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#Repost from @kombucha.mami ... 🚨EXCITING NEWS🚨 • I’ve teamed up with @WeWork Toronto to bring you a non-profit workshop called “Healthy Meal Prep Hacks for the Busy Professional” on March 29th. • I will be going over step-by-steps of making your lunches at home to save money, be healthier, save time in the long run. • I cover exactly what equipment you will need, how to grocery shop efficiently, and how to create a plan that is delicious, nutritious, and easy peasy! • Then, go home with a complete 7-day meal plan with grocery list, recipes, and to-do lists. • All this for a $15 donation to @evasinitiatives - a Toronto youth homeless shelter with long term care including career mentorship and mental healthcare. • PS. You also get a bag of goodies from local vendors like @rawcology @powerkitchento and @flow! • Spots are VERY limited, sign up in my bio.😘 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #wework

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How do you respond to ugliness in the world? How do you handle news that brings you pain and sadness? Do you turn away and avoid it? Do you pretend you didn’t see it or that it’s not such a big deal? Or do you lean in and dive deeper to understand or take action? I’ll be honest, when I see news of hate crimes, children injured/dead, or starving polar bears from climate change like in the last week, my instinct is to run the other way. That shit hurts me so deeply and makes me feel physically sick. And I probably do that in my own life with my own ugliness, too. When I fall out of integrity or when I make mistakes, my first instinct is to hide and turn away. Learning to forgive myself and take responsibility for screwing up seems painful and humiliating but it doesn’t have to be if we choose to see these as opportunities to grow. Similarly, I’ve started to educate myself more about the realities of our world. Understanding and using my privilege is a constant work in progress. This week, I spent 10mins researching one political topic in the world each morning. And wooow there’s a lot of shit I didn’t know about. What about you? #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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🚨EXCITING NEWS🚨 • I’ve teamed up with @WeWork Toronto to bring you a non-profit workshop called “Healthy Meal Prep Hacks for the Busy Professional” on March 29th. • I will be going over step-by-steps of making your lunches at home to save money, be healthier, save time in the long run. • I cover exactly what equipment you will need, how to grocery shop efficiently, and how to create a plan that is delicious, nutritious, and easy peasy! • Then, go home with a complete 7-day meal plan with grocery list, recipes, and to-do lists. • All this for a $15 donation to @evasinitiatives - a Toronto youth homeless shelter with long term care including career mentorship and mental healthcare. • PS. You also get a bag of goodies from local vendors like @rawcology @powerkitchento and @flow! • Spots are VERY limited, sign up in my bio.😘 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #wework

