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amandahuntphotography_. Here is todays sneak peak from todays Beautiful sunset😍 I absolutely

Here is todays sneak peak from todays Beautiful sunset😍 I absolutely love shooting in the golden hour...not only does it bring out the bugs but butterflies as well lol here is Alyssa Christine and her Beautiful family . . . . . . . . . . . . #military #militarylife #militarywife #militarylove #militaryaircraft #militaryspouse #army #militarymuscle #airforce #militaryfamily #militarystyle #militaryjet #militarypolice #militarycouple #militaryhistory #usarmy #militaryball #militaryjacket #usnavy #aviation #militaryfitness #militaryaviation #militarywomen #navy #soldier #armedforces #usmc #militarywives #militarygirlfriend #aircraft

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Just in 🗣. A former Us marine was arrested he is a member of a group that allegedly raided the North Korean embassy in Madrid in February and stole electronics, two sources familiar with the arrest said on Friday. That’s Insane who would had thought one of are Soldiers, The one we trust the most committed Theft And a Bond with Kim Jung Un Himself. that’s crazy do you still trust them the same now. Believe it are not I am.🙏🏽

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“ON THE FUHER’S BIRTHDAY, A BARRAGE OF KATYUSHA ROCKETS WILL TEAR BERLIN TO PIECES! WITH YOUR BULLETS, WITH YOUR BAYONETS, WITH YOUR BARE HANDS! DO THE SAME TO THEIR WRETCHED SOLDIERS!” A not so happy birthday to ass face Hitler from one of the most memorable scenes of my favorite WW2 game ever. Stop the revisionism.

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paulo_sargento. Militar: PSICOLOGIA APLICADA -  A DOR É PASSAGEIRA! ☠️

Militar: PSICOLOGIA APLICADA - A DOR É PASSAGEIRA! ☠️ . . . Psicologia aplicada é a utilização dos dados da psicologia na solução de problemas práticos. . . #militarywomen #militar #mito #militaryhistory #psicologia #elesim #bolsonaromito #bolsominions #pcdf #pmdfoficial #pmgo #pmerj #adsumus #marinhadobrasil #marines_news #fuzileironaval #fuzileirosnavais #pqd #pqdt

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history_in_five. #OnThisDay (1918): \"The Red Baron,\" Baron Manfred von Richthofen, 25,

#OnThisDay (1918): "The Red Baron," Baron Manfred von Richthofen, 25, is shot down by Allied fire over the Somme River. The legendary fighter pilot collected an estimated 80 victories during World War I in the new era of aerial combat. His hallmark, of course, was the red triplane he flew during the final eight months of his career. He left one rival perpetually vexed...scroll let to see who...

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Note: This post is provided for historical purposes, and does not constitute support for Naziism. - - This afternoon, I stopped in a great little store in Middletown, DE to see what I needed. Among all of the cool stuff, I found an edition of the Hamburger Zeitung (Hamburg Times) dated May 2, 1945 which announced the news of the death of the Führer. I eagerly took that to the counter and purchased it. Once I got home, I realized the Hamburg Zeitung, by that stage of the war, was a one-page news sheet. Behind the May 2 edition (which I believe was the last to publish under Nazi control) were about two weeks of news sheets. That being the case, this one—with a birthday tribute to A.H. from Dr. Goebbels—was in the stack. What is a little interesting is that I purchased this newspaper on April 20, exactly seventy-four years after it was printed. I did pay a little more than the ten pfennigs reflected on the paper. - - #wwii #ww2 #worldwarii #worldwar2 #military #militaryhistory #history #newspaper #news #1945 #war #hamburgerzeitung #hamburg #germany #deutschland #nachrichten #germanhistory

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bullion_military_patches. Under the cover of darkness, a few hours before the D-Day invasion was

