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With Easter and Passover both occurring this past weekend I have been thinking alot about the ideas of freedom (from that which enslaves us) and resurrection (from old, outdated, unsupportive ways of being). _ It's funny how even as I get better and better, about my health, the balance in my life, my equanimity and practices to support this, there are things that I still feel enslaved by. Certain foods, certain stories, certain habits still find their way into my day, my consciousness, my grocery store impulse purchasing. It's nice to have the opportunity to see these things for what they are - chains that I have placed myself in. I'm grateful for the opportunity to slow down and place extra attention and intention on freeing myself from them. _ AND I’m enjoying celebrating resurrection. I get to look back and say - You've come a long way baby. Remember when you used to... Ha ha ha! You are getting better and better all the time! Lookin' good! _ Could you use a little support releasing yourself from the chains of the rat race, your to do list and the habits that have you spinning in your life? On May 4 I'm hosting a workshop called "Shift Out Of Overwhelm, Tune Into Rhythms that: Magically Create Balance, Connect to Intuition & Inner Peace and Supercharge Productivity". In it we will release stories and habits, learn paradigm-shifting perspectives rooted in ancient wisdom and learn powerful qigong moving meditations and techniques that will help you to live a life of ease and satisfaction. Early bird pricing ends this Friday. Details available in IG profile Or http://bit.ly/Shift2019 _ #freedom #satisfaction #ease #resurrection #shiftoutofoverwhelm #shiftthedial #shifttheparadim #ratrace #exittheratrace #tododlist #nevverendingtodolist #overwhelm #hamsterwheel #youvecomealongway #lookingood #gettingbetterallthetime #mariebowseracupuncture #transformationalwellness #fiveelements #seasonalwellness #tunein #therhythmoftheearth #therhythmofthecosmos #supportiverhythms #intentionalife #intentionalwellness

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mariebowseracupuncture. Did you know that our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids - neur

Did you know that our bodies naturally produce endocannabinoids - neurotransmitters in the body that are chemically similar to some of the many compounds found in cannabis, including THC and CBD? Our body is equipped with receptors for for endocannabinoids (made in the body) and cannabinoids (from cannabis and hemp) ___ Research indicates that the Endocannabinoid System is responsible for regulating many important body functions including hormone production and immune response. It influences sleep, mood and nervous system function to name a few. ___ There are a variety of natural ways to stimulate the endocanniboid system including exercise, ACUPUNCTURE (ahem), massage and yoga. No wonder people feel so blissed out when they get acupuncture... ___ The first endocannabinoid was discovered in 1992! There is so much still being discovered about the body! ___ #endocannabinoidsystem #endocannabinoids #naturallyoccurringhigh #naturalpainrelief #naturalmoodboost #mariebowseracupuncture #highonlife

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paigepatricksoprano. Subdermal take home needles from @mariebowseracupuncture to help with

Subdermal take home needles from @mariebowseracupuncture to help with my migraine. Wow! So thankful for her. #albanyca #acupuncture #mariebowseracupuncture

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mariebowseracupuncture. According to Chinese Medical and Daoist wisdom, this week (some source

According to Chinese Medical and Daoist wisdom, this week (some sources say *today*) is the start of spring. The light and energy has been slowly increasing each day since the Winter Solstice and here were are at a tipping point. According to late Daoist priest and teacher Liu Ming, this time is "really mostly theoretical. We feel that Yin [cold, dark] is done but Yang is still only active 'under the surface'". He advises "Do not exert yourself, but let the yang qi play.... Renew relationships....avoid being very productive...". Sounds good? __ Springtime, the time of the wood element and the liver, starts to give us more access to our dreams, both during the night and in the form of day dreams. This is time for working with our dreams, sitting in meditation and active visualization, and readying our spirit. With this work having been done, as the yang energy continues to increase, we will be ready to act. It is an excellent time to eat cleanly and simply, incorporating soups with greens and avoiding substances that tax the liver, like alcohol. Gentle activities like qigong, gentle yoga and walking are supportive of the soft yang rumblings bubbling up. __ Still feeling the heavy pull of yin? Struggling to get out of bed and do the basics during the day? In addition to he above, it could be helpful to incorporate foods that nourish yang energy. One such food is Walnut, a Chinese Herb called Hu Tao Ren. This herb nourishes our Kidneys (our energetic 401Ks), nourishes blood, moistens the intestines and supports the Lungs for chronic cough and wheezing. Try 1/4 cup in your oatmeal or as a snack and see if that doesn't boost your energy. __ 🎨 #repost from @wentus__art #walnutart #firstdayofspring #daoistwisdom #ancientwisdom #naturewisdom #springbegins #qinode #yangenergy #yinyangbalance #liuming #chinesemedicine #woodelement #liverhealth #daydreams #dreamwisdom #yangtonic #walnut #hutaoren #kidneytonic #lungtonic #foodasmedicine #naturemedicine #mariebowseracupuncture #transformationalwellness #wheeloftheyear

