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makeupandmedicine.dk. @nilensjord PR sample/unpaid ad/reklame

I'm not usually a fan of brow

@nilensjord PR sample/unpaid ad/reklame I'm not usually a fan of brow pomades. A fail purchase of the hyped Anastasia Brow Pomade made me loose interest. However, this Nilens Jord Brow Pomade in Cool Brown has daily been giving me 'my brows but better', since I got it 3 weeks ago. The downside is, that it takes a bit longer to apply compared to a brow mascara, and it does fade during the day because I unconsciously touch my face a 1000 times 😬 On long days, e.g. at the conference I just attended this week, I brought it with my for touch-ups. Nonetheless, it gives me full and natural looking brows. I highly appreciate that it's @allergycertified guaranteeing that the product is free from allergens and endocrine disrupting chemicals. It's available in the Danish drugstore @matasdk #naturalbrows #nilensjord #makeupLover #matas #bushybrows #allergycertified #allergyfriendly #øjenbryn #skønhed #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ✈️Cabin humidity is often lower than 20% which is half the humidity in

✈️Cabin humidity is often lower than 20% which is half the humidity in our homes 🏡 This leads to dry skin and dehydration of mucous membranes in our eyes, nose and mouth 😳 Using moisturizer several times during the flight, lubricating eye drops and nasal spray can ease the temporary discomfort 💦 This was my carry on rescue kit, two derm conference samples. Using the @larocheposaynordic eyecream as a serum all over and layering the rich mask-like cream from @isclinical_danmark on top. All shiny and happy 🧀 😁 What do you use during travelling?

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☁ EVENING SKINCARE ROUTINE ☁ 
PR samples/unpaid ad/reklame


☁ EVENING SKINCARE ROUTINE ☁ PR samples/unpaid ad/reklame @squalandanmark I'm back with my 2018 favourite, the Squalan cleansing gel. Gentle and non-stripping. @exuviance_nordic Probiotic Lysate Anti-Pollution Essence. A whole lot of buzzwords, but I'm here for the gluconolactone, a polyhydroxy acid, which is a brilliant humectant (attracting and retaining moisturizer to the skin) and a gentle and effective exfoliant (recommend for sensitive skin). All for an improved skin texture. 1) I absolutely love this. Been using it for 4 months, halfway through the bottle. I use it where I otherwise would use my hyaluronic acid AM & PM. 2) I absolutely recommend @exuviance making this fragrance free 😁 #WeWantFragranceFreeSkincare 💪🏻 @cliniquedanmark Clinique Smart Clinical duo moisturizer. Love the texture of both sides (swipe to see), reminds me of their Redness Solutions Daily Relief Cream. Clinique are historically known for acing moisturizers in my humble opinion. Already halfway through it, use it AM and PM, great under makeup too. Would definitely recommend @clinique to ditch the added purple colourant 😁💜 @dermaceuticdenmark Activ Retinol 0.5 Just started using this again (after an intermezzo trialing the SkinCeuticals Discolouration Defense, review coming soon). I'm nuts about the texture and the skin barrier boosting ceramides. Very potent formulation, made me peel after 3 days continous use, which is why I dilute it with my moisturizer and adapt intervals according to how my skin reacts (swipe to see how I mix it 1:3 with the moisturizer). Full review to come when it's empty. @paulaschoicedk Ceramide-enriched Firming Eye Cream. I'm here for the wrinkle reducing retinol (vitamin A) and skin barrier restoring ceramides 👌🏻 Started using it recently, will report back. #EveningSkincareRoutine #PMskincare #30plusskin #squalanDanmark #squalan #exuviance #exfoliatingacid #sensitiveskin #cliniqueSmartClinical #Dermaceutic #PaulasChoicedk #retinol #antiaging #skinhealth #hudpleje #hudplejerutine #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #RosaceaCommunity #skincarecommunity #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. October is #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth and with breast cancer being th

October is #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth and with breast cancer being the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide, it's about time that we familiar with our own breasts and consult a doctor if we notice any irregularities. 👨 Note that breast cancer affects men too (to a far less extent, albeit). ❤️Sharing is caring, share this video with your loved ones. It's #TimeToEndBreastCancer #BreastCancer #BreastCancerAwareness #støtbrysterne #kræftensbekæmpelse #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk #breastselfexamination #breastselfexam

