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sophiawisell. Never give less than your best! It’s when we give it our all that we r

Never give less than your best! It’s when we give it our all that we really thrive. . . 💪🏽Smashed leg day with @faby_fitness . . .🍃My favorite legging #ptulaactive

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INFINITE POSSIBILITIES | A medida que cambian las estaciones y las razones, lo antiguo se purifica y lo nuevo se forma. La vida siempre nos está purgando, moldeando y empujando hacia nuestro ser más elevado. Todo el mundo tiene un propósito y luchar contra él puede ocasionar conflicto interno. A veces lo que ves por ti mismo es limitado porque no te ves lo suficientemente importante. Olvida este patron de pensamiento. Deja de crear resistencia a tu camino y fluye hacia tus posibilidades ilimitadas. _____________________________________________ • • • • • • • #igersespaña #vinyasayogamadrid #selfworth #selfempowerment #sacredgeometrytattoo #mandalatattoo #spiritualawakening #iloveyoga #seatedforwardfold #yogateacher #instayogini #thirdeyeawekening #flowwiththeflow #energyshift #consciencia #spiritualconsciousness #lifechallenges #crecimientoespiritual #youcreateyourownreality #inteligenciaemocional #vibratehigher #vibramasalto #universehasyourback

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(SÉ QUE SI TÚ NO PUEDES, ME DIRÁS QUE YO TAMPOCO PUEDO ). . . . 🔹🔹🔹🔹Don’t be surprised ! 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 If anyone ever dares to tell you that you can’t, please don’t be caught off guard . If they can’t, of course they will tell that you can’t either . . . . ➡️➡️➡️Seeing you succeed would be accepting their cowardice and, hence, failure. ⬅️⬅️⬅️ . . ✔️✔️Value the following points and then decide if his/her opinion matters to you : 1. Does this person’s life inspire you❓ 2.Has this person taken risks on his/her own life ❓ 3. Do you admire that person❓ . . 🔴If you have answered NO to the questions above. Then you are lucky 🍀 This person has nothing to do with your life . You are far from speaking the same language, from wanting the same life and from sharing the same opinions and ideas. So his/her opinion is just HIS/HERS. . . . ——-People like talking . Expressing their opinions without being asked. This makes them feel empowered . Just listen and appreciate . They will probably need your compassion.🙏 . . 🔹🔹There are things that are out of your control. Just focus on your path , on your goals, on your inspiration, on people who are similar to you and/or that you admire. You will find many obstacles on the way but learn how to jump them. They can’t stop you . Remember your strength: YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE . 💪💪💪💪. . . —————————YOU KNOW IT ———————- #lifecoaching #lifecoach #coaching #motivation #inspiration #panacea #panaceayou #intuition #trustyourintuition #compassion #unstoppable #grow #dreambigger #ecosystem #grounded #truthsearcher #truth #gutt #selfdiscovery #knowyourself #lifechallenges #dailyaffirmation #curiosity #motivacion #positivevibes #johannesburg #southafrica #inspiracion #objetivos

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andreajane_photography. When we battle life’s storms sometimes the hardest challenge is to fin

When we battle life’s storms sometimes the hardest challenge is to find the light, to try and find our way again. #stormclouds #sunsetviews #lifechallenges

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I hope you’re living life! I hope you’re happy! I hope you get everything you want in life! I hope you never give up! I hope you keep pushing! Never stop! Never give up! Never let your fears win!!! Happy new week fam 💋 ————————————— What is your greatest fear? Mine is failure😬 What’s yours?👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 . . . . #fashionblogger #lifestyleblogger #motivationalspeaker #blogger #lifechallenges #lifemotivator #loverofGod #February #newweek #2019 #ayearoftestimonies #myyear

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thoughtful_mind_loving_heart. 💚🌼💚
#repost #unknown #hermanhesse

💚🌼💚 . #repost #unknown #hermanhesse

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"Recipe for Success" Story: Success doesn't come easy for most people. Hard work, Persistence & Patience are a must! Smart work and Focus gets you even better results. You must take risks and discipline yourself to stay on course. Success means different things to different people. You may fail many times on your path to success. Just remember, as long as you keep moving forward you are destined for Greatness! In today's society: Wealth, Health, & Happiness are all considered to be forms of Success. Which word defines Success for you? I would love to hear from you... #Success #Keystosuccess #Hustlehard #SelfFocus #Persist #Fearoffailure #Risktaker #Patienceisavirtue #Tenacity #Accomplishment #LifeChallenges #RadiatePositivity #Visionnaire #Wealth #Happiness #Sacrifice #Health #Love #Mommypreneur #Autismmommy #Autismmum #Businessmotivation #Lifegoal #Entrepreneurmind #Entrepreneur101 #TheUltimateMotivationalMama

