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rozzie_macneill. Our hearts are overflowing with excitement, joy and gratitude! Finally

Our hearts are overflowing with excitement, joy and gratitude! Finally we can announce that the MacNeill clan is growing by 1 😍 Now the grannies can stop asking for a grand baby and the aunties can start planning the spoils! The grandpas are getting a boat buddy and we have a new tour partner! 🎉 👶Junior Mac due Feb 2020! #BabyMac #SummerBabies #022020 #MomLife #PregnancyAnnouncement #PrettyBraveMom #MomBlog #SAMom #Motherhood #RyanPicksARose #RosesGetsPickled #MomToBe #Motherhood #BabyOnTheWay #BabyLove

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essential.remedies. “It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joy

“It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful.” I’ve had this quote posted on my fridge for over ten years, and with every year that passes, it rings truer and truer. ⠀ ⠀ Everyday, I try to write down ten things I’m grateful for. I’ve learned that by focusing on gratitude, you’re able to pull more of what you love into your life, while the negative seems to fade away. Here are a few from my gratitude list:⠀ ⠀ 1. Motherhood - being a mother has been the greatest blessing/privilege in my life. I know without this pathway, I would never have known the joy of meeting someone and having an instant, indescribable, love flood my heart. Whatever accomplishments I achieve in this life, all will pale in comparison to being called a mother. ⠀ 2. Love - I once heard that love doesn’t divide it only multiplies. I know this to be true. The more I open my heart to others, the more love I feel. ⠀ 3. Health - I know not everyone has this blessing and my heart hurts for them. Thinking about those who only experience life through a lens tainted by pain, extreme fatigue, mental issues, or other serious ailments, is the number one reason why I joined a company dedicated to helping people feel healthy. ⠀ 4. Service - if I ever find myself slipping into self pity or any of these lower vibrational emotions, I get out and serve.⠀ 5. Failure - I love that I get to fail, and fail again and again, and again. But in each of those big, fat, fall-on-my-face, failures, I get to learn, and I get to learn again. I wished we saw failure for what it really is...a necessary step to success. ⠀ 6. Nature - my husband jokes “that you can take the girl out of the mountains but you can’t take the mountains out of the girl”. I’m my best self with my shoes off and toes in the ground. Nature is and has always been my medicine. ⠀ 7. Inspiration - to me inspiration is that voice that knows what you’re cable of long before you ever will. ⠀ 8. You all - friends, family, and some beautiful faces I haven’t had the chance to meet yet. ⠀ ⠀ If you’ve never done a gratitude journal...do it!! You’ll be so grateful you did!! 🖤🖤

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По многочисленным, ловите рецепт☺️ - Чизкейк с орео без выпечки Это идеальный десерт для тех, кто с готовкой на Вы (как я, например😅), но очень хочет сделать что-нибудь своими руками🙌🏻 Готовится очень быстро, но застывает около 5 часов. Поэтому идеальный вариант: сегодня сделали - завтра съели😛 Собственно, рецепт⬇️ Продукты: - печенье «Орео» 26 шт - сливки 33% 330 мл - сахар 150 гр - желатин листовой 10 гр - экстракт ванили натуральный 12 гр - творожно-сливочный сыр 440 гр Подготовка формы: На пергамент ставим железное кольцо(у меня диаметр 18 см, чем меньше диаметр, тем выше будет чизкейк). Стенки железного кольца выстилаем ацетатной пленкой, чтобы готовый десерт легко было достать. 1️⃣Основа Берём печеньки (12 шт), отделяем коричневую часть от начинки. Коричневую часть печенек измельчаем блендером (начинка пойдёт в начинку чизкейка) и смешиваем со сливками (30 мл). Должна получится масса, похожая по консистенции на пластилин. Получившуюся массу выкладываем на дно кольца и распределяем равномерно рукой или ложкой. Убираем в холодильник застывать. 2️⃣Начинка • замачиваем желатин в воде • смешиваем 50 мл сливок и 150 гр сахара, ставим на средний огонь и ждём, пока в сливках растворится сахар. Снимаем с плиты, добавляем отжатый желатин. • смешиваем сыр с начинкой от Орео и выливаем на сыр сливки с сахаром и желатином. Взбиваем все миксером до однородной консистенции. • крупно рубим печенье Орео (14 шт) и вмешиваем их в творожную массу. • взбиваем 250 мл сливок и экстракт ванили до мягких пиков • силиконовой лопаточкой в творожную массу с Орео вмешиваем взбитые с ванилью сливки. • достаём из холодильника кольцо с основой и заливаем в неё начинку, убираем в холодильник на 5 часов застывать. Украшать можно на любой вкус и цвет☺️я украсила половинками печенья. • когда чизкейк застынет, снять с него кольцо и ацетатную ленту) Очень много букв, но готовится чиз очень-очень быстро, а съедается ещё быстрее🙈

