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I’ve always wanted to be a creative person. Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a creative person on some aspects, like my writing when I apply myself - but I’m not talking about that kind of creativity. I’m talking about being able to draw or paint well. Not just silly little stick figures (and even they suck) but actual real images and translations of reality - oh the wonders of THAT kind of creativity! Do you know what it is about it that makes it so appealing next to for instance writing? Would you like to venture a guess? It’s because, I imagine (and please don’t burst my bubble if I’m wrong about this) the ability to not think too much as you’re doing it. The gift of being able to almost be in a meditative state as you’re drawing. Very much unlike writing where you have to think about what you want to say, formulate the right sentence, use proper grammar, read and reread, correct and eventually discard it because well... it sucks! Ah, the art of seeing something in your head and then recreating it for others to see. Sharing the joy of the wondrous little adventures that take place in your head - the characters and places - the creatures and shapes - how wonderful! How I envy those who can draw! And how I envy even more, those who take the time to learn instead of writing long captions about it on Instagram.

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Today we jump! #mondaymotivation . You can’t learn to fly by standing on the edge, focusing on your fear of falling instead of the flight. . Yes you might fall, but there’s no bottom to hit, you will fall until you decide that it’s time to fly. . In falling we learn to fly! So let’s jump in! . Have a great Monday! . . . . #gymgirl #gymsharkwomen #gymsharkxwhitneysimmons #gymshark #fitgirl #lithuaniangirl #intermittentfasting #inspirationalquotes #fly #byfallingwelearnhowtofly #flybaby #londonfitness #absaremadeinkitchen #wefitnesssociety #fitfamuk #fitnesssociety #londongirl #shelifts #bodybuilding #womenbodybuilding #whitneysimmonscollection #whitneysimmons

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bonitalavi. This is how my daily life looks like - running from one errand to anot

This is how my daily life looks like - running from one errand to another, always on the road, always in a hurry 🤷🏻‍♀️ Have a great Monday guys!

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anamikatalwaria. Too busy being a queen to notice the rain 👸🏽
Copenhagen has a myri

Too busy being a queen to notice the rain 👸🏽 . Copenhagen has a myriad of castles and I wanted to explore every single one. And I guess live in one idk... if a prince wants to hmu 🤷🏽‍♀️👸🏽

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These wings were made to fly 🕊⠀ Throwing it back to when I had brown highlights, wondering if I should switch up my extensions 🤔

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Swapped Monday blues for Monday browns.. 🍁🍂 ⁣⁣ ⁣ trousers: @lilylulufashion *gifted

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Grab your rain coats 🌧

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Happy Monday! May you all have a fantastic week ❤️

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Little throwback, wow how I miss summer ☀️ ..... #summer #hotgirlsummer #sun #sunshine #summerfashion #pose #positivevibes #london #Londongirl ☀️♥️

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Arrived in one piece! They let me in! #usa #miami #londongirl #letthefunbegin #family #roadtrip

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First pumpkin carving 🎃🎃

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... Happy Sunday! Just thought I’d give some love to all those working mommas out there who hustle and sacrifice in order to provide beautiful lives for their families. You are amazing! 💕 . . . . . . . . . #workingmomma #londongirl #nursepractitioner #hustle #aesthetics #rumaaesthetics #businessowner #rumahasit

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Sounds silly, but a huge thing I love about my quarterly business trips is that I get to dress up 🖤 . Like being a Mum that works full time from home, I’m gonna be honest my effort level on clothing myself is pretty low 😂 like most days I stay in my post workout clothes 😱 . These trips (with no little humans around me) give me a chance to actually take a little bit of time to get ready and for a girl that always struggled to find her style it’s been nice to have a reason to dress up . When I went on my first trip my suitcase was full with clothes I actually hated, but thought would help me fit it . The more trips I went on the more I realised that this community couldn’t care less what you are wearing they all just love you for you 🖤 . Feeling that love and seeing all the incredible leaders dressed in so many different kick ass styles gave me the confidence to experiment and find a style I love and feel comfortable in . I think it’s pretty safe to say it’s still evolving, but this trip has been the most at home with myself I have ever felt 🖤 . The heels, the suits the long florals are well and truly gone from my wardrobe and I’m sticking with the boots and the converse . It’s actually incredibly Empowering feeling confident in what you wear and I’m really excited to keep growing into me again and experimenting with my style . But as of tomorrow it’s back to the leggings and hoodies until LA in February 😂😂😂

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