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the.vintage.housewife. Housewife on the go and mommy tip!

If you are in a rush, but know you

Housewife on the go and mommy tip! If you are in a rush, but know you should probably iorn those little addition that really make an outfit look great, I have a tip for YOU! Just get your hair straightner and CAREFULLY flatten out those bows/ribbons/ other adorable add on to kiddos and your own outfit! It works in a pinch AND you dont have to lugg out the iorn and iorning board and wait for it to heat up for just one little thing.😉. . . . . . #thevintagehousewife #housewife #housewifetip #mommytip #momtip #lifehack #onthego

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Easter egg decorating turned into a shaving cream fight!

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“Say cheese” no kiss. De mis fotos favoritas de la vida en #zoofari cerca de #cuernavaca. Gran experiencia, hace algunos ayeres, siempre, siempre siempre tengan lista la cámara 😜 #mommytip #retrochic #kids #love #kiss #camel #planconpeques #viajarconniños

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tweenselmom. Ready for some egg hunting tomorrow? This weather calls for everything

Ready for some egg hunting tomorrow? This weather calls for everything cold or frozen and sweet so I readied my Gelatin Easter Eggs Delights for tomorrow - these are strawberry, mango, lychee, grapes and orange gelatin eggs ready for snacking or dessert tomorrow. All these @mrhatgulaman flavored gelatins are available in the supermarket so you can make yours too even in the morning. Advance Happy Easter everyone!

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tweenselmom. Buffet breakfast of Taal Vista stood out for me because of these ❤️ ta

Buffet breakfast of Taal Vista stood out for me because of these ❤️ tarts, cheese breads, choco chip rolls and pandecoco. my full hotel review in http://TaalVistaHotelReview

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"Change your altitude once in a while." With my best young buddies ▶️

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tweenselmom. Chicken breast soup with misua and patola - sa dinner na ako mag start

Chicken breast soup with misua and patola - sa dinner na ako mag start ng puro isda ang ulam for this week. Wala parin talagang tatalo sa lutong bahay. Simple pero ang sarap. Thanks to Pinggang Pinoy recipes, naalala ko yung mga simpleng pagkain na may gulay na malasa kahit walang masyadong meat. You can download it here https://bit.ly/2HIsfkj . Break free from #MalnutritionTraps. Get these easy-to-do and affordable recipes (P250/day for family of 5). For updates about Mag-PinggangPinoy® Tayo!, visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph and @cookmunitybyajinomotoph

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CROSSING THE MIDLINE . Midline crossing refers to the imaginary line from your head to your toes that separates the body into a left and right side. A body part (arm/leg) spontaneously moves to the opposite side of the body to complete a task. . It is important for developmental skills such as handwriting, dressing, self-feeding, reading, and higher level learning skills. . Crossing the midline helps the left side of the brain and the right side of the brain communicate. They communicate through the corpus collosum, which is located at the center of the brain. The corpus collosum is a thick band of nerve fibers that connects the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Crossing the midline helps develop higher learning skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, speech, reading, sequencing, and body awareness. If we have difficulty crossing the midline we only work one side of the brain; therefore, weakening the other side. This can cause gaps in our development. . Signs there are difficulties with crossing the midline: ~ Has trouble tacking words from left to right and right to left. ~ Using only right hand on the right side of the body when playing (or left hand on the left side of the body). This also applies to legs. ~ Difficultly using both hands together to complete a task. ~ Difficulty with and emerging dominate hand (handedness). ~ Poor fine motor skills ~ Switching hands throughout an activity when when drawing, coloring, or painting. ~ Poor muscle tone ~ Difficultly reaching developmental milestones (rolling, crawling, jumping, etc.) . Exercises to help with crossing the midline: ~ rainbow drawing ~ cars track ~ figure 8 drawing ~ stringing beads ~ prone scooter board play with puzzle/container. Have child reach across body to pick up/put down pieces. ~ position toys/activities so they have to reach across the body ~ feet criss cross walking ~ washcloth to bathe ~ touch hand to opposite knee/foot ~ bean bag toss in criss cross sitting ~ helping prepare food in the kitchen/transfer bowls

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Ive enlisted Taal Vista long before on my bucket list on where to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I just love the majestic view of Taal volcano - grateful to be able to cross it off from my list this year ♥️

