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PRIDE !!! 🦈🦈🦈 . FOLLOW YOUR @shark.passion 👉🦈❤ . 📸&✒@reefhunter . My favorite Hammerhead named Scylla. She has uniquely dark patches unlike most great hammers that have a lighter grey tone. . . . . #hammerhead #hammerheadshark #sharkpassion #👉🦈❤ #savesharks #sharkdiving #shark #ilovesharks #helpsavesharks #welovesharks #sharkdive #discoverocean #divingphoto #savethesharks #saveoursharks #sharkwater #sharks #lovesharks #sharkdiver #underwater_world_ #uwphoto #marinelife #bahamaslife #sharkclub

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ocean.magazine. Tug of War with a Great White shark 🦈🦈🦈
@nicwilks and his dad, D

Tug of War with a Great White shark 🦈🦈🦈 -- @nicwilks and his dad, David, were pulling in their fishing net off Port Pirie, South Australia, when they saw the shark hanging around the boat, picking fish out of the net. As the net was closing up, the shark unfortunately got tangled up in it. David managed to safely free the shark and continue pulling in the net, but the shark came back for one last game of Tug of War. Video by @nicwilks - 🌐Follow us for more @ocean.magazine 🦈❤

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ocean.magazine. Caption this 🦈.
Awesome shot by @mikecoots
🌐Follow us for more @oc

Caption this 🦈. Awesome shot by @mikecoots - 🌐Follow us for more @ocean.magazine 🦈❤

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REDIRECTING A GREAT WHITE SHARK!!!! 🦈🚦🦈🚦🦈🚦🦈🚦 . FOLLOW YOUR @shark.passion . 🎥&✒@forrest.in.focus . This moment to me is so unreal... I feel so lucky so have been blessed with an experience like this. Yesterday was jam packed with once in a lifetime moments and I can’t believe this is what I get to do for a living. . . . . #greatwhitesharks #hawaii #oahu #haleiwa #whiteshark #oneoceandiving #coexist #sharkpassion #👉🦈❤ #savesharks #sharkdiving #shark #ilovesharks #underwater_world_ #helpsavesharks #welovesharks #underwatershots #greatwhiteshark #whitesharks #sharkdive #discoverocean #divingphoto #savethesharks #saveoursharks #sharkwater #sharks #lovesharks #sharkdiver #marinelife #oceanlife

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FROM DARK TO THE TOP !!! 🦈🦈🦈 . FOLLOW YOUR @shark.passion . 🎥&✒@kyle.mcb · · · That which emerges from the deep... It's crazy how at Guadalupe Island the visibility can be just shy of 200 feet, yet 16-foot one-ton white sharks can still sneak up on you. . . . #sharkpassion #👉🦈❤ #cagediving #savesharks #sharkdiving #shark #ilovesharks #helpsavesharks #welovesharks #greatwhiteshark #whiteshark #whitesharks #sharkdive #greatwhitesharks #discoverocean #divingphoto #savethesharks #saveoursharks #sharkwater #sharks #lovesharks #sharkdiver #sharkcagediving #sharkcage

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shark_angry_. \"❤❤❤
💖 Follow me @shark_Angry_ for more 💗
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"❤❤❤ 💖 Follow me @shark_Angry_ for more 💗 ❤ Update new pictures everyday! ➖ 📌 Tag someone to make their day better. ❤️ Double Tap & Tag your Friends Below⤵

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shark_pissty. Words by @sharksneedlove
My top 10 things you can *easily* do to help

Words by @sharksneedlove My top 10 things you can *easily* do to help sharks: 1️⃣ Do not eat shark, in particular the notorious #sharkfinsoup, also be aware the demand for a shark steak is a growing trend so avoid those sellers too 2️⃣ Do not eat anything with high shark bycatch (bycatch is the unwanted fish/marine life captured whilst fishing for a different species). Avoid almost all tuna. Unless it's 'pole & line' caught it's likely to have a DEVASTATING shark death toll 3️⃣ Do not support any restaurant or business that contributes towards shark mortality. Many global Chinese restaurants still sell sharkfin soup so AVOID them and do not support their business by eating from their menu 4️⃣ Know what you're eating! Shark is often mislabelled as 'Rock Salmon', 'Flake', 'Huss' and more, do your homework and always ask what you're eating before agreeing to eat it! 5️⃣ Know what you're using. Check your makeup for traces of shark oils (squalene) it's faaaaar more common then you realise 6️⃣ Support ecotourism- Dive with sharks and tell countries (with your money) to keep them alive by spending your hard earned cash on local hotels, dive centres, restaurants etc. and show them sharks will generate more money alive than dead 7️⃣ Do not support #biggame or #sportfishing trips that target sharks. #catchandrelease fishing can still kill sensitive sharks like hammerheads as they’re prone to post release mortality (death after release) 8️⃣ Educate the world, or use social media as a tool to spread ACCURATE (and relevant) shark awareness, knowledge and education 9️⃣ Do not buy byproducts of sharks e.g. Unethical shark tooth necklaces, shark oil tablets etc. 🔟 Support GENUINE shark research organizations and scientists and ask HOW their work is helping to #savesharks past ‘raising awareness’ Do SOMETHING! 100 million sharks are killed every year (that's a scientific average, it could be higher) so please, make small changes that together, make a big difference. Image: @sharkgirlmadison #shark #sharkweek #sharks #jaws #saltlife #sealife #greatwhite #nature #sea #ocean Please follow me: -@Shark_pissty #lovesharks #sharkbait #sharklover #crustaceans #underwater #s