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makeupandmedicine.dk. \"Pro tip\" 😂 Apply your hair styling products before you do your skinc

"Pro tip" 😂 Apply your hair styling products before you do your skincare routine. That way you're able to rinse off hair product residue from your skin 👌🏻 I ride my bicycle back and forth to work year round #vikingbiking 🚴🏼‍♀️💨 which results in greasy hair under my helmet and in turns makes me a big fan of dry shampoo to tame the sleek look 🧀 But I always style my hair before I do my skincare. This way I'm able to wash off any hair product residue from my skin. 🇩🇰 DANSK Jeg cykler på arbejde året rundt, hvilket giver mig rigeligt fedtet hår under cykelhjelmen🚴🏼‍♀️💨 Derfor er jeg stor fan af tørshampoo til tæmme det fedtede look 😬 Tip: Jeg pårfører altid mine hårstylingprodukter før min hudplejeruntine. På den måde kan jeg vaske produktrester af, så de ikke sidder på huden hele dagen/aftenen. God dag ☀ 🤗 #haircare #dryshampoo #skincareTip #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #healthyskin #skinhealth #sundhud #hudpleje #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. 💉 Botox is the trade name of the medicament called Botulinum toxin A.

💉 Botox is the trade name of the medicament called Botulinum toxin A. Botulinum toxin (BTX) is a potent, injectable, neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. MECHANISM BTX inhibits the signalling from motor nerves to reach the muscle (swipe). In wrinkle treatment this inhibition results in a paralyzed muscle and smoothing of the overlying skin and reduction in the depth of the wrinkle. COSMETIC INDICATIONS BTX was first released for cosmetic use in 2002 by the US Food and Drug Administration. Some of the most common cosmetic indications are: ▪️ Wrinkles ▪️Gummy smile (excessive display of gums) ▪️Platysma bands (vertical, superficial muscles bands on the neck, stretching from the jawline to the upper chest) MEDICAL INDICATIONS But the drug was originally used to treat (and still treats) various of neurological conditions: ▪️Localised spasticisties (facial spasms, spasms of the eyelids, cervical dystonia, cerebral palsy, spasticity in arm, wrist, ankle and foot) ▪️Chronic migraines ▪️Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) ▪️Overactive bladder, etc. SIDE EFFECTS No drug effects without side effects. The side effects depends on the area treated, obviously, but common side effects to cosmetic BTX treatment are ▪️Injection site reactions (redness, pain etc) ▪️Headache ▪️Ptosis (drooping of the upper eyelid) ▪️Unwanted temporary paralysis, often due to over treatment or injector incompetence, with droopy eyelid, brow, upper lip depending on the region injected. ▪️Long-term side effect (after continous use): muscle atrophy (wasting) 💉 I had my frown line treated back in July 2019, PR treatment at @kliniknage (see the whole process, before and afters in my BOTOX highlight) and I'm very happy with the results🤩 I'll do a in depth review in a IGTV coming soon. ❓Feel free to ask my any questions or share your considerations or experience. REFERENCE: Azalure - summary of product characteristics #botox #azzalure #dysport #botulinumtoxin #cosmeticdermatology #skinscience #antiwrinkletreatment #skincareCommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #AskMakeupAndMedicine #MakeupAndMedicine #MedicalDoctor #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☀ MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE ☀ ☀ STEP 1 My dry skin prefers minimal clea

☀ MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE ☀ ☀ STEP 1 My dry skin prefers minimal cleansing in the morning, so I only use the fragrance free @anglamark_danmark micellar water to remove residue eye makeup, excessive oils and pillow grease from the night and rinse with water. ☀ STEP 2 Antioxidant defence against UV induced free radicals that can cause premature skin aging #CEFerulic @skinceuticalsnordic * I apply 6 drops for face and neck and 1 drop for my eye area. ☀ STEP 3 @skinceuticalsnordic Discolouration Defense* that I'm trailing at the moment to tackle hyperpigmentations. ☀ STEP 4 @cliniquedanmark Clinique Smart Clinical* moisturizer. ☀ STEP 5 Sun protection @larocheposaynordic Shaka Fluid SPF 50+. Remember to apply it around your eyes, to your ears, neck and around your mouth, and push in into the hair line. ☀ STEP 6 Lip Balm @ecooking Multi Balm (the best dupe for Elisabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream) #morningskincareroutine #MorningSkincare #AMskincareRoitine #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #healthyskin #30plusskin #skinhealth #antiaging #wellaging #sunprotection #skinceuticals #ecooking #shakaFluid #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. What can we, as consumers, do to take care of our skin in a more susta

