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losinglbswithlauren. Well it’s Tuesday, so of course I have to do a #TransformationTuesday

Well it’s Tuesday, so of course I have to do a #TransformationTuesday but shirt edition😜 • Looking back on the picture on the left, I see a girl uncomfortable in her skin who is hiding behind a camera and hat. I remember being so unhappy with how I looked, and I was so ready to make a CHANGE✊🏼 After two kids practically back to back, my confidence was at an all time low, and I was tired of making excuses everyday! • I would have never thought four months later, I would be a happier woman who was becoming more and more comfortable with who I was AND losing weight in the process! I thought health and fitness wasn’t for me, but I was WRONG!👏🏼 • I am so excited for what the future holds for me. Everyday I am more and more happy with who I am and life in general! It’s insane what a good nutrition plan and workout schedule will do for your mind, body and soul! I am SO thankful I said “YES” to being committed to myself and reaching my goals! Let’s keep pushing on no matter what life throws our way!💚 • #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #fitnessjourney #mondaymotivation #postpartum #postpartumweightloss #inspiration

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luchimania30. First day of the season, my season!!!!
Primer día de temporada, mi tem

First day of the season, my season!!!! Primer día de temporada, mi temporada!!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️ with @skylamy3 @kaptivasocceracademy

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swagbag_stores. prada milano shoe 
pick up available
- N35,000
- 📦 comes with complet

prada milano shoe pick up available - N35,000 - 📦 comes with complete pack. - +234 802 113 4463 - pay on delivery. - send a dm. ________________________________ #SwagbagStores #Zlatan #TundeEdnut #LagosFashion #AbujaConnect #PortHarcourt #Warribabes #Unilag #Unilorin #Instablog9ja #HardRockCafe #EkoHotel #NairaMarley #Uniben #Davido #Nike #Yeezy #BrodaShaggi #MondayMotivation #Gucci #LouisVuitton #Vans #UnilagBabes #Tbt #LekkiBabes #LekkiLagos #IbadanBabes #TontoLet #BobRisky

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especialista.fitness.oficial. 👉 😱😱😱😜😜😜
#Repost @fitness_swank with @make_repost

👉 😱😱😱😜😜😜 . . #Repost @fitness_swank with @make_repost ・・・ Even the best has their not so best moments. One of our favs @laurendrainfit is a specimen in her own right and here are some rare moments but you have to pick yourself back up and forge ahead. ::::::: #Repost @laurendrainfit with @get_repost ・・・ TAG A FRIEND who needs motivation! 🙌🏼 Let's be real for a second, none of this perfect fitness model crap 😂 We're all human, we all make mistakes from time to time & we all have our moments - myself including 🙈 I often get emails from people saying they are too embarrassed to hit the gym or feel intimidated or etc – don't be! We all had to start somewhere & even us "fitness models" make dumbass mistakes from time to time. Learn from them, laugh at the growing pains & keep pushing forward. 😘 ••• Video 1: Back squatting 135lbs about 5 years ago, let the bar roll onto my neck, elbows came up tilting me even more forward as I drove up with my butt... The result is a face plant (100% ok after the fact) Oddly enough this is a weight I've done a few times prior without issue hence no spotter 🙈 This is now my warmup weight💪🏽 ••• Video 2: Doing a Crossfit WOD few years ago, kipping pull-ups with gloves on was a bad decision - bar slipped out of my hands - looks scary but I lucked out & walking away without any injury🙊 ••• Video 3: The right way to dump a failed squat 😏 I'm too short & squat lower than the safety bars so I have to step out - this time I thought I had 1 more in me in the set but was wrong. Shoot hips forward & let bar fall off your back 🤗 ••• Video 4: Making a fun ab workout video after a full body workout sometimes isn't the best of ideas - result: comical 😂 ••• Video 5: Form is everything - it's always the little things that make the biggest difference. Trying to rip the bar off the ground isn't as nearly as effective as having the proper technique 🤔 ••• In closing, never fear failure or looking silly from time to time - it happens to everyone! I have yet to meet a fitness model that hasn't made him or herself look like an idiot at some point 😂 #mondaymotivation #gymfail

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theshanterandolph. Time beats Manipulation = Revaluation !

Time beats Manipulation = Revaluation ! #mondaymotivation

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She can be anyone!!! Tag tag tag her!!! Let her know she is LOVED!! 😍 #cmamodel #ModelWithPurpose

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This body is not yours, neither are you of the body. The body is made of fire, water,air, earth and either, and will disappear into these elements. But the soul is permanent- so who are you? . . Follow us @bhagwatgitaofficial Use hashtags #bhagwatgitaofficial #bhagawatgitaofficial #bhagavadgita #motivationalquotes #motivation #krishna #lordkrishna #krishnaquotes #dailyquotes #daily #mondaymotivation #krishnaquotes #radhakrishna #god #lord #krishnabhakti #krishnalove #vrindavan #krishnavani #radha #radhakrishn #krishnaradha #quotesdaily #madhav #radhe #dwarkadhish

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All of this is just is a preview.

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odor_buster_bar. Happy Monday!
Today we're answering questions about Odor Buster Bars -

Happy Monday! Today we're answering questions about Odor Buster Bars - specifically our Mango Odor Buster Bar! If the answer to your question isn't below, feel free to comment or visit the FAQ page on our website. 🥭Odor Buster Bars were created for businesses and hotels. All the Odor Buster Bar fragrances were specially designed to keep these spaces fresh by eliminating odors, without overpowering guests. 🥭All Odor Buster Bars are made from a specially designed rubberized plastic infused with essential oils. Kind of like the stuff at the bottom of your shoe! 🥭The Mango Odor Buster Bar is definitely the fruitiest of the Odor Buster Bar fragrances. If the scent of refreshing tropical fruit is your kind of scent, you're going to love the Mango Odor Buster Bar. 🥭Odor Buster Bars were designed for businesses and still work for businesses! Use an Odor Buster Bar at work the same ways you would at home - with storage, in the restrooms, at the front desk, in the work car, etc. Scent is a HUGE part of a first impression, so make every first impression of your business count with an Odor Buster Bar! What are four things we should know about you? Stay fresh friends! #OdorBusterBar #OBB #stayfresh #fresh #Monday #aboutmechallenge #aboutme #about #Mango #tropics

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