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Hi, I am back from the land of the living jet lagged. And I’m here to share my tips on surviving time acclimation.🙋🏻‍♀️ • And after many years on this Earth (won’t give away my age), I’ve learned to be kind to my body so it comes back stronger and better rather than prolonging my suffering and operating at lesser by trying to push through.. • Here’s how I’ve been nursing my jet lag: -CBD it upppppp before bed to induce relaxation and sleep -meditate in complete darkness before bed (blue light simulates daytime aka not great for inducing sleepiness) -Kombucha in the AM..a gentle caffeine intake and the probiotics at breakfast help to repopulate the gut which in turn supports serotonin production to help you feel happy during the day -eat CARBS and eat enough calories: waking up in the middle of the night hungry is one of the worst things for jet lag victims because it sends your body into a catabolic state where you release adrenaline and cortisol to mobilize energy stores (in your muscle and body fat) in the middle of the night. Sleep will NOT be possible after that, thus preventing your circadian rhythm from normalizing. Excited to bring you some big news in the next couple of days!! #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Stress series 2/3 - CORTISOL Cortisol is almost a profanity these days in the online “health guru” community. It’s demonized as the stress hormone that makes you chubby when the problem isn’t cortisol itself. “The problem is that our modern stressors are too frequent, they aren’t physically demanding, we aren’t utilizing the fuel we mobilize, and we have no real need for the carb cravings that come after.” - Mark Sisson If cortisol production is over-stimulated or never turns off, metabolic syndromes, sleep disorders, fat gain, lethargy, awful digestion, achy joints are just a few of the symptoms. Fat storage is a survival mechanism when there are a lot of perceived threats so even though you aren’t being chased by lions or gearing up for a long famine, your body THINKS you are, so it hoards energy as body fat when you are overly distressed by shitty sleep/nutrition/mental health. Exercising and undereating VALIDATE the need for extra cortisol activity because both are forms of additional physical stress. So you can workout extra hard and eat nothing and still feel like body composition progress is stalling. Next, we will talk about your body’s natural cortisol cycle aka what it SHOULD be. Subscribe and turn on post notification to stay tuned! Or book mark these for future references! #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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<Stress series 1/3> “Omg I’m so stressed.” - me on a daily basis. Stress is anything that overwhelms your body’s capacity to react effectively to the challenges you are exposed to. Stress is not just the mental/emotional rollercoasters we can go through. It has 5 main contributors: -food triggers -gut disruption -environmental toxins -stealth infections -CHRONIC mental/emotional stress Our bodies are amazing at handling acute stress. But chronic/high frequency stress, especially things like pollution, food sensitivities, exposure to blue light, etc are all new developments in evolution. A lot of people struggle with handling all these stressors day-in and day-out. Stress on your thyroid, adrenals, central nervous system has huge ramifications on weight loss and muscle retention. This is the less “sexy” science that doesn’t make money like fad diets, exotic supplements, or celebrity endorsements. How does stress affect the way your body looks and feels in terms of fat storage and energy levels? Stay tuned for pet 2 & 3! Make sure you are following me on Insta and turn post notifications on in the top right corner! 🤘🏽😘 #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #stress #cortisol

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When was the last time you had a day where you just chilled the fuck out all day and sat with your “self”? Tomorrow, I will be observing my first ever Nyepi aka Balinese New Year aka Balinese Silence Day! This is a day where literally everything in Bali shuts down - no internet, no electricity, no cars allowed on the road, no airport activity, no cell reception in most places (only landlines), nothing except hospitals and police are semi-operational. Locals also avoid speaking, walking, eating, or doing anything but sleeping and meditating. And I must admit, I AM LIVING FOR IT! I am from a city that does not condone rest so this is quite the treat for an introvert like myself. Are you an introvert or extrovert?! Comment below, I wanna know! Also I love that at night, because there won’t be any electricity and cars, the stars will be out in FULL FORCE. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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One of the many reasons I don’t recommend processed, unfermented soy - soy milk, most tofus, dry or roasted soy beans - to people is because of the phytic acid content. These are little anti-nutrient compounds that block the absorption of essential minerals, e.g iron, calcium, magnesium..they are quite commonly found in grains and legumes. Overconsumption of phytic acid can lead to deficiencies and malnutrition conditions like anemia. To combat this, you can ferment and sprout soy into foods like Tempeh and Miso to remove much of the phytate content. Lately, I’ve been eating more tempeh than I have in years because it’s an ancestral food here in Asia, especially Bali. I definitely notice a digestive difference between regular tofu and tempeh! My beef with soy products (PUN MASTER 🙋🏻‍♀️) also extends to the way it can be processed with acid washing and neutralizing solutions and the chemical shitstorm that goes into flavouring it in certain products and the phytoestrogens... But that’s for another long ass post that people probably don’t read. This is a Balinese platter called Nasi Camper which is basically a mixed platter of sides, perfect for solo travellers who want to try everything. I also got a side of pork ribs cause I’m classy. 😝 #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Remember when I said I am kinda homesick? I just checked the weather in Toronto this morning and changed my mind. Might miss my flight home.🥶 • Where is the most beautiful beach you’ve visited? Comment below! #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Did you know I used to be a vegetarian for 5 years? I did it for the animals, the environment, to lose weight, and to piss off my parents. Hehe.. I went into it with all the wrong attitudes about nutrition though. I was 14 and thought as long as a food was vegetarian, it was automatically healthy, including pizza and fries and Oreos... I know that sounds juvenile but I feel like A LOT of adults still share that mentality...eating things like keto protein bars made with margarine, gluten-free cookies sweetened with corn syrup, vegan imitation meats with unpronounceable additives. Don’t be 14 year-old Keren, she didn’t know shit. You can do better. Diets are not “no-brainers”, and if they are marketed so, don’t follow that diet. You have to actually put in effort via learning and paying attention to how you feel not what someone tells you to feel. Do the work, spend time on yourself. #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Find yourself someone who looks at you the way......JK fuck that Just find yourself some healthy, real food. The rest will fall into place. 😘🥗🥑🍳🍓🍑 #eatlikeyougiveafuck #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #bali🌴