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#PlanConPeques hoy @lasmommybloggers fuimos a conocer la nueva #zonainfantilsixflags con todo y #peques, la pasamos increíble, el día espectacular, los juegos especiales para niños de 90 cms a 1.30 mts.; sillas voladoras, mini rueda de la fortuna, avioncitos, helicópteros de Batman, trenecito del correcaminos, una montaña rusa pequeña de Superman y muchos juegos más. Frente al castillo de la zona infantil hay un juego de toboganes que está padrísimo. La verdad es una gran opción para llevar a los #peques estas #vacaciones de #semanasanta y #díadelniño. Para comer en la misma área hay pollo frito, hot dogs y el mejor descubrimiento junto al escenario Looney Tunes hay un restaurante de flautas, sándwich de cochinita pibil y nuestra elección: unas brochetas y un sándwich de costillitas BBQ maravillosas. Les recomiendo que vayan en bola con amigos para que se acompañen los chicos y también las mamás disfruten de ver a los peques felices. Además está todo el día música tipo New Orleans y desfile por el #mardigras así que aprovechen para bailar. Gracias @sixflagsmexico por la invitación. Felices vacaciones!!! #mommytip #mommyblogger #lasmommybloggers #friends #kids #love

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lifeasamommy.gt. #mommytip 
También Miss. Piggy nos ayudaba a sostener la pachita de Mi

#mommytip También Miss. Piggy nos ayudaba a sostener la pachita de Mila 😂 #sorrynotsorry #mommy101 #fbf

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anshubhoj. *Pregnancy travel *
I had a nasty case of morning sickness throughou

*Pregnancy travel * ✨ I had a nasty case of morning sickness throughout my pregnancy. And it lasted until the moment I was taken to the labour room.🤰 ✨ In the 4th month of pregnancy 🤰, we travelled to Goa for our babymoon. And believe me or not, those 3 days were the best time of my pregnancy. ✨ I could eat without feeling sick. I could travel without feeling exhausted. And had a beautiful smile plastered on my face throughout. 😊☺️ ✨ I would suggest all would-be mommies to go for a vacay, even if a short one, before the little one arrives. ✨ It’s not only good for your relationship 💑, but also for your spirit. ✨ ✨ ✨ #duringpregnancy #babymoon #pregnancytip #selfcaretip #pregnant #mommytip #goaholidays #vacayingoa #amazingtrips #beautifuldestinations #throwbackpic #bestvacations #instatravel #travellife #wonderfulplaces #worlderlust #nationalgeographic #mustsee #holiday #exploringtheglobe #wishlist #lovetraveling #worldtravel

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tweenselmom. What made me proud as a @skinwhiteph user is their recent campaign aga

What made me proud as a @skinwhiteph user is their recent campaign against “skin-shaming”. One would wonder why a skin whitening brand such as SkinWhite would dare to say that dark skin is beautiful. And I found out that it is because the brand chooses to empower the women by making them feel beautiful no matter what they choose, if they want to become whiter or if they choose to love themselves as dark-skinned. If you want to look fair and whiter than your current skin color, go! If you are satisfied with your morena skin, then by all means, flaunt it, or better yet, improve it, moisturize it with skin moisturizing products like SkinWhite. #darkorwhiteisbeautiful #skinwhite

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yadigianola. MAMÁ Tip!!! Existe la salvación! Si un hijo tuyo rayó algún mueble de

MAMÁ Tip!!! Existe la salvación! Si un hijo tuyo rayó algún mueble de piel con pluma o plumón, no tienes que mandarlo tapizar!! Ayer me sucedió y entré en pánico pero después de una extensa investigación, EUREKA!!!! De nada 😉 . . . . . #eureka #leather #ink #solution #problem #sunscreen #yourewelcome #mommytip #tip #lifechangingtip #gamechanger #whoknew #stainremover #beststainremover #ever #removeink #tinta #pluma #piel #limpiadordepiel #salvacion #solucion #mamatip #mama #leatherfurniture #mommyblog #mom #mommylife #momblog