Under the cover of darkness, a few hours before the D-Day invasion was launched, a U.S. vanguard unit dropped into Normandy, behind enemy lines. 📌📌📌 This was a special demolition-saboteur group that called themselves, “the Filthy Thirteen.” Their mission: to blow up bridges across the Douve River near Carentan in Normandy. 📌📌📌 They were part of the RHQ 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne 📌📌📌 Read their story on my blog at https://bit.ly/2lHkZpc #WW2 #dday #506th #101stairborne #filthythirteen #douveriver #normandy #carentan #richardkillblane #militaryhistory #paratroopers #warineurope

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O BRASIL NA GUERRA! Natal, a capital do estado do Rio Grande do Norte, no nordeste brasileiro, possui uma posição estratégica geográfica global muito importante. Fato este, fez a cidade receber as duas principais bases militares americanas durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial: a Base Naval e Parnamirim Field - a época era a maior base da Força Aérea norte-americana em território estrangeiro. A cidade recebeu um contingente de 10.000 soldados norte-americanos para lutarem durante o conflito mundial. Este fato mudou radicalmente a até então pequena capital, que à época possuía 55.000 habitantes. Mais do que uma importante participação durante o conflito armado mundial, a influência cultural dos americanos marcaram para a sempre a cidade brasileira. O historiador Lenine Pinto relata que "dos bares vazava a música das Wurlitzers, das lojas o burburinho de consumidores ávidos e, quando as ruas esvaziavam-se, acendiam-se os salões de bailes, fluíam fantasias (...) Naquele tempo as festas sucediam-se freneticamente, dançava-se freneticamente, amava-se freneticamente". Ao servir de apoio às tropas americanas que se dirigiam aos combates na Europa e África, Natal contribuiu, de forma, significativa, para o sucesso dos aliados. _______ SIGA: @almanaquemilitar ADM: @brunoguiguer #warfootage #combatfootage #war #history #história #warphotography #guerra #modernwarfare #worldwar2 #worldwar1 #specialforces #usaf #militaryhistory #históriamilitar #oldpic #oldhistory #baseserea #natal

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manofmanytastes. US soldiers W. Thomas and PFC. Joseph Jackson show off their Easter Eg

US soldiers W. Thomas and PFC. Joseph Jackson show off their Easter Eggs, 1945

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equipment.of.war. The western knight of Europe is synonymous with his mighty warhorse in

The western knight of Europe is synonymous with his mighty warhorse in popular culture. They would valiantly gallop into the enemy, a tidal wave of bristling steel into the infidel Saracens. Everyone likes to talk about the rider, a man clad in armour with a lance couched under his arm, but what about that poor horse?! ▪▪▪ In England and France in the 13th Centuries, there would be programs to breed better warhorses and breeds from Spain,Lombardy and the Low countries would be imported for this. An English Knight could pay £25 for a good warhorse. A knight earnt on average perhaps £40 a year. So that is over 50% of his dough spent on a horse. I believe this is from an evaluation of mid 1300s horse inventory. Anyway such horses were about 150 to 160cm tall, I assume measured at the shoulder because that is the most logical way to measure it. Furthermore the price of the horse could often highlight the hierarchy within the military elite. After all you had esquires whose horses were valued at 49 livres tournois, whereas the dauphin de Viennois could have a horse worth 12 times more at 600 livres tournois. This data comes from the records of losses at the battle of Cassel in 1328. ▪▪▪ So as you can see, horses were costly, and also huge status symbols. Now a question must be asked, why were they so expensive? Well raising and breeding horses is no easy job. You must breed the best to get the best. As good historians we shall than ask another question, why would you then import a horse from Spain for breeding? Isn't this just extra £££ needed? Well, let us take Spain. Not literally as the muslims did. Sorry bad joke. What I mean to say is that the Spaniards had come into contact with the very good horses from the Moors, the Arabian horse being a prominent one. This meant that the Spanish had a very rich breeding stock themselves which they sold for others to breed with. Charles of Anjou, would proclaim:" all the sense of Spain is in the heads of horses". This is meant to showcase their high reputation. #militaryhistory