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Everyone on the planet essentially needs the same nutrients albeit in different quantities, so why do some of us have stronger cravings for junk foods? Sweet tooth anyone? That comes down to conditioning aka learned behaviour. E.g. When we eat ice cream 10x or 20x or 100x, our brain has learned to associate the smell, the sight, the shape of our favourite ice cream shop logo, the very mention of ice cream with the pleasurable sensation of eating ice cream. Ie. A lot of Asian people aren’t conditioned to crave stinky cheese just like a lot of French people aren’t conditioned to crave shrimp dumplings, but both cultures crave their respective energy-dense, dopamine-releasing foods that they are conditioned to like, especially those from childhood. Long story short, every food choice adds up. Over time, when that neurological pathway for food and pleasure is solidified, you will start to crave those pleasure-producing foods in times where you are in need of pleasure - celebrations, feeling lonely, feeling sad, feeling bored... Isn’t it interesting how our food choices both are and kind of aren’t in our conscious control? #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Why do I travel so much? The more I travel, the more it becomes a need, a non-negotiable, a staple in my life. I see the ways it forces me to grow, reflect, and be resilient and now I can’t do without the challenge. Instafriends, nutrition and exercise is the exact👏🏽same👏🏽shit👏🏽. When you first start, it’s intimidating, feels foreign, feels like you have to navigate a whole new language. Even though you know it’s good for you and you want this to be part of your life, you’re just not sure the discomfort is worth it. But slowly, you build confidence in all kinds of challenging situations, you make mistakes but you shake it off and try again, you live and you learn. Before you know it, you fall in love with the way it challenges you and helps you be your best self, and that habit is now a need, a non-negotiable, a staple... just like travelling is for me. Don’t be afraid to feel afraid. Lean into your fears and discomfort. And remember that you never have to go about it alone! 😉 I am now accepting 2 clients for March. #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Asia has completely ruined me. 🆘 I can never pay for anything full price in North America ever again. I haggled a 1.5L of mineral water from $0.45 to $0.30. My motorbike taxi quoted me a 15min ride for $2.50, I cancelled his ass. This bowl of crab tomato rice noodles was $1.73 with free lettuce and herbs on the side. Who am I becoming?? My mom, that’s who, my dragon lady mom. 🐉 #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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When you’re scared to play on the field, you tend to boo from the seats. - @garyvee A real life example of this is when family members, friends, colleagues make fun of food choices that aren’t the same as theirs. My clients deal with this every single day. • “You don’t drink alcohol? What a prude, loosen up!” “You’re not eating meat? So you must also think the Earth is flat!” “Why aren’t you eating the pizza? Don’t be one of those annoying dieters.” Or this one is my personal favourite: “You can’t eat cheese? Wow life must be so boring for you.” (To this I usually respond “actually, life without diarrhea and eczema is fantastically adventurous😏”.) • Comments like that, even if said with good intentions or genuine concern, aren’t fucking helpful nor do they promote healthy discussion. • If I want to be committed to trying something new (even if it’s my 10000th attempt), don’t boo from the seats and don’t project your insecurities onto me. • Instead, start a discussion, ask me about my whys, and then let me live my life/learn my dietary lessons in peace. Maybe it can inspire you to consider your own food choices and your whys. • The last thing any of us need is more social anxiety around eating with other people. #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Let’s talk about breakfast! Breakfasts have been a complete random assortment of things while travelling. When I’m home in Toronto, I eat the same thing every single morning with Kombucha, but here it’s been mostly rice and noodles aka whatever is nearby and authentic. Wherever I am, I try to follow this template: a good amount of protein (about 3-5oz) depending on if I have worked out before breakfast, 2 cups of fresh vegetables (or herbs in Vietnam), about a cup of complex carbs, 1-2 tbsp fat, aaand ideally Kombucha. When I don’t have a scale and have to eyeball, that translates to 1-2 palm sized pieces of protein, 2 cupped handfuls of veggies or more, a fist sized serving of complex carbs (though in Vietnam I was definitely getting more with all the noodles and rice), and about 1 thumb sized serving of fat. Kombucha has been scarce. :/ This is the only cafe on my trip so far that carried booch. I jumped on it and also got a roasted chicken mango salad for breakfast. I know salads for breakfast aren’t conventional, but it’s what I eat in the mornings at home so this was nice and familiar. What are your questions about breakfast? Comment below and let me help you out! #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Let's talk about Big D Energy!! Vitamin D, that is.😝 haha Okay so one question I get is what the hell is the difference between vitamin D2 and D3?? If you are currently in Canada or are dealing with winter, it's likely your skin hasn't been exposed to much sunlight in a while. And this has serious repercussions because your skin needs UVB rays to stimulate natural vitamin D production. This vitamin D is in the form of D3, which is also the same form of vitamin D you would get through animal sources, such as oil fish/fish oils, pasture-raised egg yolks, liver from grass-fed animals, grass-fed butter. This is different than the vitamin D you get from plant foods like mushrooms or fortified OJ. That is D2. Most vitamin D supplements off the shelf are derived from D2-rich foods because it's cheaper. However, D3 is the more bioavailable one that is more effective at raising serum vitamin D levels (in your blood). So shell out some extra bucks and look for a supp that contains vitamin D3. Vitamin D deficiencies are no joke, it can affect your mental health, skin/nail/hair quality, immune system, bone health, energy levels.... Try to get 1000-2000 IUs of supplementation every day or spend 15-30mins in the sunshine minimally clothed. The upper limit for vitamin D is 4000IU so you're well within that safety range. Speaking of which, I'm off to the pool! Hope you are getting some D wherever you are and whoever you are. :P #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #BigDEnergy #Deeelightful #Deeesgusting