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• • • • • P E G B O A R D • • • • • . The one thing you can find in almost every OT’s toolkit. Pegboards have a bunch of different benefits, but primarily promotes fine motor development. . Fine motor skills involve the movement of all the small muscles in the fingers, hands, and forearms. More specifically it refers to the ability a child can control, grasp, release, and manipulate the small intrinsic muscles in their fingers and hands to perform certain activities of daily living. Important activities of daily living for young children to gain independence in are handwriting, scissor use, gluing, self-help skills, shoe tying, buttoning/fastening, utensil use, along with many more. These functional skills are easier to achieve by gaining sufficient fine motor skills. The pegboard can help with this! . WHAT YOU NEED: Pegboard and pegs . WHAT TO DO: Put the pegs in the pegboard holes and take the pegs out of the pegboard holes. Encourage a stabilizer hand and a manipulator hand. Stack the pegs or even use the colors to make designs or patterns. . WHAT THIS DEVELOPS: hand/finger, strength, reach, release, carry, tripod grasp, thumb opposition, development of palmar arches, dissociation of two sides of the hand, bilateral hand use, reciprocal hand use, handedness.

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tweenselmom. @krispykremeph Bunny's Meadow Doughnuts made our morning brighter fill

@krispykremeph Bunny's Meadow Doughnuts made our morning brighter filled with excitement for the coming Easter 🐰🥕 topped them with some colorful Easter Egg candies which I thought will be perfect come Easter Egg hunting! The doughnuts were delightfully coated with melon flavored chocolates piped with green vanilla cream and carrot royal icing candies. Yummm! Have a cheerful Easter season with Krispy Kreme's Easter Doughnuts! Order now via Grab Food, call 7-9000 or order online at now.krispykreme.com.ph

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tweenselmom. The @twinlakeshotel in Tagaytay was a sight to behold. We did not chec

The @twinlakeshotel in Tagaytay was a sight to behold. We did not check in here but saw its photos online we decided to see it. Maybe next time we'll have a chance to see if it's also beautiful inside 🚐

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Si no conocen el @hotelcasaawolly en #laroma deben de darse una vuelta; cada una de sus habitaciones es un escenario perfecto para una fotografía única por su diseño y colores. Hoy fui al lanzamiento del nuevo #serum de @amwaydemexico el único suero con 3 concentrados personalizados a tu tipo de piel; dependiendo de tus necesidades puedes escoger 3 concentrados para corregir hidratación, iluminación, líneas de expresión, manchas y firmeza. Es un producto único, además si no tienen idea de cuáles son las necesidades de su piel hay una aplicación que pueden bajar #Artistry belleza virtual (úsenla con la cara lavada) ahí les dirá cuáles son los productos de #belleza que necesita su piel #mommytip #beauty

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mommychic1. Artistry línea de cuidado y maquillaje de #AmwayDeMéxico presentó su n

Artistry línea de cuidado y maquillaje de #AmwayDeMéxico presentó su nuevo suero 3 en 1 #PersonalizadoJustoParaTi en el que puedes elegir qué quieres que trabaje en tu piel: hidratación, firmeza, iluminación, arrugas o manchas. Un novedoso sistema que junto a ingredientes naturales y la ciencia dará un cuidado específico a cada una de las necesidades de tu piel. #mommytip #belleza

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everydaymom_lifestyle. Little trick I do with the cups of applesauce from the store...I open

Little trick I do with the cups of applesauce from the store...I open it just enough to stick a straw in it, push the foil around the straw and give it to my 2 year old! Sure they have the squeezy applesauce option as well...but I noticed my kid just ended up squeezing the sauce onto the floor instead of in her mouth! lol. I also noticed the Organic Natures Place brand's sauce consistency is good for sucking through straws. 😆😆😆 #mommytip #mommyworld #organicfruit #organic #parentlife #momlife #motherhood #parenthood #fruit #bettereating #healthierchoices #tricksandtips #momshelpingmoms #kidlife #kidsrock #momsrock #mamasworld

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Excelente experiencia en la mañana gracias a @todomamamx; facial con @originsmx con meditación incluida con @anapauyoga , maquillaje con @makeupskara, deliciosos #pressjuice de @juslabmx, regalitos de @enterogerminamexico desayuno vegano gracias a @veggie.joy , deliciosas bebidas de #matcha de @matsabimatcha y el lugar divino @boconcept_mexico ¡Quiero todos los muebles para mi casa! Recuerden que el 4 de Mayo tenemos una cita en el @thewestinsantafe para el #mothersdaymx en el que aprenderemos más sobre crianza y paternidad/maternidad. Además @lasmommybloggers tendremos un panel sobre #maternidaddigital a las 4:10 pm. Usen el código #MD2019 para que tengan un súper descuento. #mommytip Gracias por la foto @anapauyoga 🙏🏼😘