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imperfectionist.mom. Have you ever tried putting your name and your spouse's name together

Have you ever tried putting your name and your spouse's name together to see what you would call your kids? For example: Logan + Eve = Love or Evan Well.. My name is Trammie and my husband is Joshua. Everyone meet our little ••Trashies•• Jokes aside, I think we will stick with little ••Jammies•• instead. What would your kids be called? Include your name, your spouse's name and the results of it.

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sumireblog. <池袋ルミネ ベビールーム8階>

ここは広くてオシャレで、一番好きかも〰✨ こんな部屋に住みたい。


<池袋ルミネ ベビールーム8階> ここは広くてオシャレで、一番好きかも〰✨ こんな部屋に住みたい。 子どももベビールーム来ると落ち着く感じ。 安心リラックス空間は大事。 疲れたらここで一休み。 #ルミネ池袋 #初ママ #子育てアイテム #ベビー #コドモノ #mybaby #shinjyuku #baby #babyroom #toiletdesign #littlebabyboy #mom #momblog #mamablog

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cherishedmoments.nl. SPONSOR
We worden de laatste tijd steeds vaker benaderd om decorati

SPONSOR ⠀⠀ We worden de laatste tijd steeds vaker benaderd om decoraties te sponsoren voor een evenement of een give away .. En dit vinden we natuurlijk super leuk 🙌🏼! Helaas moeten wij vaak mensen teleur stellen omdat wij hiervoor te laat worden benaderd😢.. Hou er dus rekening mee dat we als sponsor altijd een levertijd hanteren van 3-4 weken en een rush order hierbij niet mogelijk is.. We maken al onze producten met de hand en het uitwerken van een design en het creëren van een op maat gemaakte creatie kost nou eenmaal veel tijd en aandacht 🤷🏻‍♀️🥰! ⠀⠀ Lijkt het je leuk om met ons samen te werken ? Stuur ons dan een berichtje 🤗❤️!

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Потому что нельзя, Потому что нельзя быть на свете красивой такой😍 . #доброеутро #девочкитакиедевочки #варюшказаюшка #жизнькаконаесть #декретныебудни #ямама #моялюбовь

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R E F O C U S 🍃 • • Yesterday I had a really tough day with Chester. He cried for hours on end. He cried when I held him, cried when I put him down and refused to sleep for anything more than 10 minutes at a time. It was topped off by the toddler’s multiple tantrums and him pooing his pants...!!! It would have been very easy to admit defeat, crack open a bottle of wine and get an early night but nope! I went to the gym for the first time in a while. 5 weeks postpartum and I am determined to get my body back. My body did a wonderful job of growing my babies and now I want to repay it by getting back on top of my eating and working out again! • • I took it really slowly after seeking some advice from @mothering_it , who I wish lived nearer so she could be my PT 😜. I also have my first weekly weigh in at slimming world tonight and I’m hoping that my cocktails last weekend won’t have affected that too much. • • So yeah this is me putting myself out there, committing to trying to make healthier changes and this photo is the perfect motivation. 2 years postpartum after Noah and just about to get married, I was in the best shape of my life. Can’t wait to work towards that again! 🙌 • •

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kiddoandsoul. Questions my kid has asked us since starting kindergarten: 🐫Do camels

Questions my kid has asked us since starting kindergarten: 🐫Do camels poop standing up? 🤰 How does a baby get in a tummy? ❗️ is that an exclamation point?👉 Girlfriend is learning things in rapid fire these days. I joke about it, but honestly, I don't think she's ever asked me more questions or taught ME more things (EVER) and it's absolutly magical how much she's changed in just a few weeks. Parenting can be really, really tough and annoying, but this age, this time right now? Might be my fave ❤️⠀ ⠀ //// Outfit linked in bio: dress + jean jacket from my BFF @target! - Shoes are @TOMS //// #kidsstyle #kidsootd #momblog #momcommunity #motherhoodrising #motherhoodthroughinstagram #momsofinstagram #unitedinmotherhood #momlifeisthebestlife #ohheymama #momblogger #momsofinstagram #momentsinmotherhood