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the_american_gi. Planning out my mannequins for the future, I have my 29th infantry div

Planning out my mannequins for the future, I have my 29th infantry division D-day assault mannequin which is only missing a few bits now. My 327th Glider infantry at Operation market garden is very close to being finished but will require some more bits but not too long left. In the very early stages is my 4th Infantry D-Day medic which will hopefully be near completion sometime next year. My early war Guadalcanal USMC is also taking shape but this one is on the back burner considerably as finding items in Europe is very hard so I’m happy to take my time on this one. Finally a full 4th infantry M1 Garand first wave assault will be the final one for the foreseeable future. #wwii #worldwartwo #worldwarii #worldwar2 #wewillrememberthem #history #militaryhistory #shermantank #tank #germany #M4a1 #USarmy #US #USA #armoureddivison #usmc #usaaf #american #america #GIs #GI #gis #gi #theamericangi #theamericangicollection #dday #france1945 #dday #1944

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he_breathes_fire. Sniper rifle (sort of) Saturday! This rifle is an Australian 1917-prod

Sniper rifle (sort of) Saturday! This rifle is an Australian 1917-produced Lithgow-made Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk III Heavy Barrel. This particular rifle was likely used as a designated marksman rifle alongside similar rifles equipped with telescopes (the No. 1 Mk III H(T)). . Australia adopted the Lee-Enfield SMLE Mk III alongside the rest of the British Empire, but, unlike Great Britain herself, never adopted the No. 4 series. Instead, Australia maintained use of the Mk III through WWII. The Mk III would continue being manufactured by the Lithgow Small Arms Factory through 1953 with a token 1,000 produced in 1956, most likely to prove they still could. . The Australians continued to develop the Mk III platform through the 1940s and developed a number of unique variants including the No. 6 Mk I and Mk I/I, a “Jungle Carbine” variant of the Mk III and the “No. 1 Shortened and Lightened”. Ultimately, the Australian military would transition from the Lee-Enfield to the L1A1 (a licensed copy of the FN FAL) in 1959. 🇦🇺

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Our first post! Day one of the Classic Fighters airshow in Omaka New Zealand. Six 1942 dated NZ army bell tents set up at our headquarters in the old RNZAF Station Omaka buildings. #ww2 #reenacting #livinghistory #classicfighters #yealandsclassicfighters #newzealand #militaryhistory

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And that's a wrap! Our debut album 'Over the Hills' is officially finished! The last two months have been a wild ride, but we couldn't be prouder of what we've accomplished. We can't wait to share the results with you, so keep watching this space for a massive announcement in the next two weeks. "The road has been long, There's a long road to come ..." #metal #heavymetal #powermetal #unsignedartist #liverpoolmusic #album #recordingstudio #militaryhistory #history #napoleonic

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Abri de Lieutenant Courson ———————————————————————— Shown here is Abri de Lieutenant Courson, a small and overlooked concrete shelter in the Argonne. It is inscribed with the words 'Abri de Lieutenant Courson died glouriously'. It is comprised of a single room with two openings for machine guns. The story behind the shelter is incredibly unusual, as it was built in 1915 whereas Lieutenant Courson was killed in 1914. Born in Lille, Courson had joined the army in 1898 and worked his way up to the rank of Second Lieutenant by 1901. His unit, the 82nd Infantry Regiment, was engaged in the Battle of the Frontiers in 1914, being forced to retreat from the Lille area towards the Argonne in order to slow the German advance. Lieutenant Courson was killed by a shell on the 6th of September 1914 during the resultant French attempts to stop the German Army along 300km of front, of which the famous Battle of the Marne was part of. Even more strangely, he was not killed or buried in the close vicinity of the shelter that now bears his name, although the precise location of his grave is unknown with the trail ending in January 1918. (Taken April 2014)

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On top of the M 18 today, drying off after some degreasing #tanks #militaryhistory

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daniel_patrick. Decided to clean the #m1garand today.  I’ve shot it before but this is

