comment below with which you think is the lie. 😋 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #beignets #friYAY #tgif

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It’s that awkward time between Christmas and New Year when you aren’t quite done partying but you know you want to make changes in January... 🙋🏻‍♀️ that’s me at least. • Sooo, what are your goals? I just hope they aren’t of someone else’s abs, relationship, life, dog, house, anything. I hope your goals are your own, for you and by you. • My goals involve trying new sports/workouts, using my phone way less, and listening to more audiobooks and podcasts. • Comment with yours below! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #newyearsresolution #stlawrencemarket

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Dinner spreads like this used to give me SO much anxiety. Why? Well, there are so many tasty foods that I wasn’t “allowed” to eat. And the only person who wasn’t granting that permission was..me. • It took a lot of practice and external help to approach the holidays from a mindset of abundance where ALL foods are part of my diet and where I can eat as much as I choose to eat without condemning myself to shame and endless exercise afterwards. • If you’re struggling with that post-holiday food guilt, you’re not alone and you’re not helpless. Start repairing your relationship with food right now so that next holiday season you can enjoy complete food freedom. Trust me, start early, it is life-changing. • Thank you to the Yan’s (@marlineyan and @tyanfit) for letting me jump in on the holiday celebrations and making me feel so loved. 💛 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #christmasdinner #foodfreedom

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Merry Christmas, everyone! Hope you’re surrounded by love and kindness this holiday season - for others/from others, for yourself/from yourself. 💛 • #kerenchennutrition #kombuchamami #merrychristmas

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Christmas is a time when my belly is as full as my heart and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there is a difference between eating past fullness and binging. • Binging occurs when you go into autopilot and stop tasting the food and stop being “present”. • One solution is to think about your food while you eat it. How does it taste? What does it remind you of? Do you like it? Are you chewing it enough? • If this sounds tedious to you, it shouldn’t. Food is how we show love and how we receive love. Shouldn’t it we receive love as mindfully as we give it away? • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #christmasplate

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“If you’re criticizing from a place where you’re not also putting yourself on the line, I’m not interested in what you have to say. • If you’re not taking risks and daring greatly in your own life, your opinion of mine doesn’t matter to me.“ • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #daretolead @brenebrown

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Diet culture NEVER runs out of reasons for you to go on a diet. You being on any diet keeps this multi billion dollar industry alive. • Getting home from a trip? Diet. About to go on a trip? Diet. Preparing for the holidays? Diet. Just enjoyed the holidays? Diet. • Hell, I still have moments where I want to restrict after a trip, especially to New Orleans. Lol • The truth is you don’t need to diet a day in your life. You just need to eat like you want to live a long, healthy and happy life. Find what this means to you and you will be able to have your cake and eat it and not hate yourself afterwards! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #impacteveryday #tastetorontolight

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Later, Louisiana! • Time to head home to make up for lost sleep and eat some goddamn vegetables because it’s been a while. #dofriedpicklescount?#kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #nola

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bubbiespickles. Looking for a great dinner idea? 
Bubbies Naturally Fermented Sauerkra

Looking for a great dinner idea? Bubbies Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut + Sausages + Hot Sauce = YUM! #Repost @kombucha.mami . . . . Go-to 20min dinner: Free range @Trulocal chicken sausages Raw @bubbiespickles sauerkraut Grainy mustard Sriracha Wrapped in @mamaearthorganics lettuce • Just because I love food doesn’t mean I want to spend hours in the kitchen. I have things to do, like petting strangers’ dogs, or online shopping for kitchen gadgets I’ll never use, or avoiding my mom’s phone calls. 🤫 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #healthyinahurry #winnerwinner #chickendinner"

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This is one of the best store bought Kombuchas I’ve tried and I’ve tried many. Here’s my criteria for booch... • Ingredients: If it has carbonated water or additional sugar added post fermentation and any citric acid or chemical preservatives in it, I don’t even bother to try it. That is diluted and over sweetened and needs chemicals to preserve it. That’s a no for me, thank you. *swipe to see a good example of what to look for* • Sugar content on the nutritional profile: Anything over 16g total carbs or 8g of sugar per 16oz is too sweet for my palate and not that healthy anymore. • Carbonation: Some brands out there use artificial carbonation or additional sugar to induce bubbliness and I don’t like that because it’s not a gentle pleasant fizz to me. Some brands out there make my eyes water because of how gaseous it is. • Flavours: After I ensure they use all nature flavouring agents like juices or spices or tea, I look for uniqueness! This Bayou Berry one is giving me so much Inspo for my buch brewing back home! Peep my Insta-story for all the other flavours I purchased from this brand! • This is why I love making my own Kombucha and empowering others to do the same. You can control for ALLL of the above and it costs a fraction of the price and takes no time. • You can sign up for my HD online course “DIY KOMBUCHA PARTY” and get started right away! You probably already have most of the materials you need! • Link in bio #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #DIYKOMBUCHAPARTY

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Everyday is a lesson to go with the flow but I especially struggled with it today after missing my original flight to New Orleans. • My initial reaction is to find someone or something to blame and direct my anger and make it personal. “I got to the airport on time why did Customs have to take so long?” “It wasn’t my fault, this is so unfair.” “Why did the plane leave 20mins before the stated time of departure!?” “Why meeeeeee???” • The truth is, shit happens and I am not a victim. I got lots of work done at the airport while waiting on standby and now I’m headed to Washington DC to eat bomb food and party like Olivia Pope at the National Mall. Everything is just fine. • Make the best of your week ahead, friends! Hope you’re safe and healthy and happy. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #sundayfunday #whatwouldOliviado

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Should I share this recipe for 10min Instantpot Coconut Shrimp Curry? 🤔 It’s NO BS - vegetarian-friendly, paleo, keto, dairy free, gluten free, blah blah blah...and it was so delicious! • If I can get 100 likes on this photo, I’ll share the recipe in a blog post. Tag a homie and tell them to like it! 😘 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #instantpot @instantpotofficial

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Why do we love processed foods, what about it is so addictive to us?? • In your mouth and small intestines, you have tiny receptors that detect sodium, fat, glucose (aka sugar), and glutamate (the umami flavour naturally in meats and seaweed and mushrooms and unnaturally in MSG). When you eat foods, these receptors illicit dopamine release in the brain that make you feel euphoric and happy. As a result, your brain remembers this reaction and learns to crave this food in times of stress and imbalance. • The stronger the dopamine response of a food, the stronger your future cravings will be. • Literally BILLIONS of dollars are spent by the food industry to hack this system. Engineers and food scientists develop artificial chemicals in labs that are so refined and specific to magnify this reaction in your brain. It’s no wonder sugar-y pastries like the macaron, or pizza, or chocolates that contain sugars/carbs, fat, sodium, and glutamate are so damn addictive. • Read my post from yesterday on how to get rid of cravings for good.😘 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #macarons #cravings #sweettooth

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What are cravings and how do you beat them once and for all?? • Cravings are different than hunger because they are food-specific motivations that arise from subconscious factors. • If you want to knix cravings for good, you have to address those subconscious factors with repeated re-conditioning. • Really intense, short term efforts can’t rewrite the hormonal and neural pathways that lead to cravings. In other words, it takes CONSISTENCY not EXTREMENESS. • If you want to stop cravings at night, look at those unconscious factors first and develop a sustainable plan of action with progressive intensity. I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that hardcore detoxes/diets don’t truly work for real life. • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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