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Naturally we don’t like ☹️challenges and do everything possible to avoid them.🙈 . Why? My point of view is bc they pull us out of our quiet cushier comfort zones, they bring stress into our lives. . I am going through some battle right now, debating with myself, asking advice from friends, trying to do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to escape any changes I have to make : oh, this flesh is weak!!!😩😳 I’ll have to grow and be wiser or I’ll pretty much lose part of my biological family... That’s the dilemma.... #lifechallenges #familymatters #ohana

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The dream vs reality. This photograph is 'a' reality. While I am here in Bali and feel grateful for my morning beach rituals, my afternoon jump in the pool and the beautiful minds on this island, there is another reality I face. Promising talks from 'potential' clients who disappear. Applying for remote jobs platforms and keep on looking for new project & opportunities. I am thankful for every day, but men, this freelancer and digital nomad lifestyle can be rough too! I keep pushing, of course, I do. I've been visualizing and I know I'm gonna get there. My creative spirit is strong and I'm surrounded with love, creativity, and entrepreneurship on this funny and beautiful island. Check out the first episode of coffee talks about the beautiful lessons and wisdom I gain from my lifestyle that keeps my head up, even on days I feel like sh*t. Don't forget to hit the subscribe button. Thanks mate ;) #entrepreneurlife #workremote #remoteworklife #digitalnomade #tbt #tuesday #vizualization #strongmindset #begratefuleveryday #lifechallenges #digitalnomadgirls #digitalnomadinsider #newin #photographylife #poolsidevibes #poolsidechillin #green #baliphotography

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alimoghanchi. در زندگی خطای مردم را ببخشید.
بخشیدن اشتباهات اطرافیان اولین کسی رو که

در زندگی خطای مردم را ببخشید. بخشیدن اشتباهات اطرافیان اولین کسی رو که آسوده خاطر و راحت میکنه، خود آدم هست. چون دیگه فکر و مغزت درگیری بیهوده بابت حلاجی داستان و آن اشتباه نداره. نه اینکه بی خیال بشیم بلکه ببخشیم. البته یه موضوع مهم هست و آن اینه که طرف مقابل از بخشش شما برداشت اشتباه نکنه و اینرو به حساب ناتوانی شما نذاره و یا براش عادت بشه که در هر صورت شما بخشنده هستید و می تونه دائما اشتباه کنه. مدیریت این موضوع به عهده خود شماست که تا چه حد و در چه جایی بخشش داشته باشید. دلی بزرگ و بخشنده داشته باشید و #لبخند_یادتون_نره😁😁😁 . . . #forgive #forgiveness #people #regret #listen #listentoeachother #misscomunication #understand #manage #management #qoutes #lifeqoutes #lifehacks #lifechallenges #lifelessons #lifecoach #alimoghanchi

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♾Still Can Make It♾ {available on all online platforms} produced by @ghettoliferecordsja & @gcitymusicgroup ... mixed by @lampshademuzic ... • • #celebrateliferiddim #europe

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healingfood.co. SELF-LOVE
Self love means care of yourself, and that's not being self

SELF-LOVE Self love means care of yourself, and that's not being selfish, it's loving yourself first so you can love with all you body and heart. I am going to talk about something we all feel once in a while and ome of the reasons of this feelings could be lack of Self-love. Sometimes we can feel tired or energy-less, kind of demotivated or maybe lost. That's a very common feeling we all could experience in life. It could be that we are not eating properly, not exercising enough or maybe exercising too much. We could have been having problems at work, or maybe we are not really motivated with our job at the moment. Sometimes we don't know what is the main reason that causes all this weird feelings. When I feel like that first thing I do is “RESET” and put myself first thing. A few tips that help me to “reset”: Establish a healthy routine of exercise and nutrition. Moving everyday and eating healthy is the first step that can help us to find our balance. Establish a work routine, it means work and think about work when you have to do it. After working hours find activities you like doing such as walking, doing exercise, catching up with friends, taking a course, reading or enjoy your time the way you like. Sleeping routine. We all need to sleep 7-8 hours per day so our bodies can function well. If you are not sleeping well during the night, that will affect your levels of energy and your mood during the day. Set a time to go to bed and try to do it every night. Avoid using the phone/computer or any device before bed time and if you have low digestion eat 2 hours before bed and always choose light meals that are easier to digest. Finally, make sure you listen to your body always. If you are tired, rest. If you are hungry eat. If you feel lonely, catch up with your friends. If you feel overwhelmed, slow down and take your time to think what is really important in your life right now. Your body is always right. Put yourself first, learn to listen to yourself and learn to love yourself, cause that's the only way you can be completely happy.