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shark_soha. @oceanramsey  in the right place at the right time.  The reality is th

@oceanramsey in the right place at the right time. The reality is that this moment took years or even decades to play out this way and I’m going to say it is due karma for Ocean. I spent the last decade trying to keep up her. Ocean is always working late into the night and getting up super early for work, writing papers for permits, shark research, conservation, leading dives, training safety divers, creating non profits, writing to senators and CEOs, doing educational out reach, organizing reef and beach clean ups, creating shark conservation designs and a clothing line all for shark conservation. Ocean has decade her life to sharks and that is the biggest part of why I love her so much. She doesn’t do it for ego or fame, purely for love and hope that people can see that. She actually is a shy person that would rather keep to herself but the only reason she speaks up and gets in front of a camera is for them, the sharks. She learned early on after finishing her marine bio degree that there will be nothing left to study if we don’t speak up for these animals. Everyone has a part to play in shark and ocean conservation. Education is the key. The only sad thing in all of this is to see other conservationist and scientists waste their valuable time attacking other scientists and conservationist. We really need to all be working together. Put the egos aside and let’s work together to #helpsavesharks for the next generation if not for ourselves. Focus on the sharks and save them is what Ocean is about and I wish more people were like her. This amazing photo is not mine. Photo by @camgrantphotography also in in the right place at the right time 🤙🏽 #OceanRamsey #sharkconservation #sharkresearcher #savetheocean #ApexPredatorNotMonster #cagethefear #stopsharkfishing #stopsharkfinsoup #stopsharkculling Please follow me: -@Shark_soha #lovesharks #sharkbait #sharklover #crustaceans #underwater #sharkvideo #nurseshark #diving #sharkies #barrierreef #hammerheadshark #sharkweek #swimmingwithsharks #fishtank #bigshark #aqurium #fishaquarium #sharkselfie #sharks #sharkcagediving

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HELP SAVE SHARKS DIRECTLY NOW WITH JUST 2 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME! REAL ACTION!!! There is currently a bill in government that would stop the ability for Florida (most prolific transporter of shark fins in US) to make the shipment of fins illegal. This is by far and away one of if not they biggest threats to sharks abroad and right here in our Florida waters...Whether you've been on a dive with us and learned to appreciate these incredible sharks or just want to do your part and support amazing and crucial wildlife to our worlds health please sign this petition and let the powers that be know sharks have the backing and support of more people then they know! If we don't speak up, nobody will and sharks will continue to be slaughtered and eventually disappear! Let's get after it!!! PLEASE SIGN PETITION, LINK IN BIO!!! PC: @gatorboys_chris @bryce_h2o @floridasharkdiving Please follow me: -@shark_intheworld #lovesharks #sharkbait #sharklover #crustaceans #underwater #sharkvideo #nurseshark #diving #sharkies #barrierreef #hammerheadshark #sharkweek #swimmingwithsharks #fishtank #bigshark #aqurium #fishaquarium #sharkselfie #sharks #sharkcagediving #whiteshark #sharkcage

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shark_angry_. \"Nice !!!
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"Nice !!! 💖 Follow me @shark_Angry_ for more 💗 ❤ Update new pictures everyday! ➖ 📌 Tag someone to make their day better. ❤️ Double Tap & Tag your Friends Below⤵

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geo_earth_nature. \"I’ve gotten better but it’s still hard for me to sit still. It has al