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One thing I’ve learned from Vietnamese cuisine is I don’t cook with fresh herbs enough. They serve herbs by the pounds here in Vietnam. You can go to a $1 hawker stall and they’ll give you a basket full of fresh herbs for free. Herbs like cilantro and basil have a ton of medicinal properties in addition to their yummy flavour. They are delicious vessels for antioxidants, phytonutrients, anti inflammatory agents, digestive aids, etc. Ps. Out of curiosity, are you team cilantro or does it taste like soap to you?! Comment below. This pomelo salad wouldn’t have been complete without cilantro in my opinion! #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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For Goodness sake, don’t eat like someone just because you want their body. It breaks my heart when people come to me asking for a body transformation to look like so-and-so or when I do it unconsciously to myself. Eat for YOUR body, you owe it that much. After all, your body keeps you alive and homes your soul, feed it adequately please! Also ya girl was recently on the @liveloveliftshow podcast with my friend @jeromethetrainer! We talked about food, intermittent fasting, keto, relationships, CrossFit, being a female in a male dominant industry, and obvi @champagnepapi! We also played a game of This or That. Ie. Burgers or Tacos?! I had SOO much fun with Jerome, watching the episode brought back laughs! Watch the full video via the link in my bio. #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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99% of my nutrition clients have a really hard time hitting their protein targets when they first start working with me. Here are some common reasons: 1. They don’t know what protein rich foods are. 2. They don’t know how much protein they actually need. 3. They don’t know the appropriate portion size of proteins. 4. They heard food myths like meat is “acidic”/gives you cancer/has saturated fats hat will clog your arteries/etc. **All of these myths are misled and/or already debunked. 5. They didn’t realize protein is really fucking important especially if you are trying to lose body fat and put on lean mass. Something that helps as a general rule is to aim for 1-3 palm sized pieces of protein three to five times a day. This, of course, depends on your activity level, body mass index, metabolism, and goals. If you’re a petite female who does less intense activities a few times a week or is quite sedentary, you are on the lower end of that intake recommendation. If you’re a male professional athlete who wants to put on more muscle mass and train more than 7 hours a week, then you’re on the higher end. Find your sweet spot and DON’T COMPARE your intake to someone else. This dried beef papaya salad was a great cold protein lunch in the 30 degrees Vietnamese heat and it obtains a solid and lean source of whole food amino acids! #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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PSA - if you ate some Valentine’s Day chocolates and drank some booze with your boo or just your fine self, and the scale went up this morning, you did not put on fat!🤦🏻‍♀️ Weight loss or weight gain is not just calories in and calories out. That concept paints an incomplete picture of how your body and metabolism functions. Theoretically if you cut out 500kcal every day, you’d lose 1lb over the course of 7 days. But anyone who has counted calories will tell you no matter how precise you are at measuring your input and output, your weight will fluctuate 3-10lbs constantly. Sodium, sleep, inflammation, thyroid function, digestion, hormone, stress, caloric intake & expenditure are just a few of the countless factors that affect your progress. Stop micromanaging that last factor and start addressing the more pressing issues. I bet if you adequately addressed how stressed you are, how dehydrated you are, how poor your digestion is (etc), your appetite and satiety mechanisms will regulate and it will make it SO much easier to stick to macros/manage portions which then helps you achieve weightloss/gain/maintenance/not obsess over calories. Don’t know where to start? ASK ME. 😊 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition 📷 @davidgoodyoga