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mariebowseracupuncture. Friday was Imbolc, a gaelic, pagan holiday that marks the midway point

Friday was Imbolc, a gaelic, pagan holiday that marks the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox and also honors the goddess Brigid. Tuesday is Chinese New Year, the first day of spring from a Chines Medicine perspective. Both identify that NOW is time when the seedlings underground start to stir and energy begins to rise. Was we transition away from the slower, colder, darker yin energy of winter to the brighter, warmer, more energized energy of spring, we should start to feel this in our own bodies and emotions with natural inclinations to move and do. ___ Now, what if you're not feeling that stirring energy yourself? Maybe you're living in a polar vortex and the coldness is inviting you to sleep more or maybe your constitution is a bit slower to come online. If you're having trouble getting going in the morning, this brief routine will help to stir your energy, help you out of bed, through the morning heaviness and into your day. ___ Start by gathering energy in your hands as shown. Visualize feeding this energy to your eyes as you breathe in. Stimulate the acupuncture points on the head with light tapping, especially at Bai Hui (Hundred Convergencies, Du20), the acupuncture point on the very top of the head. This next part is my favorite. With the heels of your palms on your ears, your finger tips will naturally rest on the location where the neck muscles attach to your skull. When you tap the fingers here, with the hands covering the ears you will hear a light drumming sound. This is known as "Beating the Heavenly Drum" and it's meant to awaken your spirit! Finally, end with an ear massage. You can treat the entire body with the ear and it's an effective way to uplift your energy. ___ More energy-boosting tips to come... ___ #imbolc #chinesenewyear #yangrising #seasonaltransition #seasonalwisdom #naturewisdom #ancientrhythms #energyboost #qigong #selfcare #getenergized #depression #fatigue #stirringenergy #mariebowseracupuncture #nomakeup #messyhairdontcare #qigonginbed

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mariebowseracupuncture. Have you ever eaten mulberries? These are dried, white mulberries that

Have you ever eaten mulberries? These are dried, white mulberries that I picked up at Whole Foods and we're a little addicted to them in my house. And ya know what?.....You guessed it.....The mulberry is a Chinese herb. __ The berry itself (known as sang shen) is used to nourish blood and yin, it treats tinnitus and graying hair and nourishes the liver and kidney. It's a great snack for the week during and after menstruation or for postpartum moms who need to replenish. __ Actually, the mulberry is a very important plant in Chinese Medicine.The mulberry leaf (sang ye) is used to cool the lungs and clear fever and the bark (sang bai pi) treats cough and phlegm. A type of mistletoe that grows ON the mulberry tree, sang ji sheng, treats pain the lower body and threatened miscarriage. The silkworm, who eats mulberry leaves, produces a metabolic by product that treats pain in the limbs and digestive pain. __ Fascinating. __ #mulberries #driedmulberries #fructusmori #yintonic #bloodtonic #mulberrytree #treeoflife #naturemedicine #mariebowseracupuncture #foodasmedicine #foodthatheals

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mariebowseracupuncture. Ginger tea! Did you know that ginger is a Chinese herb? In fact, there

