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Getting arty with the camera instead of the museum 📸🇩🇪 #cologne #ludwigmuseum #colognegermany

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Roy Lichtenstein, "M-Maybe", 1965, Oil and Magna on canvas, 152 × 152 cm, Museum Ludwig, Cologne. Roy Lichtenstein, 1923-1997, was an American painter who was a founder and foremost practitioner of Pop art, a movement that countered the techniques and concepts of Abstract Expressionism with images and techniques taken from popular culture. He took great pleasure in presenting well-known comic-strip figures in a fine art format. He increased the size of his canvases and began to manipulate to his own ends the graphic and linguistic conventions of comic strips dealing with such genres as romance, war, and science fiction. In the style of comic strips, he used words to express sound effects and developed a detached, mass-produced effect by outlining areas of primary colour with thick black lines and by using a technique that simulated benday screening, a dot pattern used by engravers. M-Maybe is one of Lichtenstein's masterpieces and exemplary of his style and techniques. Comprising nearly the entire surface of the painting, the blonde, windswept-haired woman holds her gloved hand to her face in worry, while we read her almost hopeful expression that her lover has become ill rather than, the viewer is forced to presume, having forgotten about her. Check out my new account @art_questions_and_debates and @my_favorite_work_of_art #roylichtenstein #lichtenstein #mmaybe #historyofart #arthistory #popart #museumludwig #ludwigmuseum

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My love for Picasso’s art is endless🧡🎨 @ludwigmuseum 🖼

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LUDWIG MUSEUM KÖLN 🎨Сегодня первый четверг месяца, а значит время бесплатных музеев! 🎨Решила делать маленькие обзоры, чтобы вы знали куда стоит ходить, а куда нет. 🎨Расположен возле Köln Dom 🎨Цена: 13 € 🎨Это музей современного искусства. Можно посмотреть произведения - поп-арта - Сюрреализма - Графики - Фото,видео,аудио материалы. - Экспрессионизм и тд тп. 🎨Главное: работы Пикассо. ( я впервые в жизни увидела вживую). 🎨Оценка: 7/10 🎨Мое мнение: однозначно нужно сходить! За два часа мы только мельком просмотрели все экспонаты. Нужно больше времени. Много чего я не поняла:) но зато было много экспонатов, возле которых стоишь и думаешь: what? #köln #cologne #кёльн #ludwigmuseum #ludwigmuseumköln #ludwigsmuseum #museum #museumludwigköln #museumgermany #aupairlife #aupairadventures #aupair #aupairs #aupairingeany #отзывki #отзыв #art #picture #музей

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#artlovers in #ludwigmuseum 😊 • Общество любителей искусства)) Некоторые из эстетов были со своими стульчиками, на которые присаживались во время рассказа экскурсовода) Это было так мило, что захотелось на пенсии так же бродить по музеям и наслаждаться красотой) • На стене зала инсталляция с голой женщиной в душе, а в верхнем правом углу знаменитый Элвис Пресли Уорхола. Стыдно, но автора верхней картины в центре не помню( Может вы знаете?🤔

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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Female Half-Length Nude with Hat, 1911, oil on canvas, 76 x 70 cm, Museum Ludwig, Cologne. Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, 1880-1938, was a German painter and printmaker who was one of the leaders of a group of Expressionist artists known as Die Brücke. His mature style was highly personal and notable for its psychological tension and eroticism. Kirchner was impressed by the graphic art of the German late Gothic artists, especially Dürer. But exposure to the dynamic art of the Norwegian Expressionist painter Munch led Kirchner to simplify his forms and brighten his colours, a development aided by his discovery of African and Polynesian art. In 1905 he founded Die Brücke with Erich Heckel and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff. Other artists, including Emil Nolde, subsequently joined the group. The group sought an authenticity of expression that its members felt had been lost with the innovations of modern life. This famous painting Female Half-Length Nude with Hat was created during Kirchners Dresden period. As is characteristic for his pictures of this phase, the surface and material qualities reflect the speed and spontaneity of the painting process. Check out my new account @art_questions_and_debates and @my_favorite_work_of_art #ernstludwigkirchner #diebrücke @ludwigmuseum #germanexpressionism #expressionism #historyofart #arthistory #ludwigmuseum #museumludwig

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esztertmolnar. Senki sem
#Ludwigmuseum #iparterv #BudapestON #zero
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Thanks for coming last night, it was epic! 💫 . . #changingrey #audiovisual #liveset #ludwigmuseum

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⭐ Puklus Péter - Kézikönyv a csillagokhoz, 2012 . . . #ludwig #ludwigmuseum #budapest #exhibition #art #pukluspeter

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Современное искусство оно такое... 600 рублей и пустота на выходе, что хотел сказать художник? Осталось для меня загадкой) Может в этом и #ludwigmuseum #hungary #art #современноеискусство #паблопикассо #музейлюдвига #будапешт #кудасходитьвбудапеште

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👋🏻 #ludwigmuseum

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szilassyandrea. Me time :) #ludwigmuseum  #west-ostkunst

Me time :) #ludwigmuseum #west-ostkunst

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