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Today, I didn’t feel good! It was like I was tired and drained, lifeless and doesn’t have any appetite for life. I needed to breath and so I came here. . I wanna be present in my emotion where I feel sad and lonely. I don’t want to hide from it nor neglect what I feel because I wanna be in the moment. Sometimes we feel bad and we just want to push it aside like it’s never part of the human emotion. Sadness matters too and sometimes it takes sadness to feel happiness. #travelblogger #instatravel #travelblog #travelaroundtheworld #passionpassport #wanderlust #traveladdict #exploremore #lifewelltravelled #worldtraveller #globelletravels #girlslovetravel #traveldiaries #traveltheworld #letsgoeverywhere #tripadvisor #girlswhotravel #womenwhotravel #beautifuldestinations #beautifulplacesonearth #travelholic #travelphotography #globelletravels #welivetoexplore #travel_drops #guardiantravelsnaps #travelphotography #emssweetdays #melbourne #australia

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Какая обработка нравится больше? 1,2 или 3? #summertime #seavibes #prettyinspo #ohhelloclothing #sunglasses #letsgoeverywhere #sea #freetoedit

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MAKE TIME TO REFLECT. • Can you believe we’ve been back in the U.K. for four weeks this weekend?! 🙀 how did that happen?! We’ve cycled through a huge range of emotions and thoughts since we’ve been home, but we’re now in a place where we have a bit more of a plan and a generally more positive approach again to our lives. • We wanted to post this photo from one of our first weekends in Melbourne, to remind ourselves of just how far we’ve come since then. We arrived into Melbourne in January with quite literally our last few dollars, and no jobs. We hadn’t even started working freelance at this point, and now we’re starting our own freelancing business! 👩🏻‍💻👨🏼‍💻 It goes to show that with some sweat and grit, you can make your dreams come true. They aren’t going to land at your feet, and you’re going to have to put in a fair bit of overtime, but the freedom we have as a result of this is worth more to us than we can put into words. • What dreams are you chasing today?

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The second day of our Mongolia road trip was pretty eventful. We got lost off-roading, got our car stuck in a river, got saved by a Mongolian man on horseback, and accepted an invitation to stay with a nomadic family in their ger. We drank fermented mare’s milk, goat milk almost directly from the goat, and hot milk vodka (made with fermented yogurt), and ate some freshly-made goat intestine dumplings with them. (FYI, it all tasted as good as it sounds.) At bedtime, they very kindly gave up one of their beds and we all went to sleep in the same room. It was a hilarious experience that was pretty awkward at times, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Also, camels: fields and fields of them. Who knew?

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I don't think any amount of words will ever do justice to the beauty that this structure is.

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Lidenskab er min livsstil. Jeg kan lide tordenskrald og fuldmåne. Jeg kan lide fugle og bølger. Jeg kan lide at bevæge mig, og jeg kan lide eventyr. Jeg kan lide uforudsigelige kys og passioneret tiltrækning. Jeg kan lide samtaler fyldt med sandheder. Jeg kan lide træer, og jeg kan lide at røre ved jord. Jeg kan lide det, der har sjæl. Det med sjæl får mig til at føle mig fri. I ordbogen defineres lidenskab således: voldsom følelse som er svær at kontrollere, og som ofte giver sig udslag i uhensigtsmæssig adfærd. Lidenskab er for mig en boblende magisk følelse, der rigtig nok er svær at kontrollere. Men for mig giver lidenskab ikke udslag i uhensigtsmæssig adfærd. Den boblende, magiske, ukontrollerbare lidenskab sætter mig fri og lader min sjæl danse. Lidenskab gør mig autentisk og nærværende i mit liv. Lad ikke bekymringer for uhensigtsmæssig adfærd spænde ben for dig. Slip dig selv løs. Giv afkald på kontrol. Vær dig. Lev ægte. Lev nu. Lidenskab er din livsstil. . . . . . . #dancemore #vamosalaplaya #yogaspirit #openmyworld

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Happiness is a state of mind #conleggerezza #wildness

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Dengan lebih dari 17.000 pulau dan lebih dari 300 suku, budaya Indonesia bukanlah budaya Jawa, Bali, ataupun Papua; budaya Indonesia adalah TOLERANSI terhadap perbedaan. Dirgahayu Indonesia-ku!! 🇮🇩🇮🇩

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Even on dreary days, it’s magical. 😍 #magicaldays

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DANKIE SOUTH AFRICA. I didn’t know anything about South Africa before coming here, but this country conquered my heart and soul. Thanks for your beautiful mountain surrounding me all the time, thanks for the stunning sunset, for teaching me what hard work is, for your friendly people, your rich culture, the rhythm of your music, your delicious food, your wildlife and nature. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to know you deeply and to create strong relationships, for giving me the time and knowledge to understand what my true passions are. Thanks for all the deep emotions you made me feel. It’s not a goodbye, it’s a see you soon. 💕🇿🇦

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I hope one day when I come back from Estonia again, I will not be greeted with “Estonia? Where is that?” anymore. 🧡😅 #WhereDidAthenaGo

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It is with the heart that one sees rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye

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Unreal how beautiful our planet is 🌏

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No filter, this place is truly amazing 💙

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This blue lake 💙

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Art is food for the soul 😋

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