What can we, as consumers, do to take care of our skin in a more sustainable way? Please write all your brilliant ideas in a comment below, so we can inspire and learn from each other. There's no Planet B 🌏 ♥ 🤗 My friend Márcia @skinminimalist created the hastag #1empty1newbie back in November 2016 (swipe) which I live by and find to be excellently nudging hastag 💪🏻 It reminds us to empty one product before opening a new. Which both reduces our consumption, waste of good skincare and in turns saves us money. Plus it can result in happy skin (not being stress out about exposure to 3 different products in each category :cleansers, creams, serums, sunscreens, foundation etc.) @esteelaundry made a similar hastag last year #shopmystach to use what we have in our skincare cabinet and makeup drawer before going shopping for more products 💸⛔ Furthermore Márcia @skinminimalist has recently made #1sampleAday Keeps Consumerism Away (swipe) with the message to use samples to test what works for us, before buying a full sized product. This too can reduce waste and our consumption. Do you have any tips and trick to share on how you consume in a sustainable way? 🤓 🤗 #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #sustainability #noplanetB #makethechange #consciousconsumer #fridaysforfuture #sustainableSkincare #sustainableMakeup #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. Cheers 🥂 to all the new lovely people joining 🤗

Let me share five r

Cheers 🥂 to all the new lovely people joining 🤗 Let me share five random facts about myself: 1) I rarely look this put together (just swipe) due to 👇🏻 2) I'm a mother of three 👩🏼🧒🏻👧🏼 3) I have a #skincareHusband who steals all my skincare and scrubs his face with potato scrubbing gloves 🥔 🧤 🤦🏼‍♀️ (see more in my highlight) 4) My most used emojies are 🙈🤗🙏🏻♥ 5) I've created the following hastags to strengthen our community #NordicSkincareCommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #WeWantFragranceFreeSkincare #MorningGlam #OfficeGlamming Any random facts I should know about you? Or event better: what are your most used emojies? 🤩 #MODKPopUp #ArganEveryDay #skincarecommunity #30plusskin #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☁ #DanishSkincareBrand overview ☁
@matasdk is a Danish drugstore, stoc

#DanishSkincareBrand overview ☁ @matasdk is a Danish drugstore, stocking all things makeup and skincare, including their own skincare line 'Matas Stripes'. These products are my top pics, at a price point around 9€/8£/10$/65DKK per product. The mentioned products are eco labelled by @svanemaerket a guarantee that their free from endocrine disrupting chemicals, allergens and ingredients harmful to the environment 💪🏻 In other words, really good value for money ✨ I use serum and moisturizer after riding my bike to work - cleansing my face - reapplying my skincare and then makeup. Both are appropriate for normal to dry skin, and I would dare to say that the serum could suit all skin types. See ingredient lists in the comments. FIRMING SERUM I don't think @matasdk realises what a gem they made with this serum 🌟 A light, super hydrating serum with squalane (an hydrating oil) and niacinamide (vitamin B3) as the 4th and 5th ingredient. This could be you one step moisturing serum with the skin barrier supporting benefits of the skin loving squalane and niacinamide 💦 FIRMING NIGHT CREAM A medium to rich, fast absorbing moisturizer with a nice blend of emollients and oils, easy to use under sunscreen and makeup. The best moisturizer for my normal to dry skin in their range. 🇩🇰 DANSK Se, jeg tror ikke, at @matasdk ved, hvilken lille genistreg de har lavet med deres Firming Serum. Den er ualmindeligt god til prisen! Det er en let og meget fugtgivende serum, som kan bruges direkte på renset hud, efterfulgt af fugtigshedcreme/solcreme. Firming Serum indholder squalane (en planteolie) og niacinamid (B3 vitamin) som begge styrker hudens barriere, virker antiinflammatorisk og for niacinamid; rødmedæmpende. PR samples (plus repurchase) #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #DanishSkincareBrand #matasstriber #matas #skincareFriends #hudpleje #affordableskincare #365inskin #skincarecommunity #dryskin #sensitiveskin #30plusskin #skincareblogger #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☁ @ecooking Danish skincare brand overview ☁