Ginger tea! Did you know that ginger is a Chinese herb? In fact, there are differences in action between fresh ginger (known as sheng jiang) and dried ginger (known as gan jiang). __ I love fresh ginger for treating the early stage of a cold. It's great for that initial moment where it just comes on and you feel kind of achy. Fresh ginger can be just the thing to send that cold on it's way. I take a hot bath, drink some fresh ginger tea, get bundled up, go to bed and sweat it out. This is only for the early stage of the cold though... Once you have succumbed, it's time for other interventions. __ Dried ginger, is known for being "hot" in energetic temperature. It is known for treating "yang deficiency" which can manifest in cold limbs, lethargy, loose stools, abdominal pain. Because of it's hot nature, it might not be the best solution for everyone. When in doubt check with your acupuncturist! :-) __ I'm sipping gan jiang tea today to warm myself up on this cold and rainy day. __ #shengjiang #ganjiang #gingertea #digestivehealth #immunitysupport #mariebowseracupuncture #chinesemateriamedica #chineseherbalmedicine #foodasmedicine #naturesolvesourproblems #foodthatheals

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mariebowseracupuncture. Whenever I get exposed to a cold (something that happens in my work),

Whenever I get exposed to a cold (something that happens in my work), or feel like I’m fighting a cold I dose myself up with elderberry syrup and Vitamin C. When I take it, I can feel elderberry working in my body. I rarely have time to make it, busy gal that I am, but I have made it with dried berries. It really isn’t hard. Are you a fan of ederberry syrup? 📸 #repost from @rosaleedelaforet 🙏 #elderberrysyrup #elderberry #immunityboost #herbalmedicine #natureheals #mariebowseracupuncture #herbalist #naturemedicine

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mariebowseracupuncture. Mugwort is a powerful herb used in both the Chinese and Western pharma

Mugwort is a powerful herb used in both the Chinese and Western pharmacopeia. In Chinese Medicine, mugwort, also known as ai ye, is commonly known for treating menstrual pain. It is also used in moxibustion, a treatment modality that uses burning mugwort near the skin to stimuate acupuncture points. Recently I've been using mugwort flower essence before bed in order to have increased access to my dreams with great success. More on mugwort from: @ominbloom ・・・ “MUGWORT MAGICK ✨ ARTEMESIA VULGARIS. Perfect for the sacred and magical month we embark on - November. 🍂 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mugwort will be my herbal ally throughout the entire month of November, as I strive to strengthen my spiritual vision, manifestation, and relationship with this sacred herb. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Creating a relationship with her is essential to reaping the benefits of her offerings. She is essentially an herb great for initiatory or explorative journeys along the herbalist path. She allows for an opening of the subconscious, and strengthens the relationship between the sub, and the conscious. 🔮 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ She opens the doors to lifting the veil, clearing the cobwebs, and recalibrating the mind. Opening the portal to the EYE, she allows for the reveal of ancient, inherent, instinctual knowing. She brings us home to the center of our headspace. 👁 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ POTENTIAL BENEFITS 🍃 • Digestive Aid • Stress Relief • Menstrual Pain Regulation • Vision Health • Vivid Dreams / Lucid Exploration ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ USES: Tea, Topical, Smoke, Smudge ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Monthly observation to come. Stay tuned. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ DISCLAIMER: These writings do not intend to heal, cure, or aid any disease. For medical attention or starting a new regimen, please contact your health provider.” 📸 #repost from @omnibloom #mugwort #womenshealth #dysmenorrhea #menstrualcramps #moxibustion #moxa #chineseherbalmedicine #chinesemateriamedica #mariebowseracupuncture #floweressence #dreamwork #magic #mystical #spiritualvision

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mariebowseracupuncture. Flowers and birds are fire element symbols. In the FACE, fire features

Flowers and birds are fire element symbols. In the FACE, fire features include: curly hair, spiky hair, red(dish) hair, a sparkle in the eyes, joy lines around the eyes, dimples, pointy features, snappy dressers, and goatees. Fire people tend to be dramatic and are great performers and public speakers. They are fun and funny, they have big, open, vulnerable hearts that can feel easily hurt. They like variety and hate to be bored. I have just enough fire in me to make for a good time. #fireelement #fiveelements #chinesefacereading #ninestarki #dramatic #natutalperformer #vulnerableheart #foragoodtimecall #mariebowseracupuncture

