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3dhistory1918. “Bringing History to Life” Norman Leach is the consummate storyteller

“Bringing History to Life” Norman Leach is the consummate storyteller Through his speeches & seminars, he brings audiences #history that is understandable & real. To book Norman as a speaker contact him at nsleach@telusplanet.net #history #militaryhistory @3dhistory.ca #ww1 #ww2

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The only ’warship’ on the lake Rukajärvi owned by Korven Radio. The sails were made from propaganda materials left over in the village, hence the cyrillic text. [27 June 1944] . Colorized by the brilliant @jhlcolorizing . Photograph from the Finnish Wartime Photo Archive / SA-Kuva . #military #history #militaryhistory #war #warphotography #colorization #warincolor #sakuva #ww2 #finnisharmy

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camo_history. A US Army Green Beret soldier with Afghan National Army commandos in 2

A US Army Green Beret soldier with Afghan National Army commandos in 2004. The Afghans wear M81 Woodland uniforms while the Green Beret is wearing a custom Tiger Stripe uniform. This is probably to differentiate him from the Afghans, although he may just be a big baller. #camo #camouflage #camohistory #militaryhistory #military #camodaily #dailycamo #woodlands #woodlandcamo #tigerstripe #tigerstripecamo #afghanistan #afghanwar #gwot #greenberet #specialforces #usarmy #war #warfighter

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denixreplicas. Be part of the DENIX FAN COMMUNITY! Enter into the Denix community and

Be part of the DENIX FAN COMMUNITY! Enter into the Denix community and enjoy exclusive news about Denix and our products. → http://bit.ly/DenixCommunity 👍 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Forma parte de la DENIX FAN COMMUNITY y disfruta de noticias exclusivas sobre Denix y nuestros productos →http://bit.ly/DenixCommunity 👍 #denix #denixreplicas #denixarms #denixweapons #denixfans #livinghistory #replicas #weapons #history #warhistory #militaryhistory #ww2 #ww1 #worldwar1 #wwi #worldwar2 #ww2weapons #ww2collections #western #pirates #usacivilwar #handgun #pistol #musket #gun #carbine

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jeff_gusky. Salon bridge is a bit of dark humor. Refers to this underground city a

Salon bridge is a bit of dark humor. Refers to this underground city as like a vacation spa. French soldiers would pass by this carving on the way to the nearby front line trenches.⠀ ⠀ #instadaily #photo #igdaily #fineart #blackwhitephotography #instaart #hidden #secret #art #classic #igers #hiddenwwi #thephotosociey #memory #remember #nofilter #historyfeed #militaryhistory #Germany #modernlife #familystories #historyinpictures #French #city

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usarmylo. 🎤 My Neck, My Back.... ➖
🇺🇸💥 Follow @usarmylo

🎤 My Neck, My Back.... ➖ 🇺🇸💥 Follow @usarmylo ----------------------------------------------------------------- #usarmylo #army #armybomb #armygirls #armystrong #armylife #armypedia #armyrangers #armywife #militaryhistory #militarywife #militarymen #militaryfitness #militarylife #militarymuscle #militarypolice #militaryfamily #veterans

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coniemolitard. Je poste des écussons demain matin, c’est le moment de commander 😉 I

Je poste des écussons demain matin, c’est le moment de commander 😉 I send patches tomorrow, it’s time to order ☺️ nellymonnier.com/shop Link in bio #patch #patches #present #embroidery #gift #frenchcounty #littoral #militaryhistory #peugeot #svarovski #stationthermale #bourle

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canwarmuseum. The destroyed Cloth Hall  at Ypres was an iconic symbol of the Second

The destroyed Cloth Hall at Ypres was an iconic symbol of the Second World War. The city was bombarded by the Germans but never captured. After the war, Belgians rebuilt the Cloth Hall as it had once stood. It now houses a museum of the First World War, including artifacts from around the Ypres battlefields. James Kerr-Lawson The Cloth Hall, Ypres CWM 19710261-0334 Beaverbrook Collection of War Art Canadian War Museum #MilitaryHistory #FirstWorldWar #Ypres #WWI #WarMuseum

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germania_inferior. Revolt in Britain 3

The battle. General Paulinus knew he was heavily

Revolt in Britain 3 The battle. General Paulinus knew he was heavily outnumbered but his soldiers were better trained, better armed and far more disciplined. Paulinus made sure that the hills and forests protected his flanks. The legions were in the center and the auxiliary protected the flanks while he kept the cavalry in reserve to swiftly go were needed. Boudicca relied on her superior numbers and had no sophisticated battle plan. Behind her army she placed rows of wagons on which the women could watch the battle. The Romans waited for the Britons to attack and then made a ferocious counter charge. After heavy fighting the Britons had to fall back. The Britons were not able to retreat orderly because they were hindered by all the wagons and carts behind them. Being trapped they were slaughtered and suffered tremendous casualties. The Romans only suffered minor casualties. The revolt died out soon after and Britannia was at peace once again.