Ecooking is the second b

@ecooking Danish skincare brand overview ☁ Ecooking is the second brand of Danish skincare I'd like to highlight by displaying my favourite products. Ecooking started in 2015 in the kitchen of brand founder @tina__soegaard using organic (ecological) ingredients - hence the name - for private use only. Then friends and family got curious and started to demand more and more samples to try. 4 years later the brand is sold in 25+ countries and counting 💪🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 And the reason is obvious: reasonably priced high quality products THE MULTI OIL is used by the whole family. Me and my #SkincareHusband use it as our shaving oil and as an occlusive on top of the @mderma_danmark 7.5% Carbamide Lotion after showering. The latter goes for the kids too. THE NIGHT CREAM Rich and mask like cream, made on a base of apricot kernel oil and shea butter - ideal for dry skin. My favourite of 2018 (see previous post) VITAMIN A CAPSULES With 0.3% retinol in a base of cyclopentasiloxane (a slippery silicone and suspected endocrine disrupting chemical) glides on to the skin like silk. I've used this to build up tolerance to 1% retinol in my @skinregimenofficial Retinol Booster. As far as I know they're working on a new version free from cyclopentasiloxane, and I can't wait to try it 🤩 PEEL MASK A potent peeling mask with a pH value of 3.5, lactic acid, squalane, gluconolactone, salicylic acid, glycolic acid. This will make your face as bright as a proper sunburn (which fades within 15-30 minutes), but weekly use has offered visible results; reduction in fine lines + a gorgeous glow on #SkincareHusband who LOVES this 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 MULTI BALM (Alt i Én Balm) The organic dupe for Elisabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream with the same versatile uses. I like to use it as my overnight lip balm (my 2018 favourite too, see previous post). {PR samples} #ecooking #DanishSkincareCommunity #danishskincarebrands #skincarecommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #healthyskin #skincareFriends #hudpleje #peelmask #skincareblogger #30plusskin #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☁ Evening Skincare Routine ☁

Simplicity and consistency is key to mai

☁ Evening Skincare Routine ☁ Simplicity and consistency is key to maintain healthy skin. What actives do you use in your evening routine? @harboristbeauty Balm-gel Cleanser. I love oil based gel cleansers, this included 🤩 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 Does the jobs, simplistic and gentle formula, gorgeous texture. @mderma_danmark MD21 Moisturizing Gel My niacinamide serum, to aid my skin barrier, reduce hyperpigmentations after spots and reduce sebum production. @decuredanmark NIT3, my 'anti-aging' step. 0.5% retinol in squalane, two things my skin loves! Rich occlusive texture, non-sticky, absorbs quickly. Retinol boosts collagen production, thus reduces fine lines. But more importantly, for me at least, it improves over-all skin texture. This product deserves to become fragrance free for more people to be able to enjoy it. #WeWantFragranceFreeSkincare 💪🏻 @deciem NIOD Fractionated Eye Contour Concentrate. To be honest I haven't noticed any changes in fine lines after months of continues use. But the texture is the most devine and hydrating my eye area has ever experienced. During the winter months I've used it around my nose to combat those dry patches. {PR samples} #skincarefriends

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makeupandmedicine.dk. How to get a beach body 🏖

Have a body - go to the beach - wear sun p

How to get a beach body 🏖 Have a body - go to the beach - wear sun protective clothing, wide rimmed hat and broad spectrum sunscreen - et voila! Is your hat big enough? ☀ 😎 #sunprotection #beachbody #skinhealth #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #RosaceaCommunity #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk #dermatology #skincareblogger

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makeupandmedicine.dk. First up in my series on #DanishSkincareBrands