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mariebowseracupuncture. My Sagittarius moon is doing a happy dance! Words on Sag from my frien

My Sagittarius moon is doing a happy dance! Words on Sag from my friend @astrosummer: ”We have just entered Sagittarius. Sag is the adventurer inside of us, the part of us that has goals & vision. Sag needs freedom & is often questing. Right now Jupiter is in Sagittarius & Jupiter rules Sag!!!....so this next year is likely a blessed, optimistic and flowing time for those with planets in Sagittarius. May you feel blessed today⭐️” 🎨 from @magicmakerdreamweaver #sagittarius #jupiter #jupiterinsagittarius #mariebowseracupuncture #sagmoon #quester #adventurer #adventure #freedom #thearcher #woohoo

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Seaweed. Did you know that seaweed has healing properties? There are many types of seaweed (I’m not certain which seaweeds are shown in these photos of the tide pools in Gualala). Some of the common seaweeds prescribed in Chinese Medicine are known for clearing phlegm (as with phlegm from a cough treated by Kombu or laminaria) and softening hardness and “accumulation” (as with lipomas treated by Haizao). My friend @srinika_healing uses Atlantic Brown Laminaria to treat radiation exposure. Nature is amazing. (Can you spot the crab and the star fish in the photos?) #laminaria #kombu #seaweed #gualala #tidepools #chinesemateriamedica #chinesepharmacopeia #chinesemedicine #mariebowseracupuncture #mermaid #naturefairy

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Celebrating clear skies and fresh air. Another thing about metal people is that they are nourished by views of the vast sky and it’s ability to evoke a sense of perspective between heaven and earth. Do you love the vast sky like I do? #heavenearthandman #betweenheavenandearth #metalelement #fiveelements #ninestarki #mariebowseracupuncture #chinesefacereading #clearskies #joyful #jennerheadlandspreserve #heavenearthandwoman

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mariebowseracupuncture. Noses!!! A prominent nose on the face is a sign of someone’s metal nat

Noses!!! A prominent nose on the face is a sign of someone’s metal nature. And, as you can see, I am blessed with said, prominent nose, among other metal features AND a metal birthdate. Metal types are highly sensitive: to what they put in and on their bodies, to subtle energy of a physical space, to the mood or physical experience of others. It’s also deeply important for metal people to live a life of authenticity, purpose and meaning. Metal types have superb attention to detail, thinking out all aspects l, ins and outs of a project. This makes them excellent leaders. Metal archetypes include The Princess, The High Priestess, The King and The Father. Who do you know that embodies these qualities? #theempress #thehighpriestess #metalelement #fiveelements #ninestarki #highlysensitivepeople #starcrown #mariebowseracupuncture #chinesefacereading #transformationalwellness #prominentnose

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mariebowseracupuncture. So many pies that you need to sample them all... it so often happens t

So many pies that you need to sample them all... it so often happens that people find themselves a bit overstuffed by the end of Thanksgiving dinner. A simple digestive aid after Thanksgiving dinner is to make some fennel seed tea. Xiao Hui Xiang, according to the Chinese Materia Medica, harmonizes digestion, treats indigestion and digestive pain and promotes peristalsis (the appropriate movement of the intestines) and their contents). Make sure you have it in the house! Bring 1 tbs to boil in 3 cups of water and simmer 10 minutes. Strain, enjoy, feel relieved. #overeating #foodstagnation #indigestion #peristalsis #xiaohuixiang #fennelseed #relief #thanksgiving #thankagivinggroceries #mariebowseracupuncture #somanypies #goturback

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mariebowseracupuncture. We all express different aspects and combinations of the Chinese Five

