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Along the way he found his mind on an acid trip. And, he loved it.

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Is the juice worth the squeeze?

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Over 1000 miles completed across rugged tundra, arctic mountains, and deadly unpaved potholed roads. 2 flat tires, one rear end incident going 50mph on the most remote highway on the continent and a failed attempt to reach the Arctic Ocean due to high running rivers making the ferry crossing a no-go. Currently sitting here in Skagway, Alaska enjoying the comforts of a warm shower and roof over my head after a week of sleeping through arctic rain storms, grizzly filled backcountry and eating freeze-dried meals and PB&J’s. Grateful for this adventure I am living and the world I get to experience. #ArcticExpedition

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“Voodoo go now I ask for your direction Please put your hands up in the air where I can see them I see I'm surviving myself and now you're drowning in my dreamin' I forgot my peace when I knew it was there Lonesome wandering soul of the earth my heart was bare I kiss the ground, know I was never found, I guess I laid my ego to rest” Mystik, Tash Sultana

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At peace in this place.

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I’m going - going back - back to Bali - Bali! 🎼 Ever since I first landed in Bali, I knew it would be another one of those special places in my life. A place that I’d eventually return to. My first journey through Asia culminated in 3 weeks on this archipelagos. It blows my mind that I’m going back to where I left off but at the same time it’s extremely fitting. The cyclical nature of reality is comical.

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And all along who you are has just really been who you want to be.

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Learned a new word today: Liminality. Meaning, “an experience of intense non-being that could be a prelude to psychic transformation.” • To be in a liminal state is to be so fully immersed in a threshold space, a gap in consciousness that overloads our awareness through a sense of timelessness. To lose oneself in the flow of eternity, between our inner and outer worlds.

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javan.ward. Surrounded by majik in this place. 

Surrounded by majik in this place. #costarica

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The majestic North American Bison.

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