@mderma_danmark is a r

First up in my series on #DanishSkincareBrands @mderma_danmark is a relatively new brand. I got introduced to it at the Yong Danish Dermatologists' annual meeting last fall. The brand is a collaboration between Danish dermatologist and biochemist, Uffe Koppelhus and DermaPharm (who also makes @derma_official). Swipe to see ingredients lists. As I see it, the brand aims at the whole family from baby to grandparents, but especially the ones with dry and sensitive skin, e.g. people w. eczema or psoriasis. MD22 Carbamid Lotion 7.5% is a stable in our family now. With two family members with eczema one bottle is used faster than you can say 'itch'. Lovely texture, really hydrating, and the 7.5% carbamide works both as a hydrating and keratolytic agent softening/dissolving the keratin in the epidermis, resulting in smother adn softer skin. THE STAR OF THE SHOW Face21 Moisturizing Gel - my personal favourite. I'm not quite sure whether MDerma knows just how big a gem they've created with this niacinamide serum. So pleasant, and layers with everything I've tried (sunscreen, foundation and moisturizers). This could be your hydrating serum and niacinamide serum in one product. They won't disclose the percentage of niacinamide, but I use it a my niacinamide product in my evening routine 🌜 MD41 Body Oil - we use this occasionally on top of the Carbamid Lotion to add extra occlusives and lock the moisture to the skin, in the bath tub water and on a wet cloth to wipe the kids chronically sticky faces. Conference/PR samples

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makeupandmedicine.dk. In the next couple of weeks I'll share the Danish skincare brands and

In the next couple of weeks I'll share the Danish skincare brands and products I use. It happens quite often that fellow Danes, Scandinavians and you lovely people visiting Denmark from around the world, ask me for drugstore and pharmacy skincare recommendations. So here it comes. I'll be sharing my top picks from @ecooking @mderma_danmark @matasdk @derma_official Decubal @anglamark_danmark and @apotekets To be continued 🤓 Have a lovely day ☀️ 🤗 #DanishSkincareCommunity #danishskincarebrands #danishdrugstore #skincareoverview #skinhealth #skincarecommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #RosaceaCommunity #medicaldoctor #skincareblogger #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. #MorningsSkincareRoutine simple, yet effective. {PR samples} 

#MorningsSkincareRoutine simple, yet effective. {PR samples} @skinceuticalsnordic CEFerulic and AOX Eye Gel Their potent cocktail of antioxidants (vit C, E and ferulic acid) protects my skin against sunlight (UV) induced free radicals, that otherwise promotes premature aging of the skin and DNA damage. Before I apply my @pestleandmortardenmark Pure Hyaluronic Serum I spritz my face with the @larocheposaynordic Toleriane Ultra 8 Face Mist to add extra moisture to my skin. Finally @mutiskincare Anti-age Face SPF 30. Chemical UV filters (see full INCI below) lovely and hydrating, no need for a moisturizer underneath. No tacky or greasy feeling and most importantly no piling (= product rolling of the skin in tiny balls). I don't wear foundation these days as my latest IPL treatment @kliniknage has paled down my chronic rosacea redness on my right cheek a bit. Not 100% clear, but I start to see a difference now. I have one final treatment left in September. Have a lovely day, gorgeous people ☀ 🤗 ♥️ MUTI Anti-age Face SPF 30 INCI Aqua, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine, Diethylamino Hydroxybenzoyl Hexyl Benzoate, Glycerin, Pentylene Glycol, Isoamyl Laurate, Undecane, Tridecane, Silica, Glyceryl Stearate Se, Squalane, Sodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Niacinamide, Soluble Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Calcium Pantothenate, Carbomer, Hydrolyzed Corn Starch, Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract, Carnosine, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Hydrogenated Lecithin #skincareFriends

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~normally I make makeup tutorials if there is a special occasion but I will try to do it more regularly❤️ Song:khalid talk🔥 —————————— Follow @madihaxhussain for more:)❤️ . . . . Products used: 🌹@lashes.onfleek_ glitter🌹 🌹@maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (04 Honey)🌹 🌹@morphebrushes x @jamescharles palette🌹 🌹@morphebrushes 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette🌹 🌹@kissproducts Kiss Me Lashes (Nior)🌹 🌹@maybelline Baby Skin Primer🌹 🌹@maybelline fit me foundation (shade 250)🌹 🌹@barrymcosmetics Chisel Cheeks Contour 🌹 🌹@obsession Banana Powder🌹 🌹@obsession lip gloss collection 🌹 🌹 @obsession Makeup London Fixing Spray🌹 ___________________________________________________ #makeup #eyeshadow #thanos #stones #explore #eyebrow #eyelashes #hudabeauty #maybelline #barrymcosmetics #morphe #primark #revolution #mattelip #tutorial #obsession #love #nyx #makeupforbarbies2 #makeupbysondracroy #MakeupByYinet #makeupandmedicinedk #makeupcass #oohmee #beautybymadiha