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Recipe for my 5 ingredient #GFDF cookies are up on the blog! Love love love these cookies because: 1. They’re SO TASTY. Crunchy but still kinda chewy and so decadent but also not overbearingly sweet. 2. They use 5 ingredients only. I’ve got zero patience for complex baking recipes, I can’t measure 50 ingredients for fucking hours, bless the talented bakers who can. This one is so simple, even I can’t fuck it up. 3. They’re gluten-free and diary-free!! No ingredients you can’t pronounce..unless you can’t pronounce peanut butter, then I stand corrected. The recipe link is in my bio! Give em a go and let me know how they turn out! 💛 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #glutenfreedairyfree #cookies #selflove

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Happy GALentine’s Day from your HaLong Bae.💙 • PS. It’s Thursday morning here in Vietnam. • Also I’ve got a treat for you and your babes and boos - a long awaited recipe on the blog. Stay tuned to my Insta Story tomorrow. #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Step one to staying on track while eating out with others: Eating a gluten free and dairy free diet has been really easy so far in Vietnam. (these mushroom-stuffed steam rice rolls are topped with sausage, PORK FLOSS, and fried onions) This is why I love to eat Vietnamese food back home as well! It’s a great cuisine that suits my dietary preferences and my loved ones. Now it’s a go-to/no brainer when we all need to go out for dinner. Finding this middle ground cuisine took courage to speak up about my needs. When you’re planning to eat out, voice your preferences so you and your tribe can find a compromise that makes you and everyone else happy. Your experience and health goals are just as important other people’s enjoyment. Communicating your needs in an authentic, grateful way isn’t a “burden” to anyone. Your GOALS and NEEDS are not a burden. YOU are not a burden. In fact, I bet if your friends and family truly understood why you have these goals, they’d be supportive AF. Lol I mean I just start describing my digestive symptoms when I eat a bunch of gluten and cheese and people immediately ask me to stop right there and proceed with more empathy.😅💨💩 • What’s a go-to restaurant you and your loved ones eat out at? Comment below, I need to grow my list! #kerenchennutrition #kombuchamami #vietnamesestreetfood

