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omkar_talmale. Kahani 10th ke berozgaro ki :-part -2. Hey guys!! I am up with the ano

Kahani 10th ke berozgaro ki :-part -2. Hey guys!! I am up with the another #vine after your strong support. So keep sharing keep laughing. Aur #endgame dekhne zarror Jana. Tag someone whom u known prays a lot before result.

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Yeh ladki kon h pta kro mtlb #kuch_bhi

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_hyper_editzzz_. #kuch_bhi 😂😂😂

#kuch_bhi 😂😂😂

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hiteshmakkar_. #kuch_bhi @tiktok

#kuch_bhi @tiktok

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btfarewell_2k15. Here comes the post of a girl with sexy moves🔥

Here comes the post of a girl with sexy moves🔥 #15111008 Mahima Bholi si surat☺.... aankho mein masti👀..... AIR 22 le aaye.... aaye haye... BT ki hottest queen👑....tiktok ki h shaukeen... College ki official crush💞... par sbki feelings pe marti h brush🤪.... A girl with million dollar smile😍.... last moment jugaadu.... ladki bht hi jyada sanskari h🧕🏻.... subah 5 bje uthke walk krti h, pooja krti h and exact 8:25 pe class mein hoti h fr chahe breakfast miss ho jaye😌.... kyu!! BT valo shock lgaa🤪.... chlo fr sbko sach btaate hain.... 8:30 ki class k liye madam uth nhi paati aur 9:30 ki class k liye 9:35 pe uth kr 9:50 pe class phunchti h🤭.... itna hi nhi itni chotti si class mein 30 min late teacher se chupkr class mein ghusne ka talent rkhti h 💁🏻‍♀..... glt answers to itne manipulate kr k deti h k teacher ko lgta h shi hi bol rhi h😜 .... The girl with heavenly gorgeous hair💇🏻‍♀..... baalo se to itna pyaar h k class mein bhi shampoo smell krti rehti h 😂😂😂😂😂.... Anee maam ki h yeh favourite😛.... answer na kr paye to bolti h ‘’ ab main pdhne k liye tym nhi nikal paayi to meri kya glti h 🙄’’.... Tiktok pe video bnakr aata h inko mjaa💃🏻💃🏻...exams mein krti h logo ka tym khraab bewajah🤷🏻‍♀ She is very much research oriented📖.... project k naam pr lab mein 5-5 hrs rukti h fr chahe vhaa pr soyi rhe😴😴😴😴....Inki baaton ka humor kuch dost hi smjh paate hain 😈 Logo k sath jati h jldi ghul mil 😌 Oracle mein h inka dil ♥ Kisi ka bura nhi sochti .... class bunk kbhi khraab nhi krti chahe detain hone vali ho 🤣 Above and all she is perfect example of beauty with brain and an epitome of elegance who takes away ur heart with her dancing feet❣ #criminal #tension_free #nautanki #kuch_bhi #punjabi_gaala_di_shaukeen #tere_jaisa_yaar_kahan We, the Biotech family wishes her all the best for her life and pray that she achieves milestone in her career ahead.

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sarcastic.guy1. #kuch_bhi 😂😂

#kuch_bhi 😂😂

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#kuch_bhi 😋😋

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thebookresearcher. Today's read. Book review 154. 
Book 6 of #brunchbookchallenge #brunch

Today's read. Book review 154. Book 6 of #brunchbookchallenge #brunchbookchallenge2019 @htbrunch Something I never told you by @shravyabhinder from @penguinindia My rating : 🌟 🌟 🌟/5. 'Love filled a space in my heart, a space which I didn't know even existed. It was like a serene sunset. I was mesmerised beyond words by it before it left me alone in the darkness.' . When I'm gone, don't look for me. A part of me will always be with you... . I shall wait for her all my life if I've to. For a long time, I haven't been able to find myself, for I'm still lost in you. . 'Love should make one breathless & weak. Love should allow one to let the other person into one's soul, with one's soul being a place which is so within me that I would change forever when love touches it.' . We take people for granted. It matters. Human beings need to be cared for, respected, loved & even pampered. Unfortunately, these very things which make for a great relationship are ignored. In the pace at which we all lead our lives, this is one area we ignore & sacrifice but at irredeemable costs.... Take time to know, to love, to care for the people in your life - whoever it maybe. Don't ever intend to diminish the value of the many people around you, all of whom mattered. . It's been a while since I read a good romantic book, based on real-life events. And the plot & story has been totally justified. It's not easy to write a book on romance genre & that too which aims to change reader's lives. However, this book accomplished not only to teach me some aspects of life, I learnt many things about as to how often we humans take others for granted - which tend to be our downfall in the long run. The book has certain drawbacks. However, overall it's a good onetime read. Worth recommending to all! . For full review, kindly visit my blog (link given in bio). . Question : Have you ever done anything which you've regretted later? It maybe a short term or for the rest of you life!

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ashish._baba. #Kuch_bhi....