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makeupandmedicine.dk. The Danish Cancer Society @kraeftensbekaempelse has developed the UV-i

The Danish Cancer Society @kraeftensbekaempelse has developed the UV-indeks app (available in App Store and Google play). The app provides customised sun protection advice according to skin type (which the app helps you to determine) based on information from the daily weather forecast from the Danish Meteorological Institute, your location and time of the day. Swipe to see their general sun protection advice according the the UV index. #sunprotection #kræftensbekæmpelse #dermatology #skincarecommunity #skinhealth #medicaldoctor #365inskincare #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #skincareFriends #RosaceaCommunity #skincareblogger #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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missglow_. 1. Moisturizer untuk melembabkan kulit.
2. Concealer untuk menutupi no

1. Moisturizer untuk melembabkan kulit. 2. Concealer untuk menutupi noda hitam di wajah. 3. Foundation untuk meratakan warna kulit. 4. Bedak untuk menyempurnakan tampilan kulit. 5. Blush on untuk memberi kesan segar pada wajah. 6. Lipstick nude untuk memberi warna pada bibir. . Simple kan? Kasih tau sahabat kamu 😘 . #duniakecantikan #kecantikan #perempuan #wanita #tipscantik #tipskecantikan #tipskecantikanmudah #tipskecantikanalami #tipskecantikanwanita #tipskecantikankulit #tipskecantikanwajah #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. 🌟 FAVOURITE FOUNDATION 🌟
I promised a demo of the @esteelaudernordic

🌟 FAVOURITE FOUNDATION 🌟 I promised a demo of the @esteelaudernordic Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup (I use the shade Desert Beige, PR sample) which has become my point of no return foundation. When I say that it covers my chronic rosacea redness in a 'gentle and smooth way' in the video, it's just a brain fart as I panicked because I was nearing the 60 seconds of recording 🎥🤯 What I meant to say was that it covers my redness in a natural way, with medium coverage and good longevity - typically 6 hours before visible fading 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 See a close up of my skin and more rambling in my stories 🙈 🍻 💃🏼 #esteelauderDoubleWearNude #MakeupAndMedicineFavourites #holygrailfoundation #beautycommunity #makeupgeek #dewyskin #naturalmakeup #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #RosaceaCommunity #rosacea #beyondthevisible #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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💛💚 Once again I met my alter ego, this time at the World Dermatology Congress in Milan. Hana Zelenkova, dermatologist, Founder and President of Slovak Society for Aesthetic & Cosmetic Dermatology 💚💛💪🏻✨ She's just as kind and amazing as she looks 🤗 . . #alterego #WDC2019 #dermatology #milan #dermconference #WomanPower #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk #medicaldoctor #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #RosaceaCommunity

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madihaxhussain. ~It’s been a long time but here is my eid tutorial xx
Song:into you by

~It’s been a long time but here is my eid tutorial xx Song:into you by Sydney Renae❤️ . . . . Products used: 🌹@maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (04 Honey)🌹 🌹@revolution colour spectrum palette (196 shades)🌹 🌹@morphebrushes 35O2 Second Nature Eyeshadow Palette🌹 🌹@kissproducts Kiss Me Lashes (Nior)🌹 🌹@maybelline Baby Skin Primer🌹 🌹@maybelline fit me foundation (shade 250)🌹 🌹@barrymcosmetics Chisel Cheeks Contour 🌹 🌹@obsession Banana Powder🌹 🌹@obsession lip gloss collection 🌹 🌹 @obsession Makeup London Fixing Spray🌹 🌹collection glam crystals (glitter glue)🌹 🌹collection glam crystals (face glitter-silver)🌹 🌹@morphebrushes James Charles pallete🌹 ___________________________________________________ #eid #makeup #eyeshadow #explore #eyebrow #eyelashes #hudabeauty #maybelline #barrymcosmetics #morphe #primark #revolution #mattelip #tutorial #obsession #love #nyx #makeupforbarbies2 #makeupbysondracroy #MakeupByYinet #makeupandmedicinedk #makeupcass #makeuptutorial #beautybymadiha