Decided to clean the #m1garand today. I’ve shot it before but this is the first time I’ve broken it down to clean. Amazing weapon system. #militaryhistory

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military_antiques. ORJiNAL Alman ww2 donem walking stick yuruyus cubugu. Bavyera baston i

ORJiNAL Alman ww2 donem walking stick yuruyus cubugu. Bavyera baston ile karistirilmasin. Resimlerde adolf hitler ve generallerin kullanildigi donemlerden bazi resimler bulabilirsiniz. Nadir. 90 cm Bu baston Adolf Hitler’in 1933’te iktidara gelmesinden sonra caddede dolasmanin, kirsal kesimde dolasmanin veya tepelerde Ucuncu Reich’in onemli araclarindandir. Baston rozetleri Fuhrer'i yuceltmis ve Ikinci Dunya Savasi sirasinda “Buyuk Alman Imparatorlugu” nu anmistir. Nazı donemi Almanya'da I. Dunya Savasi tarafindan tetiklenen ayaklanmalarda, baston siyasal siddetin bir silahi haline geldi ve bu nedenle bir hareketlilik sembolu olarak sona erdi (hareketlilik icin fiziksel bir yardimdan ziyade sosyal statu sembolu olarak hizli bir dususun bir nedeni. II. Dunya Savasi'ndan sonra). Ikinci amac, koleksiyoncuya, Ucuncu Reich (1933-1945) sirasinda uretilen baston rozetlerinde yavasca hareket edebilecek bir sekilde sunmaktir. Bu ayrintili rehber, Alman milletinin kurtaricisi olarak Adolf Hitler'in cevresindeki Fuhrer kultunde marjinal olan, oldukca onemsiz bir propaganda sekli gibi gorunebilir. Ancak Stocknägel, yuruyus yapmanin ve turizmin siyasallastirilmasi sirasinda devlet yapisinin tam anlamiyla nasil adim adim gerceklestigine dair anlayisimizi derinlestiriyor. Nazı donemine ait baston rozetli. #walkingsticks #naziwalking #naziww2 #nazimilitary #antique #naziaccessories #nazigerman #naziwar #nazigermany #ww2 #antika #militaryhistory #antikacı

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military__fiend17. Chinese Troops attacking across the Imjin River trying to break throug

Chinese Troops attacking across the Imjin River trying to break through United Nation lines in order to capture the city of Seoul, April 1951. #history #war #warhistory #military #militaryhistory #historychannel #historiansunion #battle

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Siege of Badajoz 1812 ▪️ I love the incredible detail in this model! It’s a 1/72nd scale diorama of the siege and wow is it impressive! Some day I hope to have the skill and patience to create such a cool historical visual aid. ▪️ Image by Recreaciones Historicas en Miniatura ▪️ #history #historic #medieval #war #warfare #battle #warhistory #military #militaryhistory #podcast #podcasting #historypodcast #history4u #wwi #ww1 #empire #victory #napoleonicwars #worldwar2 #ww2 #wwii #worldwarii #caesar #militarypodcast #navalhistory #army #navy #romanempire #cancientrome #napoleonbonaparte

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Boom. This #cannon is ready to protect #fortcarolinenationalmemorial from any belligerent Spanish ships. Or maybe just serve as an interesting bit of history. #jacksonville #florida #fortcaroline #fort #militaryhistory

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pestzachary. #Repost @wearethemighty
• • • • • •
I don't know how to tell you this

#Repost @wearethemighty • • • • • • I don't know how to tell you this but there are no golf courses out here, either. #military #militarytrivia #militaryhistory #wearethemighty #airborne #airforce #marines #army #navy #coastguard #memes #memesdaily #memes😂 #militarymemes #militaryhumor

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roman.military.history. The Draco In The Roman Army
The title of \"Draconarius\" was given to