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No need for captions these days, insta bhi tinder se compete kar raha hai, bas age ki pharak hein😏 #kuch_bhi #whatever #pc :@dhruvayadiyal10 #cc : late night mind

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thebookresearcher. 😂 Shakal reveal painful post... Mu dikhai rasam / Face reveal! ❤ Read

😂 Shakal reveal painful post... Mu dikhai rasam / Face reveal! ❤ Read carefully So today marks the 4th year of my readership & 3rd year of bookstagram journey. I'm very happy. I've come a long way since I started this, worked really hard. Whatever I'm today it's due to the blessings & love of many people. I wanna thank many, however, I would especially thank my haters - for they've encouraged me to move on no matter what anyone says & never give fuck to any! . This same time, last year. There was a psychopath lady bookstagrammer, apparently a very famous Bengali reviewer - who was hell bent on destroying me no matter what just because it so happened she was jealous of me & wished to have some enthusiastic entertainment on her life. She left no stone unturned to ruin my career & bookstagram account. She pushed me upto the extent where I felt like ending my life. However, due to some good friends & lovers - I came out of all toxicity despite being desperately depressed for a long time. . As fate would have it - she turned out to be a plagiarist & her cover was exposed by all major bookstagrammers & reviewers bcoz she stole everyone's content & tried to destroy many other people. Truth always triumphs. God always helps those who walk on the path of righteousness! ❤ . My most favourite poem 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley which has helped me throughout my life despite all pain & hardship I've come across . Out of the night that covers me, Black as the pit from pole to pole, I thank whatever gods may be For my unconquerable soul. In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance My head is bloody, but unbowed. Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade, And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find me, unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. Question : Have you ever tried to commit suicide? Did any thought of ending your life occurred to your mind? P. S. I'm bald bcoz I met with an accident ⛌ two ✌ years ago & had a surgery last year.

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Unhone bhi toh kabhi ye mehsoos Kiya hoga. Anjaane me meri hi harkato pe apna Dil Diya hoga.... .... 😂🤣 P.S ..... #kuch_bhi #nainitaldiaries #the_nature_club #the_positive_life #positivevibes

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Colours always assists us.... but not always we follow them... . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . ... ... ... .. ... ... ... .. #fav_skies #sky_lovers #hills #uttrakhand #sunset_vision #moon #surrounding #sky_collection #colours #cloudy_layers #naturelovers #traffic_light #safety #traffic #follow_rules #kuch_bhi

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thebookresearcher. Today's read. Book review 142.

Between you & me by @societalmoksha fr

Today's read. Book review 142. Between you & me by @societalmoksha from @bloomsburyindia My rating : 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟/5 . The book basically highlights the needs of today's society. It lays focus on problems & issues pertaining to modern India in the 21st century. It extrapolates further by discussing the requirements & transformations, changes that are essential to create a sustainable society. The discussions mainly covers topics like government, economy, education, society, culture, healthcare, schools, science, technology, etcetera. It lays groundwork & fragmented rules which enables us to design & structure of the needs which are essential for a modern society & a growing democracy. We often cringe & complain about governance of the country. However, we never believe to look into ourselves as perhaps the answers lie deep within us. It's not enough to have good, honest & deserving leaders after much scrutinising. What's also important is to have responsible, diligent & honest citizens who can balance every aspect required to culminate a good nation. Only when these both combine & work hand-in-hand with each other. The perception of a remarkable nation may very well be within our grasp & much likely possible to achieve! For full review, kindly visit my blog (link given in bio). . Question : Do you like to get wet under the rain ☔? Have you ever danced under it? I've done both & I loved it! ❤

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bobbhushan. Identification On Shoes 
#Indian_Secret #pro_level #kuch_bhi #randomcl

Identification On Shoes #Indian_Secret #pro_level #kuch_bhi #randomclick #raja

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mr._till__not__out._. Finally merechi!! #kuch_bhi #machchar #timepass😜

Finally merechi!! #kuch_bhi #machchar #timepass😜

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vijayzala2811. Zala Brothers are coming....with new story full of Drama & love KHAAB

Zala Brothers are coming....with new story full of Drama & love KHAAB it's trisear... please go for full video song on my YouTube chennel #KUCH_BHI Stay connected stay tuned Thanks you Guys @zala4447 @rahulrathod_1 @mehul_shrimali_97 @shrimali2566 @helivanza @shrimali2797

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huzeafa.faruq.e.azam. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2

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"There is a property in the horizon which no man has, but he whose eyes can integrate all the parts,--that is, the poet." . . . . _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ #Roorkee #India #ig_india #insta_india #Uttarakhand #road #sky #tree #landscape #nature #summer #guidance #travel #traveling #visiting #instatravel #instago #outdoors #old #house #building #street #new #sac #architecture #vintage #kuch_bhi

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mananpani_humesha. Sunn dairy milk bubbly,
Hamari Shaadi mein na tu jeans top pehen ka aa

Sunn dairy milk bubbly, Hamari Shaadi mein na tu jeans top pehen ka aana... Kyunki tujhe shaadi k attire mein dekh k toh main behosh ho jaunga toh tab tu shaadi kisse karegi!😜 #kuch_bhi #ParthSamthaan #NitiTaylor #PaNi #Pyaar #Manik #Nandini #MaNan #MannatKaurKhurana #AnuragBasu #KYYS3OnMTV #KYYS4OnVoot #LoveIsInThePyaar @nititaylor @the_parthsamthaan

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#MiZaaJ apna KuCh EsA #BaNa LiYa Mene KiSi Ne #kuCh_Bhi kAhA Bas #MuSkUrA DiA MeNe..☺️

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