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ROSACEA skin 'mite' have a problem 🐛
Yes, those are mites. And yes, t

ROSACEA skin 'mite' have a problem 🐛 Yes, those are mites. And yes, they live in our hair follicles on our face. Not just on people with rosacea, but on everyone's face. And neck. And scalp. And ears 😎 So after grossing you out with this teaser, I'm super excited to reveal that I've written a blog post about just that: The role of the skin microbiome (including these cute mites) in rosacea on the blog @thesecretlifeofskin see link in my bio. Photo credit 📸 sciencephotolibary . . #rosacea #rosaceaawareness #skinmicrobiome #thesecretlifeofskin #beyondthevisible #RosaceaCommunity #RosaceaNoFilter #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #skincarecommunity #dermatology #365inskincare #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☁ CLOSED ☁

Giveaway sponsored by @skinregimenofficial ☁ 
I couldn't p

☁ CLOSED ☁ Giveaway sponsored by @skinregimenofficial ☁ I couldn't pass the opportunity to host this international giveaway for you guys 🤩 The winner will receive: Cleansing Cream, Microalgae Essence, Lift Eye Cream, Night Detox, 1.85 HA Booster, 10.0 Tulsi Booster, 15.0 Vit C Booster, 1.5 Retinol Booster & Tripeptide Cream RULES: Follow @skinregimenofficial Tag 2 friends in the comments (they will also be entered in the giveaway). Extra Entries: (+1) Share in stories and tag Skin Regimen (+2) Share on your instagram profile and tag Skin Regimen You must be 18+ to enter. Unfollowing after this giveaway will disqualify you from future giveaways. Giveaway ends 31st of May 2019. Winner will be picked at random and will be contacted via DM This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. #skinregimenofficial skinregimen #fastlivingslowaging #skincaregiveaway #takecareofyourskin #naturalskincare #skincareroutine⁣ #beautygiveaway⠀ #skincarecommunity #skincareaddict #skincarelover #365inskincare #30plusskin #iloveskincare #skinhealth #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. YAY, I can finally reveal my collaboration with @chemist.confessions a

YAY, I can finally reveal my collaboration with @chemist.confessions about pregnancy and skincare - what to do and what not to do. Heard over to their IG to read what we've been up to 🤓 Feel free to ask me questions in the comments 🤗 . . #pregnancyskincare #pregnancy #pregnant #skincarecommunity #EndocrineDisruptingChemicals #collaboration #collab #skincareblogger #chemistconfessionsxMakeupAndMedicine #skincareinpregnancy #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. Face of the day (before I got drunk from one beer 🍻 👌🏻🙈😂) celebra

Face of the day (before I got drunk from one beer 🍻 👌🏻🙈😂) celebrating our wedding anniversary the other day 💒 BASE @esteelaudernordic Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup in Desert Beige* @ctilburymakeup Hollywood Flawless Filter in shade 2 @tromborgcom Baked Minerals in #Silk EYES & BROWS @lorealmakeup single eyeshadow in Nude 200 @hourglasscosmetics Scattered Light Glitter eyeshadow in Reflect* Hourglass eyeliner in 1.5MM™ Mechanical Gel Eye Liner in Obsidian* @itcosmeticsnordics SuperHero Mascara* Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Brows in Super Model LIPS @lancomeofficial L'absolu Lip Lacquer in 315 @esteelaudernordic Pure Colour Envy in Fierce* *PR samples #faceoftheday #makeupoftheday #reallifemakeup #makeuplover #beautycommunity #bblogger #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #RosaceaCommunity #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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makeupandmedicine.dk. ☁ SUNDAY MASKING ☁
@exuviance_nordic Detox Mud Treatment

Please ignor

☁ SUNDAY MASKING ☁ @exuviance_nordic Detox Mud Treatment Please ignore the word 'Detox', I appreciate that my liver and kidneys take care of that part 😬 Nonetheless, it's by far the best mud I've tried so far. What's on your face this Sunday? ☀️ 🤗 PR sample #SundayMasking #Exuviance #mudmask # #skincarecommunity #DanishSkincareCommunity #NordicSkincareCommunity #medicaldoctor #MakeupAndMedicine #makeupandmedicinedk

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