The Draco In The Roman Army ➖ The title of "Draconarius" was given to Roman standard bearers who carried the Draco, which was adopted by the beginning of the 2nd century AD during the Principate, although it is possible it was used earlier. The Draco was a peculiar standard of Sarmatian origin, who were a nomadic Iranian people living in the Steppe famed for their cavalry. --- At the top of the Draco was a bronze dragon-like animal with a gaping jaw, behind which was a colorful windstock. When moving at a sufficient pace, the standard bearer could cause the Draco's stock to fill up in the wind, creating an impression of an aggressive, serpent-like creature. By the mid 4th century AD we hear of purple Draco's accompanying emperors on the field, which may have been normal. --- The Draco was first carried by some Auxiliary cavalry units, usually on parade but also on the field, and was likely adopted after contact with the Sarmatians, perhaps during the 1st century AD. The standard appears to have gradually become more popular in the army and was used still during Late Antiquity. However we simply cannot reconstruct any exact chronology of for how long the Romans used this standard. --- #Rome #Roma #RomanArmy #RomanLegion #Auxilia #Draco #Standard #RomanEmpire #SPQR #History #RomanHistory #AncientHistory #MilitaryHistory

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Video by: Histor

| THIS POST IS NOT POLITICAL, HISTORY PURPOSES ONLY | Video by: History (YT) On this day, 20 April 1889, (130 years ago), what will become the most feared and evil man in the world is born. Adolf Hitler the man that started the most devastated war the humanity has ever seen is born. The Fürher of Germany that killed more that 12 million innocent people! Timeline of Hitler's Rise of Power; •1920; Hitler is discharged from the army. In the German Worker’s Party he undertakes responsibility for publicity and propaganda. He changes the party’s name to the National Socialist German Workers Party, (or Nazi for short) The party represents a combination of intense hatred for the politicians who they considered had dishonoured Germany by signing the Versailles Treaty and exploiting local grievances against a weak federal government. •1921; Hitler challenges Anton Drexler to become leader of the Nazi party. After initial resistance, Drexler agrees and Hitler becomes the new leader of the party. •1923; Along with other right wing factions and General Ludendorff he attempts to overthrow the Bavarian government with an armed uprising. The event became known as The Beer Hall Putsch. Hitler and 2000 Nazi’s march through Munich to the Beer Hall, to take over a meeting chaired by three of the most important individuals in Bavarian politics. The following day, the Nazis march in the streets, the police open fire. Hitler escapes but is captured, tried for treason and serves 9 months in Landsberg prison. It was during his imprisonment that he began dictating his thoughts to Rudolf Hess, which emerged in the book Mein Kampf (my struggle). It is a mixture of autobiography, political ideology and an examination of the techniques of propaganda. •1925; Hitler re-founds the Nazi party. •1928; Hitler's half-sister (Angela Raubal) and her daughter Geli, move into Hitler's home on the Obersalzburg. Hitler's relationship towards Geli initially kindly, eventually borders on the obsessive, fueling rumours that they were romantically linked; Hitler denied this. REST IN COMMENTS!!⬇️⬇️

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pics_of_warhistory. Danish soldiers posing with a Madsen machine gun. WW2. ---------------

Danish soldiers posing with a Madsen machine gun. WW2. ------------------------------------- Follow @pics_of_warhistory ------------------------------------- #war #warfare #warhistory #warhistorians #military #militaryhistory #history #historia #historical #denmark🇩🇰 #denmark #danish #ww2 #machinegun #gun #guns #worldwar2 #worldwar #secondworldwar #warpics #warphotography #picsofwarhistory

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usarmylo. Reversed or Skilled?
🇺🇸💥 Follow @usarmylo
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ashton_eckenrod. “The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Sol

“The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The Soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country” George S. Patton Jr. @prilaga #militarystyle #militaryhistory #militarywomen #militarymuscle #militarylife #militaryspouse #militaryfitness #militaryaviation #military #militaryaircraft #prilaga #militarylove #militarywatch #militaryjet #militarywife #militaryfamily

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