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⏰ TIME MANAGEMENT TUESDAY: I’ve had this overwhelming, nagging feeling for quite a few weeks that my house has too much STUFF out and not where it belongs. 🙅🏼‍♀️ The downstairs toys have made their way upstairs, the drawers are filling up with bits and bobs, the counters are covered in items that just don’t have a home. I have tried every day to chip away at it but it wasn’t enough. 🙇🏼‍♀️ It wasn’t helping. I noticed a pocket of time yesterday where Alex and Cam were going to be at swimming. 🏊🏻‍♂️ I asked my mom if Ethan could come over for supper, 🍝 and I found a glorious 1.5 hours to power clean, declutter, and organize! The feeling I have this morning is irreplaceable. ✨ I sigh with satisfaction walking through my house today. Pockets of time are where chaos dies. ⌚️ Where do you have a pocket of time today? It likely won’t be 1.5 hours - in fact it may only be a minute to wipe the counters while the microwave is reheating food. It may be when you notice the kids playing independently. 👟 It may happen if you ask dad to take the kids for a walk for 30 minutes. You could find time by switching things up - changing your routine and packing lunches at 4:30 instead of 8:30. Find one pocket of time today and use it to chip away at something that’s been bugging you for weeks. 🧺 Or look ahead in your schedule and see if there is an hour you can get some alone time. It’ll be worth the effort. Believe me.

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amritaraichand. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is ‘How to get childr

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is ‘How to get children to eat fruit?’ Well here’s an easy trick that i’ve been using for years 😉 Comment below and let me know if this works for you .. better yet, share some of your tips with me 😘💗 #TuesdayTip #MommyTip #BeingAmrita #ChefAndBeyond #MummyKaMagic #ChefLife #StayYummy

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Matching capital and lowercase letters with Easter eggs. I had my girls put beads and small items in the eggs so they can work on their fine motor skills. They turned the eggs into shakers and made some music for a sensory experience. . . With this one activity they are working on fine motor skills, letter recognition/matching, and sensory skills. Last year, I put these eggs in a sensory bin. They are great scoopers and help with finger and wrist manipulation, which is important for future utensil use, scissor use, handwriting, etc.

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zthewahm. This scripture continually reminds me to do a heart check. Many times

This scripture continually reminds me to do a heart check. Many times I have to ask myself if I'm showing unconditional love or conditional love to others - especially to my children. ..................................................... It can be easy to dismiss their feelings based upon my own expectations, so I constantly have to ask my Father in Heaven how He would respond to certain situations throughout parenting. ....................................................... God's love for us is neverending and He doesn't dismiss us based upon what we said or did. He covers us with His compassion to give us a solution to the problem. ......................................................... I would encourage you to ask God to teach you how to love others with an unconditional compassionate heart. Happy Sunday!! ❤😘 #godsloveneverfails #godsloveisunconditional #jesusiscompassion #jesuslovesallpeople #parentwithlove #parentwithcompassion

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Yesterday was a beautiful day in #Chicago and everyone was ready to get out and enjoy the Sunshine. The kids and I checked out @lincolnparkzoo it was such a good time plus it’s free (you do have to pay for parking though LOL) but who doesn’t like free family fun? Mom Tip: Utilize the free parks and zoos in your area you’ll be surprised about how much fun you can have. Happy Sunday!

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Todo empieza con amor, agradecimiento y luz. Hoy fue un día para disfrutar juntas. Ir al mar temprano, recoger conchitas, nadar con delfines y jugar en la alberca. Solo respiraba mucho amor entre Vale y yo; reímos, platicamos, saltamos y descansamos. Nos conectamos al 100% Estoy agradecida infinitamente con el #westinvallarta por consentirnos tanto. Estas #vacaciones los invito a reconectar con sus #peques en un lugar en el que grandes y chiquitos disfruten por igual #playwell #mommychic #mommytip #viajarconniños #semanasanta #vallarta #travel #travelwithkids #love #sunset

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raising_3_wonders. #mommytip the kids seem to respond better when I set the timer for the