"I’ve gotten better but it’s still hard for me to sit still. It has always been. This pursuit has taught me a lot. The #Ocean—the space it offers and the solitude it creates is hard to find, and in a strange sense, I think our lack of control here magnifies its potential even more. The inspiration is louder. The sense of humility is stronger. And the present moments offer refuge and healing. The creator knew exactly what He was doing when gifting us with this space. I love sharing it with you all." 🦈💧| 📷 🤟🏻😍🙏 @prilaga #prilaga #sharklets #sharkies #sharkeisha #helpsavesharks #bullshark #sharky #sharkcage #sharknado #sharkeys #sharkcagediving #whiteshark #sharks #lovesharks #sharklover #shark #savesharks #sharklove #sharkfishing #sharkaddicts #raqssharki #sharkselfie #sharkeez #sharkdiver #sharking #sharkdiving #tigershark #greatwhiteshark

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shadat.z.z.z. #life #shorthair ;\")

#life #shorthair ;")

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shadat.z.z.z. My #best #time

My #best #time

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alistertheflame. Clips from my free dive #lovesharks

Clips from my free dive #lovesharks

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#onsharksandhumanity 做为鱼翅主力消费国,能在保护气息最浓烈的澳洲办个鲨鱼展也是不容易。虽然主题偏艺术,但总得让大众先觉得美,才能心生爱惜...。 #lovesharks #sydney #sydneymuseum #sharks #サメ

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finhugger. It's Martin Luther King Day, so we decided to share one of our favouri

It's Martin Luther King Day, so we decided to share one of our favourite Martin Luther King quotes... 🦈 🦈 🦈 Learn the facts about sharks before condemning them. Fisheries are killing an average of 100 million sharks per year. Only one in six people are killed on average by sharks each year, worldwide. Those that sadly pass away, are usually bitten once, before the shark realises we are not in their diet and swims away. Unfortunately, a fragile human will sometimes bleed out before receiving medical care. Who are the real mindless killers? #SaveSharks #KeepFinAlive 📸 @shark_buff

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@captain_smulders just returned from an epic trip to PAPUA - and like always , it was a DREAM ✨ “When we connect with the wild, we remember that we ARE the wild. So what are we doing trying to tame ourselves all the time? Who will we become if we loose the wildness that makes each of us so unique?” - Nathan Scolaro. Last week ventured deep into Papua with my gypsy shark sister @kokocuvier and @indigoluna_store to seek out and play with the gentle giants that inhabit this extremely remote part of the world. The whalesharks, locally known here as ‘Gurano Bintang’ or ‘Hiu Paus’ 🦈⭐️ frequent the open ocean floating ‘bagans’ ( wooden fishing platforms) in search of an easy meal. We encountered 4 or 5 of these star pattered gentle giants on a daily basis. It was extremely fascinating and humbling to witness first hand the unique relationship these sharks have with the people living on these floating fishing homes out at sea. We were openly welcomed into the home of a local Papuan fishing family where the jungle meets the sea 🌴 . We bathed in the river every day and slept all together on the floor of a single wooden hut. Unfortunately, with beauty often comes suffering. Plastic pollution dominating even the most remote and forgotten corners of this planet and other shark species being caught and killed even in this marine protected area / national park. And remember, of all the paths you take in this life, make sure a lot of them are unknot and preferably covered in dirt. The most beautiful places can’t be discovered without getting a bit lost.

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janelle_vanruiten. A beautiful encounter of coexistence between a white shark and seastar

A beautiful encounter of coexistence between a white shark and seastar @oceanramsey a shark expert and yes.. a women! @khonnews Photo by brother @juansharks PLEASE READ BELOW. _______________________________________________________ ~Well said caption written by @andriana_marine I was trying to stay out of the mess from this entire situation and remain out of the limelight, but this is getting extremely out of hand. Touching a free swimming shark for the purpose of an outreach/ conservation piece is not harming the animal any more than catching them, pulling them out of the water, and tagging them for science is. Both entail interacting with the animal in an invasive way and after all of my tagging experience I would even go to say that fishing for a shark to tag them is more stressful than touching them in their natural environment. I fully support tagging for the purpose of science, while I also fully support conservation outreach in the form of powerful imagery. Whether you have a problem with it or not, this interaction between @oceanramsey and this white shark has sparked a conversation around the entire world about shark protection and conservation - reaching people who had never even thought of the topic as an issue before. Open your eyes to the real problem of overfishing that is creating major shark population declines and let’s work cooperatively to fix these issues and stop creating a divide in the community. If the main shark advocates and scientists cannot come to agreement on how to protect these animals how are we supposed to convince the rest of the public to? #helpsavesharks #apexpredatornotmonster #conservation #cooperation #outreach #science #shark #saynotosharkfinsoup END #sharkfinnng END #sharkfishing #greatwhite #lovesharks #hawaii

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