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popcornandeggs. 😍


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joanna.abou.younes. Highlight your outer Beauty! ✨💄
Makeup done by: Joanna Abou Younes

Highlight your outer Beauty! ✨💄 . Makeup done by: Joanna Abou Younes . Book your appointment! 📱: 03-816054 📱: 70-371616 #makeup #makeupartist #lebanon #makeuptransformation #makeuplebanon #lebanongirls #lebanonstyle #lebanesegirlssandra

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lebanonskincare. Whether you’re dealing with the appearance of fine lines or uneven ski

Whether you’re dealing with the appearance of fine lines or uneven skin tone, or battling more advanced signs of ageing, we have results-driven solutions for having truly younger-looking skin. Here’s how to deal with uneven skin tone, loss of firmness, dull skin, and more. 1)Achieve Even Skin Tone Uneven skin tone has multiple causes, but it certainly goes hand in hand with ageing and sun exposure, especially if you don’t apply a sunscreen daily. Fortunately, there are products that can make an impressive, noticeable difference. Look for concentrated doses of ingredients proven to brighten dull skin, increase radiance, and refine skin. One of the best ingredients to address all of those issues? Vitamin C! 2)Use Retinol for a Firmer-Looking Appearance Skin loses its youthful firm, lifted appearance primarily due to age and unprotected sun exposure (wearing SPF is a must). Experts around the world, including us, know that retinol has an undisputed reputation as a superstar anti-ageing ingredient. It’s been shown to help diminish multiple signs of ageing as well as minimise enlarged pores and rough skin texture 3)Astounding Results for the Eye Area While it's true that no product can completely get rid of shadows or puffiness around the eye area, you can definitely make it look better and improve the appearance of the dry, dull, flaky skin that's sagging around your eye area. An extremely emollient cream loaded with skin-replenishing ingredients will temporarily plump and brighten skin and give a tired eye area the moisture it needs to look supple, smooth, and young again. 4)And the Tip that Bests All Others… The advice above will provide amazing results for your most frustrating skin concerns faster than you thought possible, but it will all be for naught if you don’t practice sun-smart behavior. The path to smoother, younger-looking skin is paved with daily broad-spectrum sun protection. Without that core step, nothing else you do to help diminish signs of ageing can give you the long-terms results you’re seeking. That’s because even the best products cannot overcome the type of damage the sun does to your skin.

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Get on with a cup of coffee ( or tea ) and Kickstarter:caffeine and powerfull antioxidant EGCG !!! Correct instant dark circles , puffiness and large sebaceous under eyes with : The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 1 drop of this serum will visibly reduces the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags, and puffiness in the eye contour area. Key Ingredients Caffeine: an antioxidant that firms, tightens, and brightens the under-eye area Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG): a compound found in green tea leaves that provides antioxidant support

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turkey.real.estate_2019. شقق بأسعار معقولة قريبة من البحر في ألانيا


شقق بأسعار معقولة قريبة من البحر في ألانيا #baalbek

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