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tamiraecoaching. Life principal for this week: 
All experiences are opportunities for g

Life principal for this week: All experiences are opportunities for growth. We all have challenges in our lives. Everyday we face big and small obstacles that can send us into a tail spin. We can let these challenges define us or we can use our challenges to strengthen us, stretch us and help us grow. My major challenges have taught me more than any school lesson ever did. Losing a daughter taught me that I am stronger than I could ever have imagined. Going through a divorce and being a single mom has shown me that I am courageous and capable, being scarred from a major dog bite allowed me to become more humble and to seek an inner beauty that can’t be defined by outside appearances. I could add so many more, but I’m sure you get the point. It’s so so easy to fall into “victim mode” when life gets hard. I encourage you and challenge you to step back and observe the situation, even as you are going through the thick of it, and ask yourself how you are growing from the experience. It may not be obvious at first, but allow yourself to be still and quiet and see what opportunities for growth come to the surface. I’d love to hear an example of how you chose growth from a life experience instead of allowing it to destroy you. Feel free to share below. 🧡☀️ #opportunityforgrowth #growth #lifechallenges #findthebeauty #tamiraecoachingandretreats

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maryurilopez8. Heavy, intensive moments.... remember to breath and keep going. #minds

Heavy, intensive moments.... remember to breath and keep going. #mindset #love #lifechallenges #goals #focus #mind #career #designer #newweek #london #interiordesigner instamood

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emphillipsconsulting. Are you feeling discouraged? Don't throw in the towel without explorin

Are you feeling discouraged? Don't throw in the towel without exploring alternatives to your challenges! Comment "YES" If you agree! www.phillipsconsultingag.com #hustletownnetwork

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externauk. Enjoy yourself. 🙌🔥🙏

Enjoy yourself. 🙌🔥🙏

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Having a support network or just that one close friend, family member or partner that you can open up to is crucial for healing. . . It helps to get all of those thoughts and feelings that have been circulating and festering inside of you out in the open. It's usually only then that you can start the process of let go by communicating the problem, making sense of it and drawing a conclusion. . . The solution doesn't always call for immediate action. Often, we have to come to understand something for what it is and just let it be. Acceptance doesn't make any wrong-doing okay. It simply means that you choose to acknowledge it for what is and accept that past events cannot be undone. That those involved may never give you the apology you want or try to make amends. Also, the fact that you cannot change anyone - it has to be self initiated. . . Action comes into play once you decide what to do with that knowledge. You might remove yourself from the environment, limit your contact with those involved or simply become at peace with it and focus on improving your life. . . I'm grateful to have been a source of strength and support for many over the years who have needed it. In like, I am grateful to those who have shown me the same kindness and consideration. We all need someone to listen and believe in us. So keep an open mind and a warm heart to those who will truly need it. 💗 . . #BASocialM #writer #spiritualwarrior #empath #caregiver #supportingothers #showlove #kindnessismagic #mentalwellness #healthandwellbeing #emotionalwellbeing #emotionalsupport #healingenergy #healingquotes #healingjourney #lifechallenges #weareone #supporteachother #selfcarethreads #stepbystep #communication #talktome #letstalk #mentalhealthwarrior #dontsufferinsilence #youareloved #yourenotalone

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aiy.inaan. “I prefer living in color.” ~David Hockney.