We all express different aspects and combinations of the Chinese Five Elements. The five elements show up in our body types, our faces, our birthdates, our constitutions and health issues, our cravings, our personalities and preferences, our fashion choices our life purpose, our struggles... For example, I personally express alot of wood. My strong eye brows and the wrinkles between them are wood features. My birthdate further synergizes my wood tendencies. My health issues relate to wood (and it's corresponding organ, the liver). My personality is very woody (I'm action-oriented; I'm good at making things happen; I'm direct; I'm interested in efficiency and practicality.). I’m also enthusiastic, which is helpful for encouraging and motivating others to make changes in their life and health. My wood nature CAN be impatient and has trouble slowing down. I remedy this by taking time for and restful activities. For me this looks like knitting while listening to audiobooks. I also really like soaking in hot water. Does this sound like YOU or someone you know? How do YOU like to recharge? #woodelement #fiveelements #mariebowseracupuncture #transformationalwellness #facialdiagnosis #eyebrows #ninestarki #yinwood #actionoriented #impatient #enthusiastic #geterdone #letsdothis #wegotthis #hellyeah #highfive #woohoo

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I’m calling on my mushroom allies for support in the midst of the intense, smoky, “unhealthy” zone Norcal air quality. Cordyceps is one of my faves: it tastes sweet (to me), it’s nourishing to the lungs and it has anti-cancer properties. A couple of brands you could pick up at most health food stores are Host Defense and Four Sigmatic. I also have it here in the office. #mushroomallies #cordyceps #antineoplastic #anticancer #dongchongxiacao #chinesepharmacopeia #chinesemateriamedica #herbalmedicine #lungsupport #airqualityindex #mariebowseracupuncture #stuckinside #climbingthewalls #mayallbeingsbefreefromsuffering

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I’m in a class this week. I love to learn and study. I have a bunch of planets in Sagittarius. I also have a lot of wood element in my face and birthdate - also pointing to lifelong learning. In fact *that* is what I’m deepening my knowledge about this week: how the five elements show up in our faces and date of birth and how they play out in our personalities, struggles and life purpose. I’ve been discussing this with friends, family and patients for years and I will now be offering this as a stand-alone service in my practice. Are you a lifelong learner? If so, what topics excite you the most? #jeanhaner #facialdiagnosis #chinesefacialdiagnosis #ninestarki #9starki #fengshui #bagua #daoism #magicsquare #chinesemedicine #woodelement #mariebowseracupuncture #sagittariusmoon #lifelonglearner

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Weekend Reset. I love how weekends provide more time to shake off the old and *intentionally* place my *attention*. My favorite reset tools are meditation & qigong, nature, epsom salt baths and keeping life more simple. My husband likes to listen to music (loud) and connect with friends. We balance each other. 😂 How do YOU like to reset? #reset #redirect #favoriteresettools #intentioniseverything #qigong #meditation #nature #slowingdown #mariebowseracupuncture #resetting

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Star of Bethlehem is an important flower essence for trauma and shock of all kinds and one of the main ingredients in the famous Bach Rescue Remedy formula. I like flower essences for supporting patients because they are effective and safe with pharmaceuticals. Seems like an appropriate one today... Sending out some Star of Bethlehem. 🎨 #regram from @penabranca #starofbethlehem #floweressence #bachrescueremedy #mariebowseracupuncture #acupunctureforemotionalhealth #energeticmedicine #sendingoutsomestarofbethlehem

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mariebowseracupuncture. Portrait of Aquarius with Scorpio Rising on the Hunters Moon: smiling,

Portrait of Aquarius with Scorpio Rising on the Hunters Moon: smiling, green alien on the outside, dark, confusing emotions roiling on the inside. Kinda want to have a temper tantrum. Not sure why. Everything in life is actually fine and dandy. Don’t mind me. I’ll just be over here meditating by myself in the corner. 🎨 #Regram @magicmakerdreamweaver #feelingmyscorpio #alwaysanalien #alwaysaquarius #mariebowseracupuncture #paradoxical #astrological #witchy #witchywoo

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mariebowseracupuncture. Brewing. Percolating. Fermenting. Bubbling. Digesting. Discerning. Tra

Brewing. Percolating. Fermenting. Bubbling. Digesting. Discerning. Transmuting. Transforming. Present. Moment. Noticing. #percolation #percolating #brewing #transforming #transmuting #mariebowseracupuncture #bubbling #brewing #presentmomentnoticing