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Paddy like a rock, paddy like a rockstar.🤘🏽🍚 • #myrappernameis2wheelz #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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My favourite part about street food is the people watching. It’s 1000x better than The Bachelor or Keeping up with the Kardashians. Serendipity and beauty are all around us. People meeting eyes for the first time, belly-aching laughs, ugly arguments, and all of these tiny moments are either fleeting and instantly forgotten or they are remembered for the rest of a lifetime, either way I get to watch them unfold over a bowl of delicious bún cha while sitting on a low ass stool with my knees against my chest. Basically, what I’m trying to say is I’m a level 20 creeper. 👀 Bún cha is rice noodle soup with grilled hand-formed pork sausage and pork chops with a pile of fresh herbs, fresh chopped spices, and always with a side of spring roll. All of this was $1.72 and I literally cannot breathe I’m so full. #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #travelfoodie #realityTV

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“Just remember that you’re gonna die.” @amyschumer on How To Not Give A Shit • I really enjoyed that reminder. I actually have a lot of shits to give about this world but I’m still learning to save my shits for the right matters and people. My shits are finite and precious, so I’m not just going to give my shits away like cheap candy anymore, ya know? #whatthehellisshesaying #theheatisgettingtome😅 • Like if you have a lot of shits (to give) too! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition 📸 @nrojas0131

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Are appetites simply a matter of willpower? • We’d like to think we have complete conscious control over our appetite and body composition simply by controlling nutrient timing and quantity. • But so many unconscious factors impact appetite and cravings. Sleep, stress, and food quality are some of the main ones that have indirect but potent effects. • When I’m travelling or aren’t cooking meals regularly, I try to focus on the other aspects of appetite regulation: -I sleep 8 hours. -I eat and chew my food slowly without any distractions. -I use my previous learned portion knowledge and guesstimate to the best of my abilities. -I drink a shit ton of water. (Here in Vietnam, I buy a 6L jug of water everyday and polish that off.) -I respect my body’s hunger cues and don’t try to ignore it until the point of ravenous hangriness. • This is intuitive eating and it’s what works best for me at this point in my life. At other points, other methods have worked for me. If you’d like to learn the best way to eat for you, hit me up. I have only 1 coaching spot available this month! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #eatlikeyougiveafuck

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My body is the least interesting part about me. • This is something that I struggle with on a daily basis. I either feel like i don’t look muscular enough next to my fit AF workout buddies or I look waaaay too muscular next to my friends from outside the gym. And honestly, I feel like Shrek in Asia where everyone including the dudes are more petite than me, and I’m only 5ft2. 🧐 • There’s no winning against our inner critics. So I love this quote from @natacha.oceane. She’s right, our bodies are just one part of us, they’re actually the most limited, fleeting part of us. Attaching our sense of self worth to what our bodies look like or even what it can do can be toxic. • Love your body because it’s the only one you’ve got but it’s got nothing on the rest of you. 🤗 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition #selflove #bodylove