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It all comes down to Love 💙💙

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А ведь держатель для соски и погремушку можно собрать и своими руками?! 💪🏽 это оооооочень увлекательное занятие 😉 хотите попробовать?! Пишите, я все расскажу и научу 🌷 . . Так же отдельно можно приобрести франшизу на изготовления держателей, где есть приятный бонус - вся база поставщиков в Германии 🔥 и второй приятный бонус, ещё 1000 бизнес идей (франшиз) как зарабатывать сидя дома 😱 . Сохраняй этот пост и не забудь про ❤️ хорошего дня 🎈 . . . . #momblog #momblogger #baby #infant #beautiful #babiesofinstagram #beautifulbaby #instagram_kids #igbaby #cutebaby #babystile #babyfashion #igbabies #kidsfashionblog #cutekidsclub #ig_kids #babies #children #babymodel #children #instagood #love #babyboy #cute #like4likes #likeforfollow #liker

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mish_fit_mumma_. When you have a child that is a star shape trying to be pushed through

When you have a child that is a star shape trying to be pushed through a circle hole ... Another interview being told he isn’t thriving he isn’t at the right Levels, he doesn’t understand, he won’t Ever be “at a level”, he cannot work alone... your heart sinks a little more ! But then I remember his bright light, he is worthy of more than stats on paper ! He is a walking miracle to start with, our rainbow after so many losses, we almost lost him many times, he was born 5 pounds term and has never thrived to the standards of medical or educational standards ! But god planned this little boys life he placed him within our hands for a purpose and I will never ever give up on finding ways for him to believe he is amazing, regardless of what stats on a book say !!! Shine sweet boy shine so bright, we’ll fight for you!!! . . . . . #blessed #momlife #mumlife #specialneedsparent #harddays #momblog #fitmom #mumlife #mumof4 #momof4 #somedaysarehard #mummabear #momblogger #instablog #mentalhealth #specialneedsmoms #support #newschooltime

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littlemissfearlessblog. He hollered down the stairs 20 minutes before she arrived, “What do yo

He hollered down the stairs 20 minutes before she arrived, “What do you want me to wear?” To which I replied, “Whatever you wore last time is fine. Just something casual. No shoes.” Then we laughed about the ace bandage on his swollen ankle from the sprain he got two days before.⠀ ⠀ Family photos used to give me anxiety. Putting myself in charge of everyone else’s appearance to ensure we looked as perfect as I was aspiring to be. Then hoping my stress didn’t dampen the mood, resulting in fake smiles and a desire to be doing anything but a photoshoot.⠀ ⠀ Now, I see the beauty in the “imperfect” photo, the candid we-walked-out-the-door-like-this photo. Funny how things turn out when we just let go. Like when you’re single and your spouse comes into your life the moment you stop looking for them. 😎⠀ ⠀ So this is us, wearing what we’d wear on any given day. But in case you’re looking for a few stress-free-dressing-for-family-photos tips, here are mine (after years of doing it the hard way):⠀ ⠀ 1️⃣ Choose an outfit you feel comfortable + confident in (stripes are always a safe pattern to bet on).⠀ 2️⃣ Dress everyone else in solid colors that compliment your outfit. 😉⠀ 3️⃣ Avoid shoes and accessories if possible (less matching to worry about).⠀ ⠀ Voila! ⠀ ⠀ Happy Tuesday from the Sanchez Family. 💙 #giftsofimperfection #familyphotos #boymom 📸 @thehighpines

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fashionedthroughgrace. We share the same squinty eyes when we laugh hard, the same wrinkly no

We share the same squinty eyes when we laugh hard, the same wrinkly nose when we smile, similar moods, we both have a hard time listening and obeying, but we’re both a work in progress. Today, he told me “mama, you please hold my license?” And it made me think of how soon he will actually be driving me around. How I love this little twinny of mine. How I love learning and growing as a mommy as he learns and grows as a tiny human. It’s such a joy watching him turn into who he’s supposed to be. • • • #disneyland #apholder #annualpass #disney #autotopia #blog #blogger #style #ootd #fashion #boymom #mom #momblog #lifestyleblog #styleblog #travelblog #whereisshe #disneymom #smile