“I prefer living in color.” ~David Hockney. #happythoughts

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darlyndayag. It's been a week or maybe 2 that I've been feeling down. Not really su

It's been a week or maybe 2 that I've been feeling down. Not really sure why but it affects my routine. Thankful because I have a very supportive and patient husband who'll do everything to make me smile again thus the Baguio trip. Still not sure why I felt that, sometimes I'm thinking it was just a hormonal thingy, or my monthly period, but now I can wear a genuine smile again, laugh on everything, do silly things. A reset, a refresh, a time-off, we all need that. For me it was the 3 days I spent with husband in Baguio were we talk, reminisce and review our plans, achivements and goals. I'm not weak, I'm a strong woman who will always win life challenges because I'm not alone, I have a strong man fighting with me. #life #realtalk #lifechallenges #couple #husbandandwife #relationship

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managemoresolutions. Do you keep saying yes to things that hold you back from achieving gre

Do you keep saying yes to things that hold you back from achieving greatness?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now is the time to let go of mediocrity and open the doors to the extraordinary! . Follow 👉🏼@managemoresolutions👈🏼 for more inspiration ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #girlbossesunite #setyourownhours #digitalmarketinglife #makeideashappen #goodquotestoliveby #millionairemindset #dailymotivationalquotes #successformula #dreamersandoers #moneyfreedom #lifechallenges #yourpath #motivationalquotesdaily #motivatedaily #motivationalquotesandsayings #smallbizlife #stopwaiting #lovemybiz #buildingbossladies #truthoflife #lifesayings #bedetermined #quotefortoday #lifeadvice #inspiringquotes #dailymotivation #sayyestosuccess #businesssuccess #businesswithheart

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designed4more. Today I heard of a dear friend losing her husband of over 30 years!  L

Today I heard of a dear friend losing her husband of over 30 years! Life challenges can be so overwhelming and to find words to let people know how you are hurting for them, is challenging in and of itself. I look to God daily and trust in His ways and am thankful that they too know of God’s love and salvation. Heaven is real and it does give comfort to know that in His arms God has a new man, made whole. I’m sad, yet happy, angry, yet glad, so many thoughts, so many feelings. What an awesome God we have that holds us up and keeps our hearts full, even amidst the pain. I also turn to my essential oils as they have helped me through some very challenging times and continue to bring me comfort. They are gifts of the earth and God did make the plants they come from, so it’s a natural way to get some relief from the pain. If you don’t know God or anything about essential oils, message me! I’m passionate about both! To my dear friend and anyone else that is grieving... may God’s Peace be with you today and in the years ahead. So many amazing memories equate to a lot of grief and God is there for you every step. Keep leaning on Him!! 😘❤️🌹❤️😘

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Oh is that what is happening?!🤪. . . Postpartum is really testing my strength and ability to “grow through what you go through”. . Labour seems like it was a warm up to what recovery has been, both physically and emotionally, on top of the challenges of breast feeding and the beginning stages of motherhood. . And wait until you hear my birth story, labour was no walk in the park for me!🙁😔🙂. . I am trying my best to “grow through” these challenges with patience, love and determination. I also feel like sharing helps me go through challenges by relating and communicating with others on their experience and helping one another through these stages. . I am blown away with the interest in learning and hearing, not only my birth story with Lucas, but also my postpartum and recovery. I will be sure to share shortly. Although I feel like it may be personal and vulnerable to share such a private experience but if it could help other women and also help me, with the outpouring of love and support I have already received, then we can all benefit. For those interested of course, as it could be TMI for some people 😄. . Please help me figure out what would be best, sharing over a Live video or a YouTube video? 📽📱. . . . #LifeChallenges #BirthStory #OurBirthStory #Recovery #LabourAndDelivery #GrowthGame #GrowingMama

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Although my Rosacea has been so bad lately, I still haven’t been able to change my diet to a complete plant-based one yet. To cut meat, sugar and dairy aren’t a problem at all but fish is so hard for me. Many people who had rosacea/eczema/sever acne have successfully killed their rosacea by changing their diet to a whole food plant-based one and drinking celery juice. I have to gain strength for myself for being one of them. I so miss my clear strong skin 🙎‍♀️🏻 ・ ・ #rosacea #酒さ #eczema #acne #skinproblems #wanttobevegan #plantbased #dietchange #needstrength #redness #skin #trytostaypositive #acceptance #notyet #instadaily #nstagood #instagram #diet #stayhealthy #medicalmedium #celeryjuice #lifechallenges #がんばりきれてない #情けない #nofilter #imnotproundofmyself #nomakeup #letfoodbethymedicine

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