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🇯🇵 Japanese postcard marking the end of the Russo-Japanese War (1904-05) showing the Japanese tiger sinking its teeth into Russia/East Asia. The Japanese victory was the 20th century’s first major military victory of an Asian power over a European one and helped fuel the “Yellow Peril” trope – anxiety among western leaders that Asia’s rise was an existential threat – that had begun to gain momentum in the late nineteenth century ———————————————— #russia #japan #russojapanesewar #ww1 #warart #propaganda #poster #design #japanesehistory #imperialjapan #russianhistory #russianmilitary #japanesemilitary #militaryhistory #asia #europe #asianart #arte #arthistory #tiger #germanmilitary

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pacific_b24s. The B-24J Liberator “Liberty Belle” sits among her NMF sisters being p

The B-24J Liberator “Liberty Belle” sits among her NMF sisters being prepped for combat on the sand strewn airstrip of Isley Airfield on Saipan (Marianas Islands) in August 1944. These Liberators all belong to the 30th BG (7th AF) and were tasked with striking targets in the Bonin and Volcano Islands during this time while also keeping Japanese bases in the Carolines and Marianas in check. (📸: NARA)

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A General's Dog: William the Conquerer ----- Born in 1942 to modest stock, a bull terrier would grow to fame. Originally following a sergeant, he would rise through the ranks. He was Patton's dog. Adopted in 1944, he would follow Patton through Europe, seeing many of the same scenes witnessed by the soldiers of the 3rd Armored. Per military tradition, the dog outranked the handler; in this case, Willie achieved the rank of General, four stars, overnight. Although named William the Conquerer, he would be known simply as "Willie" to all. Adopted by General Patton on 4 March, 1944, would be one of Patton's closest friends, certainly his most trusted. In a balancing effect to the General, Willie was easily frightened, scared of gun and artillery fire. Furthermore, Willie expressed the compassionate and loving side his partner General publicly lacked. Pure white, Willie allowed Patton to release a side not seen by his soldiers. It is reported that Patton hosted a birthday celebration for Willie, among other pleasantries showered on his beloved friend. Absolutely devoted to Patton, Willie followed him everywhere, and in the General's own words "[was] crazy about me and almost had a fit when I come back to camp." Furthermore, Patton allowed Willie to sleep with him, despite reporting "he snores too." Willie would stay by Patton's side day and night from the first day in 1944 until Patton's death on 21 December, 1945. Following his best friend's death, Willie would suffer separation anxiety and depression for a portion of his life, though he would live comfortably with Patton's family in Massachusetts until his death in 1955. He is burried in an unmarked grave on the Patton Homestead property. #militaryhistory #military #history #dog #dogs #pets #patton #war #warhistory #wwii #ww2 #worldwar #worldwartwo #general #wardogs #Willie #williamtheconqueror #bullterrier

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Happy trails to the Hussein brothers! On 22 July 2003, the sons of dictator Saddam Hussein, Uday (Ace of Hearts) and Qusay (Ace of Clubs) were killed in a shootout with US Army units in Mosul, Iraq. Their cruelty knew no bounds with how they murdered, raped, and humiliated Iraqis their entire lives. Their dad would follow a few years later.

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"🇮🇪 Irish Army in the Republic of Congo" •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Photo caption - 🇮🇪 Irish ONUC radio operator of "A Comany, 35th Battalion - UN service" in Jadotville, State of Katanga, Republic of Congo, in July 1960, in the months prior to the Siege of Jadotville, (Congo Crisis: July 5th, 1960 - November 25th, 1965). — https://www.flickr.com/photos/dfmagazine/4825021146/ — attribution: Irish Defense Forces -------------------------------------------- Odkąd Irlandia przystąpiła do Organizacji Narodów Zjednoczonych w 1955 r., Armia Irlandzka została rozmieszczona w wielu misjach pokojowych. Pierwszy z nich miał miejsce w 1958 r., kiedy niewielka liczba Irlandzkich obserwatorów została wysłana do Libanu. (86 żołnierzy Irlandzkich zginęło w służbie Narodów Zjednoczonych od 1969 roku. Pierwsze zagraniczne rozmieszczenie Armii Irlandzkiej miało miejsce w 1960 r., kiedy oddziały Irlandzkie zostały wysłane do Konga w ramach „UN force ONUC“. Kongo Belgijskie stało się niepodległym krajem 30 czerwca 1960 r. Dwanaście dni pózniej rząd Kongijski zwrócił się do „U.N.“ o pomoc wojskowa, aby utrzymać swój nowy naród. -------------------------------------------- (28 lipca 1960 roku) Irlandzki Lt-Col Murt Buckley poprowadził „32. batalion Irlandzki“ do nowo niepodległego kraju Afryki Środkowej. Była to najbardziej kosztowna operacja dla Armii Irlandzkiej od czasu (Irlandzkiej Wojny Domowej: 28 czerwca 1922 r. - 24 maja 1923 r.), ponieważ (26) żołnierzy Irlandzkich straciło życie w Republice Konga. -------------------------------------------- A total of 6,000 Irishmen served in the Republic of Congo, as part of the (ONUC) United Nations Operation in the Congo, from 1960 to 1964. That operation included the (Siege of Jadotville: September 13th - 17th, 1961) when lightly armed Irish soldiers resisted Katangese Gendarmerie attacks, until their ammo & supplies were exhausted and they had to surrender. — #🇮🇪IrishArmedForcesAfterWWII