#mommytip the kids seem to respond better when I set the timer for their last 30mins of playtime ! I guess they don’t think I know how to tell time! 🤷🏾‍♀️ (sometimes 10 mins might get cut to 5! ) #momlife #parenthood #momblog #momblogger #raising3wonders #blackmoms #blackmombloggers #yeahthatgreenville #gvl #gvllifestyle

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Te voy a extrañar #Expedition2019 gracias @ford_mx por haberme incluido en la campaña #MamásAlVolante fue una gran experiencia. Las tres camionetas que probé fueron maravillosas cada una por diferentes características: la #Escape es muy práctica para andar por toda la ciudad, economiza gasolina y cabe en cualquier lugar. La #Explorer es lujo deportivo, tiene potencia, comodidad y diseño en su interior, tres filas de asientos y pantallas para que los pasajeros disfruten de la ciudad o carretera y por último la #ExpeditionPlatinium es un avión completamente, se maneja increíble, tiene potencia y comodidad para todos los pasajeros. Gracias #FordMx fue todo un viaje!!!!! #mommychic #mommytip #suv #luxurysuv

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It’s officially April, and, spring’s been sprung since late last month! 🌸 I’m in sunny Florida where spring is typically sunny but rainy(always raining but hey the sun is some how out!) my favorite thing about the spring is seeing all the beautiful flowers start blooming, and starting my spring cleaning! (Fun fact i am a little of a clean freak) 😎🤗 . What do you love most about springtime?🌸💖✨ . . . . #momtogirls #empoweringouryouth #kidssubscriptionbox #kidsgiftidea #itsasparklegirlthing #bloomlovesparkle #ahintofsparkle #springishere #springtimevibes #prettyflowers🌸 #momtogirls #mommytogirls #raisinggirls #raisingstronggirls #empoweringourgirls #mommytip #parentpost #momofgirls🎀🎀 #mothertogirls #lamom #tampamom #dallasmom #kidssubscriptionbox #subscriptionbox #kidsubscriptionboxes #howtoempoweryourkids #momandgirls #paintabrighterday #loveyourself #subscriptionservice

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Here is a fun activity that helps promote so many important areas of development for kiddos. *swipe to watch the video* . . WHAT THIS DEVELOPS: ~ Gross motor skills ~ Motor planning ~ Balance ~ Equilibrium ~ Hand-eye coordination ~ Bilateral coordination ~ Visual motor/perceptual skills ~ Focus and Attention ~ Modulates the Central Nervous System . . If kiddos have difficulties in any of these areas, they may have struggles with academic activities in the classroom. This activity can help improve their performance in the classroom and many other activities of daily living. I love doing this exercise with my girls before sitting them down and focusing on a table top activity.

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tweenselmom. Nothing can be much sweeter, fun and colorful than these boxes full of

Nothing can be much sweeter, fun and colorful than these boxes full of Krispy Kreme's Easter Doughnuts. When I saw these doughnuts, I almost died. The Sky Butterfly Doughnuts just pop with colors and you know, pretzels and sour gummies are my guilty pleasures. My daughters wowed when they saw the Easter Bunnies which are doughnuts with white crisp chocolate coating, white sprinkles and fluffy marshmallow bunny ears dusted with pink sugar. Check the blog for 3 more fun and more exciting doughnuts that Krispy Kreme will be releasing April 8! I'm sure you'll be excited just like me!!! http://bit.ly/KrispyKremeEasterDoughnuts @krispykremeph #KrispyKremeEasterDoughnuts #popsofpastel

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Balloon training!!🎈🎈🎈Balloons are a great way to practice coordination skills with toddlers and young children in preparation for future ball games. Since the balloon moves so much slower than a ball, the child has a longer time to react appropriately. This video illustrates this concept and the integration of hand eye coordination, depth perception, and motor planning. Try this and send me a video to be featured on my story!! #trythis #balloon #coordination #toddlers #toddler #kidsgames #motorplanning #handeyecoordination #ballgames #takeitslow #mommytip #quicktip #dpt #studentpt #pediatricphysicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #getyourbabymoving

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Mommy Tip: If your little one is bottle & formula fed, keep a bottle of water in the diaper bag for spare of the moment feedings. Sometimes we don’t plan out being out as long as we are. To make sure you’re all set, grab the water. It’s better to be safe than sorry. {I’ve had to pull over and pop my boob out, so I’m sure you’ve had to pull over to fix a bottle before! Lol.}

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