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✨ Возрастные кризисы развития ребенка ✨ ⠀ ✨Кризис одного года (младенчества) ✨ ⠀ ✨Кризис младенчества связан с тем, что ребенок осваивает хождение и речь. Ему доступно большее пространство для исследования, умение ходить дает возможность взять предметы, принадлежащие взрослым и ранее недоступные. ⠀ ✨В возрасте одного-двух лет ребенок может проявлять негативизм, который становится ответом на различные ограничения со стороны взрослых и их непонимание. ⠀ ✨Малыш сталкивается с тем, что «хочу» и «надо» часто могут не совпадать, и это вызывает его недовольство. ⠀ ✨В данный период могут возникать различные аффективные вспышки и агрессия: ребенок плачет и падает на пол, требуя что-то, обижается, может кидать во взрослого игрушками. ⠀ ✨Очень важно во время кризиса проявлять терпение, так и мудрость. ⠀ ✨Окрики, наказания, потакания капризам принесут мало толку. Во время аффективных вспышек лучше чем-то отвлечь малыша или попробовать договориться с ним. ⠀ ✨Если что-то запрещаете ребенку, то всегда объясняйте, почему это нельзя. ⠀ ✨Стремление к самостоятельности стоит поощрять, иначе малыш перестанет ее проявлять. ⠀ ✨Как же вести себя родителям, у детей которых начался кризис первого года? ✨ ⠀ ✨Родители должны избегать двух крайностей: ♻️ запрещения всего, ♻️ вседозволенности. ⠀ ✨После этого карапуз будет расти апатичным, результат такого воспитания может сказываться и во взрослом возрасте. Когда запретов много, малыш начинает их нарушать. ⠀ ✨ Однако разрешать все, что требует кроха, также не стоит. Ведь он поймет, что самый действенный метод добиться чего-то от родителей — это закатить скандал. И даже повзрослев, он будет прибегать к манипулятивному плачу, чтобы воздействовать на окружающих. ⠀ ✨ Слышали про кризис одного года? ✨ Сталкивались?

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my sweet + sour... they alternate accordingly. I could [do] eat them up all day long. swipe all the way if you’re in need of a reminder that time flies 🥰 #mymiddleandmylittle

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I have paired up with @nickjrlive for a ⭐️GIVEAWAY ⭐️. Here is YOUR chance to WIN a family 4 pack to NICK JR LIVE SHOW in #Hollywood - Oct 5th and 6th . #ad. I am selecting 2 winners. . TO ENTER, IT’S SIMPLE > . 1. Make Sure Your Following @mommy_adventures_ and @Nickjrlive . 2. TAG two friends who would love going to the show. . 3. Additional tags - additional entries . . . I’ll announce the winners in the comment section on Friday Sept 20th . At noon. 12pm PST . . This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility and liability, and agree to Instagram's terms of use. make sure you enter NOW! Profiles must be on PUBLIC until the winner is announced And must reside in the US.

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A Very Merry Unbirthday To You 🥳🧁 Did we celebrate sebastian a half birthday ? Yes, yes we did ! ( I'm just extra like that 😂) We kept Sebastian's gender a surprise till birth! Yes, it was extremely hard, but it was the most rewarding experience ever! It made the child birth process go extremely fast because I just wanted to know what we were having ❤️ My triage nurse kept telling me that she was about to clock out in a hour, that I would get a new nurse , but sebastian came within the 30 minutes of us being there ! Due to having a gender neutral baby shower all his clothes was white, green and yellow 😂 By his 6 months he was in one year old clothes And size 5 shoes ! The birthday was just our immediate family, so it was an after church family dinner❤️ Which he's extremely well loved and blessed to have all his 4 grandparents! And of course they upgraded his wardrobe, that's where all the cute button down and tie suits came from 😍 Now we try to take him out on his 1/2 Birthday, so he gets to see family besides holidays. Sense we all have busy schedules 💞 Now we have 6 months to plan for his birthday ! We asked him for a theme and hes still not sure from Coco or Elmo. We want to try an outdoor party this coming year and skip the venue rental. So let's see how that goes ! Apparently he always wears white shoes on his1/2 Birthdays too(not intentional) 🤷 He's now 2 1/2 and still hates cakes 😂🍰 his taste palette has always been to mature for his age he likes more savory stuff not really into sweets, which I am not complaining at all ! . . . . . . . . #firstgrandkid

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