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gas_mask_history. Here is our next Swiss mask ...Bergungsmaske ..The Rescue Mask was a m

Here is our next Swiss mask ...Bergungsmaske ..The Rescue Mask was a mask used by the rescue squads to quickly scrape a spilled gas mask. Relatively very strong rubber hood in 3-5 sizes. . . Stay away from troubles... . . . #militaryhistory #militarystyle #militarysupply #militaryphotography #museum #military #historymuseum #historyphotography #historical #historylovers #historygeek #gasmaske #gasmask #gasmasks #gasmaskgirl #collectors #collectable #collection #swisshistory #swissnavy #swissarmymuseum #postwar #wwii #wwiihistory #worldhistory #worldwar2 #worldwartwo #switzerland🇨🇭 . . . .

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The Pennsylvania-class battleship #USSArizona (BB 39) was launched June 19, 1915 at the New York Naval Shipyard, and commissioned to the United States Atlantic Fleet on Oct. 17, 1916. Arizona spent #WWI patrolling the waters of the Northeast as part of Battleship Division 8 out of Norfolk, Virginia, where her fuel oil requirements would not tax the short supply in Britain. Arizona departed the Atlantic Fleet in 1921, and was transferred to the Pacific fleet where she found her new homeport in #PearlHarbor, #Hawaii. #Arizona, as well as much of the Pacific Fleet, was in port when Pearl Harbor suffered a surprise attack by the Japanese on Dec. 7, 1941, propelling the U.S. into #WWII. Arizona was moored inboard of the repair ship Vestal (AR 4) when the ship’s air raid alarm went off about 0755. Insofar as it could be determined soon after the attack, the ship took two direct bomb hits. The one that most likely caused the ship’s destruction came from the 800-kilogram bomb dropped by the Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 carrier attack plane commanded by Lt. Comdr. Kasumi Tadashi, of the carrier Hiryu’s air unit, that glanced off the face plate of Turret II and penetrated the deck to explode in the black powder magazine, which in turn set off adjacent smokeless powder magazines. A cataclysmic explosion ripped through the forward part of the ship, touching off fierce fires that burned for two days; debris showered down on Ford Island in the vicinity. The blast that destroyed Arizona and sank her at her berth alongside of Ford Island consumed the lives of 1,177 of the 1,512 men on board at the time -- over half of the casualties suffered by the entire fleet on the “Day of Infamy.” #neverforget #navy #sailors #hero #history #americanhistory #america #military #militaryhistory

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- 2nd Wisconsin Infantry 📯🇺🇸 -The 2nd Wisconsin Infantry was formed on June 11, 1861 at Camp Randall, Madison, Wisconsin. It was formed as a result of a call to arms from President Lincoln and Gov Alexander W Randall. Enough men enlisted to form two regiments, one more than what was called. The extra men formed the 2nd. It originally numbered 1,051 men from Madison, Racine, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, and La Crosse Co’s. It was originally a 3-month unit but was re-mustered as a 3-year and placed under the command of Wisconsin Attorney General Squire Park Coon. They were originally issued older Harper’s Ferry Muskets that had been converted from flint-locks. These were eventually replaced by 2-band Tower Enfields. The 2nd’s original uniform was grey which didn’t help the confusion during 1st Bull Run where it received friendly fire. After this, the 2nd was placed into a brigade with the 6th and 7th Wisconsin as well as the 19th Indiana and eventually the 24th Michigan in what became the famed “Iron Brigade”. The Brigade was commanded by John Gibbon who saw that his men should be dressed in the uniform of the “Old Army”. This consisted of the usual sky-blue pants but with the dress blue frock coats, white canvas leggings and the famous black Hardee hats with sky blue cord, the left brim pinned up and a black plume on the right brim. -The 2nd fought in the advance on Manassas, advance to Falmouth, Woodstock, McDowell's advance on Richmond, Ops against Jackson, Recon to Orange CH, Exp to Frederick's Hall Station, Thornburg's Mills, Pope's Campaign in Northern VA (Fords of the Rappahannock, Catlett's Station, Gainesville, Groveton, 2nd Bull Run, Chantilly (in reserve)), Maryland Campaign (South Mtn, Antietam), Advance to Falmouth, Fredericksburg, Burnside’s "Mud March", Exp from Belle Plains into Westmoreland Co, Chancellorsville Campaign. (Ops at Pollock's Mill Creek, Fitzhugh's Crossing, Chancellorsville), Ops on Northern Neck, Brandy Station, Beverly Ford, and Gettysburg.....

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