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Sunset over Santa Cruz. Getting ready to hang with my Daoist mysticism teacher and classmates. #santacruzsunset #montereybay #mariebowseracupuncture #lamentingshorterdays #savoringthesunlight #soakinginthesunset #lovingwhatis

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mariebowseracupuncture. Contemplating impermanence...and my Halloween costume. #impermanance #

Contemplating impermanence...and my Halloween costume. #impermanance #skeleton #halloween #mariebowseracupuncture #buddhist #daoist #halloweenie #halloweenfreak

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“The one thing that can solve most of our problems is dancing.” - #jamesbrown does this quote resonate for you? If so, what song gets you up and dancing no matter where you are? #jamesbrown #getupanddance #saturdaynight #discolights #dancelikenobodyswatching #mariebowseracupuncture #problemsolving

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mariebowseracupuncture. Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua) and Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) are good for the l

Chrysanthemum (Ju Hua) and Goji Berries (Gou Qi Zi) are good for the liver, for dry, tired, itchy, red eyes, for irritability and for protecting the body during hot, windy weather. The Bay Area gets warm, dry and windy this time of year and this tea is a soothing, daily remedy for just that. Add hot water and sip it all day in multiple steeps. The flavor is sweet and grassy. We have it here in the office! #windheat #autumndryness #autumnhealth #juhua #gouqizi #chrysanthemum #gojiberry #wolfberry #dryredeyes #favoriteherbs #chinesepharmacopeia #chinesemateriamedica #chinesemedicine #herbalmedicine #simpleremedies #naturalremedies #mariebowseracupuncture #coolit #soothing

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mariebowseracupuncture. What magic are you creating this weekend?!?! 📸 #repost from @faeriema

What magic are you creating this weekend?!?! 📸 #repost from @faeriemagazine #labyrinth #tgif #mariebowseracupuncture #priestess #magical #mystical

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mariebowseracupuncture. “I know what I love to do & I do it”. Brewing and plotting some creati

“I know what I love to do & I do it”. Brewing and plotting some creative projects. I can have it all and feel balanced in the process. #iknowhatilovetodoandidoit #mariebowseracupuncture #ambivert #creatrix #socialbutterfly #icanhaveitall

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The sight of palm trees taps me into the excitement I felt when I first moved to California (17 years ago from Rochester, New York). They never fail to connect me to an optimism about life. This was from Saturday night before dinner with friends in Petaluma. What sight or symbol helps to quickly shift you into a memory or another state of mind? #palmtrees #petalumaskyline #signsofoptimism #mariebowseracupuncture #wegotthis #yougotthis #letsdothis #enthusiastic #californiadreaming

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mariebowseracupuncture. “The American Dream is Alie and Well.” - #nicholasgalanin (check out h

“The American Dream is Alie and Well.” - #nicholasgalanin (check out his art piece by that title) 🎨 here by @cosmiccollage #happyindigenouspeoplesday #mariebowseracupuncture #paradigmshift

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mariebowseracupuncture. “Focus on the thing, not the obstacle to the thing.” Thanks @elkaeastl

“Focus on the thing, not the obstacle to the thing.” Thanks @elkaeastly for your words of wisdom. Thinking about how I want to take action and about the most effective use of my time for creating the world I want to live in. Curious what others are up to around this. 🎨 #artistunknown #grafittiart #focusonthething #womeninpolitics #governmentthatrepresentswomen #humanrights #equalrights #vote #yourvotecounts #ethicalpoliticians #ethicalgovernment #enlightenedsociety #checksandbalances #utopiansociety #socialprograms #universalhealthcare #reproductivehealthcare #mariebowseracupuncture #workingmagic

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Weekend goal: Nature Bath! So wonderful for the nervous system! What’s your favorite place to connect with nature? (Last weekend we hit up Chabot Regional Park. They have kayak rentals! I can’t believe I’m just learning about this.) #chabotregionalpark #weekendgoals #naturebathing #mariebowseracupuncture #partnerincrime #replenishingmynaturelevels

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mariebowseracupuncture. “I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” #lmmontgomer

“I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” #lmmontgomery #anneofgreengables #anneshirley #imsogladiliveinaworldwherethereareoctobers #mariebowseracupuncture one of my #favoritebooks

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