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Travel Update: Vietnam is hot and humid AF. But apparently only to me because locals here are wearing wool coats and North Fake down jackets (lol not my bootleg joke) in this 28 degree weather while I’m sweating in crop tops and shorts. 🥵 • And when it’s hot, all I want are light and fresh foods. So I am loving all the fresh herbs and tangy fish sauce dips that accompany most dishes in this country! • I know it’s slightly chillier in Toronto right now so what are you eating today? #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Stop doing workouts you hate. • I don’t care how many calories it burns or which celebrity swears by it. • Life is too damn short to spend your time doing things you hate. Also, long term consistency beats out short term intensity when it comes to health. • When you do workouts you actually like with people you actually like, you won’t need to rely on external motivation to show up and put in real effort. You will want to be there. You will want to progress. You will want to make it a priority in your schedule instead of an afterthought. • Here are workouts and studios I like to throw into my rotation both because I love the workout and I love the people there! (In no particular order) 🏋🏻‍♀️ @auxiliarycrossfit for some good old functional fitness butt-kicking. (This almost got autocorrected to butt-licking, imagine how awkward that’d be??) 🧘‍♀️ @octopusgardenyoga for a nice flow or restorative session. 🏃🏻‍♀️ @fueltrainingclub for a fun strength and conditioning class. 😅@f45_training_ossington for a 45min HIIT sweatfest. 🥊@thephoenix.effect for glove work/boxing. 💦 @studiolagree for Pilates and unilateral work. 🍑 @adelaide_club Strength Lab for a fun metcon. 💃🏻 @theundergrounddancecentre for an ego check.😭 💪🏽 whatever fun new community class is happening at @lululemonto! • Okay your turn, where do you LOVE to workout?! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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It’s the weekend and I know for most people this is usually when a diet starts to fall apart. But I’m the opposite, I find I really struggle to eat enough or eat mindfully on weekdays. On weekends I have a little more headspace to get all my veggies and micronutrients in. • So I downloaded a habit tracking app to help me make time to sit down for proper meals without technology/distractions, drink 3L water, and stop eating 2.5 hours before bedtime from Monday to Friday. I learned this from the habit tracking master himself - @greg.hetherington - at his @fueltrainingclub workshop on creating better habits. • Yes, I’m a nutritionist but I’m also deeply human and constantly learning to find new ways to self-care in my crazy life. • Do you track your habits or food intake?? What app do you use, I’m trying out a couple. Currently using “Done” app. • Here’s my plate of @trulocal grassfed steak and sautéed veggies eaten without my phone or computer! I seasoned it with some Hawaiian sea salt and black pepper because the innate flavour of the beef is far too superior to mess with. 🤓 • #kerenchennutrition #kombuchamami #tgif

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This is what anxiety and depression looks like. @bell_letstalk • It looks like me, it looks like him, it looks like her, it looks like them. It can look healthy, it can look full of potential, it can look totally fine. • This picture was taken in the rainforest in Costa Rica where I had several anxiety attacks. Every time I travel I lose my shit several times leading up to the trip and during these trips. I am flying 16 times in the next 4 months soooo wish me luck! 🙈 • And I’m not depressed or anxious because I hate my life in any way but because I feel so deeply grateful for everything I have that I don’t believe I am doing enough to deserve it or live up to it. The pressure attached to thankfulness can be crippling. So when people say that those with mental health issues are missing gratitude and perspective, that is just not true. • And I am not trying to mislead anyone by taking smiley pictures like this. I try to speak on the things I have worked out and I hold my tongue on things I haven’t fully understood in myself yet. Sharing my darkness doesn’t feel authentic to me, and it doesn’t heal me. If that works for you, I support you in every way. We are all different and that is a beautiful thing. • Happy #BellLetsTalk Day! Take care of yourself, okay? I am sending so much love and light your way.💛 • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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It’s 2019, are you still demonizing all saturated fats and red meats?? • Minimally manipulated whole foods like nuts & seeds, animal proteins, fatty fish, coconuts, free range eggs naturally contain saturated fat that help protect each and every single one of our cells, form hormones, support vitamin absorption. • Studies that claim cholesterol and saturated fats are evil are NOT conducted with these healthful foods. In fact, they are usually looking at vegetable sterols from canola oil, cheap industrial oils, margarine, OR they are based on research with animal species that do not naturally consume a diet rich in fats!! • Giving a herbivore rabbit high fat foods when it has evolved to eat fibre and carbs is going to give it health problems. SIMILARLY, giving humans processed, nutrient-depleted foods when we have evolved to hunt and gather from nature is going to give us health problems. • Conclusion: don’t be afraid of red meat if it is cooked simply and comes from a well-raised animal! • #saturatedfat #impacteveryday @impactkitchen #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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We are meat-covered skeletons trying to find our way on a flying rock in space that orbits a gassy fireball. 💀🌎☄️☀️ It’s not that serious, don’t forget to have fun. • Hope I get to share a laugh with you at my Kombucha workshop next Sunday! Free, lifetime subscription to my e-course is included in the ticket. Feb 3rd, link in bio! • #kombuchamami #kerenchennutrition

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Understanding yourself and your body is important. New clip discussing personal development. #kerenchen #kombuchamami #torontonutrition #growth #nutritioncoach

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